Author: Seifer Zero
Walkthrough: Jose Boo

MP=Medpack, CS=Crawlspace, MS=Monkeyswing, UW=Underwater, MC=Moveable Cage.
And as always, the directions N,S,W,E are the position the red needle of the compass is in, also NW=northwest, NE=northeast, SW=southwest and SE=southeast. Like Dutchy, I never understood the confusion about this too.

FIRST BIG ROOM - Ground Floor.

Slide down the ramp and pick up three 1/2 MP, left & right are closed doors so go forward to the centre of the "next" room and you'll hear a door opening and a ninja attacks from the shadows. If you walk along the south wall side three more ninjas appear (and a cool music), but only if you are hungry of violence, it's not really necessary. Go back to the entrance and to the right, the door in the S wall opens. Pick up the 1/2 MP & MP and pull the switch that opens the door in the N wall, go there and a ninja attacks at your back. Go up the stairs and climb the ladder to the ...

FIRST BIG ROOM - 1st Floor.

A ninja attacks from your left, but if you go ahead he doesn't follow you. Go down and over the wall to the S, another ninja shoot backwards. Running jump to the S side of the wall and when you pick up two ?MP a skeleton appears, try to avoid him running and jumping to the next ledge in the S wall. Another running jump to the next ledge to pick up the MP and the Uzis and a ninja shoots from the ground; ignore him and jump over the ledges till the end. Climb over the block to pick up 2 sets of uzi ammo and pull the switch in the N side of this block to open the door in the N wall. Go through and shoot the new ninja to your left. Use the MS to go where he was and drop from the N side of this ledge to fall into ..


When you walk over the 2nd green tile, a spike ball falls, I got avoid it facing the S wall, one step back, little jump back to trigger the ball and quickly run and colission the S wall; the ball pass over Lara's head and don't touch her.
Climb over the E side and go into the CS in the SE corner. Pull the switch near the waterfall which opens the next door outside. Go back and crawl into the next room.
Here there are two doors one in the SW corner and another in the NE corner. This last door isn't really a door, but a moveable cage (MC). Pull it out and aside, and the next door outside opens, don't forget the uzi ammo that was under the cage.
Manoeuvre the MC to put it over the water in N side. The SW door opens and you can pick up uzi ammo.
Go through the corridor of the new open door and into the ...

SECOND BIG ROOM - Ground Floor.

I provided a map (click here for it), which can help to make more easy and fast the tasks to do in this big ground area. Following this map, you can begin in order from the number 1, 2, 3, ... till 10

Beware! Some marked tiles are traps, and when you put the MC over them Lara will burn. In the map, I've marked those tiles with a "X" over them.
1.- First, go to the NW corner and put out the MC, behind it pick up shotgun ammo. Put the MC over the left marked tile and the door in the west wall near the entrance opens.
2.- Go there and pull the MC over the first marked tile, the left door in the N wall opens.
3.- Go behind this MC was and find a switch, pull it to open the door over the spike ball ramp in S wall.
4.- Go back to the same MC and move it over the next marked tile (S), this raise a block near the door of the spike ball ramp to let the ball roll over a small ledge avoiding a deadly tile under it in the path of the ball; if the ball falled over that tile, Lara would burn.

(There is a bug in this part. You don't need to raise that block to make the ball go over the ledge and falls over the safe tile. The only way I found to make the ball falls over the deadly tile was activate the ball before open the door in the ramp, the ball falls and stays blocked near the door; then opened the door and only in this case the ball falled over the deadly tile and Lara was toasted).

5.- Go to the SE corner and find a switch which will do that the spike ball begins to roll and falls over a nearby marked tile. The right door in the N wall opens.
6.- Go to that door and put the MC that there is over a brown tile in the opposite side (raise block). Go through the corridor of this door to find shotgun ammo in both sides.
7.- Go to the opened left door in N wall, pull out the MC and put it over the correct tile (S). The block in front of the right door in the N wall raises, and elevate the MC. Go through the dark corridor of this left door to find the uzis.

(There is another bug in this part. If you had move this MC before had put the other MC over the raised tile, you can't continue the game, 'cause you can't do the raised block go down anymore to eventually move over it and elevate the last cage)

8.- If you want, you can go to the NE corner and pull the MC to go behind it and pick up the shotgun.
9.- Go in front of the E door and move the MC over the marked tile. This raises a second block near the elevated MC so you can manoeuvre over it.
10.- Finally, go and put the elevated MC over the marked tile. The exit door in E wall opens.


Go there and shoot the ninja at the entrance. Continue to the closed door at the end of the corridor and go left, find another MC and push it to the end. Another ninja attacks from your back. Light a flare, turn and see the jumpswitch. Pull it to open the nearby door.
Follow the path climbing the blocks and shoot 2 ninjas on your way till you arrive to a ladder. A skelleton awakes so, you can shoot it with your shotgun into the nearby hole with water or ignore it and climb the ladder.
At the end of the ladder, go left all you can, drop and slide down the ramp. At half way, jump and grab a ladder in the dark (if you slide to the end, your only choice will be the suicide in a fiery room below), climb to the very end, go right all you can and drop. Walk a few steps and then go right (if you go left a spike ball will smash Lara) into ...

SECOND BIG ROOM - 1st Floor.

Pick up the shotgun shells and do a running jump with grab to the first sloped floating tile. Up and continue sliding and jumping over the next tiles approaching to the left side of them 'cause when jumping on the double tile you'll find a fire on the right side. At the last tile, slide to the very end, jump and grab the crack in the N wall. Shimmy left till you are over a slope; drop and without slide jump with twist in midair to grab the ladder to your back. Move around to the opposite side and do again another backflip with twist to land over a sloped ledge; slide and jump at the end to grab the edge of the square structure. Go up and shoot the ninja; you are safe for now.
If you want you can jump over some floating ledges to get the NW corner and pick up two sets of uzi ammo. Go back to the square and find two switches in the north side: one of them in the north wall of the square over a semi-transparent tile (this activates the floating spike ball which drops over the last marked tile in ground floor) and another in a ceilig pillar N. Pull both to open 2 doors at the S side of the square. Go there and jump over the ledges to get the door in the SW corner. Follow the stairs and climb the ladder to ...

SECOND BIG ROOM - 2nd Floor.

Go jumping and sliding over the sloped floating ledges carefully, 'cause some times you'll have to turn right or left in midair along the path; finally you'll land on a safe tile. Follow the path and you eventually arrive at another floating square and a nearby closed door. Spot into the square the different tile with a dark mark (E side) and walk over it. The door opens.


Go through that door and in the next two rooms shoot a bunch of ninjas. Continue and finally arrive to a big waterfall. Slide over a long slope and in the lake swim below and at the center of the south side you'll find a small UW gap at the bottom. Go through and right to find three uzis; then to the lighted passage and to the surface.
There is a closed door in front, another to the right and a dark gap to the left. Go to the gap and shoot the far hanging ball; one of the doors opens. Go through and enter to ...


First take a battle with a bunch of ninjas, go to the end of this room (S) and first to the left passage (E). Shoot another ninja at the end and pull the switch in the NE corner wich opens a door at the end of the other passage. Go back and now across the W passage; shoot two more ninjas and enter into the recent NW opened door.
Shoot the vases in the niches in the E wall one of them contained a key, use it in the receptacle in the SW corner of this room.
Get back to the place where you shoot the hanging ball; the W door is now open. Go through, climb two ladders, slide and see the final cutscene ...

Jose Boo - 31/december/2004