Levels by TimJ

Walkthrough by Yoav (Part 1) and Jenni (Part 2)

The Nightmare: part one

Kills: 8
Items: 18 (including shotgun, lasersight and 1 scion)
Secrets: 1

Objective: to locate first scion and exit to the next level


You begin with Lara sliding down into dreamland as depicted by her colourful surroundings but unfortunately ending up in a nightmare, as she exits in to quite a large wide open area with the camera angle showing Lara far away. There's two areas to solve and we start with the first one. Start by running around the perimeter of the large open area: the road is full of potholes and the camera angle will change a few times. Take the west way and come to a red area. Pick up Large Medipack in SW corner and Small Medipack in a hole between the red rocks. Head N towards three sloped ledges and jump up to collect shotgun shells from one of them. Keep heading N to get uzi clips from coloured square near pillar which is beside T-Rex remains. Just to the left of there in the NW corner is some Shotgun Ammo in pass near the T-Rex skeleton. Head E, following the wall, note the small church steeple in the middle of a sunken flat area, youíll be back here later. Just to the right of that are some more uzi clips beside a large block (the view will have changed to fixed camera angle when in that area). Keep following the wall heading E and youíll find some more uzi clips on a block in the NE corner. Follow the E wall heading S and youíll come across a large block with a switch on it (and a sleeping skeleton), just to the left of that is 3 sloped ledges at the E wall. Go past continuing to follow the wall and youíll find a block in a ditch. Push the block toward the trigger tile. Go back to the 3 sloped ledges and do this series of jumps to get to the block the switch is on: Stand between the three columns face to left side column, take jump toward the slope, backflip and slide to the next slope, quick jump forward slide to the next slope then do a curved jump and land onto the block. Now run and jump toward the large block, pull the switch which activates pressure pad for the block to be raised, and quickly get down from there before the skeleton wakes up. (Skeleton will probably jump down to the ground later and will amble around the place, but just keep your distance and he wonít spot you).

Step onto the tile there, it will raise a movable block push/pull it onto the tile. A cutscene will show a scion appear under a structure on a pillar (just N or where you are) and a closed trapdoor in the church. Collect the first scion.

Now make your way toward the second area (head W) as soon as you pass the open gate it will close behind you. Three mutants are ambling about in the area to your right, they stay on the flat area and wonít go over the ridge sand where Lara is, so simply shoot them from there. When theyíre dead. Head over to the NW corner and flick a switch which raises a block behind you against the wall. The button also triggers a skeleton-bird to appear so take it out. Head over to the block and climb the wall, when you drop down to the other side a cutscene shows Lara crucified! (not a nice dream at all!) Head S and locate the steps with a series of switches on them. You only need to pull two of them as the others are spike traps.

At the first line pull the second switch from left side, and in the next line pull the fourth switch by count from left side (cutscene shows the doors of the church in the previous area open). Now climb up to the top of the first set of stairs and find the Shotgun. Get shotgun shells from SE corner.

Head back to the wall you came from and climb onto the alcove of the brown rocks just to the left, run-jump and grab the wall and drop down to the other side.

If youíre not interested in the secret then ignore this part and continue walkthrough at the *. Head over to the N side of the first main open area to the small church steeple in the flat area, the block will have raised so push it to the trigger tile; this raises a block back in the other area so head over there through the gates and turn left this time (W), go to the end of the passage and locate the block in the alcove on the left in the wall. Climb on to it and push the button which raises another block back in the main, large area just near the gates. So head back to the other area and turn left (N) just as you go through the gates and go behind the left open gate. Climb onto the block you raised, turn to face the wall and jump and pull lara onto it. From there, face NE and jump into turret (over the slope) to find the Secret, pick up Grenades, Large Medipack, shotgun shells and uzi clips.

*(pick-up walkthrough from here) Make your way down and head to the church entrance (on the E side). Draw your guns, when you enter the church two dogs will come to attack Lara after the flyby. Take a short tour inside the church go to the right side and pick up Flares, picking up the Uzi clips on the altar will wake up the dogs so shoot them. Pick up Small Medipack in south alcove near the candles. Light a flare and look for the closed trapdoor in a dark alcove behind and to the right of the altar. Head back to the entrance of the church, go to the left side (SE corner) and look for a hole in the ceiling. There's a climbable column further around on the south side, climb and shimmy to right side then climb up the wall into an empty room above (ignore the skeleton, he ignores you after all). In the room there's another climbable wall near the hole in the SE corner, climb up past the tile and backfilp to land onto a ledge near the bells, pick up the lasersight and pull the switch. A screenshot will show the trapdoor open back near the altar.

