Level by George Maciver (revised release)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start after the flyby; Lara stands on a high ledge, look around you see double doors closed and a passageway, and if you look down you see from both sides fire on a ledge below.

Take a jump left of the passageway and look for key hole hidden in the alcove, turn and jump back to ledge. Now take a jump toward the passageway, climb the stairs, go left, jump and catch the edge and pull Lara up above, turn to face the closed double doors, climb on stairs, stand on the right area, take a running jump over the block, climb onto it, pick up flares. Shoot bat, jump down and proceed to lava room, jump to ledge in middle. In front of you is a closed gate that needs two gems to open it, from both sides face block between column. Take the left side, jump over the lava and push the movable face block, enter to new lava room;

Oops, two fire ghosts show up, turn back and make your way as fast as you can to the closer pool and get rid of them. Return to the lava room, take a running jump to next area, then run and jump again over the lava to the right area. Follow bridge past the statue, go pick up the flares and pull the lever, it turns off both of the side fires (flyby shows), notice the closed gate from left, return back to beginning ledge.

Jump down to left side ledge and press the button, gate opens down below, for the moment you can't reach the other side button, so jump down to the floor and shoot dog that attacks. Look around, you see another closed gate, go through the passageway, follow up slope, shoot nomad who attacks and look for closed trapdoor. Proceed up slope and at the top a double gate will open automatically, jump back again to beginning ledge. Now jump down to other side ledge and press the button to open the gate below, jump down to floor. Now the two gates are open, so go through the gate you just opened.

Go through the corridor to large room with pool, look around, you see many blocks face, one of them is a movable block and it's so close to you. Turn to right side and push the movable face block; AHH, hidden lever wall, well, pull it (the gate you saw before at the area after the statue bridge is open now). Make your way over there and when you get there pick up small medipack from right, save your game at the top of the slope, start siding down, rolling ball comes after you so jump to right to avoid it. Shoot dog and find yourself above the pool, take run and jump to next ledge, keep doing this until you come to last one on the other side, proceed a few steps forward and stand in front of the faraway key.

From here you can take a free falling directly into the pool below (also you can jump onto the high column and from there to pool below, but it's doesn't matter much). Swim to right side and get out of water, look to ceiling, you see those plants, don't go under them, it's a spike trap, look around the large room from both sides, there are pools and a few openings. Stay on the right side and go to end of room, look to left opening about ladder but a trapdoor blocking the climbing up. Turn and go to opening from the other side, climb into it and past to parallel room, fire ghost attacks Lara, turn back and run faster to pool you came from get rid of it. Return back to next room, go to end of the large room and climb into the opening from right, fall down onto block below in a lava room. Take a series of jumps onto those left slopes and land onto the oblong block, run and jump to catch the rope swinging and jump to next block. From both sides there are small blocks with fire, take a short jump onto the block from the right side (if you do it right Lara will not burn). Now fall and catch the edge, shimmy around the block,
stand and jump forward to next block, shimmy around and do the last jump left onto a safe block. Press on button, screenshot shows the blocking trapdoor opens, to get out from here do the series of jumps onto the slopes from right then pick up small medipack, turn and jump and climb up the climbable wall and get out to large room.

Go to first large room, find the opening with the ladder, climb up, oops the fire ghost attacks again, you not have a choice so run to pool again and get rid of it. Return to ladder, climb to top and do backflip, draw your pistols as a dog comes from behind the corner, shoot him and pick up from pedestal Silver Key. Go through the new shortcut, an opening in wall from right side, get back to the large pool where you've already been and proceed to first open gate that you opened before.

Follow in corridor, take care for dog attacking from left, in front double door and in the left corridor closed gate at the end. Pull jumpswitch in a corner and follow into next room through the open double door, seems there is no way to proceed, as you can see there is closed gate left and front of you.

Go and stand facing slope, look up, you see rolling ball at the top, save your game, what you need to do is jump toward the slope, as high as you can, slide down and immediately jump left to avoid the rolling ball, if you do it right (I mean if Lara does not die), the ball will open the gate in the corridor.

Go through the gate you opened in the corridor, in the next room use the Silver Key, that will put off half of a burning mesh, go and pick up the Gold Key. At this point when you have the Gold Key, it's time to go and use it, turn back out from this area outside over the pool, from there proceed up through the passageway, run to top of the slope past near the closed trapdoor, proceed up to top slope and jump over the beginning ledge. Take a jump left where you saw before the key hole and use it, the trapdoor is open now. Fall down into a room below run cross a bridge over lava and pick up from pedestal the first Gem, also pick up medipack, slide down and back to the room you left before.

Go to hole in middle room, look for closed trapdoor, now look around there are three movable blocks face, push them forward one by one, this will open the gate in the room you came from (the one with ball). But wait, don't go over there yet, you are not finished here... pull the three blocks back to the place where they were before. Now go to the ball room, go through the open gate and find yourself behind the big room, in the corridor go behind each of those three blocks and push them two steps onto the tiles, the trapdoor in a middle room is open now.

Fall down to pool below, swim around and pick up medipack, get out of the water and take care of two nomad attacks. Climb up ladder to ledge above, look around, there are five closed metal gates, also you see two familiar block faces under columns and four tiles. Push the two movable blocks onto those tiles, it will open the four gates, pick up in one of those open gates flares and medipack.

Now make sure to dodge the ball from the other three slopes, that will open the fifth gate, run and jump over the open gate, look at the top of slope for a closed trapdoor. Enter the room with the burning mesh in the middle, shoot nomad attack from back, to open the closed gate just climb onto those four slopes and the gate will open. Go and pick up the second Gem, now when you have the two Gem make your way to lava room.

Go through open trapdoor, pull Lara up into corridor above, run down slope front of you two skeleton and rope in middle room. Run jump and catch the rope, swinging over the next ledge turn left and climb into corridor. Go to end and pull Lara into the room above, shoot piece of furniture, pick up small medipack, pull Lara up, the gate will open automatically. You are back to ball room, from here do your way to lava room. Put the two gems, go through the open gate and slide down, meet an old Lara's enemy from TR1. when you kill this big head lol, go and step onto four corner tiles, it will open crawlspace in left wall. Jump over it and pull Lara into it, crawl to end, turn and slide down to last room with a pool, go around and double door will open, a few steps in the dark and level ends.