Level By Tifa Nazah

Walkthrough by Anurag

The level starts with Lara standing on a cliff. Use the SKATEBOARD in front of you & grab the ledge ahead at the end. Climb up go forward & cross the ice bridge. H
ang off the ledge in front of it, drop and grab another ledge & climb up. Pick up the ICE ROSE, this is SECRET #1, now jump up to the upper ledge & cross the ice bridge, turn right at the end & observe some blocks. Get down on the first one in the South-west direction, then jump to another block, then a third block, from here safety-drop to the ground. Go in West direction & you’ll find AROKH’S SOUL CRYSTAL near the ice slopes. Then turn right & go to the opening in the Northeast.

Crawl in all the way, you will encounter an ice wall at the end; there is a crawlspace just at the left of this wall. Follow the crawlspace all the way for an ICE ROSE; this is SECRET #2. Drop down on the other side & pick up the MOURNBRINGER (crowbar) from the pedestal, the boulder besides it is inactive. Drop down the ice slopes & crawl out to the open area. Go to the three blocks, the wall near the third block has turned into a ladder (white one). Climb up & then go across another ice bridge, to come to the entrance of an ice palace.

Use the MOURNBRINGER on two levers there to open two doors besides the castle entrance. First go to the left one (NE direction), jump over there go through a tree & pick up the LEFT ICE WING kept in an alcove at the end. Return back to the castle entrance & now go for the right one (SE direction), shoot some crystal shards (known as Grimstone in Drakan) there to retrieve the RIGHT ICE WING. Now go back to the castle entrance & use both the ICE WINGS in the 2 key slots. This unlocks the castle entrance; enter the castle to trigger a cut-scene that gives a panoramic inside view of the castle.

Lara: “I always thought that this would be easier somehow.“

Observe the 2 dragon receptacles & the passages blocked by ice. After the cut-scene place the AROKH’S SOUL CRYSTAL on the left dragon head receptacle at the wall, this opens a door at right. Approach the passage & the fire dies down. Climb down the stairs.

Lara: “I thought that everyone would help me.”

Climb all the way down to enter a prison area.

First press the BUTTON in room 3, then the one in room 11. Now press the button in room 9, this opens room 1 press the button here. Room 4 gets opened; press the button here. Room 7 gets opened; press the button here. This opens Room 5 pick up the LIFE POTION here, this is SECRET #3, now press the button here. (Don’t save & reload in the prison area, otherwise you won’t be able to pick up the secret). You can observe that room 10 is open press the button there. Room 2 gets opened; now press the button here. Room 8 gets opened; press the button here. This opens the white gate at the end of the passage. (Don’t bother about room 6 you can’t access it anyways).

Continue through it & climb down the stairs to reach a second prison area.

Lara: “I’ve been trying so hard.”

Initially room 10 is open so press the button here. This opens room 4, now press the button here. Room 9 gets opened, now press the button here. Room 5 opens, press the button here. This opens room 1 & room 3, press the buttons here. Room 8 is now open, go there & press the button. This opens room 6; now press the button here & shoot the crystal shards behind you, to reveal SECRET #4, an ICE ROSE. Room 2 gets opened; press the button here. Room 7 gets opened; now press the button here. Room 11 gets opened, press the button & pick up WEROKH’S SOUL CRYSTAL from there. Now backtrack up to the castle hall & place WEROKH’S SOUL CRYSTAL on the right dragon receptacle.

The left passage gets opened, climb up the stairs to end up in a room with 2 blocked passages & a yellow receptacle.

Lara: “I wasn’t sad.”

Shoot the 2 crystal shards here. Again go down to where you found WEROKH’S SOUL CRYSTAL. Observe the now opened white door. Climb down to end up in a room. A cut-scene takes over, which gives a view of the prison area.

Lara reads: “A long time ago a summoner called Shiva was destined to obtain the final aeon in order to defeat the bad mistress Artemisia. Shiva, the goddess of ice, faced Artemisia in a last, adamant fight. She succeeded in attaining the final aeon. Artemisia was defeated, but before a sorceress can die she has to confer her forces on a new soul and so, Shiva received the bad forces. For defeating Artemisia she paid a big price. Shiva, the goddess of ice, was sealed in her own ice in this ice palace - for eternity.”

Climb back up the stairs. A cut-scene shows that a block has lowered somewhere. Follow the passage up to the room where you broke 2 crystal shards & observe the newly passage there. Go through it into a room full of ice slopes. First take the SECRET #5, an ICE ROSE. Return to the beginning. Now finish this part. (There is another way to collect this secret, which will be described later on).

End up at a ledge after the ice slopes. Go in & pick up the LIGHT CRYSTAL & then continue upwards, until you reach an opening. At the end you will be at the starting of an ice pathway. Continue through the pathway (Drop down to the Secret if you haven’t taken it yet, then again do the ice slopes thing) you will end up in the room where you shot the 2 crystals. Use the LIGHT CRYSTAL in the yellow receptacle. The passage besides it gets opened. Now see the textures on the wall in the main room & enter the passage. Now use the levers that have the same textures, as of outside, a block will be lowered in the 3rd room. (1st one on the right side in first room, both the levers on right & 1st one on left in 2nd room. Left one in third room). Go inside & shoot the 4 blue pillars there, this triggers a cut-scene, which shows that a room has emerged behind the dragon receptacles. Now backtrack to the main room & then climb down the stairs to the castle hall.

Go behind the dragon receptacles into the new room. There is an archer statue & the trapped Goddess (Shiva). Push pull the archer on the 4 differently textured floor blocks; this will lighten up a torch, after this place the archer on the differently textured block so that the torch is in between the archer & the trapped Goddess. A cut-scene shows us that the archer fires an arrow that hits the fire of the torch & then the ice. This melts the ice & Goddess Shiva gets liberated.

She asks us; "Well, what about after the game?"