Make your way back down and fall down through the opening trapdoor into a dark room. In front of you is a Red Key on a pedestal but you can't take it because as you step towards it, two flying skeletons will came to attack Lara and the glass floor will open and Lara will fall down onto a slope and start sliding down over the second level.

The Nightmare: part two

Kills: 22
Items: 18 (including 2 scions, 1 special scion, the revolver and nightmare key)
Secrets: 3

Objective: to locate the other 2 scions to gain access to the special scion, and to finally wake up from the nightmare!

MS = monkey swing
CS = crawl space
MP = medipack
SG = shotgun


You start this level falling into water, face N and swim through the narrow underwater tunnel into a maze. At the 3-way intersection, turn left, follow the tunnel and turn left again at the T intersection, then take your first right and swim in to an open area. As you approach the open area, rocks fall down on you, wait for them to fall before you proceed. You will also notice a shark swimming around in here, avoid it and swim towards the right wall (W) to go through red and light blue chequered square (the shark wonít follow you in to here). Pull up and flick the switch to open the first secret of this level. Swim back past the shark towards the alcove in the E wall and use the ceiling lever to open the door in the N wall Ė swim through the door and climb out. Ready weapons to jump up to the ledge on the right, to shoot two centaurs which appear (itís easier to take them out up where they are and use the pillars for cover, than to stay in the water as Laraís movements are slow in the water). Flick the switch behind the right pillar to raise a block Ė climb on to block and MS N and then around to the right (E). Push the button to release a spike trap around the scion pedestal then MS S to the scion (ignore the flame, it canít hurt you). Take the scion. Stand on the tile in front of scion pedestal to open another door in the underwater maze. MS back to the other side (jump up to MS from scion pedestal). Make your way back to the main pool: swim past the shark, turn right at the first intersection, then left at the next insection then right at 3-way intersection. (or you can collect the first secret now: swim past shark and turn left at first intersection, go straight ahead at next intersection and go down through red and blue chequered square. Follow the tunnel, avoid the spikes as you emerge in to a small room, collect uzis and SECRET 1: stone dragon.


Back at the main pool: swim down to maze again and go right at the 3-way intersection this time. Follow the tunnel and take the first right through a crawl space and follow the tunnel, which changes from yellow to green colours in some places, to climb out and go through the door. Push the button to open a door in S tunnel of main pool, and head back there, swim through tunnel and climb out. Pick up uzi clips and enter room. Run straight ahead and to the left to slide down a ramp (and avoiding two dogs and a fire dragon). Try to slide down the middle of the ramp as spiked boulders chase you from all directions, then slide down to the second tier but instead of continuing to the bottom, run to the left (E) along the outer edge (only a boulder chasing you from behind can get you here if youíre too slow). In the E end under a swinging blade is SECRET 2: the gold dragon Ė crawl to pick it up. Now make your way to the bottom. When you reach the bottom collect large MP from right alcove. Pick up scion to open door to the right (W wall) of pedestal.


