Putoranaplateau Siberia

Level by Agnes

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I could be missing a few pickups, like ammo, medipacks, weapon, JEEP!!

The Dam

Start in snow area, go around the helicopter in those bushes, pick up flares and lasersight. Go to the cave, push the block one step, now jump to ceiling and do monkeyswing over the block, pick up revolver.

Get out of the cave, go to edge and look left for small medipack, run and jump over it, shoot the wolves, drawing the revolver and shoot on swinging ball in the small hole, it will open trapdoor. Now go to other side, pull hidden block in a wall, get in corridor and jump to hole that you open.

Shoot the ruffian, pick up Key, follow in corridor, use the key. Jump to small place with water, bugs running after you, left in corridor, stand on breakable tile, fall to room, shoot the ruffian and pick up key, ammo, shotgun, uzis, now shoot those things on the table and near hearth, it will open the iron gate to a secret place, pick up shotgun ammo and big medipack.

Back to corridor and use the key, get into a room with swinging chain, pick up ammo, shoot on mesh and crawl into crawlspace, get down small hole and pick up the crowbar. Don't leave the room yet; in one of the corners shoot on high swinging ball.

Now go to the small place water, shoot mesh and swim into canal, pick up flares, proceed through the open gate, climb up on ladder but not to end, when it's done dark, do backflip and use the crowbar like as lever, it will open gate upward. Proceed climbing, do those jumps up and before you follow through the open gate, turn to the right, jump and climb the wall and get the second secret. Climb down again, backflip and pass the gate to snow area that flyby shows.

Shoot those ruffians and dogs (every one of them will drop uzi ammo now), be careful from rolling snow ball, go around the house, jump over the small fence and pick up from the bush the torch. You can light it here, from burning barrel or do it later; anyway, go to other side and look for deep hole, throw the torch over there and climb down, shoot the man and light the wall torch.

Get into room with many boxes, pull the movable boxes, climb onto others, get down into hole and pull the switch in dark. Now go to single movable box, move it, shoot mesh and crawl into crawlspace maze. Shoot the first mesh you see and crawl to end, pull switch, it will open trapdoor above. Pull Lara up, shoot the ruffian and pull another switch, back to crawlspace and proceed crawling. Shoot the other mesh, climb up ladder and get back to beginning of this area.

Jump over the snow ball, pick up shotgun ammo and go through open gate. Follow the corridor, pick up medipack, stand close to the burning barrel (if you do it right Lara will not get burned) and climb up, go to other corridor side, fall down but pull the jumpswitch, climb again and go to pool with wire, run and jump over to other side, shoot the ruffians and pick up Key Piece, jump to small block and get out to frozen lake.

Climb on rocky part to get into hole and pull switch, get out and go to falls and fall to water. Swim through open gate, follow to the right side underwater passage and once again right to small canal, climb up ladder about halfway and do backflip, use the crowbar like a lever, climb down, swim to underwater opening gate and pick up the second Key Piece, swim back and now climb to end of ladder.

Get out in snow area, go under the ledge, jump to catch the edge, pull Lara up, look for deep hole, climb down to tunnel, do combination with those two Key pieces, place the Eye, proceed a few steps and level one is ended.

The Base

Follow in tunnel, shoot the ruffians, pick up ammo, go to left and climb up ladder. In the corridor look for face of movable box, push it, shoot the mesh, now look good inside the room and shoot on small black ball, it opens the black tile, go there and look at the flyby.

Stand with Lara's back to slope and slide down, catch the edge, climb down, fall and catch the edge again. Pull Lara to ledge, pick up flares and climb down to bottom. Look between those slopes for a space, jump over it and press the button. Get out from there and climb back on ladder you came from, go left and jump to ledge, from there to next ledge and go behind the glass, shoot those bats. You see high crawlspace; leave it, you come here later, now climb down and go through the open gate.

Follow the corridor, short flyby shows you breakable wooden bridge. Stand on the bridge and fall down, jump over those flames and pull lever, it releases a rope above. Get back to corridor, run jump and catch the rope and jump forward, get in small camp. Shoot those ruffians, dog and bats, go around and pick up flares, move the movable box and pick up medi pack, climb through the hole and press the button. Gate to dogs' corral opens, shoot a few dogs and pick up in dogs' corral the key, pull the metal box out and inside the hole it's a secret place, pick up medipack and revolver. Get back to camp, go to other side and shoot on wooden barrier that blocks the way, avoid the boulder, pick up ammo and get back to the rope; from there to corridor, get out and climb up ladder.

Get into high crawlspace that you saw before, shoot the mesh and get down to corridor, go to right and use the key. Shoot those ruffians, proceed to next floor, turn around on the stairs and jump to the ammo (you see, it's the fourth secret). Jump down, go to the next floor, shoot mesh, get down to small room, push the block in the wall to end, now push the left block to end, get in room with boxes, pull lever back and push another block, follow the corridor to Armoury room, go through the open gate to a secret place, pick up ammo, revolver and shotgun, get out and pull Lara onto the ledge, pick up medipack in small corridor. Now go and stand on control table, it will activate an alarm, get down, shoot those ruffians, proceed in corridor, shoot the wooden barrier and fell down to canal water.

Swim as far as you can and get out to room with movable wooden boxes, move them and find a hidden room, pick up from there key, back to canal, swim to other side, get out and follow up stairs, shoot dog and use the key. In the control room shoot on small ball that's blocking the button, press button, this will do explosion and destroy the room, look at the flyby and the level is ended.