Level and walkthrough by Oxy.

Skeleton decided to take a rest. He has hidden his last will and testimony in the dungeon. His testimony must be read before he goes to heaven.

You start game in room where Skeleton's last will should be read. Go to the door, they will open. After checking him for the last time, go back to the room.

Near the fireplace he left SCROLL, his last message: I decided to take a rest. Find my last will and testimony. I'll be watching you. Skeleton. Pick up the scroll, door into the dungeon will open.

Check the stairs, someone has already walked there, but door are closed for now.

Go downstairs in beware of marked floor. They are poisonous. Jump over the poisonous floor and climb up and left of the wall. Pick up the KEY, monkey swing to go back.

Jump on climbing wall.

Unlock the door. Go back, climb the wall again and monkey swing to the switch.

The Tinnos will atack. Climb to the end, turn around and hold Lara to the wall so the Tinnos will not push her down into flames. Shoot the Tinnos.

Turn the switch on and the door will open. Monkey swing, to go back. Enter the small tunnel. Flyby starts. Lady in green dress is moved into the dungeon. Doors are locked, you can't rescue her yet.

Go back into small tunnel and look up. Climb up into hole, shoot the lattice and crawl to the end.

Step on straw, you will fall lower into the dungeon. Watch out the teeth spikes on the floor. Shoot the vase, the door, where skeleton is playing piano, will open.

Check behind the flower, there is switch. Turn the switch. Door behind you above bookcase will open. Crawl into tunnel, shoot the lattice again and look left. There is another switch near written word HELP on the wall. This switch opens door very near.

Turn around, crawl further, pick up the grenade ammo, where steps on floor are marked. Someone has walked here already before.

Now you can walk. On the left you see fire and poisonous floor, on the right is small hole. Crawl into it and follow the steps. Door closes behind you. Someone is really watching you here.

Now you hear call for help. It's a bird, locked into a cage on the left. Climb down, turn the switch, so the cage disappear.

Climb back up and crawl into small tunnel in front of you. Here you pick up the GRENADE GUN. Door, which has closed behind you, are now opened again. Crawl all way back to bookcase and go to the flower and previous switch.

Left of switch is movable bookcase. Push the books into room twice, so you can walk around them. Go around the block and push the block back where it was, because you will need space to find the torch.

You see written X on floor. Go into small hole near X. You will hear the sound "I can't wait to see what will you do next". Here is hidden pushable block. Push the block on X, the fire on the right, where LASERSIGHT is, will be extinguished.

Go around the block and move the block away from the hole. Behind is hidden TORCH. Pick up the torch and throw it near lasersight.

Push the block back into the hole and now you can push the first block with books away from the entrance again.

Pick up the lasersight and torch and go back, where you fall down. Door are now opened.

Jump on safe square.

Light the torch near the bird and light two fires in room. One fire opens the door where you see the KEY through the bars.

Second fire opens door above the sarchopagus. Open sarchopagus and you will get SIXSHOOTER.

Kill the skeletons and climb up. Pick up the grenade ammo and light a flare. Jump and shimmy right to the wooden slope. In the beginning of wooden slope climb on slope and jump backwards.

The Tinnos will attack. Kill them. Now stand near the wall with your back and jump. You will shimmy easily right without burning yourself.

In the end turn around and jump on switch. Door above you are now opened. Shimmy back and climb up through the door.

Crawl back into the hole. On the right you can now pick up sixshooter ammo, crawl further and shoot the lattice. Combine lasersight with sixshooter and shoot the moving switch through the hole. Door into the room, where is lady, opens.

Before checking the lady you can check the door upstairs now first. They are now opened. Behind the book block is FIRST SECRET, MEAT. Pick up the meat and go downstairs to check the lady in green dress.

When entering, she calls for help and cage is around her. You can't do much for her now, so carefully climb down near the water and pick up the KEY. Near - forward of the spikes is FOURTH SECRET - diamond. But you can't pick it now, because you don't have a crowbar yet.

Unlock the door near the lady and enter the room. Check the books. In the middle is one of them movable. Push the books away from the wall. You will see the small crawlspace, but now are still bars there.

Shoot the movable switch with sixshooter and lasersight. The white tiger appears. Tiger is very hungry, maybe the bird is in danger. Give the tiger meat, door behind opens.

Take grenade luncher and shoot skeletons on the floor. You get the KEY. Unlock the door and you find some soup, if you are hungry in this dungeon. Climb on bookcase, there is SECOND SECRET - CROSSBOW.

Go back in room, climb on bookcase near gold and monkey swing to the switch on the left. turn the switch. Floor are raised on the right near the fire.

Go to the wall where three holes are. Behind the blocks in first hole is THIRD SECRET - GOLDEN BIRD. Go in the middle hole and push the block out. Enter, turn right and push the block once. Go out and research the revealed area. You find another torch.

Go to the raising floor, jump on in with a torch in your hand. Now jump into the corner of the wall with the fire. Light the torch and light the fire near. The fire above on the left is now extinguished.

Monkey swing to the extinguished fire. Pick up the LOVING HEART. This heart was burning a long time in this fire, so it is a little black too. Kill the Tinnos. Door into the crawlspace behind the bookcase are now opened. Crawl out and go to the hand near the lady.

Place the loving heart onto the waiting hand. The lady is free now. Also door near the lady opens.

Shoot the lattice and crawl up. When you step on X, the trapdoor opens. On the left you see jump switch but you can't turn this switch yet because of the fire. You don't have a lot of time to climb up. So step in the middle of X then quick forward and jump on the wall. Climb up and jump backwards. If you were to slow and you stand on door, turn around and climb up.

Turn the switch and shoot the Tinnos. Fire down is now extinguished, so you can turn the switch near the X.

Go to the water, door are now opened and swim down. Don't forget to check the hole where you get the air above on the right. The crowbar is hidden lower down on the floor beyond the transparent straw on the left.

When picking up the CROWBAR door into next room opens. First swim back to get some air. Now before entering the new open area you can go back to the area beyond the spike square and pick up the diamond with crowbar - fourth secret.

Now swim through the opened door and go to the second door from the right. When in the centre of the door you open them. Pick up the KEY (save this key very carefully, if you lose it, you will not be able to finish the game), and swim to the fourth door from the right. Passage is open, so you can swim up.

Open the door with crowbar. Step on the box and kill the Tinnos. Now jump on the rope and swing to the opening above. When you succeed, move the pushable books into the middle. Climb back down and swing again into the right hole.

Pick up the SKELETON'S LAST WILL AND TESTIMONY. Von Croy will read it later. Door out opens. Go out.

Check the area. Black angel appears. Shoot the angel with crossbow or with grenade luncher. Angel starts burning and attacks with his last strength - angel wraith. Get rid of wraith.

Pick up the BLUEBERRIES and place them into the glass. Door opens. Unlock the last door with key you need to finish the game.

When the Last will and testimony is read, go through the door. Behind the flower is passage to the other world. You will see an angel who has come to skeleton. When you approach the angel, the game ends.

Thank you for playing. Warm regards. Oxy

Get rid of wraith in water near colourful fish.

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