Level by Sakul Raider

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Start in the bedroom by picking up flares and shotgun shells from the window. Go to the door and kick it open and exit the room. Enter the door to the left to get Uzi clips from the floor and exit the room. The yellow door ahead does not open so go to the balcony on the right and enter the first door. Pick up a shotgun from the shower floor. The next toilet room is empty. Go left at the balcony and get a view of a garden-like area and a house. Go right and open the door into a music room. Pick up a small medipack near the back wall. The window gives another view of the house as well as a river. Get out and go down the stairs. Open the door ahead, enter and see a closed yellow door that needs a keycard. Exit and go left around the T-rex head to another door. Open it but this toilet room is empty. Exit and cross the hall into the kitchen. Go to the right and see the door to the basement. The room ahead is a dining room. Open the basement door and go down the stairs.

Kill the thug and pick up shotgun shells and revolver ammo. Enter the door to the right of the stairs and see a yellow door needing a key. Enter the room on the right and pick up Uzi clips. Notice a bookcase door at the back wall. Press the button on the wall and get a cut scene of the yellow door at the top of the stairs opening. First go the room across the hall and open the door. Pick up Uzi clips from the right corner. Exit through the other door to see two more doors. Open the first door to the right but the room is empty. Open the second door to the coal bin and pick up Uzi clips from the floor. Pull back the box in the corner and pick up flares.

Now go up the stairs and into the newly open door. Is this attic ever so dark? Light a flare and climb a ladder. Climb up past the floor and back flip onto a beam and kill a bat. Pick up the Uzi's, large medipack and secret #1. You can use the binoculars to look South and see a pole and some boxes on another beam. Get down and go North but beware of the ladder to get down. But it does trigger some fires on poles that help the light situation somewhat. Light a flare and go West around a pillar and pull back two movable boxes. Under the second box are Uzi clips. Now go to the pole and back flip to the area with the boxes. Kill a bat and move the boxes. You can drop and shimmy around to get behind them. Kill a bat and pick up shotgun shells, revolver ammo and keys. Carefully get down, as the flames will ignite you. Go North to find the ladder and get back into the house area to kill a bat.

Get to the basement and use the key on the key lock. You get a flyby of the outside area. Follow the walkway in front and two dogs attack. Go behind the house for crossbow ammo. Open the front door of the house and kill the thug inside. Pull out the boxes and go behind them to press a pushbutton. Get on the slope near the left wall and enter the attic area. To the right are shotgun shells. At the far wall is a small chest. Go there and use CTRL and it opens to give you a grenade gun. Get down and into the alcove by the door. Push the box there inside the room. Press the pushbutton on the wall near the entrance and hear a door opening. Pull out the right box in the corner and pick up flares and a key. Get back outside and notice that the yellow door has opened. Go inside and down the stairs and pick up Uzi clips. Move all the boxes in the corner out of the way to reveal an opening. On the floor to the West of the opening is a keycard. It is almost impossible to see, even with a flare, but stand on the tile and you can pick it up. Get into the opening and pick up shotgun shells, large medipack, grenade shells and secret #2. There is a receptacle on the wall. Use the key you found on it.

Go back outside and go left to find the large black gate is open. Go inside and kill two guards and pick up shotgun shells. At the end of the hedge, look for a pushbutton on the South hedge. Use it and get a cut scene of the yellow door in the house opening. Go out and kill a guard. Back in the house enter the door to the left to notice that the bookcase has gone. Climb into the hole there and fall into water. Swim through an underwater tunnel and emerge into a cave-like area. Pull up to the nearest platform and kill a metal enemy that approaches. Pick up some flares at the West wall. In the North-West is a hole. Jump in and fall into some water for secret #3. Swim around until you find the revolver in a corner. Get back to that hole and pull up to the slope. Immediately back flip and land in an alcove. Jump over the slope back to the platform. Go East and kill two dogs on the platform there. You can swim under the platform for crossbow ammo. Climb on a fountain and jump to a blue climbing wall. Pull up to a crawl space and follow the tunnel. Monkey swing over a lava pit. Follow the tunnel to a slope and save here as you see a spike ball overhead. Slide down, run and turn right. Follow a crawl space, then a tunnel and another crawl space. Here just grab and shimmy left to grab the ladder and climb back up into the house. Go up the stairs and cut through the dining room. Enter the room by the T-rex head and use the keycard. The second door opens. Enter and run down the stairs as the level ends.