The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Levels by Trix.

Authorized walkthrough by Dutchy.

The last moments before the crash:

"Oh no, not again!" As a last effort to stabilize that airplane almost all of your supply chests have already been thrown overboard, piece by piece. What was planned as a relaxing little excursion flight to the ruins of Great Zimbabwe is developing really nasty now. The last thoughts while earth is coming nearer at high-speed are: "When will I finally learn to spend a bit more money for safer and reliable fli— aaaaahhh!" – a hard bump, darkness... then swampy water beneath, besides, over you...

Luckily the water in a small volcano crater has smoothen your fall. Now get out of that plane wreck – your only chance to survive is to find any civilization outpost down here in the Central African rainforest before night falls... and it‘s already late afternoon... Bad luck: your compass needle is broken and got lost during the crash, so orientation is only possible by the sun...

The ½ MP is replaced by a Papaya you will find hanging in the trees around the jungle, no compass available so I will do my best to give the directions in another way.

Take the time to watch the Flyby in the beginning, it will show the plane Lara arrives in and you can see the dropping of several crates in an attempt to keep the plane in the air, to no avail, as the plane crashes into a small lake in the Jungle.

The Plane-Crash site.

You can pick up the Compass in the submerged plane-wreck where the level starts, but it’s broken, the same happened to the one in the backpack, so no compass available. Find the small gap in the side to swim to the next compartment and find the Flares there, here is also the way out if you want to go for air first. Climb up on the shore and in this part of the jungle several Mosquitoes will attack, depends on what route you take. From standing on the wreck of the plane and looking at the sun, there’s some Ammoin the swamp L of you.
Up on one of the slopes is a crate, thrown from the plane, nothing in it and the cave next to it is the way to the 2nd Part of my walkthrough, so go over the hill on the opposite side and slide down to meet another Mosquito, in the other end of this forest is a small passage, go in and L to get into the 1st Level.

Part 1 - The Western route (according to the position of the sun).

Go out into a small forest and quickly get up onto the tree-trunk you came out of, shoot the Monkey and then go to the end of the tree to find a Papaya hanging in the tree. Then look down in the forest to see the Wild Boars running around, shoot them from up here and go unto a cave in the opposite corner from the Papaya, turn R and come to a lower area, drop down and turn around, to the R is a big tree with a Papaya hanging from it’s branches, then go look for a pushblock (bright colored) in the tree opposite the cave you came out of. Pull it out and with some maneuvering you can push it all the way onto the sandy spot under the cave you entered from (just push it straight the last part), stand against the rocks L of it, facing to the cave and sidejmp to the R to land on the block, climb back up into the cave (you could have done this later too, as you are bound to return here later through that other opening in the rocks). Go straight when you come to the opening to the forest with the dead Monkey and climb up into the crack, drop on the other side and follow to a wider part, there is a passage to the L, it will bring you to the Croc Pond.

The Croc Pond.

Walk slowly through the vegetation hanging from the ceiling and start shooting the Crocs, in addition more Mosquitoes will appear, it will take you a while to finish them all off, then go look for the Ammo that was in a crate on the bank of the pool (probably you shot it already) and for a crate in the pond in which you’ll find the Uzis. In the pond is a big tree with an opening to the Lilly pool (later) opposite is an opening in the rocks, leading to a deep canyon.

The Map for the Lily pool.

Walk slowly up to the edge and look L around the corner to spot the grey sloped ridge, do a runjmp (facing to the ridge as far as you can) with a sharp L curve to land on and slide backwards from the ridge, grab the edge and go R, almost to the end and pull up, backflip to the other side of the canyon. Go up the sloped rock (to the R is the path you’ll take later) and straight to the fat palm tree, to the next area and here’s a fork in the path, go R to shoot a Scorp and a crate for some Ammo, return to the fork and take the R side, slide down to a lower area. Follow to the big palm tree and spot a crate on the other side of the canyon. From the plants just in front of a hole in the rocks to the R, you can follow a path along the rocks with a few jmps to get the Ammo from that crate, from the pickup you can runjmp back over the canyon and go up to that hole where the plants are, follow to another area, go R and standing on the hill at the palm tree you can already spot the Shotgun you threw from the plane before it crashed. One minor problem… When you go pick it up, 4 Gorillas will attack, one will stay up on the hill past the termite hills. (don’t get too close to them too, as nasty Termites will poor out if you do.) It will take a while before the Gorillas drop (Well that was the end of that endangered species) Go up the sand dune opposite the palm tree and go over to the other side of this valley one more Gorilla remains. Go down in the gap at the palm tree to reach a pool, a rope and a cave in the other end of the area, follow the cave to find a crate with Ammo in an outside area to the R and a couple of easy to kill (pistols) Lions down in the L cave. Find the Lily pool Map lying on the floor at the skeletons and Lion #3 will attack.

