A custom level made by Michele Flena (Mikki)

Unofficial walkthrough written by Selene

This walkthrough is unofficial and is not written by the maker of this level. For the official walkthrough or any questions or concerns related to the level please contact the person who has created it. If I have missed out anything at all, such as pick-ups etc. I would be pleased if you could let me know.

Thank you for reading my walkthrough, I hope it will be of some help. ;)

I could not find any secrets at all in this level, Iím not sure if there are any. If anyone has found any secrets at all, please let me know so I can add them to my walkthrough.

The level starts in the Louvre, Paris.

Part1 - Codice Ammer

Alcove Puzzle:

Turn around and follow the hallway downstairs. Go past the closed gate at the bottom and into a beautiful garden. Run over to the snake-like statue on the right and step onto the tile to the right of it. This will light fires on this statue and the others lined up along the building ahead. Head up the stairs. The chests on each side of the stairs are empty, so there's no point in shattering them. Enter the building and see a door with a Madonna portrait on it. In the rooms to the left and right are alcoves with burning statues and tiles with some symbol on them. Face the garden you came from and go to the far left by alcove number 1 (N/E). Step on the symbol tiles in front of the burning statue in the first alcove. Then step on the same tile in the second alcove (to the right of the 1st one). Go to the room opposite and step on the tiles in alcove 4 and 6 (alcove 4 is the one closest to the entrance and 6 is the one closest to the wall). This will open the door with the Madonna portrait on.

Secret Room:

Enter this room and go left. Behind the pillar to the S/E there's a button with Mona Lisa on it. Push this and you will hear a familiar chime as a door opens in the room with the alcoves. Leave the room you're in and go right to enter the secret room. Go up the stairs and on top pick up a large medipack. Contrary to what the chime probably made you believe, this does not count as a secret in the statistics.

Letter Puzzle:

Go back downstairs and to the room behind the Madonna doors. There are 12 alcoves in this room containing paintings. On each painting is a letter and what you have to do is to have Lara step into the alcoves with the letters spelling out the name of the builder M-I-K-K-I. For those who find this difficult, the procedure is as follows:

1) M: go to the right. The alcove with the M is the middle one to the N.
2) I: go to the opposite side of the room. Step into the alcove with the I, which is the rightmost one, facing S.
3) K: turn right and step into the alcove next to the one you were just in. Lara is now facing W.
4) K: go to the opposite side of the room again. Face W and go to the middle alcove.
5) I: go to the opposite side of the room again and to the leftmost alcove facing S.

If you number the alcoves from 1-12 and from left to right when Lara stands facing the alcoves, the correct order will be 11-3-4-8-1.

When you've stepped on all the right tiles a door will open in a room below. Go to the N side of the room and look to the right. Here you should see an opening in the floor. Drop down here and follow the stairs to the end.

Block Puzzle- Getting The Hand Of Orion:

Lara will come out on a ledge above another art gallery and you are shown a quick fly-by of the room. Now jump to the metal structure on the left and look around the second level of the room. Here there are blocks in front of all of the paintings, but only four of them have a black top surface. Behind these four there are buttons to push. Now what you need for Lara to do is to make her way around the second level, jumping from ledge to ledge, and whenever she reaches a ledge with an entirely black block on push it away to reveal a button to press. I like to start to the left side of the entrance. You might have to drop to the ground level quite a few times in order to get around to all of the ledges, so right below where you entered is a grey floor tile right next to the metal structure. Here the girder is climbable so that you can get back up and make your way around again. I've made a screenshot showing the four blocks that are moveable and also shown how to get to the four blocks. Once you've pushed all four buttons, drop to the ground level.

You will see that four blocks have raised around the metal structure (these are black with blue sides and are located right next to the grey floor tiles with the golden/red cross pattern).

On the ground floor there are four moveable blocks with blue top surface so push and pull all of those onto the four raised floor tiles and onto the tiles that resemble the door to the secret room you opened earlier(you've also seen this on one of the paintings in the museum, the grey ones with the golden/red cross on). This will cause the middle floor tile to raise and enable you to pick up the Hand Of Orion. You can also pick up a large medipack next to it.

Filling The Pools In The Garden- Opening The Second Madonna Door:

Go to the Mona Lisa painting on the N wall and pull out the moveable block under it to reveal a receptacle for the Hand of Orion. Go through the next door and push the button on the wall to fill one of the pools out in the garden where you started with water. Go through the large Mona Lisa painting (this is a transparent wall with a room beyond it) and press the button in this room to fill the second pool. Retrace your steps back out to the room with the metal structure, climb the girder and jump to the entrance of the room. Go back up the stairs and continue out to the garden with the pools. There is one lever in each pool that you couldn't reach when they were empty, but now that there is water in the pools, jump in and pull the levers. This will open the second set of Madonna doors in the main building. Go through the newly opened doors.

