Just in Time (Auf den letzten Drücker)

Level by Anton Scharton (L.Croft)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I found a BUG in this level, I mention where it is and how to avoid it in the walkthrough.

Start in a city, Lara stands behind trees in courtyard. Go around the tree and look for a blue closed door, go near to the second closed gate and jump over the fence and look for closed cage. Go to the right and get downstairs; see another closed gate, light a flare and pick up the Blue Key.

Go back to courtyard and use the key in the blue door.

At the second courtyard a flyby shows. Take a look around, then jump over the fence where you see a single box, climb onto it and jump to catch the slope, shimmy to the right to the end. Note: you need for Lara to land onto the balcony from the back; first pull Lara up, backflip and shoot on the balcony fence, then do it again and Lara lands onto the balcony.

From the balcony take a jump to slope and shimmy right, pull Lara up, stand and jump to the right between the two small balconies, draw the pistols and shoot the fence, then jump over the balcony and pull Lara onto the roof.

On the roof you see hole with fence around, leave it a while, go and jump to next sloped roof in front of you and shimmy right until you came to end and pull Lara onto small area, from here you can jump to next roof and pick the lasersight. Make your way back to the roof with the hole, jump over the fence into a room below. Before you start walking onto the rope shoot the windows front of you, in the bedroom take from the small cupboard Garden Key.

Get back to first courtyard and use the key in the cage, climb up ladder to roof then jump left, open the door and enter to the room. Press the switch to light the room and take from the small cupboard crowbar, back to courtyard and go downstairs, use the crowbar to open the gate.

Follow down, shoot rat and get in a water, as you can see there're two ways to swimming through. Take the left canal, start swimming past near a few big fan and get out of the water, climb up ladder to ledge above, use the crowbar to take the battery. Swim back to the beginning and now to the right way, swim over the ledge and pull Lara onto it, from there climb up onto a block and get into the crawlspace. Turn and fall down, shoot the rats, go and use the battery, screenshot shows you raising platform lift.

Go to large area with few boxes around, also look for two closed gates and another one that needs a key. Climb up the platforms lift, jump and pull Lara up into the opening above, get into the crawlspace, stand jump and pull Lara into the niche, nothing in there. Also nothing to do if you take crawling to the right at the room with the big fan, keep crawling straight, turn at the end and fall down into the boxes room. Push the lever, it opens the gate, don't get out yet, climb onto the boxes behind them, pull another lever, it opens the second gate.

Go over the next boxes room you just opened and take from the small cupboard Silver Key and the revolver. Get out of the room and go use the key, get in a room, look for another small cupboard behind the boxes and take the Red Key. Make your way back and at the courtyard, use the key to open the gate.

Follow to other part of the city, take the left way and look for closed gate at the Toy Store, turn and back the main way and go over the tunnel, get in water and pick up revolver ammo, look for underwater mesh and get out the water.
Go to the right side and climb up above the tunnel, draw the revolver+lasersight and shoot the underwater mesh, take an swim through the opening and at the end of the canal pull underwater lever. Screenshot shows you a few raising platforms lift in the tunnel, swim back out of the water. Take series of jumps onto the platforms lifts and from the last one jump to the opening from the right, draw the revolver again and shoot the mesh at the other side.

Follow down to the next tunnel and immediately jump into the water (to avoid from any touch of the rats; as I said at the beginning could be a BUG in this place). Take a swim and at the end keep into the crawlspace and get out of the water, you need to be quickly here and climb up ladder before the rat will show itself behind column. At the top go to left and take from the small cupboard money, get out the balcony, shoot the fence and jump over the main way.

Go to the Toy Store and pay the money to open the gate, wait a moment and two soldiers will came to the store, shoot them, then go to next toy room and finish the level.