Level by Agnes

Walkthrough by Yoav

Old City

Lara starts in the old city in a narrow passageway. Take the right dead-end narrow passageway, there is a closed hotel door. Go left and shoot the high mesh, pull Lara into a crawlspace and look at the end for a closed trapdoor, at this point turn and go back to the start.

Take the left narrow passageway; as you can see, there is also a closed gate at the end of the right way. Draw your pistols and shoot the two windows, pull Lara into a room, then go and pull the two movable boxes, expose short corridor with closed gate at the end. Now climb up, turn and shoot the high mesh, pull Lara into the crawlspace, stand and pull Lara up again onto the ledge above, shoot the mesh. Crawl inside; at the end turn and fall to small courtyard, get in the tunnel and pull the underwater lever, it opens the gate you saw before.

Get back to boxes room and go through the open gate. In the courtyard climb onto the right boxes and pick up flares. Get down and pull the movable box, follow in corridor, at the end pick up the Key. Pull the switch to open the closed gate nearby, go back to narrow passageway. Now get in the boxes room from the left opening but don't proceed inside, just turn to face to opposite building and look for the left opening. Jump, catch the edge and pull Lara onto the roof, go and pull the switch; now the hotel is open. Now before you get back to the street, take a jump over the opposite roof, shimmy left until you get the end. Pull Lara onto the roof and jump down, it's secret place #2, and pick up the Golden Rose.

Go over the open hotel, follow up stairs and use the Key. Enter the room, notice part of the present gift is secret place #2, just shoot them and pick up Rose. Now go and press the button, watch the flyby. Get out the hotel, go to the right and climb onto the mesh block, from there climb to roof, shoot the window and pull Lara into classroom. Go and pull the lever, screenshot shows you the trapdoor opening in the crawlspace you've already been through.

Return to narrow passageway, go to right and pull Lara into the crawlspace. Turn and fall down directly to canal below, take a swim to left side, pick up medipack, turn and swim to other side of the canal and get out of the water. Climb up to next area, shoot left the mesh, nothing in the niche, go to right side and look for closed mesh. Proceed further on and shoot the mesh, crawl into the crawlspace, shoot mesh, stand and shoot the high mesh. Pull Lara into the next crawlspace, shoot again mesh and enter to a room, shoot the present gift and pick up small medipack. Go to corner behind flowerpot and push the hidden block into the wall, pull the switch and go over the open mesh. Get in the canal, swim to right side and finish the old city level.

City of Dwarves

Swim up, pick up flares and get out of the fountain. Take a look around, it's a big city, go over the red building, now take the left way, go and shoot the mesh behind the electric pole, crawl into niche pick up flares. Turn, get out and go to other side of the street, shoot the mesh and crawl into a crawlspace, stand and climb up, pull the switch, it opens trapdoor behind the red building. Get back to street, go around building, first follow in the passageway at the end, there's closed gate and key hole, turn back and climb down ladder through the open trapdoor to secret place #3 and pick up more flares.

Climb up and look on the red/green wall for high crawlspace, climb wall and pull Lara into it, stand and climb onto a short bridge, pick up the Blue Key. Get back to streets, go over the fountain area and from there turn to the right and go to narrow passageway with the key hole. Use the blue key, enter inside, turn, jump and climb up wall, get out to balcony, look for closed door, then shoot on a funnel that blocks the mesh and crawl into crawlspace, turn and climb down ladder. In front of you are three corridor ways, the right one is dead-end so take the middle, follow in and find a pool, look around for high jumpswitch, it opens a gate in the left corridor. Make your way over there past the open gate to secret place #4, pick up flares and medipack.

Get back to balcony, draw your pistols and shoot the window in front of you. Now run and jump over the fence into the room, past the fir tree, shoot the next window and be careful not to fall out. Take jump over a left bridge, shoot window and follow downstairs, light flare, it will help you to see better the hidden blocks. Push the block into the room, now push the next block from right when you stop in the room, keep pushing the same block into the right wall, then push the last block to expose hidden switch. Pull it, screenshot shows the door in the balcony opening, return back to balcony, enter the room, shoot the windows, go to next room, shoot those two jugs and pick up Gate Key.

Get back to street and go over the passageway, use the key and pass through open gate, from your left a statue and in front of you a closed gate. Go shoot the funnel, light flare and look for hidden block in the wall, push it into the room and open way from right. Push the next block two steps, go to left and push the hidden block, find corridor with two closed gates. Turn back and go to next room on the floor two tiles, light again flare and look for two hidden blocks in the wall. Pull and place them onto those tiles, it will open the gates, go over the corridor and enter the maze. Turn left, then turn right, follow in corridor, turn again right, keep following in the corridor and you get to a pool. Get in water and pick up the Trident, make your way back to the statue and place the trident. Go through the open gate in the front, another closed gate... (I know, you think of missing something back; well, not exactly!) Shoot the picture from left, follow in the corridor and get in a pool.

Take a swim to left canal, get out of the water, turn back, jump and pull the high jumpswitch, get out of the water again and this time shoot the high mesh. Pull Lara into the crawlspace, crawl and get out, go through the gate you already opened and enter the house. Take the right side and pick up medipack, turn back, go and shoot the three jugs, climb onto the block then jump and climb up ladder. Pull Lara into a crawlspace, at the end turn and climb down ladder, take a tour of the left room, nothing in there, proceed and follow up on the wooden slope at the end and before you get in a room, a flyby will finish the level.