Level and walkthrough by Mark Lunney

Kill Count: 60 + zombie bull
Pickup Count: 28
Secret Count: 3

I will often use compass directions, the compass is in the bottom left of the inventory. The red arrow shows the direction Lara is facing, e.g., if it points towards between S and E then I will describe the direction as SE (southeast).

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Helipad + Streets

The level starts at a helipad. This area is safe for a while, there's a soldier running around but don't kill him or any of these guys because they are your friends ie they won't hurt you but will attack the zombies.

In the SE Corner there is an M-gun and an M-clip for it (this is a good time to brighten your monitor- this will make the level much easier). Take these and equip then immediately- never think about conserving ammo!

In the SW corner by the flame there is a medipack (these restore all of your health).
Head to the exit in the NE corner and you will see a cutscene which guides you around the streets. Here's a quick guide of where, when and why you should visit each place:

1)North- Als Weapon Shop (just for supplies and a secret)
2)East- Zoo (aquire detonator key)
3)North West- Church (to get to the library for the car keys)
4)South East- Hotel (aquire the Birth Stone)
5)West (inner wall)- Gallery (finale)

Around the streets there are many zombies. Kill as many as you want using your best weapon (remember, don't conserve ammo!). There are a few soldiers too, in theory you should leave these guys alone but if you get carried away then just kill them. Now head North to Al's weapon shop.

Al's weapon shop

Visiting here is optional but I strongly recommend doing so. Kick the door to enter. On your left is a zombie to kill, and on the floor is some shotgun ammo. Now go into the back room, to open the cupboard stand one step away from it and press action. Inside is the flameblaster.

Secret number 1: Go to the SE corner of the back room and there is a hole that you can climb into. The pentagram indicates that this is a secret, consisting of 2 mega flame shells- which turn your flameblaster into the most powerful weapon in the game.

Now leave and head East to the zoo.


There are about 3 zombies (weak, slow), 2 gorillas (quite fast, tough), 2 lions (average speed, tough) and 2 birds (flying, fast, quite tough) around the place. If you picked up the mega flame shells then use them and waste as much as you can. If not and you don't want to use your pistols, try and get higher ground (such as the stump in the 2nd cage) and just kill the birds.

In the SE corner there are some flares and in the third cage you can find some chocolate (restores 1/2 health) in the 3rd cage (NE corner).

Now head to the second cage. Climb the stump and walk to the NE corner. Take a standing jump and grab the branch. Face north and climb further up the tree. Now face south and walk to the edge of the branch take a standing jump and grab the ledge.

Secret number 2: Walk to the east end of the ledge. Now this is quite tricky (so save before you attempt it). Walk to the NE corner of the ledge, and face the tree in the third cage. Take a hop back and run-jump towards it. Lara should land on a stump containing a flame shell, m-clip and shotgun shell. You will now need to head back to the ledge at the top of the 2nd cage.

Walk to the west end of the ledge (jump over the hole). Pick up the medipack and be sure that your health is full. Take a hedge running jump off the ledge into the 1st cage (with the pool). This will almost kill you so you might need the medipack that is in this cage. Now jump in the pool, pick up the key, swim down the tunnel and climb out near the zoo entrance.

Now head to the zookeeper's hut, which is just about opposite the second cage. Place the key in the key hole. Draw your weapons because inside there are 2 zombies, these shouldn't be two troublesome. Now open the cupboard (by pressing action when one step away as before) and retrieve the detonator key. Also you can find a shotgun in the NW corner (light a flare of it's too dark).

Now leave the zoo and head NW to the church.


Outside the church there is a yellow and black block. Stand on this, face the danger symbol and press action to use your detonator key. This will trigger a cutscene that shows the church door blow up. As soon as you enter the blown out door 2 mega zombies will attack. These are superior to regular zombies in every way, I suggest using your flameblaster + mega shells if you have any left.

Now climb the wall of the north side and maneuver over the doorway so that you can safely drop on to the rafters. Before entering the doorway roll and take down two bats that are flapping about, for once I suggest using your pistols.

Inside the tunnel I suggest using your pistols as a light rather than a flare, as you will need to take out another zombie. In small room at the end pick up the stick, press action by the firepot and jump directly under the rope. This causes one of the chandeliers to drop down and break a trapdoor in the floor, in the SW corner of the main room.

Lara will need to do a bit of swimming down here. There's a deadly swinging mace down here, time your acceleration carefully to get past.

Secret number 3: At the junction with the mace go right and emerge in a secret room. You will find some flares, a large medipack and a chocolate bar.

Go forwards at the mace junction (that's right if you just got the secret) and emerge in a graveyard. Take out the two zombies, shoot the barrier and enter the library.


Before you drop down into the library draw a weapon and take out the mega zombie. Now drop down and pick up the flares on the floor. In the NE corner there are some car keys on top of the bookcase (light up a flare if you can't find them). Hit the switch by the door to open it and head SE to the hotel.


Outside the hotel use your keys to get in the jeep. Drive this away so that you can grab the key that was hidden underneath (note: getting out of the jeep is buggy. See the read-me that came with the level for detail). Now go up all of the hotel stairs right the top where you can use your key to open the door. Inside this odd room there are many things to pick up- flares, a shotgun, a flamethrower, m-clips, chocolate and a medipack. Lastly pick up the Birth Stone in the middle of the room.

You now have to head back down the stairs, except there are now 6 zombies and a mega zombies to make life hard. This is just about the last lot of enemies so be sure to use up all your good weapons. Just try and be sure that you have a medipack or two for the final battle. Once outside head to the gallery, which is opposite the library (take the jeep if you want).


Use the Birth Stone to get into the gallery. A brief cutscene will point out a doorway on the balcony and a bull. The aim is to reach the doorway to kill Ray. However, you can in fact aim and kill him for the ground so keep away from the bull and do this first. Easy!

Now approach the bull to get him chasing you. The aim is to get him to ram into the pentagram on the south wall with the lightning. To do this you need to stand in front of it and wait for the bull to charge you. As soon as he does, jump out of the way or you will get crushed. This is not easy at all, the only tip I can give is to listen out for his footsteps so that you know when to jump. Keep trying!

When the bull has hit the pentagram the light will go out, but the flames and lightning should give enough light to see. Go up the balcony on the west side and walk on to the pentagram. This will trigger a flyby that shows flames lighting up. But don't stand and watch or you'll burn up, during the flyby jump left over the rail to land safely back on the ground floor.

Now the flames on the east side will have gone out so you can reach that pentagram. The same will happen as before so during the flyby jump right over the rail. The central pentagram is now your goal, except it is surrounded in flame. Jump over these and every single flame will go out. Finally you can reach the doorway (where you can kill Ray if you didn't earlier, or you can just let him live if you're feeling nice!).

At the end of the tunnel is a pretty sick room full of blood. There's a pointless medipack in the left corner at the end. Climb out on the right side and drop down to see the level's weird ending. Note the code, this can be entered at my levels- dead revelations. Hope you enjoyed playing!