Head back to the pool and the rope, jmpgrab up to the rope and go down to the end of the rope, hang with your back to the pool and spot a sloped green grassy ledge up in the rocks in front, swing/jmp over to it and jmp to go R, land on a sloped rock, immediately jmp/grab to the branch of the tree. Go over to the far R branch and from there you can spot a hard to see crevice in the rock L of that grassy ledge, runjmp to the rocks R of that crevice and grab the edge as you slide off, go L and pull up in the crevice, go through to drop into a cave along the path with the big palm trees. Head L and over the ridge you came down from before and go R to the crossing at next palm tree. Straight is where you came from after jmping over that deep canyon, so go L and see an opening in the wall in the end of the canyon, walk over the sloped rocks as far as you can go (you will stand L next to the tip of the triangular sloped ledge at the corner of the canyon) take a hop back and runjmp with a slight L curve into the hole (holding the forward key). You will slide into the area with the pushblock. Go up the block into the cave and go straight when you come to the opening to the forest with the dead Monkey, climb up into the crack again, drop on the other side and follow to a wider part, there is a passage to the L, it will bring you back to the Croc Pond.

The Lily pool.

Diagram at the Lily Pool

This time you can go into the opening behind the tree in the pond and come to the Lily pool. Study the map in your inventory (or see the diagram) and runjmp to the first (safe one) of the big floating leaves in the pool, then turn L a bit and jmp to the next, runjmp to the one along the far R side of the pool and turn R to walk slowly onto the next, from this one you can runjmp across to the one in the far corner of the pool, from there to the roots at the tree in the corner of the pool. (Access to a Secret: From the 1st leave you jmped on, look to the R to see a hillside and one more big leave against it that’s not on the map, go jmp to the next safe leave in the direction of the other side of the pool, turn R and runjmp to that mystery leave, you will land into an UW tunnel and are transported by the current to a vertical shaft up, go up and come out into a cave, go R and find the place to climb out near where the green plants cover the ceiling, look for a shaft in the back, down to a lower cave. Climb down the plant covered wall, turn around and go down to the next lower cave, keep to the L of that cave to come to the bottom of the big Canyon you jmped over before, get down in it and straight in front you’ll find some of your crates with Ammo and a MP, turn back from the MP and go R into the R side canyon with the pools, go straight to the crate with the Flares and then L, up the slope and look to the R in the back corner for an alcove a Monkey will drop out, shoot it and climb up to get more Ammo (could be this shows up as the Desert Eagle, but because I had it already before I came down it was Ammo for me) Turn back and jmp onto the rock in the pool, from that you can runjmp with a R curve around the corner into the big canyon, go climb back into the cave, stand under the lowest point of the above ledge and hit “Ctrl”, make your way back up to that shaft and be sure to stand in the L corner on the highest point of the floor and line up parallel with the wall or Lara won’t grab. Go back to the UW shaft (keep to the L as you get back in the water in the upper cave) and swim into the tunnel that’s halfway down that shaft to be taken back to the Croc Pond. Go up to the Lily pool again, over to the other side and continue the adventure.

Go up to the area behind the trees and go R, to come to a couple of pools and some crates, shoot the Mosquito and the crates to get the Ammo, be careful though those Coconuts will harm you if they drop on your head. In the last pool is an opening to an UW cave where you can find a Papaya. Go back to the pools and L up the hill past that fat palm tree to the Lily pool.

Top of the Lily pool.

