Level by Peter Tedstone (Storm Chaser)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Desert Base, Part One

Start by a short slide to rusty bridge, follow the path between the mountains until you get to the end. Shoot the snake (not help you, he won't die, so just pull Lara into the crawlspace), stand and jump down, shoot the mesh and enter a place with a few boxes. Pick up Medipack and go over the crane, take a running jump forward to a small wooden area opposite. Get in the small pool, pick up SHOTGUN and AMMO, get out of the pool and jump over the mesh bridge, from your left there is a door with key hole and the faraway wooden door (can't open from this side). Stand facing the door, fall and catch the bridge's edge and fall down directly onto the box below.

Take a look around, you see a black closed gate to pool, follow through the passageway, take care for a dog attack. Go to left onto the railroad track, climb left wagon, go around to new open area, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, also there is closed gate that needs crowbar to open it. Turn and back to railroad track, turn left and pull out the movable JEEP, enter the control room, pull the switch and the black gate we saw before opens.

Now go over there and get in the water, swim around and you see a closed gate. Place Lara close to the gate and press CTRL key, Lara will open it automatically. Swim into canal, in front of you there is big fan, don't worry it won't suck Lara in, swim left and pick up the crowbar. Swim back, climb out of the water, jump to right and then run and jump out through the gate you open. DON'T GO TO AREA BEHIND THE WAGON NOW, WE GO OVER THERE LATER.

Instead, go where the card hole, climb up, turn face to the rusty basis with crane, jump over it, catch the edge and pull Lara onto it, jump forward to high box and from there take a running jump over the Jeep to next high box opposite. Do the last jump over the big mesh cage, climb up ladder, turn right and fall onto the mesh ledge, go and open the wooden door with crowbar, you are back to place you've already been. Pass the gate with key hole, go to the small pool, jump over the crane again and shoot the guard, notice he will drop Key Gate. Take a running jump back to the small pool, go to key hole and use the Key Gate, enter the room and pick up REVOLVER AMMO, SHOTGUN AMMO and MEDIPACK, then shoot the small mesh, crawl and pick up the lasersight. Turn and get out, go to where you came from and proceed to end bridge, you can't open the door, take a few steps back and shoot the mesh on wall, run and do the angled jump into the room. Shoot the guard, go to corner, pick up SHOTGUN AMMO, shoot the garbage can and pick up Swipe Card.

Make your way down and use the card, enter the forklift garage, climb left, pick up FLARES and MEDIPACK, look to left, there is a closed door. Proceed to next room and push the movable forklift directly into swinging electric current cable, that will make short circuit and open the door. Go over there, enter the big mesh cage, shoot the garbage can, pick up the Fuse.

Desert Base, Part Two

Now you can go to area behind the wagon, use the crowbar as lever to open the gate, enter the death pool. Jump onto those ledges to other side, follow in passageway to closed gate and guard behind it. Go to right and pull Lara into short crawlspace, turn and get down, take the left side corridor, shoot the small mesh in the front, light flare and crawl inside, pick up the Swipe Card. Proceed a few steps and shoot again the mesh, climb onto the boxes and pull switch, the gate opens. Return back to passageway, take care for guards behind and front of Lara, shoot them and get out to courtyard.

Climb onto the wooden boxes, run jump and catch the ledge opposite, pull Lara onto it and use the card. Turn right, climb onto the box, run and jump forward and catch the crack, shimmy right and fall onto ledge below, go through the open door. Shoot dogs that attack, you can also shoot the faraway guard, take a look at the faraway machine, go back to the stairs, take a running jump toward the basis from right, climb onto it and from there run and jump to place with the generator. Put the missing fuse to turn on the faraway machine engine, it will open the gate to the mines.

Majopa Mines

Enter to mine, pick up FLARES behind the boxes and take care to the small gate, go near the crane and climb down ladder, pick up MEDIPACK from left. Proceed a few steps, shoot the guard, look for opening way from left, jump over the slope to railroad track, light flare and go few steps, climb up right side to secret place, pick up BATTERY PACK. Turn back to railroad track and go to end, fall down into small hole, pick up the Fuse, shoot guard, climb up and turn left, you're back to main pate. Turn right and in front of you a fence is blocking the pate, if you look to right there is opening way, jump over the slope, run forward, shoot dog, follow the corridor out and find yourself on the other side of the fence.

Onto railroad track, proceed to mine car and climb down ladder to mine, take a look around and look for hole left where the slope is, jump over it into the dark hole to secret place 2, pick up BATTERY PACK. Get out from there and look for closed gate from left side, then climb onto the rocks to the end, light flare and do the monkeyswing to other side of mine. Enter to the generator room, put the Fuse and the machine in the next room will open the gate, slide down and shoot the guard, notice he will drop the revolver. Follow through the open gate, climb up, go a few steps and climb up to right opening, proceed to next mine.

Follow downstairs, take care for guard attack, go to pool with the waterfall. Get in water, swim into the hole at the bottom and pick up the Blue Gem, screenshot shows the small gate at the beginning opens, make your way over there.

After the Mines

Climb behind the boxes and crawl into the crawlspace, shoot mesh and get down into room, pick up REVOLVER AMMO and SHOTGUN AMMO, go to end of the room, there is closed gate. Turn and back a few steps to place with small crack on high wall, stand close to the wall facing the crack, drop the revolver+lasersight and look outside at faraway red lamp, shoot this red lamp to open the gate.

Get out to courtyard, look around for closed gate and pool, turn back and go to the high boxes, pull Lara onto it, jump over slope, slide and catch the edge, shimmy right and pull Lara onto rusty ledge. Jump over the slope to secret place 3, pick up BATTREY PACK, get down to courtyard and jump to pool.

Start swimming in the canal, turn left and immediately swim up through the hole into pool. Get of the water and pick up MEDIPACK, get in water and do savegame as you're going on a long swim. Ok, swim through the hole into canal to left way, keep swimming to end and when you pull the underwater lever, screenshot will show the gate in courtyard opens. Don't lose time, roll and swim back as fast as you can to the hole and get out of pool, take deep breath. Before you return to courtyard, swim to other side of canal, again it's a long swim, and in the end find secret place 4, pick up BATTERY PACK, return to courtyard.

Follow through the gate to another courtyard, shoot the guards around, climb onto the box. Catch the chain of crane, climb up and backflip onto the fence wall, go to left, pick up REVOLVER AMMO and shoot the locked door. Enter inside, pull the switch, the gate behind the fence wall opens, return and go onto the fence behind the crane, follow in the corridor just to see wooden door. Return and jump behind the fence, go through the open gate, get in water and swim to the END.