Levels by Danilo Rocha

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Level 1: Lost Ruins part 1

Enemies: Crocodiles
Objects of note: Two Purple Roses, Two Indra Keys, Crowbar

-- Starting Area --

The first thing you'll probably notice is you don't have a compass. For this reason, I won't be able to give any cardinal direction.

You start next to a small shallow pool, with a tent, a couple of trees and a cascade overlooking a lake. Head for the cascade, but don't go into the lower water yet. Instead look down and spot 2 Crocodiles quietly waiting for you down there. Take them out with your faithful Vector R35 (aka: pistols) from this safe high location.

Safety drop down from one of the two ledges surrounding the cascade. Time for the first secret. Go behind the cascade, crawl under the CS and drop down the hole on your L to get in Secret #1 a rather dark room with Shotgun ammos and a small medipack. Go back to the lake.

-- An Indra Key --

Cave and Ledges

With the cascade on your back, locate an opening to the L on the other side of the lake. There is also an UW opening next to it (L), but we'll go there later. For now, swim to the opening, enter, and go on through a short dark corridor and under a CS, until you reach a small cave with ledges. Climb on the low block on the R, turn around, then do a SJ+G to the higher ledge. Go to the middle flat tile, turn R and do a RJ to the ledge on the other side. Grab the slope on your L and from there backflip, roll in midair and grab the higher ledge. On your R, locate a ledge with an opening in the middle. To reach it, position Lara with a (roughly) 45° angle then do a RJ, turning slightly L in midair.

Enter the opening. Roll when you reach the end and look up to see a ledge. Climb there, go on, then do a long RJ+G to the other side, grabbing only at the very last moment. Go on until you reach a closed door. Activate the switch on the L to open it. Turn R, hop over the slopes, and go on until you reach a room with a huge stairway.

The Burning Lever

On the top are two Shiva statues (don't freak out, they will remain this way) and a closed door. First look on your R to spot some flares in an alcove then go to the R of the stairs to find a pushable block. Push it as far as you can to open the door up there.

Go upstair and past the door. You're now in a big room with three doors, a ladder and a platform supporting a lever. Unfortunately, said lever is warmed by two burners you now will have to deactivate.

Extinguishing 1st burner

Head for the L door which kindly opens as you approach. There are three burners traps you'll have to pass (a simple matter of timing, here). You can leave the vases alone as they are empty. Once on the other side, turn around and climb the ladder on your L. Reach the middle platform with a SJ, and activate the switch on your L. Now look on your R, on the other end of the platform, to locate another switch. Activate it and quickly sidestep R to get off the soon burning tile. Head for the next ledge, and safety drop from either side of it (but avoid doing it from the middle, lest you're burned) in the entrance of the room. Return to the burning lever room.

Extinguishing 2nd burner

Go to the other door (R of the entrance) which opens as you approach too, and enter a new room with four ledges, two ropes and some piles of earth on the floor. Don't try to reach the ropes from the heap in the center. Instead, turn R and climb up on the ledge. From there you can grab the first rope with a 45° RJ. Align Lara with the second rope ahead and look at the R wall to notice an opening in it. Swing/Jump/Grab the second rope, aim at the R ledge and SJ into the opening from there.

Roll when you reach the end of the corridor and look up to spot a (very pink) ladder. Climb it up then L then let go. Now, first go L to pick up some flares, then straight ahead from there. Do a RJ to the platform in the center then another to the next one and activate the lever. Walk to the edge of the platform and look down to notice the center of the lower room has vanished, granting access to a new flooded one. Go to the central platform and drop in the water below.

Surface and notice the big door. The ledges are too high for Lara to grab from the water so activate an UW lever on your L (when facing the door). This lowers the central platform you dropped from. Get on it and look on your L and R (still facing the door) to locate two levers. Go activate them both, which opens the door. Go to the next room, activate the lever, which opens another door on top of the stairs on your R (with the big door on your back). Go upstair, past the door then R to get back in the burning lever room.