Walk over the top of the hill on the L most side and go L as far as you can and on the highest point possible, over looking the pool below, you can see the tree (with the leaves moving in the wind, great!) L of you, if you do a sidejmp L onto the sloped rock and immediately jmp/grab you should be hanging from the branch, pull up and quickly draw a weapon to shoot the 2 Bold Eagles that will attack in this awkward place (don’t move around too much, or you will be Croc food) What I did was pull up and draw the Shotgun, walk up to the smaller branch sticking up from the one you’re on and turn around to shoot the 2 Eagles, then turn again and look for a Monkey on a next tree, shoot it and hop over the sloped branch to land on one sticking out to the tree the Monkey was on, runjmp over to that tree and walk up to the trunk. Look in the L rock wall (from facing the trunk) to spot the cave you can runjmp into.

The Canyon.

Follow the cave around some turns to another outside area and Lara will be looking at a particular spot on the other side of the canyon (to the L of that spot you can see a cave in the rocks on the opposite side of the canyon, that’s your goal). First shoot the Monkey and then go look to the L for a Papaya, return to where you came to this canyon and drop into the gorge from the edge right in front of the cave, dive into the water and the current will take you around, stay close to the walls and look for a Skeleton L of where you came in to get some Ammo, swim back up against the current and climb back up where you came down, go L into a rock bowl, to the R is a small opening, jmp in and go through the cave with the water to the L to reach an area with another one of your crates, first go straight to the tree on the R, there’s a Papaya dangling from the branches, then go for the crate, but be careful, the Coconuts are ready to fall (seemed to be just a nasty trap, so ignore, the Ammo is useless pistol Ammo according to trix). I didn’t find a way to get that Ammo from the crate, runjmped past the tree to trigger the Coconuts, but then I couldn’t pick up the Ammo any more so I left it, go up the sand hill at that tree and up there is another crate with Ammo, here is the place on top of the Canyon Lara was looking at before. Look around for another crate with Shotgun Ammo, R of the last pickup and then go walk up to the edge of the canyon there, to the R and down are some nasty Spikes, to the L you can see a flat area with palm trees and a bush that isn’t a bush, jmp over there and find out that the bush is a well camouflaged lever.

Check your health and save, throw the lever, holding on to the “Ctrl” button as the rocks give way below. Grab the edge and when things quiet down below you can drop to a lower pile of rubble, turn ¾ L and hop to a grassy ledge at the tree trunk, now you have to climb the rocks to the R and follow that rock face with a couple of standjmps to reach the entrance of the cave I pointed out before. Jmp over the ridge at the entrance and follow the cave to a beautiful forest with a waterfall and a rich habitat, I’m sorry, but you have to take ‘em all out. Be careful, there are breaktiles with Spikes below, stay close to the water, there’s room to move there, one Wild Boar was running in the water after the rest was gone, quite cute so I left him there. Go look for a hole in the wall opposite of the corner you came into this place and find a pushblock in a tree, pull it once and go to the r side of the tree, when you look down you’ll see a Spike pit with some break ledges and a MS on the branches that leads to an opening in the far R hand wall.

This one is a bit tricky, as you have to get around the tree into the opening you’ve made by pulling the block (and I cannot give the Compass readings). Stand with your back to the jungle you came from and the block to the L of you, walk up as far as you can go to that sloped root R of the tree with the block, hop back once and do a long runjmp over that sloped root, you’ll land on a grassy sloped floor, maybe you slide to the breaktile, in that case get up onto the safe side of the pit in the corner you jmped to, go up as high as possible into that corner and look if you can spot the pushblock. In that same direction is a flat grassy ledge you can runjmp up to, then make it over to the pushblock and go hang on the MS, follow it to the spot behind a tree in the back of the pit where you have to do the drop-jmp-grab again trick to go over the ridge in the MS, go straight to the wall after that and then R-L into the opening. Drop and land in an area with buildings and a fence, go up to the fence and a Flyby will show the Chopper getting ready to airlift you back to Civilization.

Here you will have to choose New Game to play the next part of the game.

Part 2 - the Eastern Route.

The Plane-Crash site.

The start is the same, you have to shoot those nasty Mosquitoes again.

To the Death River.

