Star Of Egypt

Level by Pavo87

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start with Lara dressed in a ... bikini. Go south-west for uzis, then turn around and climb the north stairs for a large medipack. Kill the ninja, head west and the door opens for you. Follow the passage and if you want shoot the vases from both sides, then kill three scorpions and the north gate opens for you. Drop down, kill the ninja and look for a receptacle in the north wall. Turn back and climb the blocks to the top for clips and shotgun. Drop down and climb the next blocks to reach the east opening. Enter the left room, get a small medipack, then pull the lever. Go to the right room and follow into a room with a pool and fountain in the middle. Dive and swim down the north tunnel, get welcomed by two crocodiles. Climb out and run to the end of the room, then get the Eye Piece. Turn around and deal with two harpies, then swim back to the pool and climb out east.

Follow the next passage by angle camera and the gate opens for you. Run down the sloped tunnel and the next door will open for you, too. Enter a big room with huge columns and simply cross it north, kill every scorpion you see and reach the block. Climb onto it, get the revolver, then pull the lever to open two gates in the center of the room. Head over there and get the Eye Piece. Now make your way back to the earlier room, combine there the pieces and get the Eye Of Horus, place it in the north receptacle and the wall opens.

Enter a black wall/floor room, head over the climbable wall and climb up. Jump/grab the ceiling and monkey swing west to enter a room. Go left for a large medipack, then climb the block, run and jump to grab the rope and swing foreward. Drop left, get the crossbow, then pull the lever. Use the rope to get back and monkey swing over to the opposite room. Kill a ninja, then climb into the opening and follow down the stairs, kill a scorpion and a little bit further pick up crossbow normal ammo. When you reach the gate it will open for you. Enter the room and climb left to the top, jump/grab the wall and move right, drop onto a ledge, jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing over to the next opening. Enter a room with a nice canoe, go to the right side for revolver ammo, then climb into the opening and run up the sloped passage, turn left and come to a spot above an earlier room. Run/jump grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the room to the other side.

Run up the stairs to a big room and get a fast flyby that shows you the location of two objects you need. Head north, jump into a pool and swim north, get out of the water. Go right when the sloped wall ends, there you can climb the wall and move left over the ledge. Pick up a small medipack and the Cartouche Piece. Return to the big room and head south, enter a wooden columns place. Take a series of jumps from each column to the next one until you reach the top, then grab the wall and shimmy left until you can climb up. Leave this place and come to a new place, get the Cartouche Piece. Start sliding down the slope, just before the end jump above the fire and climb up to the top. Go through the opening and drop back to the big room. Combine the pieces and get the Ba Cartouche, place it in the east receptacle to open the gate.

In the passage the south side is a dead-end. Head north into a columns room, explore the place, find some crossbow explosive ammo and clips. When you reach the hole, simply drop down and go along the tunnel until you reach a pool with two fountains. Climb out and head west over the four doors, as usual they open for you. Enter a room and kill the demigod, go behind the grave and take from the pedestal The Hand Of Orion. Shoot the south-west vase and pick up The Hand Of Sirius (not necessary as I didn't find any use for it). Get outside the room and follow to the yellow statue, kill there another demigod, then go behind the statue and place the Hand of Orion. The gate in the east is open now, go over there, slide down and kill two ninjas. Head north toward the motorbike, but the level ends before you reach it.