The 1st Indra Key

Well, actually, the burning lever isn't burning anymore so climb the ladder on the R and backflip from it when you're near the top. Now go activate that lever (you deserve it). The big door in the room opens. Safety drop below and pass the newly opened door. On the other side of the room is the first Indra Key.

Your work here is finished, so get back to the starting area by going through the big stair room, then L to the cave and back to the lake.

-- Two Purple Roses --

Moving blocks

Dive in the water and notice an opening immediately R of the area you're coming from (with that area on your back). Swim in through a tunnel until you can reach the surface. Get out of the water.

Notice the Big Door with the Two Keyholes, you'll get back to it later. For now, look L (when facing the big door), and locate 4 pushable blocks. Pull the leftmost one once then go around it and push it against the wall. Pull the next one once. Now go R and pull the rightmost one once, go to the other side of it and push it once. Now pull the last block once to reveal a CS.

Crawl through it then dive in the water at the end of the short corridor, swim through a flooded room until you reach a wide, partially flooded stairway. Head that way and enter a big room with darts, two Shiva statues (which, as the previous ones, will mercifully remain so) and a small door. In front of you, between the two statues is a green pushable block. Crawl to it (to avoid the darts), and pull/push it aside to reveal a switch. Activate it to open the door. Enter the alcove, pick up the flares and activate the switch. Turn around and look up L and R to see two now open doors. Turn L (or R, doesn't really matter) and do a SJ+G from the edge of the flat tile to reach the upper ledge.

Burner traps and more moving blocks

Go on until you reach an area with a tall door with two serpent heads flanked by two shortest ones with one switch each. First go to the R one, activate the switch to open the door and cautiously enter the corridor.

There is a set of three burners here, and again, it's a matter of timing. Position Lara as close to the first one as possible, then wait for it and the next one to be down to do a RJ. Now wait for the third one to be down in turn before doing another RJ. Follow the corridor to a room with a golden cage surrounding a pool, and tall pillars along the walls.

First, we'll go for a secret. From the entrance, turn L, then R. The third block is pushable. Push it aside to reveal a long alcove which is Secret #2: a small medipack and Ingram (Uzi) ammo. Get back to the entrance.

From there, turn R and spot a lower pillar. From this pillar, turn L, the third block is another pushable one. Again push it aside to reveal yet another pushable block. Push this one as far as you can, then follow the passage on the R until you reach an opening. On your R is the lower pillar. Hop on it, do a SJ on the cage and drop in the water below. Look for a Purple Rose in a corner and a small medipack in another. Swim through the opening and through a tunnel that leads you back under the burners. Swim as far as possible and get out of the water. There's still one burner to pass, so wait until it's down before jumping and hurrying away. Now head for the door L of the big one.

Again, activate the switch to open the door. You're now facing the exact same burners trap. So deal with it the exact same way. Follow the passage to a room with pillars, a cage and a pool, very similar to the first one. Again look for a pushable block which, this time, will be the last one on the L wall (from the entrance). Push it aside to reveal a corridor. Follow it up to an opening and do a RJ from there to land on the cage. Drop into the water, find the 2nd Purple Rose in a corner. Swim in the opening to the end of the tunnel. Get out of the water and deal with the last burner.

Use both Purple Roses on the Serpent Heads, which opens the big door. Enter the passage and dive.

-- A Second Indra Key --

The Huge Flooded Cave

Your main problem in the following rooms will be oxygen (or lack thereof). So no real time for a thorough exploration here. You're given a very useful fly-by, so watch it with attention.

Swim through the UW tunnel, going down at the crossing, and exit in a huge flooded cave (we'll conveniently call the Huge Flooded Cave from now on). Immediately turn around and look L. You should spot a large medipack on a tall pillar. Ignore it for now, since we'll go for the secret first.

Go R and to the far side of the cave until you reach a pillar and a block. Between them is an opening. Enter the long alcove which is Secret #3: a large and a small medipacks. Now quickly swim back up the hole in the ceiling and swim through the tunnel to get some air. Go back to the Huge Flooded Cave.