Go up the remains of the plane and jmp to an empty crate past that fire that’s still burning, go over to the cave up in the wall and follow to a crevice behind a Waterfall, take a look down with the Binoc’s to spot a small lake R of that wild river, The rest of the river is deadly, you’ll have to make it into that small lake. Run of the edge and swim a bit R, keep slowing down by swimming up/stream and make it into the lake, shoot the crate for a MP and go look for a tree stump close to where the river disappears into a Big cave, climb it and look over to the other side of the river where you see a plant close to the shore, standing on a grey rock, close to the next waterfall, you have to run diagonal over the stump and land on that grey ledge, then jmp up to the L behind the sloped block and hold the forward button down so you run out from under the falling Coconuts. Be careful, lots of Coconuts here! Also a Monkey dropped from the tree, shoot it and look for the passage out where the most Coconut trees are, just run and jmp to get past them quickly. Jmp up the grassy slope.

Monkeyswing over the Death River.

In the next little valley is a small tunnel to the R, leading into the deep cave the river runs into, for safety reasons better slide down backwards and grab the edge if you happen to fall off, pull up, turn around and have a look at the new challenge. You can see 2 sloped ledges, one L, one R and a MS going all the way to the other side of the cave, standjmp/grab the MS over the entrance and go L into the alcove over that sloped ledge, turn around to face the other sloped ledge and drop, slide/jmp and land on the other sloped ledge, immediately (no slide) jmp/grab the MS here that was not accessible from the other MS, turn around and go to a climbable wall on the other side of the cave, don’t use that wall, go up against it and turn L, stay close to the wall when you reach the L side of the MS, then turn L a bit more (so you are facing to the river a bit) and go further to where Lara will drop from the MS, immediately upon landing do a sharp jmp to the R and you should land on a safe piece of rock.

You can also try the Bug G Croft found and that worked for me too: Quote : I dropped and grabbed the climbable wall and before Lara put her feet up, I moved her left, and then she miraculously ended up at the left wall.....then dropping down to safe ground. End Quote.

Look around for the small cave with the sloped blocks in this corner of the big cave. As you walk into it there’s a large pillar to the L and a smaller one to the R in the corner, over the smaller one you can just make out a hole up in the wall you have to get to. Stand on the triangular sloped ledge at the large pillar (on the side of the big cave) and from the lowest point of that ledge you can do a curved runjmp to the smaller pillar, jmp from it to backflip to the large one and just keep jmping on the R side of both pillars, now you have to aim for the climbable wall just R of the smaller pillar (so not under the hole up there, but R of it). Jmp from the large one and grab the wall. Go up and L to climb into the hole.

The Crowbar and Desert Eagle.

In the next jungle, go R along the grey rock and come to a sloped pointy piece of forest floor between the tree and the grey rocks. Have a look in the corner there to spot a hole in the wall over a climb wall, just opposite the hole is a sloped block you can’t reach from here, go back and stand on the highest point of that pointy floor part at the close by tree, face that sloped rock opposite the hole in the wall and standjmp to it, immediately jmp from it and grab the wall under the hole (tricky part, keep trying and you’ll manage) Follow the caves to a pool with a Skeleton and find the Desert Eagle there, climb up into a webbed CS in the other corner of the cave and go straight ahead, there’s small crack you can climb down in, get the Ammo and go up the small tunnel there, a Spider will appear, shoot it. Follow the rest of the caves to a fully webbed Spiders nest. Shoot the Spider before you crawl in and go up to the CS L, there’s a Cocoon that will open and a half eaten corpse drops out, it will drop the Crowbar right at your feet. Get to a safe corner to shoot the 2 Spiders that barge in and go back out of these caves.
Back in the jungle, go to the other end (R) and find a small bush with a light coloured floor part under it. Look for the Chain you can pull, just behind the bush and the floor under the bush will raise, go to the tree with the high root next to the pillar and you can jmp/grab to pull up to it, then grab up to the branch of a tree and go over to the branch covering the entrance to a new area, break it away with the Crowbar and enter the Swinging Monkey Forest.

The Swinging Monkey Forest.