Enter large lava room where a flyby will show you the switch you need to access (plus another poor crucified Lara). Run-jump to crumbling tiles and aim to land on left of third tile to run and run-jump to tile on the right. Do a single jump to the slope (itís lucky if youíre not hit by the swinging spiked bag) slide, jump and turn to right in the air to land on sloped pillar with climbable wall. Slide backwards to grab the edge. Climb around the ledge to face the highest part of the sloped pillar and the one you have to jump to next (face N). Pull up, slide and jump to the next pillar: grab, pull up and jump to next sloped pillar to finally land on flat pillar. Face the climbable wall (N), jump to it and climb to the top to flick switch on the right (ultimately, your aim is to get through the door on your right but this is not the switch to do it). The switch opens a door at the other side of the room (S wall) and causes crumble tiles to raise on to the waterís surface. Make your way back to the ladder, climb down to back-flip on to flat pillar again. Face S and hang-drop from the pillar to a sloped ledge below (losing some health) to immediately jump forward and grab MS under coloured fire ground. MS to first crumble tile and let go to jump forward and then side jump right all the way to the set of two crumble tiles together. Turn to the right and run-jump and grab the small sloped ledge in front (S), pull up and immediately jump (donít slide) to next sloped ledge, allow to slide on this one and jump forward to grap MS. MS forward and turn right at the intersection and pull up in to CS. Advance in to a small room with 3 movable blocks in front of you (there is a switch behind the block on your right) so move the middle block forward and over to the left corner. Pull out the N block and flick the switch behind it (this lowers a trapdoor completing the CS after the intersection). Go back to the CS and hang over the edge, shimmy to the leftt until Lara just turns the corner and let go to land on the slope below and immediately jump and grab MS again. MS to the end and follow tunnel, Jump over trapdoor which will open if you run over it and plunge Lara to her death. Emerge facing two slopes. Face the E slope and jump aiming for its lowest part, immediately jump to grab ledge opposite. Shimmy to the right and pull up. Head forward and turn left (E) and look up to just see a flaming torch above. Jump up and pull yourself up (lowest point is just below where torch is). Keep making your way up and collect the revolver. Jump across to the unlit torch opposite where you collected the revolver. In the next area: if you jump to the ledge near the coloured square, a skeleton-bird will attack, you can avoid it by jumping directly to the ledge that the flares are on (look around to the right to see it). Collect the flares and advance in to the next area with a series of swinging spike bags. Turn to face the right (E) and jump forward to grab the invisible shimmy ledge, shimmy left to about half way and pull up in to the alcove to collect the small MP. From there, you can time your run-jump past the last set of bags, or jump back to the walkway and jump through them from there. If you chose the walkway: take two steps back from last set of bags (standing on coloured tile) stand on the right side of walkway and time your dive through them when front back has swung as far left as possible (may still get hurt but not much). Push the button in the tunnel to open door in lava room, fall through trapdoor to be in lava room again and enter tunnel (tunnel runs above centaur room where you got the first scion of this level), and hang-drop down at the end. (If you didnít get secret one of this level, now is your last chance to get it, so instead of going along the tunnel, jump in to the hole and swim back to the main pool. From the main pool, face N tunnel again and swim down to turn left at 3-way intersection, follow tunnel, turn right at the T intersection at the end and swim down through red and blue chequered tile, pick up walkthrough of where to go next from above).

Advance down yellow flashing tunnel, when you approach the end two fire dragons attack so be ready to kill them. Collect small MP from the right alcove as you enter this room. (Youíll notice the lava room through the fleshy mesh on your left). Follow the walkway until it splits into 3 directions. Youíll find a pedestal at the end of each path so place a scion on each. The doors over the pedestal scions will close and a trapdoor above the intersection will open so jump up there. Enter room to find a lightning machine, collect the SG shells from the SW corner. Head N and the doors will open to emerge in to a familiar egg chamber where 4 centaurs greet you. Take them out (if youíre lucky, some or all of them will freeze so make it easy to kill, if not, then try running to the other end of the room to go up the stairs at either the NE or NW corner and shoot them from above.)


Staying in the top level: explore this area to find the Jade dragon in a glass case in the room off to the E also note the 3 sharks through the red mesh walls and spot the red nightmare key in with them through the S wall, and note the double doors. Get Large MP from SE corner of top level and flick the switches in SW corner and NE corner to open the first door at the N wall of the bottom level. Go down there to flick the switch which opens the double gates in the Jade dragon (youíll collect this later) room.

Jump over crumbling tiles and immediately turn right as you enter the passage as a boulder chases you. Run under the first blade (it wonít hurt you), and jump over the second. Turn left into the passage opposite the golden door but stop before you run in to another blade. Crawl under the blade, then follow the passage to enter a golden room where a dog attacks. Shoot it and flick the switch in the SE corner of that room (this is the room you saw above you when you got the first secret) to open the golden door in the passage. Make your way there and climb to the top and shoot the sharks that may be trying to chomp Lara through the wall! Shoot them and dive in to retrieve the red nightmare key from the W side (follow the passage past the Jade dragon room to the end). If you didnít kill all the sharks, either avoid them or dive in to lure them to the pool entrance to shoot them from there. Climb back down to the passage again and follow the passage from where the boulder came from previously (crawl under the first blade and just run under the second). Climp up to the alcove at the end of the passage on the left side and slide down in to Jade dragon room. Go back to the bottom level and use the key in the door of the N wall. Get uzi clips from NW corner of this next room. Stand in the middle of the room to take the last scion from the pedestal, make sure you have your back to the door you came from or you will die from falling rocks when you take the special scion if you stand at any other side. An earthquake starts when you take it and the two skeleton wraiths that you saw embedded in the rocks come to life and fly around. They may hurt you initially but try shooting at them to keep them at bay and they will fly around following you to the end of the level but wonít hurt you again (you canít get rid of them).


