The Usurper's Sword

Level and Walkthrough by Aza, and provided by Michael.

You start the level by sliding down two slopes, do a jump at the bottom of the second slope and grab the ledge. Pull up into this opening, crawl forward till you can stand up and get your guns out. Kill the scorpion that comes around the corner, and then proceed to get the Sun Goddess statue.

Make your way back out of here and get your guns out again for another scorpion.

Run into the cave a bit and climb up the rocks to the left, jump across to the rocks on the right and you will find a small cave with some flares in it.

Drop down out of this little cave, go into the cave with the two obelisks and kill the bat and the scorpion.

Proceed through this cave to the dark passage with a statue on both sides of the door.

Light a flare and go in to the second entrance on the right, climb up here and there you will find the Sun Disc.

Go back to the two obelisks, put the two parts of the statue together, stand in front of the small grey box and press the action button.

Doing this activates the electricity and lights up the interior rooms.

It also opens the door for you to proceed, but at the same time it lets out two swordsmen.

After killing them go back into the now light passage, and pull/push the two statues into the room that has just opened up.

See bottom of walkthrough.

In the centre of this room is a spike pit, try not to trigger the spikes.

Move the statues onto the two squares with the grey circles on them, this will open the door that the statues are facing.

Enter this passage and swim into the new room. Beware of the crocodile that attacks you from the left.

There are two ways of getting out of the water, one is on the left when you enter the room, and the other is at the far end of the room. Climb out on either block and shoot the croc.

You need to be on the block that triggers the camera (the one on the left as you enter the room) to continue.

From this block do a running jump across to where the skeleton is by the central tower. Climb onto the walkway and turn right, run along here, past the cartouche puzzle hole, and jump up into the green recess.

Donít climb into any recess that is red, you will die.

Pull the lever in the green recess and it triggers a camera showing you the second door in the statue room opening.

Forget about the new room for now, you may as well get the first half of the cartouche from this room.

Stand on the edge of the recess and look up to the top left hand corner of the room; this is where you need to get.

Turn left and you will see a column against the wall with some flames coming out of the top. Drop back down to the walkway and do a running jump to the column, shimmy around the edge to the backside and rest your feet.
Do a spinning back jump and grab the next block in line; repeat the process and climb up in the corner. Do a running jump and grab the next block, pull yourself up and get your guns out. Run and jump to the next block and turn round to shoot the bat.

Kill the bat, jump up to the monkey swing, and make your way along to the hole in the wall.

Get the first half of the cartouche, and then go back to where you saw the door opening when you threw the lever in the green recess.

Go up the slope and a door will open when you reach the top.

Go inside, turn right, walk along to the next square and turn on a diagonal towards the on and off spikes.

Judge your running jump so you land on the square with the spikes when the spikes have just gone down; donít pause but continue with a running jump to the next square. When on this square, walk to the right hand corner and face, on a diagonal, the square in the middle of the room.

Donít stop on any of the next three squares.
From the square you are on do a running jump, keep running and do another jump to the next square with a black square in the middle. Keep running and do another jump to the next square with another black square in the middle.

As soon as you land on this square do a roll, and run and jump to the two squares on the right.

It sounds complicated but you soon get the hang of it!!

Down at the side of these two blocks there is a small medipack. Get the medipack; get back on the two squares, then line up to do a running jump to the rope.

Do a running jump to the rope and, after waiting for it to settle, squirm/squiggle 90 degrees to the right.

There should be a passage behind you and a block ahead of you, swing the rope and land on the block. Turn to your right and do a running jump along the passage, pull up and turn right again. When you reach the end of the passage, stop, do a standing jump, and then do a running jump across the lava pit.
Run around the corners, go along the passage and get the other half of the cartouche from the pedestal.

Get your guns out, kill the scorpion and the swordsman that attack from further along the passage. Continue along the passage, turn left and drop down a couple of times till you come to a slope.

Slide down the slope and jump to the block, from this block make your way back to where you first entered the room.

Go back to the water room, climb up to the central tower, put the two halves of the cartouche together and place them in the puzzle hole.

This will trigger a camera that shows the two recesses at the end of the room; they are now green and ok to climb in.

Go to the recesses; get the shotgun, shells, and the two halves of the eye of Horus.

Leave the water room and turn left to place the Eye of Horus in the puzzle hole.

Just before the door there are two shootable chests, shoot the left hand one to uncover the flaming torch item; leave it here until you have opened the door.

Open the door, enter the 3 elements room, and run down the left-hand side with your guns out to shoot the first of two bats. Kill this one, turn right past the dividing wall and kill the other one.

Go back to the other side of the dividing wall; climb up behind the middle element, shoot the vase and jump up here. Shoot the vases in the corners of the room.

Jump up to the monkey swing and make your way to the ledge with no door. Run along the passage, drop down and kill the scorpion and the swordsman. Get up at the end and kill the bat from around the corner.

Continue around the corner, and climb up and over the wall ahead of you.

Turn right, go along the passage behind the two rams, and climb over the block at the end. Turn left, drop down, and go and pull the movable block out of its hole.

Behind the movable block is an Ankh symbol on the floor and a lever to the right.

The switch flips the rooms so that you are able to manoeuvre the moveable block along the passageways, and onto the other Ankh symbol by the first ram.

This will trigger a camera that shows you the door where you first entered the room, opening. Go back to this room and throw the lever.