The Small Cave and the Medipacks

Again immediately turn around and this time go fetch that large medipack on the L. Once you've picked it up, turn around then swim straight ahead and down to the other side of the room until you reach an opening on floor level. Swim through the passage to a partially flooded cave. Get out of the water on the ledge on your R.

Climb onto the next block, then walk to the very edge of the triangular tile. From there do a long RJ+G, grabbing the next ledge at the very last moment. Turn L, and go grab the crack in the opposite wall. Shimmy to the L until you can pull up and pick up the large medipack. Don't get back in the water yet, that fixed camera is there for a reason. Drop from the ledge you're on, grab and shimmy to the R to be back on the previous ledge. Now that you've gotten rid of the fixed camera, you're able to spot the sneaky crocodile that was waiting for Lara down there. Please, eliminate this nuisance from your safe point. You may now go back in the water.

The Room with Many Levers

Swim through the opening and through the passage to the Huge Flooded Room. Pass L of the first pillar, go on a little then turn R to enter a small room with a big door and an UW lever R of it. Activate it, swim through the door and enter another room with yet another big door and yet another UW lever L of it. Activate it, swim through the door. Enter a small antechamber with openings L and R, and a passage ahead ended by a closed door with a hole before it. Don't waste your precious OČ gazing at the scenary, though. Immediately turn L into the opening and a bigger room. Surface and breath.

Climb onto the ledge in front of you, and activate the switch. The water lowers, and the entrance door closes. Dive, climb up the ledge opposite the door where there's a green pushable block. Push it aside, revealing an alcove and an UW lever. Turn to the door and look L to locate a pillar. The side which faces the water is climbable. So go to the ledge with the door, turn L and do a slightly angled SJ to grab the pillar and climb back to the upper ledge.

Turn around. There's a lever on your L. Activate it to raise the water level back to its previous state and reopen the entrance door. Now you can go and activate the UW lever below. This opens a door on floor level. Swim down there. There's an UW lever in front of you. Activate it to open one of two doors somewhere (ie: below the hole at the end of the passage). There's another UW lever on your L. Activate it too, to open another door elsewhere (ie: in a room with two Shiva statues). Surface again to get some air and leave the room.

The Room with One Single Lever

Swim straight ahead into the other opening, then up to the clear blue tiles in the ceiling, which are indeed the surface. Exit the water and follow the passage to a big room with ledges against the walls. Turn R at the entrance, do a long RJ+G to the next ledge, repeat and enter a small cave room with a lever. Activate it to open the second door below the hole. Go back to the antechamber.

Down in the Hole

This time, follow the passage in front of the entrance and swim down the hole. In front of you is a long alcove where you can pick up 2 set of flares. Once it's done, turn around and swim L to the surface in a dark small room. This is where the two doors opened. Pull up and activate the lever here to open the door above, at the end of the passage in the antechamber. So swim back there through the hole.

The Round Room

You enter a big "round" room with vases and an UW lever in the center. First, swim to the L ledge (with the entrance on your back) and pull up. Shoot the R vase to get some Ingram ammo. Now dive and activate the UW lever. This opens two doors in an area with two Shiva statues you might remember from the fly-by. This is where we go next.

The Room with Statues and getting the Crowbar

Exit the room and swim straight ahead through the antechamber and the first two rooms (the ones with the door and the lever) to get back to the Huge Flooded Cave. Once you're there, immediately turn around and swim up until you reach another entrance. Swim through. You're now in a big room with two big doors in front of you (the first one being opened by now), two Shiva statues, and two doors on each side. Swim through the one on the R, you can now surface for air.

Continue in a bit. You now see two ledges with pillars on each side, and vases against the walls. Climb up onto the ledge R of the entrance, and shoot at the center vase (jump while shooting). Now you can do a RJ+G to the block the vase was on. Turn L and shoot the vase. Do a RJ there to pick up the (hard to spot) Crowbar. Go back in the water then on the ledge L of the entrance. Again shoot the vases and jump on the blocks to get some Ingram ammo from the L and R vases.

