Restless in Paris

Level by Monika Pawlus (Miss Kroft)

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Restless in Paris chapter 1: Dawn in the Backyards

Enemies: Workmen, Gunmen, Bats, Stray Dogs, Crowbar Brutes
Items of note: Crowbar, Fuse, CD Key, Bronze Key 1, Piece of Wire, Bronze Key 2, Torch
traps, 1 timed-run.

This level is of the non-linear type. The walkthrough below is meant to give you the shortest route. However the following tasks may be completed in any order:
- Getting the CD
- Setting some Fire to later light the Torch
- Getting to and driving the car.

-- Five o'clock, Paris awakes. --

After a really good intro where you learn about the plot and get to witness Ms Croft exercising an unknown talent of hers, you find yourself in a small courtyard, nearby a plaza with a big tree in the center (we'll call "Tree Plaza"). Your first task will be to find a CD you will use only at the very end of the level. But first we're gonna make a small detour through the streets of the French capital, in order to save a little bit of times and have a look around. Ready to raid Paris? Let's go.

Go to Tree Plaza (SW of the starting area). You can see two passages going from there: a small one to the W, and a wider one to S. Go S, and enter a new area: a street lined with trees we'll call "The Avenue". Stay a moment and have a look around. Opposite and on your R, you can spot a wire netting. Coming closer and looking through, you'll see a couple of cars inside. This is the "Garage". On the far W (R) end of the Avenue stands a mailbox and you can spot a passage going S (L).

On the L (E), you see a sloping lawn. Looking up, you can spot a MS at its end, then another passage with a bunch of crates and illuminated by red lights. This is where we're going in now.

By now, you must already have noticed that orange dressed guy waiting for you there with a big wrench in his hand. So, prepare to dispatch your first workman. Those guys strike hard, so make sure you keep moving while shooting him so he can't hit you. Now go across the passage, beyond the crates and up the ramp. You're in Secret Street. Again, pause and have a look. On your L (E), you can spot another street beyond a tree. Not visible from where you stand, there's a red sloping ramp on the NW. To the SW, you can see yet another arched passage. We'll get in there in a minute, but first, a quick detour for a secret.

Turn around to face the crates in the passage. In front of you, there's a small roof extending from a wall which left part is covered with climbable ivy. Walk to the edge of the flat tiles, standing on the very left. From there take a run up to do a RJ, grabbing the slightly lower part of the roof at the very last moment. Shimmy to the R to reach the next flatter tile and pull up on the roof. Go to the ivy and climb until you're on the second tile from the top. Backflip and land on a balcony. Turn around (S) and go to the fence. Turn 45 R to see another balcony. Hop back and do a SJ over the fence to land on it. You've reached Secret #1. Unfortunately, you're immediately being shot at, so turn L (S) to spot the gunman and retaliate (keep moving, but be careful not to fall). Once he's down, you can pick up your rewards: Uzi ammo and a large medipack. Now, go back down to the streets via the first balcony, the ivy, safety dropping from the small roof and up the ramp to the S.

Enter the SW passage and run up the ramp. Another gunman is waiting for you up there, so deal with him quickly before he deals with you. Enter the next area, a small plaza with a pit in the center and a flight of stairs to the W ("Pit Plaza"). First run there to pick up some Uzi ammo at the top of the stairs. Now go to the pit and drop down in it. You can see a hole against the W wall. Drop down in there. You're in the Tunnel.

Run through it until you reach a junction. Turn L (W), go to the wrought iron door and open it by pressing action while in front of it. Turn the wheel on the W wall (watch the fly-by with attention), opening a blue door far away in a sewers-like area. Pick up the Revolver ammo. [note: there is no revolver in this level. You'll get it later in one of the upcoming chapters]. We're now done with our "little" detour so let's go back to Tree Plaza: go back up to Pit Plaza by turning R (S) at the alcove exit, exiting the Tunnel from where you entered it and pulling up from the pit via the block in the NE corner. Back to Secret Street by safety dropping from the E edge with small trees, then to the Avenue through the Red Lit Passage on your L (N), and eventually Tree Plaza through the wide passage.

-- A CD Key down in the Sewers --

Now time to explore another part of the city. Take the smaller passage W of Tree Plaza to enter a new area we'll name Mailbox Street after the mailbox you can spot on your L. On your R (E), there's a Foggy Passage with crates. In front of you, another street where you can see a closed blue door up in the wall, just before it turns L. Follow that street to an opening barred with yellow and white planks. Shoot to break them.

