Pyramid Of The Scarab

Level by Matt Brinicombe

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by standing in a dark place at the top of the slope. Quickly light a flare and step forward. Slide down; otherwise, you get killed by a trap. While you slide down you can see the crack from the right, but as soon as you hit the ground a flyby will show you the room ahead. Light another flare and climb into the crack and crawl up for secret #1, pick up Revolver with Ammo and little further a Medipack.

Enter the room and notice the trapdoor from left while bugs crawl out from the middle column. Run toward the door, it will open automatically and close behind you so the bugs will stay out. Follow the passage and turn right at the end, there is a small hole in the wall, actually it's a switch that opens the trapdoor. Turn around and go forward, turn right into the next passage and pull the white jumpswitch and then back to the first room.

Now you will have the chance to get rid of the bugs, drop down through the open trapdoor into the pool below and so the bugs will do. Get out of the pool and turn to face the wall behind, look up for two closed doors that you'll reach soon. Go around the large column at the middle of the room, see the water wall. Turn around and take the left passage, then turn left and climb the half block, jump and grab the trapdoor and pull it down. Turn to face the wall, jump/grab the edge and pull up into the alcove and press the switch to flood the whole place. Jump into the water and swim back toward the doors now you can open the left door for secret #2. Pick up the Uzis, Shotgun and Ammo, then swim to the other side of the room and get out of the water.

Head forward and turn left, enter the bull place. Go and stand near the closed door and be ready as the bull will break out and be very angry. Run faster forward and make sure the bull is running after you and stand in front of the next door. At the right moment when the bull turns his body against you and runs toward the door, take jumpside to avoid his hitting you, otherwise you will not survive.

Pass the broken door and from the right there's a small pool. Turn left into the white room and don't bother to pick up the torch as it's not useful. From the left there's a passageway but first you need to get rid of the ghost attacks, run back to the pool and jump into it. Head to the opposite wall and light a flare to see the opening. Climb and crawl, turn around and drop down into the passage and run toward the pink lighting. Enter the room for secret #3 and step only onto the blocks, get the Crossbow gun with Normal Ammo.

Back to the white room and follow the passageway, see in front a brown tile, actually it's a raising block. Climb onto the ledge and see the real tile and further the closed gate. Head to north wall and pull out the block, there is a switch in the alcove. Pull/push the block and place it onto the brown tile, then press on the switch. Climb again onto the ledge and push the block onto the tile to open the door.

Head toward the door you just opened, jump into the water and dive into the underwater passageway, a short swim and you can get out of the water. Jump left for flares and slide down, light a flare and see the opening. Climb into a dark room, smell of death in the air as there're four dead soldiers. Get the flares ahead and look to the right for closed door. Take a look around the room, leave the grenade gun alone, it's a trap. Just pick up the Left Gauntlet, then pull the dead soldier nearby and pick up the Right Gauntlet, it opens the door.

Follow the next room and come to the big room covered with shallow water. Head toward the passage and pick up the Left and Right Greave, pass the open door and enter the mirror room. Use the mirror and make the right way over the tile with the Breast Plate. Then take simple jump to next tile and pick up the medipack, get the flyby that shows you trapdoor opening. Back to the shallow water room and dive into the hole and start swimming along the underpassageway with help of the current until you
get out of the water. Run forward and finish the level.