Santa Claus

Level by Barbara Giesecke (BaGi)

Walkthrough by Yoav

The level starts with Lara standing on a snowy path. Make your way down the slope and pick up the Letter from a Child, keep going and you will come to an area with four Santa Claus statues.

There are two ways that you can proceed. Take the left way; in the front you see a gap, climb down and pick up small medipack. Now climb out, take a running jump over to the other side of the gap, turn to the right and proceed to a frozen pool. Take care for the rolling snowball when you go over the left corner pool, look behind the tree, shoot on breakable ball and take from pedestal Winter Star #1.

Back the main way, notice for closed glass door from left, proceed forward and take the left way wooden wall, at the end of the path you find another closed glass door. Turn back and go to the right way past the tree and go straight at the end, you find Secret Place #1. Pick up from small crate large medipack, turn back to the trees, go left behind them and find small courtyard. Pull the timed jumpswitch, it opens the glass door at end of the faraway path. Make your way over there, shoot the breakable ball and take the Winter Star #2, now pull the jumpswitch and back to main way, make your way back to statue area.

Follow the way and turn right, you arrive to deep place, do savegame. Take a series of jumps onto the breakable tiles over the wooden wall, catch the edge and pull Lara onto it. Shoot the breakable ball and take Winter Star #3, now catch the wooden edge again, fall down to slope below and slide down to the ground. Go behind the trees, climb on the block and find the Secret Place #2, pick up from from small crate Revolver, go over the climbable wooden wall and climb out from there back to main way.

Go behind the trees and climb down in a gap, pick up Small medipack. Get in a corridor and shoot the ice barrier, you are now in a big room with many high pillars with slope at the top. Go to the right and take a series of jumps from one slope to the next and the last jump will be on the snowy ledge, shoot the ball and take the Winter Star #4.

Turn and go over to the other side, jump and catch the ladder, climb down, pull out one of the four glass statues and pick up Small medipack. Take a look around between the pillars and find the Crowbar, climb up ladder and take a series of jumps from one slope to another and back to the ledge you came from, back to gap, climb out and go to four statue area.

Place the four Winter Stars on the statues and follow through the open gate, keep to left side, press on the two buttons behind the flower pots. Get in the house, look around, then go over to the books on the floor close to wooden chair and pick up Book of Wishes. Place it on the small bookcase, it opens the door behind the tree. Get into the bedroom, go behind the flower pot and find a hole in the floor, climb down and follow to room with three big movable presents. Move each one onto the blue tiles, it will lower the glass and you can pick up the Cellar Key.

Climb back to the bedroom, go to first room and use the Cellar key to open the door, follow downstairs and use the crowbar as a lever. Short flyby shows that this will open the two closed gates, Santa Claus will show up, and this will be the end of the level.