Level by Nadine (Horus)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a cave. Follow the path outside the cave, you will come to an ice area; pick up the Snowball, then go toward the wall and climb up into a crack. Now fall, catch the edge and shimmy right until you come to an opening and pull Lara into it. Turn and fall again and catch the edge, shimmy left side and fall onto ice ledge. From here jump to water below through the opening and take a swim into a next cave, pick up more Snowballs and keep swimming toward the opening, you'll find yourself in a big hall full of water.

Take a deep swim toward the floor and pick up Flares and Small Medipack, notice there's a closed yellow door and four large openings, two from both sides of the hall. First take a look at the left side opening, swim toward the one from left and get out of the water. As you can see, there's a Key behind the closed glass door, also you see a bird on the block!! Leave this place, as you came here later, and take a swim to next opening, you'll find underwater lever, pull it and the yellow door outside the water is open now.

Get out of the water and enter the room with two levers on blocks, also there's two pushable objects with cube but the blocks are blocking them. Draw your pistols and shoot the two ice angle statues from both sides, it lowers the blocks, place those two pushable objects on the right tiles, it will raise up two blocks in front of the levers. Pull the two levers, screenshot will show the glass door open, swim back there, get out of the water, shoot the angle statue that blocks the entrance and pick up the Castle Key.

Now take a swim toward the next two large openings at other side hall, proceed over the left one and pick up the Crowbar from the middle floor. Now float and proceed toward the opening, get out of the water and follow the room, there are two pushable objects with different design cube, it's matching to the tiles in the ceiling. Place each one under the right tile, if you do it right a small ball will show up onto each cube, now as you can see there are three closed doors and behind one of them there are three more pushable objects. Right now leave this room, as you come here later to complete what you have missing here.

Back into the water, swim out and toward the next large opening, get out of the water and shoot the angel statue that blocks the key hole. Use the Castle Key, it will raise a block at the right side, climb onto it, from there climb up and stand near the candlestick. Shoot those ice statue cat and pick up Flares, then make your way toward the passage with the candlestick line, turn right and fall into a large mirror room.

Note: If you were not careful and like me you fall down the water room below, get out of the water, climb up ladder, pull the lever, it will open door nearby and you can go back again to the mirror room.

Use the mirror to know which tile is not breakable and take a series of jump until you get to the switch, pull it and yellow doors are open next to you.

Keep with those jumps toward the open door, on the way pick up Crossbow and enter the next room, pull the book from left side and get out through the next open door, in the front another closed glass door, go to the left side and pull jumpswitch, pass the open door and get out to ice area.

Lara stands on a high ledge, so jump down, turn and shoot the two line of a windows, keep shooting the three small boxes and pick up Snowball, Flare and Small Medipack. Take place on the snowmobile, start to ride into the wooden barriers, follow the right side path and take a speed onto the ramp snow to pass the gap over the next path. Keep riding and you will come to a small temple with two burning candlesticks, get out of the snowmobile and stand onto a slope close to the pillar. Turn, face to the high snowy ledge, run jump catch the edge and pull Lara onto it, pick up Nitrous Oxide Cannister.

Jump down and leave this temple a while, go to the next opening, enter the next room. Shoot the angle statue and pull the switch in the front, it will open the glass door with the Torch, back to the temple and light the torch from the burning candlestick.

Back and go to the end of the room, there are two closed doors, from both sides there are blocks and you need to climb with the torch onto one of them. Pick a side, jump over the block, turn face to the stone ledge, take running with jump and land onto the stone ledge. From here jump onto each of those four pillars with the candlesticks and light each candle, when you finish with this the door from the left side will be open now.

Fall down through the opening in the floor, then pull the book and pass the open door, you are back in the room that you already been with the pushable objects. The closed doors to a room with the other three pushable objects are open now, pull/push and place them each one under the matching tile like you did before. When all the five pushable objects will be with small ball, that will cause electric current to flow and open the door from left side.

Get in, climb onto the block and pick up the Chamber Key, back the same way you came here and use the Key in the closed door. Soon as you enter the room use the crowbar to take the Valve Pipe on the wall, proceed into the room and you see some big empty structure in the middle of a large room.

Return back to temple where you left the snowmobile, combine the Valve Pipe with the Nitrous Oxide Cannister and put it in the snowmobile.

Drive with snowmobile back to the room with structure, when you be there you need to give momentum to snowmobile by pressing on the (?) key and drive over the ramp forward the structure roof then stop the snowmobile.

Now when you are on the roof get off the snowmobile, as you can see at the middle there's an open book, picking up this book will finish the level.