Once in a Blue Moon

Level By Oxy and Kookee 1223

Walkthrough by Dutchy

MS= Monkeyswing, CS=Crawlspace, MP=Medpack, Jmp=jump, have fun!!

It’s a simple level, but I was playing it anyway so I wrote a little walk for it…

You’ll get a bunch of MPs you’ll never use in this level.

Start by getting the Rusty Key in the alcove near the back door a bit L of you and open the backdoor (a flyby will show you the whole villa). Get the Venus Symbol and go back outside (the white doors lead to the garage, but there’s nothing to do than look at an old Jeep), circle the Beautiful Villa to the S and just past the Fountain in this magnificent garden is the front porch, open the door with the Venus Symbol L (notice the Gem receptacle to the R) and enter the Main Hall.

Ground floor.

There’s a big old Fire place as you will find a lot of those and you have to light them all, so look for the button L of it and start the fire, go to the stairs and get the Golden Key from the cabinet next to it. Then enter the hall opposite the stairs and pull a statue from the Key that’s hidden under it, go E and open the door to a bedroom and light the Fire with the button, get the Binoculars on the cabinet and head back to the hall, straight past the statue into the next corridor and open the door to the L with the Golden Key, on the S wall is the button to light the Fire. Go out and L, open the white doors R side and enter the Kitchen, a ˝ MP is on the sink N and then go open the white doors to the Store room. Around the R hand corner is a crate you can pull out and aside, a MP was hidden under it and it opened 2 doors, one in the N, leading to the backdoor and the other E in the Kitchen, leading to a Dining room. (there’s another crate in the opposite corner of the store room, but there’s nothing under or behind it)

Push the button R of the Fire place to light it and head to the white doors in the opposite corner. In this small hall are some white doors to open, in the Study behind them is a double Fire place to light with the Book switch on the N book case. The doors on the opposite side of the small hall opened. Go in there and find the White Key between the 2 book shelves. Head back out and up the stairs in the small hall.

1st Floor.

Get a MP from the cabinet in this hall and open the N white doors to get the MP from the cabinet L and light the Fire place, ignore the opened doors for now, go back to the hall and to the next in the SW. Push the Vase L aside and open the door with the Key you’ll get from under it. Use the Book switch R of the Fire place to get the Fire going and get some Flares on the cabinet (the door there will open a bit later). Go back to the last hall and open the W door with the White Key, enter the Conference room. Boy!!!... Somebody nicked the Table!! Use the button near the clock to start the Fire and open the white doors to the bathroom to get the ˝ MP, then leave the Conference room through the open SE doors (the door opens in the other room, only a shortcut?). Notice the white doors L and go straight past the stairs to other white doors, open them and inside use the Book switch to the R to light the Fire. The door that opens in the opposite corner is the way back to the main hall on ground floor. Go back to the staircase and open those white doors to the R, go out on the terrace, just L around the corner is a ladder to the roof. Head NE and jmp around the corner to the next roof, where the camera changes is a Rusty Key on the top of the roof.

Head back and inside from N door on the terrace and L to the hall where you opened the door with the White Key. Open the R hand (NW) door with the Rusty key and light the Fire with the Book switch on the N shelf, then get the Key from the cabinet next to it and open the door at the aquarium. Go up the stairs to the…

2nd Floor.

Open the white doors to the Pool room R and go in, get the ˝ MP from the Pool table and use the Book switch to light the Fire, go out the S door and up the small stairs to the R and get the Venus Symbol from the small store room (2 pushblocks here, to what use?). Go back to the Pool room and out the N door to the hall, open the door in front of you. Inside open the W doors to the terrace and get the Blue Gem, get back inside and light the Fire with the Book switch on S wall. Go back to the stairs S and open the E door to the Master Bedroom with the Gem Light the Fire place with the button and get the Red Gem in the N alcove with the Jesus Picture. In the walk-in closet is a Compass under the pushblock.

Head back out and through the Master Bedroom to the staircase, L through the Pool room and L down the stairs, R and through that room to the door you opened before in the far L corner, down the stairs to the front door in the main Hall and use the Red Gem in the receptacle L on the porch. A flyby will show that a secret opening in the garden opened. Go S and just around the corner is a MP under the Vase, go E and there’s a pool that has a connection to an inside pool where a last Fire place can be lit with a button. Didn’t find out what it did, so I went back to where the vase is and into the S opening behind the nice pond, follow the tunnel to end the level…

Dutchy 13-10-2004