Christmas Level

Level by Piper (December 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start in a locked cabin. Turn and go to the south-east corner near the fireplace for a small medipack (looks like a flask). Jump into a very dark alcove to the north-east of the fireplace and pick up a key. Use the key and the door opens. Shoot the trashcan and exit into the snowy outdoors. Go south and east to the back of the cabin. Shoot another trashcan for a large medipack. Go to about the middle of the east snow wall. Climb up and jump into a hole at the back of the wall. Pick up the Horseman's Gem. Descend and go into the cave to the south. Go east to use the Horseman's Gem in the receptacle and the gate opens in the west wall. Enter and climb the block to get flares. Then drop into the hole at the north wall. Go west and pull out the display case at the south wall. Enter the dark tunnel to pick up the revolver. Exit and climb the ladder at the north wall.

Pull up into an outdoor area. There is a valley to the north and closed doors to the west. Climb the snow blocks on the south to find a floor lever. The nearby door stays closed so get back down to the ground. Run into the north valley and at the end, go to the right to find a cabin and the open door. Enter and go left and grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the north wall and drop. Pick up the Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. Get down and pull back the display case in the north-west corner to pick up revolver ammo. Pull back the display case in the north-east corner to get disappointed, as there is nothing there. Exit and return to the area with the closed door.

Go to the south-west to see a blue colored valley. Climb up and follow it to the end by a closed door. Hop into the hole in the west wall and search the floor for a key. Exit and go east to see an alcove in the south wall. Pull up there and the gate opens. Enter and use the key and hear the door open. Get down and go west to find the open door. Enter the room and use the Horseman's Gem in the west wall to open the gate. Enter the cave and go to the north-west corner. Pull up to an east ledge and then jump and grab a crawl space. Follow the crawl space to stand up in an ice cave.

Go south to enter another ice cave. Go to the south-east corner and dive into some water. Look for an alcove in the small pool and pick up a crowbar. Surface and move the south display case. Pry the Golden Star from the wall. Go to the north wall to a darker blue section. You cannot climb it but roll and climb the transparent ice wall to back flip into a tunnel. At the end, use the Golden Star in the receptacle. Get down to find that the east door is open. Enter and get into the pit for a small medipack. Go to the east side to pick up a key and use it to open the door in the south wall. Slide into the room and pick up the Hathor Effigy from the pedestal. Go to the west wall and face three switches. Press all three and the gate at the south wall opens. Enter the room to use the floor lever to open the door at the east wall.

Enter that room to use the floor lever. The gates at the east wall open. Enter and slide down to pick up the Ornate Handle. Use the block in the corner to jump north and enter a red-lit room. Get on the ledge and pull up to the north. Make the Portal Guardian and open the gate. Enter the very dark room. Go to the west wall and pull out the display case. [Note] I had trouble moving it. I first pushed it all the way to the end and then pulled back out and into the room. [End note] Get into the tunnel behind it and pick up a star ornament. Go to the dark north-east corner to push a big button to open the door beside you. Exit and you are back outside. Go to the closed doors and use the star ornament on the right-hand statue. The doors open so enter them to hear music. Jump into the white wall at the back and the level ends.