Levels by Michael Bender
Levels released: 11-11-2004

Video Walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer can be found here

Authorized walkthrough by Gerty


Lara starts next in a corner of a very desolate looking village.

Go left (N) and on the left is an opening into a house. Pick up the shotgun ammo on a crate. Go out again and there is a small pool. NE is a ladder and almost on the top, back flip. Climb into the opening right (W) and take a running jump to the next roof (W), at the end is a jump lever. Jump back to the ledge you came from and go south. A guard will shoot you but it is easier to kill him when you are down again so for now, jump to the next ledge and get some shotgun ammo. Jump back and climb down, and now you can kill the guard, he leaves a small medipack.

Go around the pool as in the SE corner a blue door opened. Jump on the crate and from there up to the roof. Get the shotgun ammo and jump to the next roof (W). Pick up the flares. Climb out and line yourself up for a jump to the next roof. Jump on that slightly raised roof and into the opening there, to find a lever (cut scene of another blue door). You either go back the way you came, or slide off the roof with a safety drop. Go back under the arch (S) and immediately left and in this small room with crates, around the corner is that door.

Shoot that prayer wheel for some shotgun ammo and use the lever there (cut scene of an underwater door). Get out and go back to the pool and swim through the door. Follow through and once around a corner almost at the end of that stretch, swim up to get SECRET #1, LASER SIGHT and shotgun ammo. Jump in and swim further (S) and climb out at the end.

Climb the ladder in the corner and watch out as a guard starts shooting. Jump over to the ledge where that guard was and get the arrows.

A running jump to the SW, near that palm tree is next. And at the end a standing jump to the SE. Pick up that small medipack there. Go inside and turn around and use that jump lever. There is a cut scene, so get back and jump into that courtyard where the palm tree is and follow that corridor in the SW corner and enter the open door. Watch out for a guard and under that prayer wheel you find some arrows.
Go upstairs and get the shotgun ammo. There is also a jump lever (S) that raises a block so you can get into the opening there. Jump down and end up next to the bike. Around the corner is a guard and he leaves some shotgun ammo. At the other side is a jump lever that will show you a block being lowered with behind it some goodies. You either get then now or you can do that after you drive the bike through the wall and that means getting into the pool again, as this is SECRET #2, medipack and CROSSBOW.

Once outside, there are guards roaming around so take care of them. Drive under the arch (N) and take a right in front of the pool (E) and drive through that wall to the next level.


Keep on driving, go into the cave, take care, there is a deadly pit at the end. So steer left and follow through, around some corners, under an arch and keep to the right and jump that other pit. Drive even further till you come up to a building and a guard there leaves some flares. Get off the bike and go north. A running jump to the rock in the corner right and shimmy to the left almost at the end as there is a place you can stand up. From there a running jump to the small corridor in between the buildings and left you can climb in the building. Find a small medipack there and climb down a ladder.

Turn to the south ands take the first left and open that door there. Watch out as this underground compound is being guarded. Find the shotgun ammo on a crate and get out. Back to the hall and keep going left, find some crates and climb up as in the NE corner is an opening with a crawlspace. Get down and into another crawlspace and yet another one. At the end climb up, SECRET #3, SHOTGUN. After picking up the weapon, the door is open, shoot the guard (to the left are the crates you climbed earlier) and go to the right (SE), where a wall torch is burning, as in the corner is an opening in the floor. Climb down the ladder and pick up some arrows. Climb the opening and shoot the guard. There is an opening with a swinging blue ball, immediately on the right where you jumped in this room, use the Crossbow and that will open the blue door.

On a crate grab the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER, kill the guard and get out off here. Go north, that door is open now and find that crawlspace. A running jump with grab and shimmy to the left. At the end pull up and jump with roll. Use the lever (cut scene) and go back to the shimmy, through the blue door (S) and find a ladder and climb it. Go north and to the crates and before the ladder there is a corridor on your left (pass the burning wall torch), through the blue door, around corners and climb the ladder. There is a jump lever on the wall (E) and you hear a door opening, that is the double door outside. Do pick up that small medipack as that triggers the opening of that bleu door.

Get outside and place the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on the bike. The big gate is open now so using that feeder, jump over that big gab (or if you are in dire need of some flares, go and have a look at the abyss and find to the left (S) a ladder).
NOTE: you can jump the abyss, without the bike, a running jump without grab does the trick.

