Cold Crystals Part 1 by Daniel Stocker aka austriawing

unauthorized walkthrough by Michael Prager

You can watch the title flyby for the credits, then the nice first cutscene for the introduction to the story and then another intro as you start the first level.

The City of

two closed doors in the first room and watch out for the dropping icycles. Go forward and get yet another flyby of the City. Go on and press the button in front of you and go into the door and get some ammo from the cupboard (remember to stand back one step to open it).

Go West and into the door. To the left is another cupboard in which you can find a Steel Key. Note the computerscreen behind you which needs a disc. A guard and a dog attack. Open the door in the opposite corner of the room, pick up the small medipack. Enter to the right, find the book switch and use it to open a door around the corner and pick up the desert eagle. You can have a shower in the room behind if you like. Go back out and into the opposite door. Get the flares from the cupboard and if have not had a shower, here is your second chance. Then go back outside.

Go left and push the metal block onto both marked tiles to open the door there. Inside are 5 doors, all closed. So instead use the ladder to climb up, shoot the soldier, get the Bronze Key in the corner and go back down. Go across and hop on the crates. Climb up for some flares and back down collect the big medipack (Secret #1).

Use the Bronze Key in the nearby lock and enter, push the button, climb the ladder and use the book switch in the back to lower a cage below. Go back down and pick up the Rusty Key in the dark.

Back outside and go towards the East side. You can use the (timed) lever and run across to the crates and climb into the open door. Behind it you pick up some ammo and end up in the place you have just been before. If the door to get out does not open, press the button again and run to the back of the room and then to the front again and it should open. Back to the East side again...

Go all the way to the East and then left and into the door left. Inside the window on the left is a button which opens a door elsewhere. Go back out and to the central area, use the Steel Key and go in. Pick up a small medi and go upwards through the door you just opened. Kill the guard, have
another shower and pull the jump switch which opens a door back where you just came from, so go there and enter. A cage in the way? Yes, but this one you can push in, so do that and climb the central blocks to find another Bronze Key.

Go back to the central area and use the Rusty Key at the crates near the water and go swimming. Ignore the first ledge on the right and get out on the second. Enter the left door, push the button at the end and climb on the cages to spot the climbable wall. Go up there, backflip and shoot the blue swinging things to open the door across and jump in. Hang-drop and shimmy left to get another Bronze Key. Drop in the water, get out at the ledge again and now enter the door on the right. Warm up at the firepalce and then push open the glass door and kill the soldier. Get two small medis from the cupboards and use the jump switch to open the door and enter the dark piano room. Light a flare to spot the jump switch on the right and use it to lower the cage outside. Get another Bronze Key there and go back to the water.

Now get out at that first ledge and use the three Bronze Keys there to open a door up where you just picked up the first of the three keys. Go back there (very East area) and climb the chain and jump to the top ledges. Pick up the laser sight and enter the now open door. Push the button and see that now the Hotel Security disc has become accessible. Go back down and outside, left and on the left wall pull out the block and push it aside. Enter a dark room. Climb up on the right and find flares. Pull up further and pick up the disc. Then make your way back to the West side room and use it.

Go in, pick up flares in the corner and use the book switch. Enter another bathroom. Use the jump switch and pick up some desert eagle ammo and the Notepad in the corners (examine it for hints to the upcoming block puzzle). The switch has opened three doors in the room near the push block you had moved around earlier, so go out, left and left inside and through the door. Use the hints given to solve this puzzle.... only - as for many others, it never worked for me, with or without the patch originally provided by the author.

You can however, download modified script files
here, which allow you to select the second level directly from the menu and play it...

The Hidden Monastry

Shoot the cuddly little ice monster, pick up ammo and flip the switch to enter a world that resembles Tinnos.

Drop into the water and climb the central ledge. Push the block through to the end, climb up, pick up flares in the corner and use the jump switch to open two doors back in the water. Go there and swim through each of the sides and in there climb out, shoot an ice monster, get a pickup, use the desert eagle and lasersight to shoot the wall in the water and pull the underwater lever behind. (If you started this level from the menu with the new scripts, you need to use DOZY in order to have the desert eagle and lasersight in your inventory, which otherwise you would have collected in level one). The door at the top opens, so make your way there.

Go through, shoot the high wall and then target shoot another wall at the bottom of the slide. Slide down backwards and grab, pull up and backflip into the opening. Inside is another shootable wall on the left, hiding Secret#2. Back out run jump onto the slope and jump to the safe spot. Go carefully around the corner and then hop back as something spikey comes down the slope. Once it has settled, pass by and go up the slope and reach a room with swinging cauldrons and movable blocks.

Use the jump switch to free up the blocks and turn on the lights a bit. Pull/push the blocks to the marked tiles to open the next door and go through and you are back where you started. Drop into the water and swim through the now open door in the SW corner.

Get out of the water and push in the block on the South Wall. Climb out, put two more blocks onto the marked tiles and the door opens. Kill a baddie. Jump over to the ledge and shoot a darker wall in the ice to reveal Secret#3. Drop into the water and watch the spikes. Pull the lever to open the door and get out on the other side, where you need two keys. Use the jumpswitch to open the doors left and right. Go left first, jump to the lever and use it to open the doors, jump over, get ammo and shoot the wall to collect the Brown Key. Then make your way back and go into the other side. Push the block onto the central tiles and the door opens. Again, pick up ammo, shoot the wall and collect the Blue Key.

Use the two keys to open the door, shoot another wall behind and move on. This is a bit tricky. Just slide down and Lara will automatically slide across the lava gaps. At the bottom turn around and hop backwards and then run foward and jump grab the edge to escape the spikey thing that comes down the slope. Pull up and backflip and crawl under it and go up the slope.

See the vraeus and climb the ladder in the back. Put the block onto the central tile above the vraeus and the block below disappears. Go pick it up and return to the top and go through the now open door. Proceed until you reach water and go up the ladder there for a switch. That one is actually timed, so turn around first and jump up for another switch which releases the spikes. Then back to the first one, pull it and drop into the water and swim through the door. You are now under ice. Find the missing texture (oops!) in the East Wall and swim through the opening till you reach an underwater lever. Get some air, then pull it to let in the lava that melts the ice. Swim back and climb out onto the central ledge and jump over to the west side.

Two little ice monsters welcome you. On the right is a currently blocked lever. In front a closed door. Go left and move the block to the other end of the ledge. Then walk around and pull the jump switch at the back wall. Climb up using the ladder and use the jump switch at the top. Now go back down and using the lever that was previously blocked, you can lift the first block up. Do so, then climb the ladder again and pull the block to the marked tile to open the door next to it. Run down there and push the block as far as it goes. Use the lever that shows up to lift that block up and then go back there and pull it to the other marked tile. (If you watch your surrondings closely you will notice some rather peculiar physics here). If the marked tile is still blocked, then pull the block out and push it back into the 'elevator' to trigger the lowering of the transparent red block.

The door below has opened now, so go there and kill the ice ahmet that welcomes you. The other doors open on approach and as you jump over to Von Croy the level ends.

Actually it will try to load the final cut scene but the game crashes then. However, with the script from above you can view it by selecting it from the menu... although... it is slightly disturbing...