Levers, Cascades and Crocodiles

Now go back to the Statues Room and swim through the door on their L. Swim to the very end of the passage to pick up some flares. Turn around then L at the next crossing to enter a new room. Climb the ledge L of the big door and activate the lever here to open it. Go now to the opposite ledge and, facing the entrance, use the crowbar on the crowbar lever to open a second big door behind the first.

Enter the newly opened room and swim as fast as possible to the far R cascade. Pull up immediately to avoid being munched by the two crocodiles which you can now safely terminate. Once you're done, follow the (very dark) passage (you might want to light a flare, here), turn R at the crossing, and go on to an opening.

You're above the water, in a (beautiful) room with a high platform on pillars, ledges against the walls, and two other openings in the righthand wall. Nothing of interest in the water, so turn L and do a RJ to the ledge against the wall. Continue jumping from ledge to ledge around the room, using either RJ or Rj+G until you reach the one below the opening in the wall. Climb up there, and up again, turn to the central platform and shoot the vase, so you have enough room to land. Do a slightly angled RJ to the platform, turn L and position Lara in front of the other opening. Do a RJ to there, follow the passage. You're now back in the crocodile room, looking at it from above, on one of the four cascades.

Shoot the vase on the ledge in front of you, and runjump there to pick up a small medipack. Go back to the cascade you came from, jump over
the slope (you may also grab it and shimmy L if your jump is too short), then over the other one. Shoot the vase on the ledge so you may land there, pick up the
flares and shoot the other vase to get a small medipack. Now walk to the edge, turn around, safety drop and grab, let go then immediately press action again to grab a slanted block below. Pull up, slide a bit then jump to the ledge in front of you.

On your L is a small room with a lever. Activate it. This opens the second big door in the Statues Room. So go swim your way back there and through the newly opened door.

More Crocodiles and the 2nd Indra Key

Upon entering the room, immediately surface, turn around and pull up onto the ledge as 3 crocodiles roam the waters here. Deal with them reptiles the usual way, then dive back, swim across the room and pull up onto the opposite ledge. Turn around R to spot a ladder on a pillar side. From the end of the ledge, you can grab it by doing a slightly angled SJ. Climb up until you see a ledge on your R. Go around the pillar and drop on the ledge. Turn R to see three bridges, two with levers, and one with closed doors on both ends. Activate the nearest lever then, using RJ+G go activate the other one on the far bridge. The door on your R (with the wall on your back) opens. So go there, activate the switch in the alcove, which opens the other door. Behind it you will find the second Indra Key.

Now that you have them both, your work here is finished as well. Dive, and go back to the Huge Flooded Cave, then find your way to the Big Door with Keyholes via the hole in the ceiling, the room with statues and darts (drop close to the stairway to avoid them), the flooded room and the UW tunnel.

Use the Indra Keys on the keyholes then go through the now open door to enter...

Level 2: Lost Ruins part 2

Enemies: Tigers, SAS, Shiva statue, Bats
Items of note: Ganesha Key, Silver Key, Shotgun, Ingram

-- Starting Area --

You find yourself back in the jungle with a river flowing far ahead. First turn around, hop back a bit, look up and notice the Shiva statue with two vases. Look on your right to spot a block you can stand upon and SJ to it from the pyramidal heap. Climb up the pillar in front of you, turn L, climb on the block, turn L, SJ to the ledge with the burning little statue and shoot the vase in front of you. Now RJ near the Shiva statue to pick up 2 Ingram ammos. To safely get back down, first do a SJ+G to the previous ledge (the Shiva statue doesn't leave you enough room for a RJ), then find your way down the way you came.

Head for the river bank and listen carefully. You'll soon hear tiny footsteps coming from a tiger. Take it out before it jumps at your throat then proceed along the bank, ignoring the water and the structure on the other bank. Soon, you'll hear other footsteps, so deal with that second tiger the same way.