You can leave the bike but apart from one other pit you have to jump, it is a rather easy drive. At the end, leave the bike and look for a block to climb on the East wall. A running jump to another block North, follow through go right and you end up at a lake with a fish statue. Shoot the croc and get in the water. Swim behind that fish statue and find a crawlspace and pick up the CROWBAR. Get out of the water as you might hear a croc coming. Near the building you can find some shotgun ammo and in the NE corner are arrows. If you look up you see an opening. Go to the fish statue and jump over the water to a block there (E) and from there a running jump NE.

Walk through and at the end you see water way down, with a croc in it and in front of you a crack. A running jump a bit to the right did it for me, and shimmy to the right and around a corner. Take a running jump to the west and shimmy left and pull up, jump and roll to a ledge on the other side. You can see a lever on the west wall, so either walk around or jump to the next ledge. A running jump will get you to that jump lever. Another croc appears, nasty critters, and swim through the opening back to the building. The gate is open so enter. Under the prayer wheel is a small medipack and go up the stairs to the next level.


You are in a courtyard and there are ninja’s in here. On the left is a closed iron door and at the end on the right are some vases, the small one hides a small medipack.

Around the corner is a fountain area with an opening North and South and a receptacle for a Hand in the SW corner. The right vase South has some shotgun ammo. Enter that part of the building, up some steps and down some other ones, you come to a bridge and you better save. Walk carefully as the bridge has traps. You get twice some knifes and from that point hop back and a running jump to land just before the spikes. Save again and watch carefully the spikes.

A standing jump the second the spikes go down, wait till the spikes go down again and hop backwards, the ball will roll by and hit the forward arrow so Lara stands on the place where the ball rolled. Keep repeating this till you are one save ground again (4 times in all). After the spikes walk over the next bridge (trap) and watch out as a Harpy comes swooping down. Climb a few steps and jump into the opening east and get a medipack and shotgun ammo. Follow the stairs again and pick up the GUARDIAN KEY.

Save on top of the ramp and look up, yup a ball. So run and at the end jump and grab. After the ball is down, pull up and jump with roll to grab the slope and let go and grab again so you can shimmy to the left and around a corner. Pull up and face West and a standing jump with grab will get you there and another standing jump with grab to the NE. Follow through and place the Guardian Key in its slot. Both doors open. The door in the North leads you to the fountain room of this level so go through the other one. Go left and left and at the end climb up and get the shotgun ammo. Retrace your steps and go east into a room with a big vase. Climb up onto a ledge in the SW corner; get the shotgun ammo and a standing jump with grab to use the monkey climb to get to another ledge.

Go west first to push the button there, and then go north down a ramp and at the end use the monkey climb to get to the HAND OF SIRIUS. Take a safety drop and go back to the other iron door in the North. Go left and once in the room with the fountain, go to the opening North.

Straight ahead, across a courtyard with two palm trees, in the building, is the receptacle for the Hand of Sirius. Once in, go left and get flares and a second GUARDIAN KEY. Now you can go to the other side and use the crowbar on the door there. You are in another courtyard and take the opening where the ninja came from. Under the vase you find shotgun ammo. Go back to the big vases and behind the right one (N) pull out a block so you have access to the corridor behind it. Now enter the opening. At the end pull up, turn around and again pull up. At the end take a running jump with grab to the other side (a bit to the right) and climb on the roof.

Jump east and again and then again to the other side on that ledge. Now face east and get on that balcony. In the room there, place the Guardian Key. Go to North wall and push that block as far as it will go and at the end of this small room is a lever (cut scene). Climb the stairs and get into that opening. At the end do two safety drops and go back through both iron doors to get to the courtyard with the palm trees. In the SW are blocks, jump on them; watch out, Harpy alert and a running jump with grab gets you to the now open door.

Use the lever there (cut scene). Get back down and into the building where you used the Hand and go left, through the opening and you arrive in a room with many levers.

First use the lever on the left (SE) turn around and enter the opening left. Pull that block out as far as so you can enter and find the HAND OF ORION. Go back and now use the lever on the North wall that lowers a block in the SW corner, Get into the crawlspace and find SECRET #4, the SCROLL OF MEMORY.

