Level by Greywolf (March, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] There is a large amount of ammo to find but few enemies. You may be tempted to pick up the shotgun, the crowbar, and the key and ignore the rest. However, if the second level is installed you do bring the useful ammo with you. There is also a possible bug related to saving and reloading a savegame. [End note]

Start with a flyby of the large ravine showing many pick-ups. When it stops, notice where you are and consider this the starting point. Run North and drop into the pool there. There is a tunnel on the South side at the bottom. Swim in and out again and then return to the starting point. This tunnel leads to the exit after you get some required items. [Bug alert] There was a strange bug in my version. If I saved and reloaded anywhere in this upper area, when I went back into the tunnel a second time, the game always crashed to the desktop. Luckily, it is easy to complete almost everything you need to do here without the need for a save or reload before you enter the tunnel. [End bug alert]

From the starting point run straight East ahead to pickup normal crossbow ammo (1). Run ahead to the corner for shotgun shells (2). Go to the wall, grab and start climbing. Pull up to a ledge and go left to pick up a large medipack (3). Continue and pick up shotgun shells (4). Go to the end and pick up the crowbar (5). Use a flare to see it as the corner is dark. Turn right and grab the wall and climb again. At the top, pick up shotgun shells (6). Run down the ledge to pick up the shotgun (7), flares (8), a small medipack (9) and at the very end Uzi clips (10). Get back down the same way you got up. At ground level, run to the North wall for shotgun shells (11). Go the West edge drop and grab and you hear the secret sound. If you let go you are dead so pull up and go South-West until you can get down to the water level. Go to that corner for Uzi clips (12), shotgun shells (13), revolver ammo (14) and secret #1. Go to the water and dive in. In the North-West corner near the bottom is a crawl space. Swim in for two shotgun shells (15,16) a large medipack (17), and secret #2. Get out and surface at the North wall. Go to a ledge across the water and pick up half-buried normal crossbow ammo (18). In the water there is the underwater tunnel to the South that I mentioned earlier. Do not go in there yet as you still need an important item. There is an underwater cave to the East but it contains nothing. Get to the top of the waterfall. Go to the West wall for Uzi clips (19). Now go South towards the starting point and pick up a small medipack (20).

From there go South-East to a ledge and pick explosive crossbow ammo (21). Jump to the South and pick up shotgun shells (22). I could not pick up the large medipack. Kill two wild pigs (1,2) that attack you. Go south again and pick up poison crossbow ammo (23). Use a flare and notice to the left a slope, a slope in the corner and a slope on the back wall. Jump all the slopes and you fall into a dark hole. Pick up flares (24), small medipack (25), explosive crossbow ammo (26) and secret #3. Back flip and slide down. Hop on a rock to the West and pick up Uzi clips (27) and beside it is revolver ammo (28). Continue West to pick up a small medipack (29). Continue and just before the river turns to the right there are shotgun shells (30). In the South-West corner is explosive crossbow ammo (31). When the river turns left there is explosive crossbow ammo (32) in the North-East corner. Follow the river West and pick up a large medipack (33) and shotgun shells (34) from the South shore. Go further West and get shotgun shells (45) from the North shore. Kill four wild pigs (3,4,5,6) and continue to a dead end area. In the South-West corner, pick up the Gate Key (36). Now go back to the hole underneath the waterfall.

Swim into the hole, ignore the left branch and go to the first right branch. At this junction turn left and follow to the next junction. At this junction turn left again. At the next junction turn right and continue down the tunnel and eventually pull up into a room. Go forward and use the key to open the gate. Go left for a large medipack (37) and notice the rock above your head. Go down the slope to pick up Uzi clips (38) and revolver ammo (39). You can save now. Run down the incline and the rock rolls after you. At the end jump to a block and run forward a little before the rock hits your tail. The next tunnel is lined with spikes so make your way past them carefully. Jump over the spike pit after the first wall spikes and go forward. Another rock rolls towards you.  Either go back to the tunnel or side flip from the sloped walls over the rock. Get past the next two wall spikes and into an upwards-sloping tunnel with darts along the walls. Go though another tunnel and the view changes and you see a rock rolling behind you. The end of the tunnel jump and you will land on the ledge while the rock falls into a pit behind you.

Light a flare and go to the far corner to pick up the Uzi's (40). Then go to the North-East corner and look for a crawl space. Follow the crawl space and when you can stand up go to the left for shotgun shells (41). Then go back to the right and run up some steps. Pick up Uzi clips (42) and continue up the steps. At the top enter a room and a skeleton (7) attacks you. Shoot him into the convenient pit in the room. It does not die but it cannot get out. Pry the Golden Star (43) from the far wall and use the crowbar to open the closed gate. Run up the corridor and the level ends. Try to keep a savegame for part 2.

End of level

Secrets: 3 out of 3

Items: 43

Kills: 7