First Trip through the Parisian Sewers

You're now in a small room with a pit surrounded by slopes in the center, a ledge directly on your L (SE corner), and an opening in the SW corner. Ignore it for now and jump in the pit, safely diving into the (very clean) waters below. You're in a cross-shaped pool, lined with ledges.

First, let's give a meaning to that long detour we just made. Swim N to the hole in the center. There's a fan turning down there and a closed blue door. Ignore it for now. Turn R to swim E and exit the water on the S ledge. The door we opened with the wheel in the Tunnel is on the E wall ahead. You can also spot some instrument panel-like machines beyond a wire netting.

Pass the door to enter a blue lit room, and look up the W wall to spot a breakable grate. Shoot it from below while jumping with Lara's nose against the W wall, and pull up in the now accessible CS. Drop down in a new small room. First, shoot the metallic column in the SW corner revealing some Revolver ammo. Now locate the electric box up the wall in the opposite (NE) corner and shoot it in turn. Activate the jumpswitch it was hiding, filling the pit in Pit Plaza with water, as shown by the camera. We're done with that pit business for now, so go back to the cross-shaped room.

Once the door passed, do a RJ to the opposite (N) ledge, then run along until you reach an opening to the L (E). Enter the corridor, then turn R (S) at the junction before the stairs. Another workman is here looking for trouble. Take care of him and pick up the large medipack he leaves behind.

Go up the stairs and beyond, eventually reaching the room with machines we spotted before. You can see a metallic piece with small gears on the W side of the machines which we'll need to get later. For now, climb on them facing E, keeping the Duck key pressed to crouch on them (or you'll be expelled back down). Turn N, staying in the middle as much as possible. The next stage is a bit tricky, so you might want to save at this point. Drop down keeping the Action key pressed. You'll "miss" the edge, but will grab a jumpswitch, raising a block in another room with greenish water which is located beyond the opening up there in the Pit with Slopes. The next logical step will be going there.

The Very Polluted Pool Room and The Crowbar

You're now swimming in a small flooded room. First, pick up the Revolver ammo near the SE corner, then locate a hole in the ceiling in the SW and swim up there. Surface and exit the water. You're now standing above the streets with Mailbox Street in the distance, and the Sewers entrance to your R, in the doorway of the high and previously closed blue door we spotted before. Safety drop down to the street and return to the Pit with Slopes room entrance.

Turn to the S wall, one step away from it, and angle Lara slightly to the R to aim at the SE flat ledge. Do a SJ to land on it. Now walk on the brown slopes directly next to it which are flat enough to be walkable and turn toward the SW opening. Do a SJ, turning L in mid-air to land on it. Enter a new room with crates in the center. Locate the lower one on the S and climb on it. 2 bats come to annoy you, so do the Parisian Health Department a favor and eliminate them filthy things. Now turn S and, with Lara's back against the next taller crate, look up to locate a trapdoor. Jump and grab to pull it open. Now turn around (N) and jump and grab to pull up in the room above.

On your R, is the block you just raised. In the center, there's a pool of shallow water which looks polluted enough to be of the deadly type (which is the case). On the opposite side, you can see, from left to right: a jumpswitch on the wall, barbed wires on the floor and a ladder in the NE behind a set of bars.

Climb onto the raised block and walk to the edge facing the pool (N). Look up to see neons lightings on the ceiling, which are in fact a monkey swing. Do a SJ and grab it. MS over the deadly water, turn left at the end and go on MSing to the wall until you're just above the jumpswitch. Let go and immediately press Action to activate it, lowering the bars in the NE corner. Now, position Lara in the very middle of the tile and turn E. Sprint through the barbed wires to lose as little health as possible. Enter the small alcove with the ladder, and go around the corner to pick up some Uzi ammo at the end. Now go and climb that ladder.

Slip in the CS at the top of it (Release Action to let go then immediately press it again to grab the edge and quickly pull up with the Duck key pressed before Lara puts her legs on the ladder). Shoot the breakable grate ahead and exit the crawlspace. You're on a small roof, with a balcony in front of you. Do a RJ to land on it, then pull up on the roof above. Walk toward the fence and look down at the small hole to spot the Crowbar. Pick it up and return to the balcony below. Make sure Lara's healthy enough and safety drop down to the street from there, losing some health in the process. Now go back to the Sewers by diving through the Pit with Slopes.

Second Sewers Trip and Getting the CD Key

Swim N over the central hole and exit the water on the R (E) ledge to go back in the Machines Room. Use the crowbar to pull out the metallic square piece with small gears, which is in fact a Fuse. Return to the main room and do a RJ to the opposite (W) ledge.

