Castle near the Lake

Level by Rainbow (November, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Swim underneath the platform to pick up flares. The fearsome looking blue fish does nothing. Pull up quickly as two black fish approach. They bite and take a lot to kill. Go forward over the bridge to an area with floating boxes. Kill four black fish here before you go further. Some of the boxes catch fire and you need to get into the water with safety. Go west and swim into the underwater tunnel. Pull up to a large wooded area. Go to the south-east corner to get into a hole and pick up a Winchester (shotgun). Go west and enter another large area. Pick up two shotgun shells from the horse statues. Pick up two shotgun shells from the north-west corner. Go to the south-west corner to pull a switch and the red doors open. Go inside and kill a guard and pick up the Temple Key that he drops.

The red floor is deadly. Go up the north ramp and go right to use the Temple Key. Then go west and south to kill a guard beside a black gate. Pick up his Temple Key and use it in the east wall besides the ramp. Go into the black gate and pick up shotgun shells. Before going further, go back to the building entrance and go up the south ramp. Go left and pull the wall switch. Then go west to kill a guard and pick up a Temple Key. Enter the black gate and go west. Go around a black gate and go south. Follow the ramp and at the end jump to a pole. Climb up and back flip to a column. Pull the switch on the wall. Then jump down to the north onto another column. Jump to the west wall to pick up the Silver Key. You can moves boxes around but there is nothing underneath them. Get into the north-east corner and enter the doorway. You reach a room with five switches. Use the switch in the south-west corner and the door opens behind you. Stand jump to a safe tile in front of the door and then into the doorway. Turn right and use the Silver Key in the lock. Then run up the ramp. Shoot a guard who drops the Desert Eagle. Jump into the door and follow to a large room of water.

Jump in and swim east while six black fish try to get you. Pull up and see on the east wall, a door and a switch in the corner. Pull the switch and go to the open door. Kill the guard and pick up his Dragonov (crossbow?). Get on the roof of the nearest building and pick up two Dragonov ammo and a laser sight. Jump to a column in the east and use the Temple Key. The red door opens and four guards attack. Pick up two shotguns shells, a large medipack, and a  Silver Key. Go to the south side of the building and pull a switch. Get to the roof again and go down the pole. You have to crawl backwards off the box to get into the water. Swim through the open door and follow the tunnel. Pull up onto a box and pick up the Ruby Skull. Swim back, climb the pole, and back flip to the roof. Go to the north-east and enter the open gate. Loop to the left and go west to use the Silver Key. The red squares are deadly. At the other end of the area, move the boxes out of the way and enter the corridor. Turn left and kill a guard and pick up the Ignition Key. Go to the really thin second bookcase on the right and turn the book.

Enter the open doorway to the north. Go up the stairs and the red door opens. Get in the jeep and as you drive to the red door, the red door opens. Drive up the ramp and follow to a T-junction. There go right and follow the tunnel some more. At the end you are on a bridge over some water. Maneuver your jeep around until you reach the other side. At the end, drive east and the level ends.