You should now see a ladder L of a cascade. Climb it up, then R, then up again until you can pull up on a ledge near the top of the cascade. Make a few steps to the edge to see a much useful fly-by showing you a Keyhole and a Door behind a cascade. This is where we need to go, but there will be lots of things to do to be able to get there.

So, for now, spot a new ladder on your L (when facing the cascade), and grab it with a slightly angled SJ. Go R around the pillar and let go. Turn around.

You're on top of the cascade facing two river arms. The R one is a dead end, due to a strong stream. So swim down the L one until you reach an opening at the very end of it. Surface for air before entering.

-- A Short Underwater Maze --

Swim through the UW tunnel until you reach a crossing with a closed door in front of you (visible if you lit a flare) and a passage L. Go there. Notice another closed door on your R, go L again until you reach an UW Lever. Pull it to open the first door you saw and go swim through it (roll, R at the still closed door then L). You enter a small room where you can surface for air. Looking around, you may notice a closed door up on your L (hard to spot in the dark, though), and another UW Tunnel on your R. Swim there, pull the UW Lever at the end of it. This opens the door in the room, as well as the second UW door you noticed earlier. First go there for a Secret.

Exit the tunnel, take a breath, then swim L, exit the room, R at the crossing then R again to enter the now opened Secret #4: a small medipack. Go back to the small room.

-- The Tents Area and Meeting some Enemies --

Pull up on the L ledge (with the entrance on your back) and go through the opened door until you reach an opening overlooking a clearing with trees, tents and very ugly SAS waiting for you. (We'll call that area the "Tents Area"). Turn L and notice the closed door far ahead. We'll get to it later, but this is also where you may safely go down in the clearing. But for now, stay up here. We're going for another secret.

[At any point on your way to it, you may or may not be attacked by the SAS from below. If you hear a weird watery noise, it means you're being shot at. Depending on your current exact location and your ability to shoot back, either retaliate, hurry to the secret or go down first to take care of the baddies (see * to get down and ** to get back up) then come back for the secret.]

Turn L to face two trees, the center of which is safe. Go where the edge goes diagonally (L of the entrance with said entrance on your back). From there you can do a RJ to land on the center of the first tree. Turn R, walk toward the second tree as far as possible then do another RJ to its center. Now turn right again, and perform a RJ+G to the dark opening. Pull up, crawl under the CS and enter Secret #5: 2 shotgun ammos and the Shotgun itself. Now make your way back to the entrance of the Tents Area via a RJ+G from the opening to the tree, then jumping from tree to tree to ledge.

* Facing the entrance, turn R to the closed door, run to the end of the ledge then R to face the Tent Area. Safety drop from the ledge, then slide down to the clearing. You're in for a bit of action.

Kill 2 SAS, if it's not done already, then proceed further in the Tents Area, picking up some Ingram ammo one of the SAS left behind on your way. Go past the tents, notice a structure far ahead beyond shallow water and a small bridge (we'll call it "The Temple") and prepare yourself to face 5 SAS. Take them out (since peaceful conversation doesn't seem to be their strong point), again not forgetting to pick up the goodies they left behind (shotgun ammo and a large medipack)

-- The Temple --

Now stand on the bridge, facing the Temple and notice the closed door on your L. We'll get back to this one later as well. For now, head for the Temple door which opens as you approach and enter. Get up a flight of stairs, another door opens and you arrive in a large room with a lever in the far L corner, an high opening on the L, four pillars with ledges and a Shiva statue on the far side.

Unlike its friends from part 1, this one won't stay motionless, but will animate as you approach the lever (Plus, the entrance door will close, cutting off any escaping possibility). Deal with it (it seemed less tough than the TR3 original ones) and go activate the lever once you're done. It raises a block near the first L ledge (from the entrance), allowing you to climb up there by doing a slightly angled SJ+G from the block. Now turn L 45° to aim at the high opening and do a RJ while holding Action to "lower her head" so she doesn't hit the wall, and turning L in midair (mind the little statue and make sure you have enough room for the RJ).

Spot the lever at the end of this wide but dark passage, and go activate it, crawling under the darts when necessary. This will reopen the entrance door. Don't leave yet. With the lever on your back, look R for a small medipack on a pedestal, and L for the Ganesha Key. Now make your way back to the Tents Area.