Head out of the room the way you came in and run to the other end of the egg chamber room (toward the entrance) but head to the SW door which is now open and jump over the blade which will start as you approach it. Turn around to slide backwards down the steep ramp to emerge into another lava room. Get large MP from SE corner. Run up to the walkway to flick the switch which turns the steep ramp into colourful climbable ladder and ledges and opens NW door of egg chamber room. (If you wish to collect all secrets, then continue with the walkthrough, if not Ė then pick up the walkthrough here **) Turn to the right (face N) and jump to the CS in the wall. Pull up and move forward to push the button which opens a gold door further on, and drops a trapdoor above you. Jump up and follow the path to hang-drop down through the hole to land on the top of the top level of the room you were previously in. Head to the S side and hang over the side, shimmy right until youíre over the pillar, then let go to grab the shimmy ledge lower down on the pillar. Shimmy to the right around the pillar until youíre back on the ground. **Make your way back to the top of the room in to the egg chamber again (the blade is off and will stay off this time). Head through the NW door and pick up uzis on the way through. Head to the SE corner and kill the skeleton-bird which attacks. Note the handle on the wall just above you in this corner. Now climb up to the NW corner to push the button there which opens a door high up in the NE corner. Climb down and head to the SE corner. Climb the wall in the corner then shimmy to the left when you get to the top to be just over the sloped ledge in the coloured area below. Let go and jump on sloped ledge to grab the MS above in the coloured area. MS to door opened before, a skeleton-bird will attack while youíre on the way so either climb down again to take it out, or continue MSing and get it from the room you are heading too. Climb up the ladder again and repeat the process to grab the MS and make your way back to the door. Just as you enter the entrance and let go, a fire dragon appears and attacks so draw guns quickly to kill it. Get the small MP and revolver ammo and flick the switch with red rain (blood?) pouring from it, which makes a bell appear on the wooden handle in the main room. Equip revolver combined with lasersight and shoot the bell to open the door behind you. Go through the empty room to emerge into another with some pillars and ledges. Go up the ramp under the ledge on the S side and run-jump and grab the sloped pillar at the N side. Pull up and backflip on to ledge above and behind. Run-jump to switch which opens door in the room where you got the last scion, and releases a centaur in to the room. So either kill it or avoid it by running out of here fast and make your way back to the scion room.

Run up the passage until you get to a wide red passage where 3 fire dragons will attack. Kill them and collect the small MP in NW corner of that passage. Advance in to the next room with a ramp. Collect small MP on left side of ramp. Climb up on to ramp avoiding dart traps and a spike trap will start up. Time the spikes to be down when you roll in to them triggering a boulder and run down the ramp and to either side as the boulder rolls in to the hole. Make your way up the ramp again and time your run past the spikes, now the fun begins! A cut scene will show a winged skeleton demon appear who starts throwing bolts of lightning at Lara (youíll probably find they hit Lara before you can get control of her back). This demon canít be killed so donít waste your time shooting it, youíll have to avoid it as best you can and life-up when necessary. Run in to the small square room and collect the large MP from the SW corner and flick the 4 switches in this room, one in each corner. The switches lowers a block behind the N wall block of this room so head over to it and push it back two times so you have access to the passage behind the small square room the demon is in. The demon will follow you so turn right and run to the two holes in the E wall Ė approach the first hole (the left hole) from the side and run in to it, press action to slow Lara down or she will die on impact (but will lose about half her health anyway). It pays to save before you fall in to the hole as you only have one shot at this and will have to reload if you get it wrong: fall in to hole and land on the sloped ledge below, slide a bit and jump to grab MS above, if you miss you cannot get it by grabbing lower ledge, backflipping to higher one behind and jumping forward, itís just a bit too high for Lara to reach this way, so have no choice but to reload until you grab it.) MS to the other side (the demon wonít follow you down here) and locate the ladder in the SW corner and climb up to flick the switch which opens the door between the two holes back where the demon is. Climb to the top and go through the open door to the right if you wish to get the last secret, if not Ė then continue the walkthrough here: *** Go through the gold door and climb the ladder at the end, shimmy to the left and follow the tunnel until you get to the end. Drop in to the glass case and collect SECRET 3 the Jade dragon. Now make your way back to the door and ***drop down in to the room with the winged skeleton demon again. Run through the open door between the two holes. Turn to your left (face N) and jump up to the ledge above. Follow the passage (the winged skeleton demon wonít follow you here) and emerge in to a large colourful room with a fiery floor to indicate that Lara is exiting dreamland and is waking up again. Head over to the large colourful area on the right (N) and jump in. It acts as water so let the current carry you to drop you in to a colourful room with images from her nightmare. Approach the sleeping Lara in her bed behind the images to end this level and wake up.

Note from the builder: you will find grenades but no grenade launcher in this level - The Nightmare was meant to be a continuation of the builder's previous level: The Dream (where you do get the grenade launcher) but a bug prevented continuation from one level to the next so they can only be played separately.