The Opal Rose

Level by Amber Lion

Walkthrough by Yoav

The Second Note

Start at Lara's vacation home. Get out the bedroom, make your way down the main room and turn over the kitchen, pick up the Gate Key from the window ledge. Back to the main room, turn left and use the key to open the gate, inside the room you see the Opal Rose displayed on a pedestal. Press the button and double gates are open back in the main room, press the button, get out of the house and pick up the Admirer's Note. Go over to the vehicle and load the next level.

The Opal Rose

Shoot the vase in front of you and pick up Shotgun Ammo, slide down the slope but be ready to take jumps over two gap with spikes forward to the block in the front. In front of you is a closed gate, get down from the block, follow the path and shoot the vase, it will open the trapdoor. Get down into the room below, pick up Flares and press the button, screenshot shows the gate opening, back up the path and climb up the block with palm tree. Now catch the palm tree, pull Lara up and backflip and you are near the slope, go a few steps over the wall and find Secret Place #1 with Golden Statuette Horse - Yoav. Make your way back to the open gate you've already opened.

Pick up Small Medipack from left side, proceed over the wooden bridge, jump to the water below and swim to left side, pull the underwater lever, the gates on the bridge are open. In the camp shoot the two boxes, pick up Shotgun and Knife(crowbar), go over to the closed gate and use the Knife to open it. At the area with the pool shoot the wild boar and the two crocodiles in the pool, go over the palm tree, there's a hidden opening, pick up Shotgun Ammo then press the button. Enter the room and pick up Flares, watch the poison darts emitter and go to the right side, pull Lara into high crawlspace, at the next room press button, it lowers a block in the room you came from. Take care of the flame emitter and pick up the Guardian Key in the alcove, screenshot shows the underwater gate in the pool opening. Now turn back and pull the jumpswitch, it opens the gate in the room behind the crawlspace, climb up ladder and slide down back to camp, from there back to the area pool.

In the pool take a swim into the canal, pick up the Revolver and get out of the water, take care of tribesman in the next room, go forward and block raised behind you closes your way back. Shoot the black panther in the emptey pool and pull the dead soldier, you find the Lasersight.

Light flare near the ladder to see high crawlspace, pull Lara into it and find Secret Place #2, another Golden Statuette Horse. Climb up ladder, go stand opposite of the faraway stand vase on high ledge, combine Revolver and Lasersight and shoot this vase to cause a block to rise. Now climb up the palm tree, backflip, climb up the blocks, pick up Small Medipack and Crossbow, monkeyswing over the opposite alcove and use the Guardian Key to release two ropes. Climb onto the block you raised and pass to other side, shoot the bones behind the block to open the gate.

Enter the room from left side of the closed gate, go to to the right side and take care of the tribesman who came out from from the hole. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and get in the hole, push the block and press the button, it opens the gate, follow the next room and pull out the block in the wall. In the next room you need to be quickly doing your moving, as a skeleton will hit Lara until you open the closed gate, light a flare, go to corner and pick up Ammo, draw your Revolver and shoot vase behind the high crack, follow to next room.

In the middle of the room is a burning pedestal, pull the switch, go over to the open gate and get down to a place with two swinging chains and death hole, pass to other side, pick up Large Medipack and Guardian Key. Now jump to left side alcove and push the block into the room, use the Guardian Key to put out the burning pedestal. Back in the room take the Jungle Star and climb up ladder, shoot the vase and run faster over the opening canal to get rid of the fire ghost and swim back to the pool and get out of the water.

Draw the Revolver and shoot the four underwater vases tot open a gate in the other side of the pool at the temple, go to left side and take easy position to shoot on the vase that blocks the underwater opening. Swim over the canal and find Secret Place #3, third Golden Statuette Horse. Swim over the first canal and back to the area you came from. Climb up ladder, turn and face to the opposite gate and take a shoot, monkeyswing to other side and follow to end, shoot again the next gate and find yourself at the temple.

Shoot the black panther and go through the open gate, you come to a big room, take a series of timing jumps from block to next one, avoid the flames, then climb up the ladder wall to stone bridge above. Now take a jump forward to next bridge and climb up the ladder wall, go from right side of the block at the middle and place the Jungle Star behind the block with the half yellow color, it will lower the block at the middle. Take from the pedestal Lava Star, now go through the opening, get down to next corridor, go to left side and look above the Large Medipack a boulder tarp (I leave this pickup for you if you want). Draw your pistols and shoot the gate, take from the pedestal Serpent Stone, jump to the pool and make your back to the temple.

Place the Serpent Stone at the top of the slope, avoid the boulder when you pass the open gate. Go the left corner and find the Torch, also pick up Shotgun Ammo in the right corner, follow to the next room and light the torch from the torch wall. Now climb onto the large block and throw the torch onto another sunken block, pull the switch, it raises the block with the torch. Shoot the vase and devil woman notice she will drop Guardian Key, climb up the block, take torch and jump up.

Place the Lava Star, go to next big room and throw the torch onto the wooden floor, get down to the room below, finally you find The Opal Rose. Go behind the block with the lion statue and use the Guardian Key, get out of the courtyard, go behind the palm tree and climb up, press the button, it opens the cage. In the cage a big angry bird kills a soldier and she going to kill the other two, follow the cage, pull the dead soldier and find the Gate Key. Go over to the closed gate and use the key, enter the room, step over the opening and the level ENDS.

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