Levels built by Lorane

Unauthorized walkthrough written by RelicHunter, and first posted at Lara's Home

Note : I don't know how many secrets there are in this adventure, and the secrets here seem to be necessary items to finish the game, so I won't list the secrets in green as I usually would. Also, this walkthrough doesn't contain all of the pickups, but I tried to list most of them. The directions in the walkthrough will be shown to where the red needle on the compass points to.

Escape from Anubis' Ship

The level begins with a cutscene of Sam and her crew being attacked by Anubis (Strangely looking like the grim reaper). You will take over the role of Sam as you begin in a prison cell aboard Anubis' Ship. The water barrier in front of you won't let you leave, so you have to deactivate it somehow. Behind you is a pushable block. Push it in to discover a secret room. Activate the switch in this room to deactivate the water barrier, so now you can leave the prison cell. Run past the Demigod into a room with a closed door between to snake shaped receptors, a block in the middle with two switches, and two halls on the left and right. The switches are of no use for the moment since they activate water barriers. Let's start by going left first.

Cross the hall into a room with spikes and a slope to the right. You need to make an angled jump to the slope. The spikes won't trigger unless you step on the tile they are on, so no need to worry. Now make the jump to the slope, and do a twist in mid-air so you will slide forwards, and the moment you hit that slope, jump and grab the ledge above you. Climb up and open the treasure chest, to acquire the first Red Crystal of the two that you need. Taking the crystal makes a blue rope appear in this room, so use it to get back to the hall. Now go to the other side. Be careful not to step on the tile with a red ball floating above it, because a bomb is placed there and it will blow up once you step on it. Avoid it by using the slopes to get across to the other side. Once you cross the bomb, go towards the closed door, and turn left to discover a button. Push it in to open the door that contains the second Red Crystal. There is also a hostile Creature in this room, but you can take the crystal without him bothering you. Now make your way back to the intersection of the three halls, and make sure that the creature follows you. What you have to do is lure him into the hall that leads to the spike room, and then run back to pull the switch to activate the water barrier and trap him there. Go do that now, and after that's taken care of, place your two red crystals in the snake receptors to open the door.

(If the creature didn't follow you for some reason, it saves you the hassle of trapping him in one of the halls. However, in my game the creature did follow me, so if he does that, trap him in the hall.)

After placing the two crystals, the door will open up leading to a hall with bombs set up. Use the slopes to get to the other sides. As you go, you'll hear explosions, but they don't deactivate the bombs, or pose as a threat, so make your way to the next room. Once there, climb up onto the top of the tank where an item is encased in glass. Face South and jump up with action pressed, to open a ceiling trapdoor. Climb in there and activate the switch, which will trigger an explosion so you can claim the Naquada Reactor. You need to wait at the tile with the switch for about a second or two for the explosion to trigger. The door at the East opens. You'll see what looks like portals in the new hall, but they are actually the TR4 circle spike traps. When you get near them, you will hear the two slicing sounds the contraption makes. Every two slicing sounds, roll and you will make it to the other side unscathed. Repeat this for the following traps until you get to the end.

At the end, climb up onto the coffin by standing in front of it, then hold action, and then press forward. If you press both keys together, Sam won't climb up. Take the Sarcophagus Regeneration and continue through the intersecting hallway. You'll come to a room with three inanimate robots. They won't animate until you step on the tile they are placed at. To prevent them from waking up, you need to jump over them. Go into the room on the right. Search the treasure chest and take the Care Glove. On the left is a crawlspace on the pillar, and there is the Robot Remote Control. Take it and return to the intersection with three robots. Place the robot remote control on the spiky pedestal in front of the middle robot to activate him. He won't do anything to you. Follow him to the hall on the left, remembering to jump past the robot in order not to activate him. The robot that you activated with the remote control will turn off the water barrier, so you can enter the next room.