-- To the Ganesha Door --

Get rid of the 4 SAS who greet you as soon as you exit the temple (one of them leaves a small medipack). Run across the whole Tents Area until you can see the entrance. Look R, and notice the door there is now open. Time to get back up.

** Go near the end of the clearing and turn R to get back to the place where you first got here. R of the slope is a high block you can climb on. Walk to the wall under the high ledge and grab its edge by holding Action+Up (without jumping). Climb back up.

Now turn around toward the open door, position Lara at 45° and do a RJ, turning left in midair to land on the ledge before the door. Get through the door in a passage and climb a set of blocks until you reach an opening on the R. Get on the high ledge in front of you, and to the next perpendicular one by doing a RJ+G from the highest point at the edge (we'll call this one the Cascade Ledge). Look down and on your L to spot the cascade shown in the fly-by (the one hiding a key hole and a door). You'll go there later, as you'll now head for the third (and last) secret.

Turn R and proceed along the big "bridge" until you reach the end. Look down to spot the Silver Key on a flat ledge. Pick it up. You now need to go back all the way to the Temple. Proceed, but don't enter. Turn L instead and head for the closed door we noticed before. Use the Silver Key on the key hole R of it, and enter Secret #6: [color=blue]A large medipack, Ingram ammo and the Ingram themselves. Now proceed back to the Cascade Ledge.

Safety drop from there and slide down. Enter the cascade, use the Ganesha Key on the key hole and pass the door R of it to an opening overlooking another part of the river.

-- The Second Temple --

Safety drop from the R tile (when facing the river below) to slide down a slope. Dive, swim straight ahead, passing under a stone bridge to reach a wooden, floating one. Climb on it from the L.

With the stone bridge behind you, walk to the edge of the wooden one, then turn 45° L to spot a triangular ledge protruding from the other bank. RJ there then SJ on the higher ledge. Turn around, and, with the wooden bridge on your R, do a RJ over the slope. Proceed along the bank until you reach a tree. SJ with a slight angle on the walkable slope, then go on along the bank again until you reach an apparent dead-end. Climb the block L of the tree, turn R to face the trunk and Jump+Grab the higher block hidden by the foliage. Roll, turn to the L 45° and do a SJ to the next tree, then another SJ to the triangular ledge at the tip of the other branch. Now turn to tree #3, SJ to it. Turn L for another SJ to the next branch. Turn L again to face tree #4 (with #5 on its R). Do a RJ, then a SJ to the next branch on the right. Go to tree #5 by SJ over the slope and turn L to see a CS.

Crawl, turning R at the crossing. Light a flare when and if it becomes too dark and continue crawling until you can see the exit. At this point, 3 bats attack. Exit the CS and put them pests down. Dive into the water hole under the cascade and pull the UW lever there. This opens a door in an area you haven't visited yet, but, of course, we're heading for right now.

Get out the small cave via the CS, and dive in the water at the trees, swimming L to get back to the Stone Bridge. Get on it. Turn R to the cave then L through the passage until you reach an opening, above a small lake and cascades. Carefully proceed down to the lake. Once there, turn around to locate a big doorway (with a now open door). Enter and turn R.

Before you, L and R, are two Shiva statues, each blocking a closed door, two switches and a bigger door in the center. As you may have guessed, you'll have to get those nice pieces of art in motion in order to get through those doors. Fortunately, you can do this one at a time, thanks to the switches which will also open the doors. So proceed.

Once you're done, first go through the L door (when facing the big center one), and dive in the small pool. Turn left to spot an UW lever. Pull it to raise some blocks elsewhere (ie: in the R room). If you go the other way, you'll also notice two closed door. We'll be back there in a minute.

Now go to the R room. First activate the switch to open a door nearby, then climb on a higher ledge via the recently raised block, activate the lever there which in turn opens a door in the L room. So... well... go back there.

