Level by Greywolf (March, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

[Note] You have to start with a save game from part 1. The ammo you collected there is very useful and the crowbar is not found here and is essential. [End note]

You start in a castle at the bottom of some stairs. Run North and at the end turn left to go down some stairs. Two skeletons will chase you. At the stairs bottom, turn right and right again into a room. Another skeleton will awake and follow you. Hop up onto a ledge and get the crossbow (1). If you started with a save game from part 1, you can use the explosive crossbow ammo to get rid of three skeletons (1,2,3). If not just try to out-run them for now. In the other room are shotgun shells (2) on a ledge and the Hathor Effigy (3) in the South-East corner. Go back up the steps and pick up shotgun shells (4) you ignored before. Face South and notice a gate needing a key in the corner and some stairs. Go up the stairs and use either staircase and enter a room on the East side. Run around the room and collect five skeleons (4,5,6,7,8) to blow them up. From the windows collect shotgun shells (5), a small medipack (6), and flares (7). Look to the West wall and pick up revolver ammo (8) and Uzi clips (9) from two alcoves. Go the South-West corner and notice the ceiling trim looks like a climbing ladder. So climb up, move to the left over the window and back flip to a ceiling beam. Drop and shimmy around the block there to pick up the Ornate Handle (10). You may have to crouch to pick it up.

Drop down, go out the door and up the stairs to the West balcony. Pick up a large medipack (11) in the corner and then go North. Go to the right, pick up a small medipack (12) and use the stairs to the third floor. You can see a closed gate at the left end of the balcony. Turn right to enter a room and get shotgun shells (13). Exit and go right into another room. Kill two skeletons (9,10) and pick up the shotgun shells (14) they drop. Work your around the area to pick up shotgun shells (15) revolver ammo (16) and Uzi clips (17). In the corner is the Portal Guardian stand. Combine the two pieces, use the stand, and the closed gate outside the room will open. Go to the gate and enter to pick up grenade shells (18). Go up the stairs to the left. Run up all the stairs and at the top step pick up a Gate Key (19). If you emerge into a bell tower, the camera view changes to make it very difficult to see anything.

Go back down all the stairs to the third floor. Go North and stand on a platform beneath the transparent glass ceiling. You can see the bell tower above you. Jump up, grab the edge, and pull yourself through the glass. The exit is to the South-East. Run around the roof area for grenade shells (20), shotgun shells (21), Uzi clips (22), Uzi clips (23), revolver ammo (24), shotgun shells (25), explosive crossbow ammo (26), a large medipack (27) and secret #1. Go to the exit area and if you go to the left of the climbable wall, the secret sound is heard and the secret is registered. Now climb the wall to the very top and you heard another secret sound. Jump to the roof for two shotgun shells (28,29), a small medipack (30), flares (31) and secret #2. Getting down is easy. Go to the East edge and face the roof. Take one step forward, hop back and grab. You should end up in the bell tower. Now go down the stairs to the closed gate on the first floor that needed the key.

Use the key and the door opens. Go up the steps and pick up a large medipack (32). Kill a skeleton (11) that rises behind you. Go back down stairs and face the open gate. Crawl backups into a crawl space and drop down. Light a flare to see where the hole actually is. Kill another skeleton (12) and enter the crawl space in the South-West floor. At the end, drop in to a water filled room. The exit is to the North-east. But first search the floor bottom for revolver ammo (33), shotgun shells (34), flares (35), small medipack (36), and grenade shells (37). Half way up an East wall is a tunnel where you can get the revolver (38). Now go to the exit and pull up into a tunnel. Go to the end to pry a Golden Star (39) off the wall. Turn and kill three skeletons (13,14,15) sneaking up behind you. Enter the crawl space in the West wall. At the end pick up explosive crossbow ammo (40) and follow the tunnel to the end. Use the climbable wall and pull up outside the castle. Shoot the wooden barricades in front of you. Run East to pick up a small medipack (41) and Uzi clips (42) and arrive at the front gates. Go through the gates and the level ends by crashing to the desktop. Try to keep a savegame for part 3.

End of level

Secrets: 2 out of 2

Items: 42

Kills: 15