In this room, there are three snake receptors in front of you, and there's a pit with spinning contraptions and the three crystals you need for the snake receptors. It's very hard to get the red, blue, and green Crystals. Place your three crystals to flood the room. On the North wall, is a switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor at the ceiling. Swim up there and swim through the passage, as flames rise, and climb out in a new room. It turns out that you've actually been swimming in lava, strange, isn't it? Anyway, climb up onto the tile and pick up the second Naquada Reactor. A door opens, so go inside, and you'll find more of these portal spike traps. Before you cross them, remember to pick up the Care Glove. Now cross the portals, and slide down the slope. In this room, place your two Naquada Reactors in the gray machines. Once the two reacors are placed, the Egyptian type door will open. Go down the hallway, and approach the blue door for it to open. You'll arrive in a room where the remains of Sam's crew are, and the blue door will close behind you. Go forward, and the soldier with his legs ripped out will move backwards to reveal a pair of Laser Pistols. Pick them up.

A level warp will trigger. Turn around and go right, and the door in front of you will open. Walk inside, and the door will close behind you. Be careful, as this hall is booby-trapped with blades. Jump over them, and you will arrive at a port with starships. Go around the ships and go straight. You will see a cutscene of Sam taking one of the starships, and flying off the ship with it, as Anubis' ship follows.


Now you have crash landed on the hostile jungle planet known as P4X237. Once you get your camera view back, do not draw your pistols at the gun toting mutant, or you will burn. Anyway, go past the guy and you will see a flyby showing you where a river by a mountain flows into a pond, and there is also a receptor for a gem that you don't have yet. Jump past the inactive stargate, and go past the mushroom. An earthquake will start soon, and two Ninja Mutants will attack. Kill them both and continue by passing the small mountain with the blue crown structure into an area with plants and a pond. Take note of the wooden square structure below the blue UFO. Investigate it for a pushable block. Pull it back twice to reveal a switch. Activate it to have a GDO appear, so take it. Now go to the plant area. In the plant area, there are Carnivorous Plants hiding around here, and will attack once you get close to them. You can draw your guns and Sam will aim them at the bad plants, so you can shoot them safely. Jump into the pond, and swim into the cave. Be careful as two Mutant Fish will chase you once you get into the cave. Swim right, to where the fish came from, and there you will find the Winding Key. Lure the fish to the open pond and kill them from there. Now you have to look for a scarab. Start by going past the pond to the East. Be careful near the mountainous rock formations, as they usually will have boulders coming down from them, and some of them will keep rolling forever, which is really annoying. Anyways, try to find some spots on the mountain that you can stand on, and make your way to the top, to the right side. At the foot of the mountain, Sam will look up to the spot where the scarab is. There, you will find the Mechanical Scarab.

Once you take the scarab, two Butterflies will attack. Kill them, and combine the the mechanical scarab with the winding key to make the Mechanical Scarab with Key. Go down the mountain, and return to the area with the carnivorous plants. Head South, being mindful of the boulders that may come down. You will discover an area with a blue path above a lake of lava. Cross the blue path, and when you prepare to jump towards the third section of the blue path, and you hear a high pitched sound, turn around in mid-air and draw your guns, as a Mutant Ninja has appeared behind you. You have to kill him quickly before he reaches a stone tile behind you and burns you. Once he's been disposed of, continue on, and head down the passage on the left, and go through the portal to warp into...

Crystal's World

In front of you is a pack of Flares. Pick it up and go towards the two crystal pushable blocks. We will call these blocks 'Block #1' (The block in front of you), and 'Block #2 (The block to the left). Push block #2 forward, and then push block #1 forward as far as possible. You will see some devil tiles, and be careful not to push any of the blocks on those tiles, or you will burn, but you won't burn if you step on them yourself. There will be another crystal pushable block, so we'll call that block 'Block #3'. Walk around block #1 to block #3. Push block #3 forward onto the dark stone tile, and then turn left and push block #1 forward. Then walk right around block #3 and go left to block #2. Push block #2 forward onto the dark stone tile, then go back to block #1, facing it on the North side. Pull it back, then pull block #3 back. Go to block #1 and face it in the East direction. Push it in all the way, then face it on the North side, and push it in once onto the dark stone tile. Between blocks #2 and #1, a flame will appear. Now go push block #3 onto the stone tile. Now turn West and go down the new passage.

You will arrive in a room with electricity high up, and what seems to be a pipeline transportation system. Once you regain camera control, kill the Invisible Creature that attacks you. You can see where it is because you can see its shadow.

(Note: I encountered a bug here. If the invisible creature dies and you see the flames go into a push block that has a Naquada Reactor, you won't be able to get it since Sam can't move the block because of that creature, and you won't be able to complete the game because of that.)