Keep the weapons ready (save some of the Desert Eagle Ammo) and go past the 1st Swinging Monkey, a couple of Monkeys will attack, so hop back when it’s safe and shoot them, go on again and in the end you have to runjmp/grab the ladder, go R and backflip onto a safe ledge past the last Swinging Monkey. Drop down into the next part of the jungle and get ready to rumble as a bunch of Animals attack immediately. From where you dropped there’s a crate with some Flares on the other side of the lake, to the R is one of those pillars you climbed just before, hidden in the wall (You’ll have to lower that and get to it in a timed run) To the L of the entrance, opposite that pillar is an UW opening in the pool, swim through and follow the small narrow caves to a pool with a little waterfall to the L, in the opposite alcove with the hanging root is a *branch*switch. This will lower that pillar.

Timed Run.

It’s better when you go the route in a test run first so you know what to do, when you look out of the alcove with the switch, the small waterfall is to the R, you can see the shallow bank of the pool, then a wall sticking out from the R, that’s the point from where you can jmp over to the bank of the pool on the other side, then run to the L a bit to get to the slope that leads down to the cave with the climbable tree. Jmp from sliding a bit off that slope to the R in the direction of that tree you have to pull up in, then jmp/grab and pull up in, run to the far L corner and face the L wall, hit “Ctrl” and forward, Lara will pull up. Then hit duck to get up in the low part of the upper cave, crawl to the R a bit and stand, runjmp to the opening to the other cave in front and to the L, crawl through and stand again as soon as possible, then run to the next water hole to the L and wade through to the outside pool, you can stay R a bit to get out of the water fast and sprint over to the open pillar, runjmp through (If you got there in time, that is)
Once inside there is a switch to the L that will open the pillar again (maybe you have to use it twice before the pillar will lower) for the way back later. Behind the vegetation in front is a CS up in the L wall, crawl to another outside area with a river and a waterfall. On the opposite bank of the river is one of your lost crates, this one is important, because it holds the Lasersight.

The Lasersight.

Go R a bit and past that fat central tree at the river, in the far R hand corner of this forest are some sloped ledges and a hole up in the leaves, facing the slopes, you have to jmp forward on the lower L one (from standing near the wall) and backflip to the higher R one, then hold jmp and you’ll jmp onto the branches, if you landed forward, go L, if you backflipped here go R and from the higher branch of this tree you can runjmp to a branch L of the fat central tree, drop hang from the lower part of this branch and shimmy L, pull up and jmp to a branch in the direction of the sun, the one with the small plant. Turn L and walk out to the end, stand L (The sun and crate are to your R) and aim a little bit L of a palm tree standing high up on the opposite hill. A long runjmp will get you onto a safe spot on the opposite rocks, find the way up to that palm tree and go into the small valley to get yourself a Papaya. Go back and runjmp to the crate with the Lasersight. Then slide down into the river and swim with the current into a cave under the waterfall, find some Ammo in a crate that floated in there and swim back, go up on the L bank, L of the fat tree, go R around the tree and to the CS in the wall. Make your way back to the Timed pillar and to the ladder on the L wall at the pool, climb and crawl back to the…

Return to The Swinging Monkey Forest.

This time just turn and drop/hang from the edge, go to the L wall and drop to land in the room below. Look for a palm tree in the corner of the forest, but be careful, there’s a hidden pit in the centre of the forest. You will have to make your way around the pit to that tree with a couple of jmps. Lara will look up at the tree as you get closer. Next to it, in the corner over the sloped blocks is an opening in the wall. The way it’s intended is to backflip from the tree into that hole, but that took me too long to figure out from what position. You can just runjmp over the lowest point of the slopes, from running past the L side of the tree.

Block over the River.

Once inside go L and R to a river with a block hanging from the tree, stand where you can take aim at the green vine the block is hanging from (On the hill at the back wall) and shoot it (The block should fall into the river, but at my first attempt it didn’t, so I reloaded an earlier save and the second time it fell.) From the L of the plant you can standjmp onto the block and walk to the far L corner, turn L a bit and a runjmp will get you to a low ledge to the L, go up the hill and into the cave L, follow to a large cave.

The Water Cave.