Shoot the little fence and enter the corridor. Run on until you're in a room with a block and a switch barred with yellow and white planks. Shoot them, climb the block and activate the switch. [Note: although it looks like one, this switch isn't timed. However, it seems to reset when you leave the sewers]. Immediately, a workman comes to find out what's happening. He doesn't ask very politely, though, so use your faithful pistols to teach him some manners.

Go back to the main room through the corridor and turn R (S) at the ledge. Run along to the edge and do a RJ to the opposite (S) ledge. Turn R (W) and pass the opening at the end. Another workman attack (these guys are territorial, aren't they?). Kill him and enter the next room. Locate the square receptacle in the NW corner. The tile next to it would have been on fire if you hadn't activated the switch. Put the fuse in: a blue door opens down in the central hole. Exit the room and swim there.

First, pick up the small medipack in the SE corner, then swim through the newly opened door and through an UW tunnel until you enter a small room. Pick up the CD Key and swim back to the main room. Your sewers tasks are over, so time to leave now. Go back to Mailbox Street via the hole behind the machines in the Machines Room.

-- Appartments District and Lighting a Fire --

Your next task will be to light a fire somewhere which you'll later use to light a torch. Back in Mailbox Street, go E and through a Foggy Passage with crates, entering a new area we'll call Appartments District.

In front of you, in the center of this large square plaza stands the Center Building. On your L and to the N, you can spot a ladder, but a block prevents you from accessing it at the moment. So run straight ahead (E) then around the Center Building until you reach an opening to the R (E) , past a yellow car. Opposite (W), there's a door granting access to the lower part of the Center Building, but we'll get there later. For now, pass the E opening and shoot the metallic column in the NE corner, revealing a jumpswitch on the N wall. Activate it, and the block by the ladder somehow disappears into the wall.

Exit this small alcove and run N and around the Center Building. Notice the small courtyard closed by a low wrought iron gate on your R (N) before going on W and around the building again to reach the now accessible ladder. Climb to the top and pull up onto the sloping roof, immediately grabbing its edge as you slip down and quickly shimmy to the L before Lara puts her legs back on the ladder. Pull up on as soon as you reach a flat tile.

Center Building - Upper Floor

Turn L (S) to see some barbed wires. Beyond them lies a very tempting Uzi, so you'll have to sprint through if you want that weapon (remember to stay as much in the middle as possible). Now turn around to the Center Building and angle Lara 45 toward the closest balcony. Do a RJ to land there.

Jump to grab the edge of the roof above and quickly shimmy to the R (the windows are climbable, preventing Lara from shimmying further would she put her legs on them). Go on around the corner and over another balcony, dropping only onto the next one. Pick up the Car Keys there (we'll use them later). At this point, you hear sinister howls coming from inside. Jump to grab the roof again, again quickly shimmying to the R and around the corner, over yet another balcony and drop onto the second one. The window here is breakable, so shoot it and enter the building in a very literal breaking and entering act.

Kill the 2 stray dogs running around the room (again, the Parisian Health Department thanks you) then locate the moveable yellow bookcase (which also looks a bit like a secretaire) in the SW corner. Pull it once to reveal a breakable grate closing a CS. Shoot it and crawl in to get Bronze Key #1.You're done here, so exit the building to the balcony through the broken window. Position Lara two step away from the R (S) fence and do a SJ over the N fence, landing on a block below. Now, before going back down in the streets, let's head for a secret.

Turn around to the S and spot the far lower balcony with goodies on it. Get down the block on the near balcony and, with Lara's back against the block, do a RJ to Secret #2: a small medipack and flares. Drop down to the street below.

The Courtyard and Courtyard Building - First Floor

Run N and around Center Building until you're by the closed courtyard in the N. Open the small gate (hit Action while in front of it) and enter. Past the tree and on the L (W) are a keyhole and a closed wrought iron door preventing access to the Courtyard Building. We'll get there in a minute, but first we'll go fetch some goodies.

Climb onto an higher alley next to the door on the N. Run to the wall and notice the climbable ivy on the left. Ignore it for a second and go around the corner to the end of the alley. Look down to spot some uzi ammo among the litter. No go climb that ivy to the top and around to drop on a balcony. Pick up the uzi ammo and the large medipack there. To get back down safely, you'll need to do a slightly angled SJ facing E over the fence to grab the ivy on its W side, since for some reason you can't go back around the ivy wall. Now, go back to the closed door.

