Level by George Maciver

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

NOTE: The Cave is a remake of Sheep in Wolf's Clothing by the same builder. Although the gameplay is similar, there have been changes requiring both the earlier level, and the walkthrough that had been written for it, to be withdrawn.

Lara starts by overlooking a small lake. Turn around and enter the opening you see there. Follow through and go through another opening W. Keep going and find some flares in an alcove on your left hand. Go down the sandy slope and enter a huge underground cave.

The Cave.

Swim to the Island, there is nothing there but you can shoot a pesky fish. Then swim over to the Island S and on it you’ll find a Silver Key. Back to the main land and along the N wall is a Keyhole near a burning block, opening up the gate. Climb up the burning block in the corner, near the door and get in or do a diagonal runjump over that corner of the block so you land just inside the gate. Follow through and dive into the water at that hole in the floor. Follow through and climb out at the end, open the chest and get Philippa’s Gem.

Safety drop through the hole at the end of this passage and go back down to the underground lake. Now take a right and follow the side of the lake around the corner to the far W of this cave and spot a receptacle near a switch on the wall.

Timed Entrance.

Use the Gem; a block rises so you can use the timed lever there. The door is a few block jumps back, pull, roll run curving right and jump with a left curve onto the next block; run off this one, curve left and jump into the opening. Follow through and watch the flyby of this huge room.

The Huge Room, the 1st Thistle.

On the back of the NE pillar is a ladder, climb to the crack, briefly let go and grab again so you hang, then shimmy left around the corner. Turn around, grab the next crack and shimmy around, then take a running jump SW with a left curve to the S wall and grab the crack, shimmy right to the end of it.

Go N and jump on a block there, face S, another jump and grab and shimmy around to the other end and hoist up in a corner so you won’t burn on the emitter. Then a back flip and jump/grab to the monkey climb and climb N before you drop onto the ledge N.

Standing on that different looking tile you see some platforms coming up E, they are timed of course. Best way to deal with it, is face N at the burner, run N onto the tile curving right and do a running jump from about the middle of that tile and then another curved running jump to the second trapdoor and save on the safe tile behind it.

Take a running jump straight over that little fence to the crack in the E wall, climb right and drop onto the platform. Turn around and stand to the right and use Ctrl to jump and grab up. Next jump is awkward so stand all the way back in the lower right hand corner and take a running jump with a slight curve to the slanted block and grab it.

Hoist up, slide, jump, slide and grab the ladder. Once on the ledge, go to the other side and do some more jumping. Jump along the right hand side of the sloped blocks, as in the corners you have to jump hard to the right. You will end up where you started, but those brown blocks have been raised.

These are also timed. Runjump onto the left hand side of the first block, runjump onto the second block with a roll and standjump right curved up onto the ledge above and once up, open the chest there. Aha, the Shotgun and aha, a Skeleton.

Timed Exit.

Jump to the pillar E and get the 1st Thistle. Now take a swan dive into the water below and get out of the pool to leave SW. Almost at the exit you will hear that timed door opening and closing. Stand a bit back from the tile that opens the door and run around the corners to sprint left through the open door.

Swim S along the W wall and find a large hole in the bottom, in the W wall is an opening, dive into the opening, climb out at the end.

The Tower Key.

Turn SW and climb up into the opening in the wall, turn around and take a running jump onto the sloped pillar SE, jump and climb up immediately as there’s a timed burner on the tile you stand on. On the pedestal is the Tower Key (Gem). Watch out for the wraiths, so back down quickly and into the water to get rid of them.

The Keep, the 2nd Thistle.

Swim to the far SE corner of the Cave and find another building, “The Keep”. Swim around to the back of The Keep, there is a ledge where you can climb out of the water. Run to the front and use the Tower Key.

Timed Blocks.

Save your game, as the lever E is a timed one. Pull, backflip/roll, run leftish and jump onto the lower block, curving hard right a running jump onto the higher block. Land as close to the right hand side as possible so you can turn a bit and grab up to the platform above, run and jump with a right curve to the next platform, quickly get against the ledge and grab up.

Get the Laser Sight from the chest and use the ladder on the wall to climb up. Shoot a Crow and open the chest for the Revolver.

Stand on the W side of the roof near the monkey climb, shoot the ball in an alcove in the S wall (pistols will do fine), this opens the gate, take a running jump with grab to the monkey climb to get in.

