Temple Complex of Horus

Level by Piper (December, 2004)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

west and follow the path to kill two scorpions. When I tried jumping onto the rocks, I always ended up dancing on an illegal slope. Go to the north-west corner and pick up a large medipack. Go to the north-east corner and jump to grab the climbable wall on the right side of the column. Climb to the top of the column and use the floor lever to open the large doors. Jump to the north side of the column for a small medipack. There is nothing on the other column. Get down and enter the room and notice the deadly red fountain. Climb the ladder of the east all and get into a tunnel. Go to the end for secret #1, crossbow explosive ammo, and the crossbow. Climb the large block in the north-east corner and drop down the other side into a room to kill two skeletons and a scorpion.


Slide down the pole into a dark room. Pick up a snake amulet from the pedestal and kill a scorpion. Climb back up the pole and go back to the starting room. Be careful of the black grate at the north wall, as it is a spike trap. Go to the west side and find a receptacle. Use the snake amulet and the gate opens above you. The wall below the gate is climbable. Enter the room and the camera view changes to show a large room and a rope. Go down the blocks and destroy a skeleton. Go to the south-east corner for flares. Jump and grab the north wall to climb down into the pit. Approach the pedestal from the west side and spikes trigger. Pick up the Ba Cartouche (although it doesn't look like it) and climb back out of the pit. Use the rope to swing to the south-west corner for red shotgun shells. Then get back onto the rope and swing west into the high opening.


You land on the ledge and enter an outdoor area. Get down and go west to pick up Uzi ammo and kill a scorpion. Continue west and then south to approach a closed door. Climb the right column and use the floor lever. Get down and use the Ba Cartouche on the left column to open the large doors. Enter the doors and get a cut scene flash. Kill a skeleton and shoot the vases at the door entrance for a small medipack. Climb the ladder on the west wall and follow the tunnel to a room. Push the big button on the back wall. The vases contain a scorpion and a fire. Get back down the ladder and avoid the central part of the room, as it is a fire trap.


Climb the wall in the east side of the room and get down the other side.  As a curiosity factor, if you did not kill the skeleton, it can also climb the wall and follow you. Climb the south-east column to pull up into a room. You get secret #2 and pick up small medipack, large medipack, red shotgun shells, and the shotgun. Get back to the ground floor and enter the tunnel to the north-east where a column has descended. Kill a dog and follow the tunnel to a room with a central column. Pick up flares in the north-west corner. Climb the ladder by the entrance and back flip to the column. Run and jump to enter an opening in the east wall. Go to the back and get the Hand of Orion from the coffin. Kill the three skeletons that sneak up behind you.


Follow the tunnel in the south-east corner to a room with platforms over a deadly pool. You get a flyby of the area that ends with nothing that I could see. Some of the platforms are also fire traps. Stand jump to the first south platform. Then stand jump to the south-west platform. Then run and jump to the south platform nearest to the wall. Run and jump to the east platform at the wall. Use the Hand of Orion and the gate above you opens. Pull up into the gate and slide down. Look for a small room to the south around the corner of the pillar and kill the skeleton and the harpy. Exit and enter a north-west alcove for a small medipack. Return to the room and press the big button on east wall and the door opens in the west wall.


You enter another large outside area. There is a circular door in the west wall. Go to the north side of the area and find a water hole. Dive in and follow the tunnel to a huge underwater cavern. Swim to the lower south-west corner to pick up an Eye Piece. Swim to the bottom near the middle of the north wall for the other Eye Piece. Avoid the shark and pick up the large medipack off the bottom before you swim back to the door.


Make the Eye of Horus and open the circular door. Enter the room and kill two dogs. The vases in the corners only start fires so ignore them. Run towards the column and it descends. Enter the alcove to press the big button to open the door in the north-west corner. Enter the next room and pick up a large medipack and the Hand of Orion from the floor. Search the coffin for crossbow explosive ammo. Go to south-west corner and pull up into a crawl space. Use the floor lever and the gate in the north wall opens. Get down to the floor, pull back a statue, and enter the open gate. Go down the tunnel and use the Hand of Orion to open a door.


You enter a room with a snake amulet on a pedestal. It is surrounded by spike traps. Go to the south-west corner for flares. Climb the column there to reach the upper walkways. Pull up and pick up a large medipack. On the middle walkway, go to the south wall for secret #3 and the Uzi's. Step on the two brown tiles and you hear spikes popping. Get down to the floor and walk through the only spikes that are up to get onto the central platform.  Pick up the snake amulet from the pedestal. Jump over the spikes and go to the west wall. Use the snake amulet to open the doors.


You enter a room with a ramp at the west side. Jump over the fire trap and go up that ramp. Jump to the side to avoid two spike balls. Go back up the ramp into a room with closed doors. Shoot the vase in the north-east corner and pick up the Hand of Sirius. Use the Hand of Sirius to open the doors. Run up the right side of the ramp to avoid a spike ball. Continue to enter a large deep room and get a flyby of the area.


Jump to the small ledge in front of you. Then jump to the big ledge at the north wall that has a closed gate. Then jump to a sloped ledge on the east wall. Use the climbable wall to go up the next higher ledge and pick up red shotgun shells. Lara will look at a pedestal in the south-west corner. Kill the harpy that may be stuck there. Jump to that corner and pick up the Amulet of Horus. Get back down to the entrance of the room. Jump to small ledge against the wall in front of you and another harpy appears. Jump to the wall and climb down the west wall. You can get into a tunnel and shoot the empty vase. Run to the back of that tunnel to trigger the opening of the gate on the north ledge. Continue to the bottom and kill three skeletons.


Climb back to the ledges and go to the north ledge. Enter the open gate and get into the water hole at the end of the tunnel. Swim into the north-east and enter another flooded room. Go to a hole in the ceiling. Pull up into an outside area. Run east towards the jeeps and the level ends.