Level by Lukasz Croft (October, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Pull the switch on the north wall and the gate in the west opens. Exit the room and kill two rats. Pull out a box in the south-west corner for blue shotgun shells. Turn around and kill a rat. Pull the jump switch above the box in the south-east corner. You get a cut scene of a thug near a gate. Kill the thug and then go to the pushbutton on the west wall. This opens a tightly timed gate and even if the gate looks open, the actual doorway is still blocked. The best way I found was to press the pushbutton, side flip to the right and then forward jump through the open gate. If you try to run, an invisible wall stops you and the gate closes.

In the next room, carefully move the box from the north-east corner onto the circle with the flame in the middle of the floor. You have to time the final push on the circle when the fire is down. Immediately jump back and you may make it without catching fire. You get a cut scene of a door opening back in the starting corridor. Press the right pushbutton on the south wall and get a cut scene of the gate opening in the other room over the water. The right pushbutton opens the gate again so you can exit the room. You may have to press it twice for it to work. Kill the thug and go back to where you started the level. Enter the open door and pick up red shotgun shells and the door closes. Go to the end of the tunnel and get secret #1. Pick up a large medipack, blue shotgun shells, flares, and Uzi ammo. Exit back through the tunnel and the door is open so drop back into the first room. Kill another thug and pick up a small medipack.

Go north through the gate and into the water. At the tunnel entrance, pull down an underwater bar switch from the tunnel ceiling and the door opens. Pull the underwater lever and the east door in the tunnel opens. Swim inside and over the back wall for two small medipacks. Exit and swim north down the tunnel. At the exit, turn to the right and pull the underwater lever on the east wall. Now swim back down the tunnel and the west door is open. Swim inside and into a room. Pull up onto the ledge for secret #2 and pick up Uzi ammo and blue shotgun shells. Swim back and north again to walk up onto the dry area by the water. Kill two thugs and pick up a key. Press the pushbutton on the west wall and kill a thug who drops blue shotgun shells.

Swim back to the starting room. Avoid the fish until you can pull up to a dry area. Go south through the gate and kill a thug and a dog. Pick up Uzi ammo and go back to kill the fish. Use the key on the lock in the east wall and two doors open. Enter the south-east door to pick up a shotgun and kill a rat. Then enter the north-east door and see water and boxes. Hop over the water and fill a rat. Pick up flares from the box in the back corner. Notice the floor tile beside that box. Move the box from the south-west corner onto that tile and the door opens in the north-east corner. Enter the room and kill three thugs and four dogs. Pick up a small medipack, blue shotgun shells and Uzi ammo from the dead thugs. Go around to the left to get behind the fence and pick up the Uzi's.

Go north and climb the wall. Then turn around and kill two thugs shooting you in the back. Go back to the ground for blue shotgun shells. Climb the ladder and press a pushbutton on the north block and kill a dog. Then press the pushbutton on the north wall and hop onto the block to kill another five dogs from the open cage. Enter the west cage and pick up a small medipack at the south wall. Go north around the back to the east cage and kill a dog. Notice a closed gate at the south wall. Carefully enter the east lower area and kill two thugs and a dog. They drop a large medipack and red shotgun shells. There are a lot of pushbuttons in the area for later. First go to far east wall and go behind the pillars. Kill two thugs and pick up flares. Hop up onto a west ledge for blue shotgun shells. Return to the middle of the room and enter an opening in the middle structure. You get secret #3 and pick up a shotgun and Uzi's.

Now go the south-west entrance and press the pushbutton. Kill a dog that appears on the floor. Go to the south-west corner of the middle structure and press a pushbutton. Drop to the floor and kill two thugs. Go to the south-east corner of the middle structure and press a pushbutton. Now go back to the west to the cage area and the south gate is open. Enter for secret #4 and hop over the spike pit covered by a trap door. At the end of the tunnel, pick up a shotgun and Uzi's. Exit and kill a rat and a dog. Go back into the lower east area and go to the pushbuttons to the east of the middle structure. Kill a dog and press the two pushbuttons. Kill a rat and a thug for Uzi ammo.

Pull up the south brass trap door and drop inside the hole for revolver ammo. Pull up the north brass trap door and safety drop onto a ledge. Kill a thug in the room below and then climb down. Get into the water and swim down the underwater tunnel.
When you see a fish, swim back to the hole and pull up to kill the fish. Swim south in the underwater tunnel and pick up a small medipack from the top of a block. At the side of that block, pull an underwater lever and swim west and up through the timed trap door. Pull up to kill a thug and pick up Uzi ammo. Run to the west towards the back of the truck and the level ends.