Use the Bronze Key on the keyhole to open the door. Enter the Courtyard Building up a flight of stairs. Notice the stairway to the R (N), but ignore it for now. Open the door on your L and enter the appartment. The current tenant happens to be a Brute armed with a crowbar and he doesn't look happy to see you, so defend yourself. Now spot a breakable grate barring a CS just above a moveable table. Push the table to the S, then jump and shoot the grate and pull up into the CS.

Drop down at the other side, into a new room that seems to be a basement. Locate the two moveable trashcans in the SE corner. Pull the first one once to the W into the room, then the second one once too and jump over it. Look down and pick up the Piece of Wire among the litter. Now you need to get back to Center Building via the first floor apartment and out the Courtyard Building.

Center Building - Lower Floor

Exit the Courtyard, run around the Center Building left corner (E) and go to the closed wrought iron door. Open it and enter. Run along a corridor until you find a closed door with a keyhole nearby. Use the Piece of Wire on it to open the door, draw your weapon of choice and enter the room.

You're immediately attacked by a gunman and a workman. Take them both down (keep moving while shooting). The gunman leaves Bronze Key #2 as he passes away, so pick it up. Before leaving, search the NW and SW corners for uzi ammos then return to the Courtyard Building.

Courtyard Building - Attic and Setting a Kitchen on Fire

Once inside, turn R and climb the stairs to the top ignoring the second floor for now. Dispatch the gunman up there, then use Bronze Key #2 in the keyhole by the door on the S. Kill the 2 bats which attack you as you step in this attic-like room, then pause to take a look around. In the SW corner, is a jumpswitch protected by a fire emitter. In the NE, left of the window, is a timed-switch which will temporarily extinguish the fire. First pick up the flares next to the switch.

Activate the switch, quickly turn L and sprint to the jumpswitch, turning around to end your race right under it. Jump and grab to activate it, hit "Look" to get rid of the camera that shows you a fire lighting in a kitchen elsewhere (ie: second floor) and promptly jump aside L to get off the soon igniting tile.

The fire you just lit will only be needed later. So, for now, simply leave the attic and go to the second floor. Stop there to open the door and enter the appartment. Spot the moveable table, and push it aside to pick up the large medipack. Nothing else to do here right now so leave the building and return to Tree Plaza via the Foggy Passage and Mailbox Street. You're now going to get yourself a car.

-- Getting and Driving the Car --

We're gonna take a small tour of the parisian roofs, but in order to go high, we first need to go low. Return to Pit Plaza, and to the very pit you flooded a while ago (via the Avenue, the Red Lit Passage and Secret Street.)

Drop into the pit and swim down into and through the now flooded Tunnel, past the junction to its very end. There you can swim up and surface. Exit the water and go around the crates until you can climb onto a lower one against the N wall, then on the white one from there. Look up to see an opening in the catwalk above. Turn N and pull up. To your L (NW corner) is a breakable grate before a CS. Shoot it, crawl in and shoot the other grate at the end. Exit the CS: you're on a roof overlooking the Avenue.

Run to the opposite wall E past a green metallic gate on the R. Spot a ledge on your L. Walk to the edge of the roof and turn Lara's back to the street below, facing S. You may now see the crack on the wall below. Drop from the roof and grab then shimmy to the L until you can pull up on the ledge. Go E to its edge then turn 45 R to face a breakable window. Shoot it, then, from your current position, do a RJ with a hard R curve midair to the now accessible alcove.

Turn L to the E and look up to see the breakable grate. Shoot it, pull up in the CS then exit on the other side, dropping in another alcove. Pick up the large medipack on the floor then turn N to see another breakable window. Again, shoot it. Look down: you're above the sloping lawn. Turn R to the NE to aim at its flatter part against the wall, and do a SJ on it (don't mind the rounded balcony, you'll go through it).

Now turn S and go under the monkey swing. Turn R (W) to spot yet another breakable grate on the opposite end. Shoot it then jump and grab the MS to swing over the street to the newly open CS. Let go, immediately hit Action to grab the edge of the CS then pull up into it. Crawl to the other end, and drop in a grey corridor by the Garage.

On the W, you may see some cars through metallic bars. On the E, there's a breakable metallic column. Shoot it to reveal a switch which lowers the bars nearby. You now may enter the Garage.

Spot the little red car (looks like a Deux-Chevaux), that's our vehicle. But before driving it, we need to open an exit. Turn W and look up to spot the electric box up there. Shoot it, and go activate the now accessible jumpswitch, lowering the bars below and opening the exit. Now go to the car and use the car keys on it when standing on its left side (ie: the wheel side). Now drive out the garage in a short alley and to the N (to the S, is a closed blue door which will open later to provide a shortcut if needed). Stop the car and exit before the mailbox nearby. Use the action key in front of it to get a small medipack. Get back in the car.