When the invisible creature dies, move the two crystal blocks out of the way and take the two Naquada Reactors. Place them in their receptors to open the metal door. Go inside to a room with a lake surrounded by waterfalls. First, jump to the left and take the Sarcophagus Regeneration. After that, turn around and you will see a jumpswitch. Activate it, and land in the water. You'll get a camera shot of a trapdoor opening. Now that you're in the water, swim through a passage to the North and find yourself in a room with blue columns and a pedestal with a Crystal Skull. Take it and swim up. Climb out from the water and run through the passage to return to...


Climb out from the passage, and you will find yourself in an area overlooking the blue path above the lake of lava. Three Butterflies will attack, so dispose of them. At the edge of the area you are at, position yourself North, and stand on the tile closest to the slope. Make a running jump to where the blue path begins, and climb up. Go right, and there you will find a mountain, with a boulder on top. Begin climbing up there, and take care of the Ninja Mutant on the way. At the top, shoot the boulder and it will fall, and it will fall into the ground, revealing a hole, and an earthquake will begin. Draw your guns and go down into the hole and dispose of the Mutant Ninja that's waiting for you there. Continue down the passage and the earthquake will stop. Go to the passage at the right, into a room with a blue circle, that has the second Crystal Skull that you need. Exit and position yourself directly under the hole. Face South, and you will be able to climb on the wall. Backflip at the top, and return to the area with the plants.

Look up to find a gate surrounded by two Tinnos statues and electricity. There is a dark stone tile, much like the one at the end of the blue path, and you must step on it from the West, because stepping on it from the other directions will resolve in an immediate burning, and horribly cliched death. Step on there, and use your scarab here. The scarab will go through the spikes, deactivating them on the way. Cross to the other side and claim your scarab. Now place your two crystal skulls on the two small pedestals. You need to face them in the West direction to do that. Once the skulls are placed, a blue UFO will appear above you. Step into the blue light and you will warp to Anubis' Pyramid.

Anubis' Pyramid

To Sam's right, is a receptor for something. Remember that place, because you'll be back here later. Also, don't forget to take the Snake Spear that's near that receptor, and the Zat' Ni' Katel' Ammo up a slope near the blue UFO. Go down the path and prepare to be attacked by two Demigod Soldiers. It took me some time to kill them, so do be careful. Don't fight them by going up the steps to the top of the pyramid because there's another Demigod Soldier waiting up there. Once you kill both of the demigod soldiers, head up the path to the South, and go left. Sam will point your attention to a mountain, and that is where you will be heading soon. From where you are now, keep going forward and pick up the Zat' Ni' Katel' Ammo. Face East and jump up and grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy left as far as you can, then climb up and take the Knife. Come down and go towards the bushes on top of the slope to the right of the pyramid, which would be on the South side. There you will find a Care Glove. Now go confront the demigod soldier at the top of the pyramid's steps. Once he's dead, tale the Snake Spear Flash Ammo. Now go slide down the slope, that lead towards the pole. Grab it then climb up to the top, and face the pyramid stairs which are now going downwards. Backflip, and slide down the side of the pyramid into the area behind the pyramid.

Behind the pyramid is a water barrier flanked by two centaur sculptures. Near the palm tree to the left of the water barrier, lies a cleverly hidden trapdoor. The trapdoor is the tile brighter than the rest, so face it to the North, and press action to open it. Go down into a small cave, and kill the two small Scorpions there. After they've been dealt with, activate the floor switch to open the trapdoor that leads to the lower part of the pyramid. Climb out from this room, and face the brown slope to the South. Reach the top there and you will find another Care Glove. Now return to the steps of the pyramid by going around the pyramid on either side, then go up the steps, and slide down the slope, then slide down the pole into the lower pyramid. Be careful though as if you slide down too far down, you'll get spiked. When sliding down into the lower pyramid, face preferably South, and backflip onto the tile with a pillar behind you. Go towards the door flanked by two pharaoh statues, and a Demigod appears there, as some flames appear in this room. Kill the demigod and take the Pharaoh's Head that he drops.