Dive in the pool, go R, then R at the crossing (the door ahead is still closed). Pull the UW lever to open the other door. Go there, pull the UW Lever which opens the big door in the Shivas room.

All you have to do now is run there to...

Level 3: The Eye of Shiva

Enemies: Shiva statues, Tigers, SAS
Items of note: 2 Ganesha Keys, The Eye of Shiva, Silver Key

-- Starting Area --

You find yourself in a dark room with a closed big door ahead, two keyholes, and two passages on each side. From there, you may choose either, but we'll arbitrarily start with the one on the R.

-- The Right Way --

The Two Parts Pool

Jump in the water, swim a bit and pull out in a short corridor with vases, a lever on your R and a door. Shoot the vase in the far left corner to get a small medipack then the first on the R so you've got enough room to operate the lever and open the door.

Enter a big bright room with a two parts pool and passages ahead. There's a closed UW door in each part of the pool, and if you look up and around, you'll see a ladder and a rope behind you, and a door with another rope in front of you. This is this door that we need to open.

Go through either passage and go up the wide ramp, then up the R side ramp. Turn around after a few steps and locate two jumpswitches that the fixed camera prevented you to see before, one for each side. You need to do a RJ from high enough on the ramp to catch the switch. Let's start with the one at hand (the R one), since we're at it. Jump, grab and lose a bit of health. Now go to the other side ramp, and do likewise with the L jumpswitch.

Left Underwater Door

Now go back to the pool, and since we're on the left, jump in the L part of it and swim through the newly opened door. Surface in a room with two flights of stairs on each side and a fence in front of you. Go up either stair and enter a dark corridor with a set of three spike traps. They are rather easy to pass with good timing, especially if you SJ over them.

Enter another room. There's an empty pool with an UW lever and a closed door, openings and vases in both far sides. Go to the L vase, turn around and climb up the now visible ladder. You may leave the nearest lever alone, since the door it opens (the L one on floor level) only hides a trapped switch. Instead, turn L from the ladder and Jump/Grab the MS above. Proceed to the other lever on the other side and activate it to open the R door below. Go back down and to the room beyond the now open R door. Laugh at the frightening but fake spiked tile and activate the switch to fill the empty pool.

Go dive there and activate the UW lever to open the door, which reveals another UW lever. This one is linked to the Door with the Rope, but you obviously need to work some more to open it. So return to the Two-Parts Pool room (mind the spikes on your way) and this time, swim through the R UW door (from the entrance of the room).

Right Underwater Door

Surface in a room with a fence on your right. Turn L and pull out. Now, you can see a cage in front of you holding a lever and a Shiva statue, a water hole on your R, and a passage on your L. Looking up, you may see a wrought iron ceiling that looks tremendously like a monkey swing, and looking down, you may have the feeling that some blocks should be raised here.

First go through the passage left. The door at the end opens as you approach, allowing you to enter the room behind the cage. Activate the lever ignoring the Shiva statue which won't budge one iota. Go back to the previous room and jump in the water hole.

Swim along the tunnel, activate the UW lever which opens the nearby door, swim in the tunnel until you can surface. Pull out in a room with four (empty) vases, a jumpswitch and a ladder going down. Look down the hole under the jumpswitch to notice a block you just raised using the lever in the Shiva room (without which Lara would have miserabily go "splat" at the bottom). Do a SJ and grab to activate the switch, again losing some health in the process. You've just raised two blocks in the previous room.

Return there, climb up the block and jump to grab the monkey swing. MS over the fence where you can let go. Turn L, crawl in the CS, and activate the lever. The door with the rope is now open. Return to the Two-Parts Pool room by jumping over the fence directly in the water.

Rope Swings and the 1st Ganesha Key

Run along the ramps all the way up until you reach the now open door. RJ and grab the rope, swing/jump/grab the other one then swing again to land before the ladder. Climb up and backflip once you're at about two-third high. Turn around, climb the block, then run to the other side to get the 1st Ganesha Key.

Return to the Starting Area and the Ganesha Door by dropping in the water below from the central rectangular opening (any tile but the middle one). Now time to go left.