When you walk up to the edge you can see the block in the hole up to your R side (L in the screen) Dive in the water and swim R. R at the pointy rock and into a plant covered tunnel, go L into the side tunnel before the current takes you (back to the cave, under the entrance so you can try again) When you managed to swim into the small tunnel, follow it to a cave, go up to a block and push it into the water tunnel, so the current is stopped, go back and swim L at the crossing at the 1st tunnel and look for a tunnel up near the block, swim up and go to another block, pull that one to open the way for a waterfall coming out into the big cave. Go back to the big cave and see the water level has risen, go straight and up to the R to find the access to a tunnel you can wade through. Come to a large outside area with a river.

The Cable Ride.

Follow the river into a cave system and come out to a deep canyon with a cable ride. Look for the crevice in the opposite wall, L of the cable ride. Grab the handles and drop to land facing L on the far side of the sloped trunk, slide and jmp sharp R to land on the sloped rock, slide to the end and jmp/grab the crevice in the wall, follow up to a shaft and climb the R hand wall to the top of the canyon, go L and to the tree, use the braches to go around and from the higher part of the far branch, you can runjmp onto a sandy ledge, slide off, grab the edge and shimmy to the End of a ledge R, from the R hand side you can jmp/grab up to the ridge above, go R and walk onto the higher part of the rock along the very edge of the canyon. Not exactly into the corner, but far enough to do a standjmp onto a higher ledge L of you, the 2 more tricky standjmps to a crate with Ammo, get back the way you came and go R, at the point where you came from the tree, go up the hill and jmp over the ridge to come to the upper part of the canyon with the river you came through before. Keep to the L to go into another cave where 2 Scorps will come out to play, follow the caves to the Hospital area. Look for the shallow pool to the L of the Hospital and on the bottom you can spot a trapdoor, if you use the Binoc’s, open it and dive in, follow to the crossing, go L/R/2nd L and up the steps, climb up over the door and find a Secret, a present for Terry. Open it to get the airplane ticket to Dino World

Dino World the Bonus Level.

Just in front of you are the Entrance ticket for an Adult and a note warning you for a nasty animal. The prices are pretty steep, wouldn’t have gone here if it wasn’t for free. Turn R to the entrance and open the gate with the ticket. Be careful there was also a note about little Compsognathi that are extremely dangerous, that’s no lie, as the little green critters bite you the whole game goes crazy, you will have to go to desktop first to reload a save.
Go in and to the L is the Exit, near the Power Station, go R into the Building along the wooden path and L to the next area (an explosion occurs as a tree near the Exit drops on the Power Station, causing a shortage, Electric rays shooting out of the cables). When you look in the alley to the R in this new area, you’ll find a door to the Aquarium that needs a Key first, coming out of that alley go R and there’s a door to the visitors section of the Aquarium to the R, go in and have a look you can walk through the glass tunnels and see the feeding holes up in the ceiling, go L at the stone pillar and look down to the L on the 2nd pillar, somebody dropped a key there (You’ll get it later). Now turn around and look to the side of the visitors entrance, in the fence separating the 2 Tanks is an UW door (remember that for later, it was easier to spot from this side)

The Baby Triceratops for the Aquarium Key.

Now you’re ready for action, go back out of the Aquarium through the 2nd tank and come out in a square with a sign that says you can ride a tame Baby Triceratops, follow the signs to the R, around the corner and to the L, on this square is the roundel where the Triceratops is, take out the pistols as 2 Compsognathi attack. After shooting them, go into a small alley straight ahead and see the door that needs the Food Storage Keys, remember the place and go back out and keep the guns ready, shoot the 2 Raptors coming from the L and go in there later to deal with 2 Lizards, so that’s taken care of (Trix: you might also trigger them all at once and let the raptors eat the lizards, lol). Return to the last crossing and go L, notice the sign with the Predator Feeding Times to the R, go up some steps ahead to a small ledge along the water, L around the corner and look on the R over the water for a control panel with a red buttoned switch. Pull it and a bridge rolls out, get on the bridge and find the barred door around the corner from the switch. Now its time to go get the Triceratops Baby. Return to the Square where the roundel is and open the (Saloon) doors by hitting “Ctrl” and enter the stables, go R and pull another red buttoned switch to open the cage opposite this room, go down to find the little Baby, but I advise you not to get too close, just get him to follow you all the way over to that barred door at the bridge and get him to break the door by standing in front of it holding the look button and jmping over him to the bridge before he crushes you. After he opened the door, go to the switch and wait for that cute Baby to get onto the bridge, pull the switch and (he, he) the road is clear.(Trix: you’re so mean, lol – I even had one player who brought little Baby all the way back into his home cage, how sweet!) Pull the switch again to go into the open door and inside are a Note and the Aquarium Key and a Papaya in the crate.