Go over to the door flanked by the two pharaoh statues, and use your knife to open the door. Behind this door is a room with battering rams, that will push you into some spikes if you're not careful. You will have to get to the other side, but it seems impossible with all of these battering rams. Tell you what, there is some space between the battering rams that you can stand safely without being pushed into the spikes. Once you get to the other side, claim the Star of Energy 1, and shoot the vase to the right of the pedestal. There is another Care Glove there, so take it, then head back through the battering rams, up the pole, then down to the water barrier, around either side of the pyramid, and back to the beginning of the level. Remember the receptor to the right of this level's beginning? That's where you have to place your pharaoh head, so go do that now to deactivate the water barrier flanked by the two centaur sculptures. The centaurs will animate at your success, as a fanfare plays, but they're just a decoration, so they won't attack. Get over there, and jump through the portal to Crystal's World.

Crystal's World

Walk over to the rollingball near the tube, then press and hold action to go down the tube until your ride is finished. At the other side, look for a Blue Crystal somewhere to the right. Once you pick it up, take out your snake spear and prepare to kill a group of Clones resembling Sam. Once they are blown to smithereens, go into the crystal cavern, and you'll hear a buzzing sound. That's because two Fire Wriaths in the shape of Sam's head will attack. There is a barely visible puddle of water where blue light is shining near the large crystal pillar. Jump in there to exterminate the wriaths. Climb out of the water and place your blue crystal here, to turn that puddle of water into a boost to get you up to that crystal pillar. Once you're up there, make a running jump to the next crystal pillar, then crawl through the crawlspace, into a room where four Dragons resembling Sam will attack you with their flames, so slide down the slope, and climb up to the pillar in the middle of the electric blue orb. Be careful not to fall to the black floor because you'll burn if you do that. Quickly run and jump to the other side of this room, and sprint quickly through the passage, as at this point the dragons spat out their fireballs, and it's hard not to get burned by them.

At the end of the passage, slide down and you will find yourself in a large mirror room, and you will be attacked by a group of Locusts in the shape of Sam's head, and two Invisible Creatures. The locusts will stop attacking after a while, and after you kill the two creatures, head to the closest ledge to the mirror on the East side, and you will be able to walk through the mirror to the other side. Once there, begin jumping up the slope, and stop on the green tile which has a rather snowflake type of shape. Use your mechanical scarab here, as the passage is booby trapped with spikes. The scarab will go through the spikes, deactivating them on the way. Cross the now safe passage, and claim your scarab at the end. Now jump through the tube sections, and go through the next passage into a room that contains another Blue Crystal on a transparent blue tile. Be careful as there's another Invisible Creature lurking around here. It's harder to take him out here since you can't shoot him from the safety of the tile where the crystal is, since he can hide behind the columns and you won't be able to shoot him. Once he's dead, take the crystal from the blue transparent tile, and the next door opens.

Get over there and go through the passage, and there you will confront a Goddess. She's just like the demigods, so the best way I found to kill her is to shoot close to her while rolling when you start to go away from her, but you can kill her in any way. Once she's dead, take her Naquada Reactor and stick it in the pink receptor near the closed door. The door opens, so walk inside to a room with a switch. Before pulling that switch, there's a Sarcophagus Regeneration on the sarcophagus, so don't forget to take it. Now go activate the switch to have a portal form where you're standing at, which takes you back to P4X237.


Now back here, you now have the gem that you need for the door at the end of the river, if you remember the flyby near the beginning of the level. If you're disoriented, you need to go in the East direction, where the mountains are where you found the scarab. Swim down the river, into the pond at the end. There are a few unfriendly Mutant Fish so be careful in that pool there. Also, once you get down there, a Vulture will swoop in for an attack, so don't forget to dispose of him. Climb out of the water there where you have to place your crystal, so place it there to open the door between the two columns next to you. Beware of the Carnivorous Plant as you go by. There you shall find another portal, and this one takes you back to Anubis' ship, where you have some unfinished business to do.

Return to Anubis' Ship

After watching a flyby of the area you will visit around Anubis' ship, you'll be started in front of a new passage that you have to go through. There is also a switch on the left near the entrance, which opens a timed door at the end of the passage that you have to rush to. There is a catch however : The passage is booby trapped with wall blades, so you need to sprint through, staying as close as possible to the left wall. That way, you'll lose the least health, but use your medical items while getting through this. While entering the next room, be careful not to run too far, because you'll catch on fire. Daniel is in the next room, and he's in a electric blue orb, and on fire. Behind him is Parchment of Daniel, so take it and go into the next room. Here, read the parchment:

"To cross the fire of the hell,
You have to adore Anubis' name."

