Level by Sheevah

Walkthrough by Moonpooka


There are five secrets to find.

You begin this beautiful level by sliding down a snowy slope; as you run forwards a flyby will show you where a Gem is to be found, so make note of this.

Ok now we can begin. Head straight on forwards and go to the very end of the snowy lane, at the very end of the pathway turn right and enter a small yard. Shoot the snowman in the corner and find the CROWBAR and then go to the NE corner and find a hidden floor lever in a small bush to use the crowbar on; this lowers a wall at the side of you.

Go through the new doorway and find the snow mobile. Now drive out of here and ride back the way you came from the start. Donít go all the way back to the start though, at the junction do a left turn into a new area and see a slope to get over on the snow mobile. First though you need to collect the Speed fuel for the snow mobile so dismount and see a half shaped snow ball at the N wall, drag it out and find the SPEED FUEL and then fix it to the snow mobile. Now line up at the slope as far back as you can go and use the sprint key to fire up the snow mobile to make the two jumps over the slope. Continue driving and go left until you come to where you can see a light part in the wall ahead of you, there is a small bush in the middle of the path and to your right is a corner wall which you can climb, use action and up and Lara will grab the top of the wall, here you can collect the GEM.

Before you go back down, turn around and make your way over the high ledges to get round to the SE corner of the area. When you can go no further look down to see where you entered the level, now look down to your left and see a parcel down in a hole, climb down and shoot the parcel to retrieve 1st SECRET.

Now climb out and head back to where you left the snow mobile, go back to where you jumped the ravine and climb down into the ravine. Collect some flares and use the Gem in the receptacle to make a snowball fall from a passageway. Your path is now clear so run up the passage and at the end collect the CROSSBOW.

Now head out and make your way up the wall and go back to the snow mobile. Continue on until you come to another ravine to jump, but you donít have to use the snow mobile here, both sides of this next ravine are climbable so either use the snow mobile if you like the fun of the jump or simply climb down into the ravine and up the other side.

Once over the other side, look left to see a closed grated door to use later, for now though head on until you eventually come to the house.

Go to the left side of the house and shoot the snowman, collect the LASER SIGHT and combine it with the crossbow, now look to the eaves of the house for two crystal type hanging objects and shoot them to open the door to the house.

Enter the house and find yourself in the lounge area first, notice the central wreath, this is where you will place the four candles that you are about to hunt down.

Ok so letís go find them.

First of all, notice the fire in the lounge. Behind it is a key and you need to put that fire out to get it, so head over to the left hand side of the stairs and use the button on the wall to open the door to the loo, collect the WATER SKIN from here and take it all the way back out to the deep ravine.

Climb down and collect some flares, then fill the water skin and head back up to the house. Take the water to the fire and save because Lara can easily catch light with your next move. Climb up onto the fire tile square and keep to the right where Lara should be safe, now use the water skin to extinguish the fire, once accomplished go collect the LIBRARY KEY from behind the fire.

Now head back over to the left side of the stairs again and find the key hole to use the key in. Enter the library.

Go through and first shoot the vase on the table in the SE corner of the room and take 1st CANDLE.

Now go over to the fireplace wall and to the left of it find a bookcase to pull out, behind here is 2nd SECRET.

Now climb up on the small bookcase block at the S wall and light a flare to see a ceiling hatch to open then climb up and enter the small passageway. Move the block forwards twice and reveal the KITCHEN KEY then take it back to the lounge. Go right of the stairs this time and find the keyhole to use the key to enter the kitchen.

First collect some flares from the top of the tall cupboard on your left, then head over to the W wall and use the button there to open a floor hatch at the E side of the kitchen. Head down the hatch and enter the basement.

Go to the very bottom of the steps, ignore the cobwebbed passage for now and enter a small room at the bottom of the steps. Light a flare and search for some flares in a corner hole, now notice Lara looks to the W wall so head there are climb the boxes, go right and stand Lara by the light coloured box top, use action for Lara to open a hidden floor hatch and go down, collect the torch then head back out and make your way back to the library. Here you can light the torch on the fire so do so and take the torch out side the house to the frozen pond. In the centre is a bush on a wooden stand, save you game as Lara can easily catch light if you stand too close, light the bush and melt the pool so you can swim round and use an under water lever beneath the burning bush. This opens a new door back in the basement so head back there and enter the cob webbed passage this time. Go left into the tiny room and find 2nd CANDLE.

Now move the two boxes in this room to reveal a lever, use it and open the room next to you, go through and shoot the parcel (note, Lara wonít draw guns here so select them from inventory to use them) collect 3rd SECRET and use the lever in this room to open a hatch up in the chimney back at the lounge.

Head back to the lounge and climb the chimney to enter the attic. As you enter watch the flyby which shows you the star up on a high ledge, also a block rises behind you to block you exit, no problem there is another way out of here.

Ok so first head over to the NE side of the attic and there on a black pillar find a lever to use, this raises a block in the middle of the room, head there are climb the boxes then move the upper light coloured box onto the block you just raised. Moving the box reveals 3rd CANDLE so take it and then go use the lever again to take the box to ground level.

Now move the box onto the dark brown floor tile (there are two brown tiles and you need the darker of the two) placing the box here raises another box next top you so climb up and jump over to the taller pillar. From here head right and jump the boxes until you can use a ceiling cob web ladder, swing over and collect the Star then return to the first tall pillar and go left this time.

Make your way over to the left and again use the ceiling webs to swing over to the blue parcel, shoot the box to collect 4th SECRET.

Now donít go to ground yet, instead, stand on the pillar you shot the box from and face W and light a flare to see a hang lever on the black pillar just to your left, use the web ceiling ladder to swing over and use the hang lever, this opens a floor hatch at the SW side of the attic for you to exit this room.

Leave the attic and head down into the bathroom, use the crossbow and sight to shoot the box in the bath then take the 5th SECRET before using the wall button to exit this room.

Go straight across the landing and use the button on the wall to open the bedroom door, enter here and shoot the boxes to collect some flares then use the Star at the door to open it. Head through the crawl space and climb down at the end into the outside area. Go to the NW corner and look low for a crawl space in the brown wall behind a tree, crawl through and collect 4th CANDLE, then return to the outside area. Note the Santa in the middle of the area who is waiting for you to place his Star Trident so letís go find it.

Ok head back up into the high crawl space and go back into the house, make your way back to the lounge and place the four candles on the wreath, watch the flyby as it shows you a new door opening, that door is back near the second ravine so head there and find the new door. Enter here and shoot the snowman to collect Santaís Star Trident then return back to Santa and place it. The big black doors now open for Lara to go through and finish the level.