-- The Left Way --

Darts and spikes

This is a simple but not that easy area. Here you have a succession of darts and spike traps you'll have to carefully negotiate (this time running over the spikes when they're down seems a better strategy, because of the darts placed directly after). Once you're safe, walk to the door in the middle of the golden cage to open it, and enter the room.

The First Pawns Puzzle

There's a set of two closed door and four levers, none of which are operable yet. You need to raise some blocks here. Search either L or R wall for an opening. Go in the dark passage and down the small hall and go on to enter a big dark room with a cage containing a lever, a closed door, two pushable pawns (a red and a blue) and two colored tiles on the floor (a red and a blue). What you need to do next seems rather obvious: Pull/push the pawns on their respective color to open the cage door which is in front of the red tile. Go in, activate the lever which raises 4 blocks in the upper room, and return to the latter.

Now you can activate the 4 levers to open the two doors, granting you access to the 2nd Ganesha Key. Return to the starting area to open the Ganesha Door (you may consider healing poor Lara before carrying further on).

-- Beyond the Ganesha Door --

Proceed through the door and slide down the slope. The door slam shut behind you, while before you stands a very closed big double door. Look right and spot the switch at the end of the long alcove. Activate it to open the double door.

Enter the next room. There are two Shiva statues there, and these ones won't remain nicely quiet. Activate them by going further (not that you really have the choice), and have Lara deal with them in her own inimitable style. After which, simply walk to the door on the other side, it will open as you approach.

Stop at the crossing to take a look around. Ahead, a room with a gate, a green and a blue tile and two closed little doors. On your R, one closed gate. On your L, you can see a closed gate in the distance.

Shiva statue and Tigers

Go this way (L). You'll soon realize that the area is inhabited by 2 Shiva statues which will come to life as you approach. You can also spot some tigers behind the closed gate that seem rather eager to play with you. First thing first, take care of the statues. Once they're out of the way, notice the small pool in the center of the room, and the lever in the far L corner. First dive to pick up Ingram ammo and the Ingram itself (in case you missed Secret #6). Then activate the lever and open the gate to unleash 3 tigers.

Take them down then enter the small cave beyond the gate. Push the lever there to open the nearby door, then activate the switch beyond said door. You're given a fly-by of a room with two switches and some green tiles on the ceiling (the switch you just used did make them appear).

The Green Tiles Room

This room with green tiles is located beyond the gate at the far R of the crossing (with the first 2 Shivas room on your back). To open it, first go to the central room, with the green and blue tiles. Turn L upon entering and go push the lever. This open a tall gate, hidden in the dark R of the Green Tiles Room gate. Go there and activate the switch to eventually open the nearby gate.

Enter the room and look carefully up at the ceiling before stepping in any further. The floor here is deadly, except for the tiles marked by their green counterpart up there. Make your way to both switches by doing SJ from safe tile to safe tile. The switches open the door in the Green and Blue tiles room. Exit the room carefully, and go to the central room.

The Second Pawns Puzzle and the Eye of Shiva

This puzzle pretty much look like the first. Each alcove contains a colored pushable pawn you just have to place on their matching tile to open the last gate.

Enter the next room and locate the beautiful Eye of Shiva on a pedestal to the L. All you have to do now is to go and get it.

The Finale

Well... maybe not. As the music may hint, some recent acquaintances have decided to pay you a visit. So be good-mannered and greet them with a proper welcome. Time to use all those hard gathered Ingram ammo. First, kill 3 SAS who'll leave shotgun ammo and a small medipack. Then go outside and to the L. Kill 2 SAS. Continue running along the path until you reach a river (notice the block on your L). Kill 3 SAS. They leave 2 small medipacks. Now climb up the block L, then two more until you reach an upper path. There kill 2 SAS. Pick up the Silver Key. Run along the path. A SAS is waiting in ambush around the corner. Take him down. 4 more SAS to go at a metallic fence with a key hole. Use your Silver Key on the latter and enter the fenced area to finish the level.