Examine the Scroll:
Imprisoned for centuries
under much water and stone
the three whose task was set
guards against my return
and keep me lost in memory

Leave the building and go to the fountain area. And use the Hand of Orion that opens a wall West. Use the crowbar on the door and enter.


Follow through and go up the ramp. You are in the Palace now. On the left is a cage, and right a structure that looks like a fountain/pool, but it has no water in it.
On the west wall are two vases, shoot them to find a button and some shotgun ammo (cut scene). Jump down and go to the East wall. Push the block in once and get out. The door on top of the stairs is open now. In there climb up twice and you are on a ledge over the fountain area.

Go to the opening North and you see four different looking tiles. Go to the West wall and behind the right tile is a push block. Pull it out once and push it south to the different tile. (cut scene) than pull/push it for the last time to the tile in the East (cut scene and secret chime) Go downstairs and leave the fountain room as you can get the GUARDIAN KEY. Turn around and go back to the button you pushed earlier and from there jump into the alcove (N) SECRET #5, SUN DISK.

Go back upstairs and place the Guardian Key on that block in the middle (looking N), the gate behind you is open, so push the button.
This fills up the fountain and if you are brave, try to jump, if not take the stairs to get down and jump in. On the North wall is a lever, not much else to do than to get out. A gate has opened downstairs North on the left.

Block puzzle

In this room are blocks to push/pull. Use the lever first. This lowers a block left so there is some room to maneuver. The block next to the lever is the first one. Face the block while looking South and pull once, run around and push twice (facing N). A block right lowers. Now take the block right of the lever and pull (facing W). Around the block and pull once (facing S), again a pull but now facing the block west. Around to the other side (facing E) and push. See another block lowering. The block you pushed before (NW corner), take that one out and push it in the new opening that is next to it.
Go back to the lever and use it again. Now go East next to the lever as in the corner (facing N) is another block, push that one as far as it goes. The block next to it lowers revealing a button.

Lots of noise, something must be amiss. The cut scene shows a gate being opened and that one is upstairs.

So go upstairs again but a knight is walking around now. You can kill it but only with the shotgun while they are walking, not when they are using their sword. Shoot it in the chest about 5-7 times, wait a bit as the knight might collapse (I had a hard time killing any of them and between the first volley you might wait a second to see if the knight dies because if you don’t wait, your shots will keep him upright and then it will be much harder to take him out). There will be 2 more so better save after each kill. In the SW corner a gate has been opened, go and get the HAND OF ORION. In the corridor to that room you can get more shotgun ammo under the left vase. Place the Hand on the block in the middle and use the button when the gate opens. Cut scene shows you something underwater so down the stairs again and in the water.

One wall has openings, so swim to the NE and take that opening, straight ahead, down and right, follow through and up, here is a breathing hole. Take a breath and dive down and down again and left is an underwater lever, pull that. The cut scene shows a door opening, but we still need something so swim up and left and go to the pool and get some air.

Face the opening and now take the left top one and swim straight, around a corner, keep going straight and up, another breathing hole. Down again and in the opening (N), down again and around a corner, go left and find at the end the GOLDEN SUN. Find your way to the breathing hole and from there go to the pool and get out.

NOTE: if you missed the shotgun you can still get one, get into the water and take the middle hole, at the end is a closed door, but before that is an opening down. Around the corner is the SHOTGUN on the floor, do a roll and take the way back (that is shorter) and get out of the water.

The gate is in the room north, so place the Golden Sun there.

Another knight will bother Lara. You can kill him or not, that is your choice. Dive in the water and swim through the middle opening, keep going, around some corners and end up in another pool. Climb out and find a door South, use the crowbar.

Another knight is waiting, this one you have to kill as he leaves another GOLDEN SUN behind. Near the entrance is a ladder and around the corner there place the Golden Sun.

An earthquake occurs so get down the ladder and the South wall has collapsed. Get through to the gate and on the left is a button.

In the next room get the SUN GODDESS and a scroll called REQUEST and in the left corner push another button to open the door. Slide down and go north, there the level ends.


Writing on the Request Scroll:
Across the sands of time, have I been buried here.
Would you now having found me, take me from one prison to another?
I saw your name as you approached, Lara head my request.
Do not take me across the great sands into Cairo
But return me instead to the Isle of Sun.