Use the switch and watch the flyby, nothing more to do so dive into the water and swim to the N, at the end go left (W), swim down into a gorge and locate the open trapdoor in the bottom. Follow the tunnel, hoist up at the end and get the 2nd Thistle. Beware of the nasty fish that can bother you, swim back up to the Cave, to the Castle (S) and climb out.

The Castle.

Use the two Thistles on the front door of the Castle.

Go into the first passage on the right and at the end near the two closed gates, look up and shoot the ball there in the ceiling, this lowers a block in another room. Pick up some Revolver ammo in the SE corner. Back to the entrance and go W, passing a staircase on your right, a bit further on is an opening in the floor. You opened this by shooting that ball, use the switch in there, pick up Flares (N), go into the (W) passage, twice left (S and E), the door is on your right.

Inside go left and you come to an opening of the Castle wall where you see some columns in the lake. Don’t go there just yet, first jump up a block E and use the switch around the corner, now you can jump to those columns you saw outside. Go to the opposite side of the lake.

Climb into the opening in the wall, follow through, climb the ladder at the end, pick up some Revolver ammo from the cave floor W, along the edge. Look for a reddish alcove in the Castle where you can shoot a ball. The door behind you opens, go in and use the switch in there. Watch the fly by, go back to the Castle via the ladder and columns, go left. Right at the brown pillars, right again and over those stairs to come back to the entrance. Go W again and right around the corner is the block (NE) you raised.

Climb the block and jump over the opposite ledge, go left (U turn) and drop backwards to grab the edge of the floor and shimmy to the left. Pull up to use the switch in the end, crawl back out and drop to the floor. Go SE and around the corner to the left is the opened door. Climb the block inside, and up the ladder, back flip and pick up Shotgun ammo NE. Head out NW and you'll come to the battlements of the Castle.

Go left, around the corner left again, where you’ll find a timed switch in and alcove to the left.*

Optional: From here we can first go for the one and only secret in this level. Get onto the outer wall S and climb down to a lower ledge, look down for the reddish alcove where you shot the ball before. Take a running jump with a wide curve to get there and pick up Secret # 1 , Revolver ammo.

Dive into the water below, swim left (E), back into the castle and go straight W, passing a staircase, back into the open door on the right, climb the block, use the ladder and once back up, go NW and left to the battlements, go left and left around the corner where you left off to find that timed switch around the corner in an alcove.

Save, use the lever and roll, take a running jump up onto the outer wall, roll and jump off backwards and use the switch, side flip left. Go back to the timed switch and use it for the second time (first you have to wait for it to get back up). Roll and run out to the left, around the corner, jump over the wall and down below to the next switch. Flip it and side flip before the burner turns on again. Again back to the first timed switch and use it for a third time.

Roll and jump up straight, roll again but now take a curved running jump to the higher battlements (N). Jump to the very top and keep on running to a switch in the NE corner. Take the small medipack there and drop down to the lower W part. There will be a skeleton roaming around.

Jump to the outer wall of the battlements and then climb down the S end where a platform went down to another switch. This will raise a pillar behind Lara in the lake. Take a running jump to the pillar and from there a running jump to the burning tile SE. This tile is quite safe, because it will only burn as long as you are on the pillar. Climb into the alcove and grab the Scottish Scroll.

Dive into the lake and swim left around the corner, back to where you can climb out to the entrance (shoot those fish if you like). Go straight W again, right around the corner to the block NE, climb in and jump over the passage again, this time go straight into a small room and place the Scroll on the pedestal there. Lara will play the Harp and a door W opens. Get in and pick up PHILIPPA’S GEM. Go out and down, this time don’t jump but drop into the lower passage and head E to the room you visited at the start. se the Gem left near the doors.

The Last Thistle.

Run over both trigger tiles N and get up onto the block that will be raised S. Take the monkey climb to the N first, at the end let go and grab the column, hoist up and the fire W goes out. Jump down, back on the block, now use the monkey climb to the W.

Once up get the Thistle and a trapdoor above opens up. Climb up and jump on the battlements, turn around and take a running jump to the higher battlements. Go towards the blue flag that is gently blowing in the wind and put the Thistle in its receptacle to watch the final flyby.