This lever drops the spiky rolling ball down the slope; the ball hits the block at the bottom of the slope and knocks it into the lava.

The lava flow has now been diverted. Go back into this room and climb up the climbable wall at the end of the slope where the rolling ball was. At the top do a backwards flip into a dark room and get into the secret room.

Get back down and turn right at the bottom; drop down into the now lava free trench, and turn into the passage with the climbable wall. Climb up here, run along a short passage and slide down the pole at the end. Jump off the pole before the bottom to avoid the spikes.

In the room there is a door on the left and a passage on the right-hand side. Go down the passage first, get your guns out and turn around to kill the bat behind you.
Turn right, jump over the spiky floor, and turn right again at the end.

Jump over the stripy floor block and turn around to kill the crocodile that attacks you from behind.

Pick up the star off the spiky floor. Donít worry if you have triggered the spikes, there is an antitrigger at the far end of the corridor.

Leave these passageways, turn right, and jump across to the corner. Turn right again and do a running jump to the left of the left-hand columns. Jump across the lava, go to the end, pick up the waterskin and shoot the bat outside.

Jump back across the lava, turn right and go to the corner of the room.

Climb up the block, drop down the other side and line up with the swing. If you look down at the floor you will see four flames.

Three of these stay lit, while the one at the far end is blinking on and off. When you swing across the gap you will trigger the door at the end of the passage to open. If you swing too far you will also trigger a baddy with an Uzi. Kill him and go back to where the flame was flicking.

Drop down here in the corner, get your guns out to kill the scorpion in the next room. After killing the scorpion throw the lever in the corner.

This triggers a camera showing you the final red recess in the water room has turned green, and also triggers a swordsman.
Kill him after climbing back up past the flame and go to the water room.

Fill up the waterskin, go in the water room and get the jerrycan and second star from the now green recess.

Make your way back to the monkey swing in the elements room, swing to the corner with the gate, and place the star.

Get your guns out and kill the Uzi guy who appears.

Go into the room and place the second star.
Placing the second star triggers a door to open, two statues near the start to emit flames, and also two fire wraiths. Get back to the water room to extinguish the wraiths, and then make your way back to where you just placed the second star.
Go through the door and study the symbols on the far wall.

When you stand on the square just in front of the first symbol on the left, it triggers a scorpion in the room behind you, kill it before you try to proceed.

By using the symbols on the wall get to the far end of the room. The only part of it that is difficult is the last jump. You cannot do it with a straight running jump; you have to do it with a diagonal running jump.

Once at the end, climb on the block and pick up the bag of sand.

Climb up the wall and do a backwards flip near the top.

There are two spiky balls up here. As you move down the slope you will trigger the furthest one first, this one will not kill you unless you run forward recklessly.
Trigger the first one and let it roll down the hill.

About halfway down the slope there is a small recess on the left-hand side, run into this to avoid the second rolling ball.
GO down the slope, drop down and kill the baddy that is down there.

After killing the baddy make your way to the three elements.

See bottom of walkthrough.

Put the three elements you have collected into their appropriate receptacles.

Go back to the chest you shot by the eye of Horus door, and pick up the flaming torch item.

Light the torch with one of the flames off the torches at the start of the element room, and then light the petrol in the middle element receptacle.

This will open the door at the far end of the element room.

In this new passageway there are two blocks with black squares in the middle, and one with a symbol on it.

The one with the symbol on it will trigger a rolling ball.

Jump over the two first two squares, immediately do a roll, jump back past the two blocks again and sprint for your life!!
Proceed up this slope, turn left at the top, and kill the gunman who appears. He will drop a large medipack when he is dead.
Make your way past the flames on the floor, and along to the hole in the wall with the flames coming out.

Inside this hole is the trigger to open the door that is back out in the passage.
Trigger the door and make your way into the new room that has opened.

Drop down into the first hole on the left, stand diagonally in the corner between the two spiky blocks and jump backwards once.
If you now have one of Laraís breasts sticking in your eye then you are in the correct position.

Do a standing jump forwards so that you go over the very edge where the two spiky blocks meet.

Repeat this until you get to a block you can climb onto.

Drop down the other side of this block and the door will open.

Continue along this passage until you arrive at a room with mainly stripy textures.

Over in the far left-hand corner there is a switch that will open a door to the last secret. Throw the switch and go and collect the last secret.

Getting the last secret is optional; you donít need it to finish the level, but it sure makes the final battle a lot easier!!
If you donít want the last secret, then just slide down the slopes to the middle of the room, and then drop down the hole in the middle.

If you do want the last secret then make your own way back to it, the camera shows you where it is.

Once you have dropped down into the last room look for two pedestals on two black blocks; behind here is the switch to open the door to your final battle.

Once you have slain the Usurper god collect the star he drops, and then go down the passageway.

Pick up the Sword of power and climb/jump up the chute at the back of the room.

At the top of the room place the star to open the two doors and end the level.

Bug alerts:

If you pour petrol from the jerry can, and then save/reload before setting this alight with a torch, the petrol will disappear from the tray.

If you trigger the spikes before you push the statues past them you will lose health.
Either donít trigger the spikes, you wonít lose any health, or, once in the room, pull the statues into place.

These two things seem to be bugs in the TRLE game engine, not just this level.

Have funÖAza