Go out and up the stairs next to the bridge, L over the wooden bridge and R through the room with the cages, take care 2 Compsognathi will be on your tail by now, go L past the automatic door and R down the big stairs, L at the bottom and you are in front of the Aquarium, go R and L into that small alley, open the door with the Key.

The Aquarium for the Aviary Key.

Go up the sloped passage to the feeding hole in the Shark tank, dive in and swim fast to the far L lower UW door (remember?) Open it quick and swim R, to the spot under the feeding hole in the Crock ’o Shark Tank. Quickly get that small Aviary Key and get the hell out of there, swim up the hole over the pickup and get some Ammo from the crate, swim back to the top of the Shark tank and go down to the street again. Go R,L,R up the stairs, L, R through the automatic door and L past the cage room, over the bridge and L, straight to the Aviary.

The Aviary for the Food Storage Keys.

Go through the walkway between the cages and L,R and open the door, get a MP from the crate and look for the red buttoned switch L of it to open the Aviary gate L of the switch, go try to lure the 3 Flying Dinos into this room and get into a corner, with you back in the corner they can’t harm you and you can shoot them with the pistols if you happened to get out of Ammo. Go into the Aviary and look for a high sloped root on the big tree straight in front to the entrance and stand under the walkway, L against the stone pillar, backflip onto the high root and jmp/grab the walkway, climb up and L as far as possible, backflip/roll from the top to land on a branch of the tree, walk forward to the other side of the branch and look R a bit to spot the dead caretaker on the other tree. Runjmp over there and pull him away from his keys (Pull him by the head). Get the Food Storage Keys and drop down. Go back to the room with the switch and throw it again, the entrance door closed as you opened the cage, Go up the stairs over the walkway out to the streets again and R a bit, into the passage to the bridge, go straight and down the stairs at the barred door, follow the small path to the Square at the Roundel (Baby Triceratops), now go into that small alley with the closed door L on the square.

Feed the Dinos for the Exit Keys.

First go L and get some Ammo, look for the red buttoned switch in the blood soaked water and a part of a floor slides away, go to the other side of the room, past the entrance and here you can climb up to the 1st floor. Go shoot the chain the slaughtered Cow is hanging from to open the grating in the floor, then pick up the Papaya at the sinks and go down to the switch to close the floor again, go climb up to the 1st floor again, through the broken grating in the blood pool and look for a shaft you can climb up in by grabbing the grey grating, look for the Boar’s Head in the other side of the room and crawl to it to pick it up. Go down to the ground floor and out of the Storage rooms. Go R at the Roundel Square and R again, then R to the Predator Feeding Area. A Big T-Rex broke loose here, sprint past it and R,L into the building opposite the open cage, follow the passage to a big area where the visitors can watch the show, jmp over a railing to the R and go look for a closed door after you shot some more Compsognathi and look for the door in the corner passage, inside is some more Ammo, go out and R,R and follow the passage to a closed door with a sign that the door can only be opened during feeding time. So look for the chute L of the gratings and throw the Boar’s Head in. Now open the gate and go in, throw the switch L and head out into the Raptor cage. Some will attack, shoot them when necessary and pull the caretaker aside to get the Exit Keys.

To the Exit.

Go out and all the way back to the Big T-Rex. (Hint: T-Rex can be easily killed with a single DE breast shot – just in case he got stuck somewhere and is going to be nasty) Go past him and sprint to the crossing near the square, go R up the steps to the barred door and follow the path up the stairs and straight to the Aviary, there go over the walkway between the cages and R at the crossing, L at the end and R when you go into the building. In the last room is the Exit door. After opening it a flyby will take over and the level ends…

Great levels, I loved them, Thanks Trix and Terry for sharing them with us.

Dutchy 28-11-2004.