Now what does all that mean? Well, the black floor in front of you will burn you, but some of the tiles won't. The tiles that you need to step on to get to the passage on the South side are in Daniel's parchment. It's tricky to get there, but it's not impossible to do, so take your time. Here's a hint to start you off : The first tile you have to step on has a Care Glove on it. Once you're there, go through the passage and the door at the other side opens. In the new room, destroy the Robot and take the Pharaoh's Head he leaves behind. To the right of the closed door is a vase, that you can shoot to reveal a Care Glove. On the left side of the door, is the receptor for the pharaoh's head you have in your possesion. Place it there to open the door in this room. Walk up the stairs in the new passage, to arrive in a room with glass floor, and a room below it that you can access it via the hole in this room. The Dog in this room will awaken, so take him out. Take the Flares in the corner. Now go down into the room below, and dispose of the Demigod Soldier there. Take him out, and then locate the treasure chest in this room. It contains some Snake Spear ammo. One of the vases in a corner conceals a switch, so shoot that vase and activate the switch to open the doors back up.

Climb back up the ladder, and go through the open door. Now you are in a room with Dogs. Walk down the path to the closed door and they will all awaken. Blow them all up with your snake spear. Now to open the door, simply walk up to it and it opens. Inside is another Demigod Soldier for you to dispose of. If for some reason he just freezes there, like it happened to me, you don't have to worry about him. Now go down the stairs into the lower room, and look right as you go down. You'll see a gray star, and you have to shoot it. Line up straight to it, then take out your pistols and crouch. At this angle, you can shoot the star, which opens a door below. Continue down the stairs, and if you keep looking right, you'll see a crawlspace. Get in there, and there you will find the Zat' Ni' Katel'. Take it, as it will help you in the final showdown. Get out of that crawlspace and take out the Robot. If you opened the door by shooting the star earlier, he might be in the hallway that you opened up. Once he's dead, take his Lasersight if you wish, since you don't need it, and don't forget to take the Sarcophagus Regeneration from the sarcophagus. Go into the newly opened door that you opened by shooting the star. Walk upwards through the hall, and the next set of doors will automatically open, which will bring you to the battle site of the final showdown.

This is it. Now you have to face Anubis. Not only that, you need to look for four buttons hidden around this room while Anubis shoots at you with his bolts of pain and stars of fire. You can use the zat' ni' katel' you picked up earlier to knock him off the ground for a short while. Here are the locations of the four buttons that you have to find :

1. On a wall on the North.
2. On the opposite wall of button #1.
3. In a crawlspace hidden in the North-West corner when facing West. There's also a treasure chest there that you can find a Sarcophagus Generation.
4. Under one of the Anubis statues. You can move them.
You can also find a Care Glove and some Snake Spear Ammo behind two of the other Anubis statues.

Once you have pushed all four buttons, four blocks will be risen in the middle of Anubis' room. Climb these and locate a jumpswitch. Activate it and Anubis will get trapped in a blue force field, as an earthquake begins. Soon, the blocks go back down to reveal a treasure chest, and you'll have the Star of Energy 2 in your inventory. Don't mind the weird blue creatures, as they're friendly. Search the treasure chest to find the Stargate Coordinates. Now go down the hall on the East side, and there you'll confront a Demigod Soldier. Use your Zat' Ni' Katel to kill him quickly, unless you used it all up in your fight with Anubis. If you plan to take him down with your pistols, then make sure that the two weird creatures haven't followed you, because they'll turn hostile when you shoot at them. Once the soldier is dead, take his Blue Crystal, and place it in the nearby receptor to warp back to P4X237.


Back in this level you start out in the blue crown structure. Go to the inactive stargate that you passed when you first entered this level, and place your GDO on the right when facing West. There's a Carnivorous Plant there, so kill it before placing the GDO. Now go place the two energy stars near the stargate. Once these are all placed, the flame near the mushroom will turn off. Place your stargate coordinates there to activate the stargate. Jump through the stargate, and the adventure will end.