Beyond the Red Ramp

Drive down the Avenue to the E, past the passage on your L, and round the corner. Drive in the Red Lit Passage, remaining in the middle (you'll pass through the crates), and up the ramp to Secret Street. Turn R (W) then R again (N) to go up the Red Ramp. Drive to the top and leave the car when you come close to an iron fence. Go through the opening N.

First run ahead to the green wrought iron fence and activate the switch on its L (W). A fly-by shows you a door opening on top of a steep narrow ramp in the street L of Secret Street. Return to the nearby room, but before getting back into the car, turn R (W) to see an opening, a hole and another ledge on the L. There's a ladder in the hole, but ignore it since it leads back to the Garage alley (the blue door there now open). Instead, turn 45 L to the other ledge and do a SJ to pick up some flares. Now get back in the car.

Ramp Street and Opening a Way

Drive down the ramp then L to Secret Street. Drive ahead to the E to enter Ramp Street. Turn L (N) and drive up the ramp past the doorway (notice the closed blue door on your R). The door closes behind you. Park the car and leave it.

To the N, you can see some toxic barrels in the distance, beyond a high opening, in a area we'll call Toxic Plaza. To the E, there's a blueish room you can access through an opening in the wire netting. Go there, turn R (S), ignore the stairs and go to the ledge against the S wall. Turn R again (W) and to the end to activate the switch there, this raises a block in the NW corner of the place where you parked the car.

Go and climb on it. Turn to the W wall and climb up into the CS alcove there to pick up some flares. Now drop, don't let go, keep grabbing and shimmy to the L until you can pull up on a "bridge" above the door. Locate another ledge on your L (NE) supporting a lever. With Lara standing in the L corner, turn 45 to face the next ledge, hop back and do a RJ to land on it. No go and activate that lever.

This opens two doors: the tall wrought iron one on top of the ramp, and the blue door in Ramp Street. You may now access Toxic Plaza without having to drive the car. Which is a good thing, since we'll have now to bring a lit torch there.

-- Bringing some Heat to Toxic Plaza --

So, now, we'll have to get that torch, light it, and bring it to Toxic Plaza.

Getting the Torch

Now you need to get back to Mailbox Street, either running or driving, but the latter is more fun and faster. So drive down the ramp then to the Avenue via Secret Street and the Red Lit Passage, cross the Avenue, take the wide passage N to Tree Plaza, then the smaller one W to Mailbox Street. Park the car, get off, you're there.

Go to that mailbox on the W and use Action in front of it to get the Torch. Now time to light it.

Lighting the Torch

With the torch in hand, go E to Apartments District via the Foggy Passage. Turn L (N) and around the Center Building to go to the Courtyard. Enter Courtyard Building, and climb the stairs to the second floor. Go into the apartment there, pass the opening on the R, then R again (N) into the kitchen. You can see the stove there is on fire (thanks to that little timed-run you performed a while ago). Go light the torch there.

Bringing the Torch Where it will Be Useful and Burning Obstacles

Now we need to bring that torch to Toxic Plaza. Go to Ramp Street via Mailbox Street, Tree Plaza, the Avenue and Secret Street. Go up the flight of stairs against the E wall and through the now opened door at the top. Go upstair again, then L (W) to exit the room and eventually turn R (N) to face the opening on Toxic Plaza. Jump there.

In front of you there's a set of toxic barrels barring your way to the other side. Look down to see some liquid has leaked from one of the barrel. Stand one tile away from the barrels, on the tile with the largest patch of toxic liquid and, your lit torch in hand, press Action to set it on fire. This will make the barrels explode and open you the way.

-- Leaving the Backyards --

Now you can drop your torch. Notice the two moveable trashcans ahead and push them both aside to pick up Uzi ammo and flares. Now go to the NE corner and shoot the breakable grate there. Crawl into the CS then down a ladder. Turn around to see the black wrought iron door which right now is very closed. This is Exit Door. For now, look up to spot another ladder up in the E and jump to grab it. Climb it and pull up, then turn R (S) to pull up again. Turn L (E) to pull up on a higher ledge and run S to its end to pick up some Revolver ammo.

SJ over the alley below and on the opposite ledge. Run N to the wall and the CD receptacle there. Use the CD Key on it, opening the Exit Door. Drop down the ledge from its N end, but facing W, and go on to the Exit Door. You're now on top of a slippery ramp, which is the end of the level.

So slip away from the Backyards completing your tasks here.

See you in Chapter 2.