Tile Run and Electric Floor:

Pick up the large medipack from the pedestal ahead. This will cause a grey door with a golden/red cross on to open in the same room. Go over to the newly opened door and look ahead. You will see a slope leading down to a floor with electric currents sweeping across it. Now SAVE your game here, the next part is a bit tricky. Slide down the slope onto the tile that raises below Lara. Immediately turn right and do a standing jump to grab the next tile. Pull up instantly and run/jump left to the next tile to the left and ahead and finally into the doorway. If you're not quick enough the tiles will collapse and Lara falls to a swift and burning death. Go through to the next room and go to the right. Go through the Mona Lisa painting on the W wall to reach a switch. As Lara pulls it you will see the current in the floor below being switched off. (Note: this resets every time you load your game, so if you save your game after pulling the switch you have to pull it again when you load your game.) Go back outside and straight ahead through the open door. Follow the stairs down and you will see a fly-by over the previously electrified floor. You will also see the Codex resting on a pedestal. Run across the now safe floor and right; as you reach the Codex Lara will go through the floor and a high fall before sliding down to part 2!!!

Part 2 - Virtual Trap

Spiked Terror:

Lara slides into an extremely colourful room. Beware: ahead there are three spiked walls gliding towards our heroine. Run ahead and into the opening on the right. But behold, there's another spiked wall coming from that side as well. Stand on the right edge of the opening (when facing where the three spiked walls come from) and let TWO of them pass by. As the second passes by Lara, quickly run to the right (now facing the third approaching spiked wall) to avoid the wall coming up from the right side opening. But wait, you're not done yet. The instant the spiked wall coming from the right has moved away, immediately run back into the opening where it came from to avoid the third spiked wall approaching.

Toy Room:

Go straight ahead and enter the toy room. On the W wall is a keyhole for a key you don't have yet. Instead, climb the red block in the N/W corner. Jump and grab the sloped block above, pull up and backflip onto a colourful ledge behind. Turn around and do a running jump with a grab to get to the next ledge. Walk to the edge and do a standing jump to the next and another to the next one after that. Do another running jump, slightly angled to reach the long ledge ahead. Be careful here see the slope on the right???? Carefully run a few steps onto the slope and immediately hop backwards and drop off and grab the ledge to avoid the boulder rolling down from the top of the slope. Once that's done, pull back up and run up the slope. The only thing you can do in this room for now is to climb onto the four ledges with the urns in each corner of the room and shatter the urns to pick up two large medipacks, a bundle of regular crossbow ammo and a laser sight. Go back down the slope and do a running jump to the first ledge, two standing jumps to the next ones and a running jump to the fourth. Do a standing jump onto the red slope and slide down to the bottom red block. The first time I played through this level Lara was greeted by a huge spider here, but the second time I played the spider didn't appear at all. I'm not quite sure what triggers it, but either way if it's there just take care of it and if not don't bother going around looking for it.

Math Puzzle:

Go out where you entered the room and turn right. Go to the end of the hall and you'll see a small room on the left hand side where you can pick up the Crossbow and some ammo for it. Go back to the toy room and climb the red block again. Grab the slope and once more backflip to the next ledge. Do a running jump/grabto the next, then two standing jumps and finally a running jump to the ledge by the slope. Go up the slope and this time combine the Crossbow and Laser Sight and use it to shoot the three black plates above the three closed doors (with motives of Sylvester on them). This will cause the three doors to open. Go in there and take mark of the symbols and numbers on the blocks in the rooms. These are 25, the multiplication symbol (X) and 7. Let's do some simple math: Take the first number (25) and multiply it by the second (7). If you're not in the mood to figure it out yourself, the answer is 175.

Leave this room and climb back down to the toy room. Now I presume you have noticed that in the middle of the room there are blocks with Disney characters and numbers on them. Climb onto the three blocks with the number corresponding to the answer you found to the math puzzle. In the right order this will be 1-7-5. This opens a new door in the N wall. (Note: I found that if you step onto ANY of the other blocks after the 5 one the door will close.)


Go through the newly opened door and take out the dog ambushing Lara. Go to the end and face W. Look up, then jump to grab the ladder here. Climb to the top to be met with the shocking sound (and sight) of rotating blades. The goal is to get to the alcove on the opposite side to pull the switch there. Getting to the alcove can be done without health loss at all. I found that it's not the silver blades that are harmful to Lara, but the small, rotating brown blades sliding up and down the silver ones. What I found least health consuming was to crawl to the left, taking care to stay close to the wall to avoid being hit by the blades. Continue crawling until Lara reaches the N corner. Here she can stand up without taking harm, provided that she stands as far up in the corner as possible. Now you can time a run along with the blades and veer into the alcove on the left. Keep running as she reaches the alcove, because the blades slide through the right wall and can still cause damage to her. Pull the switch. And now comes the hard part: getting out. I found this impossible without health loss, so if anyone can find a better way please let me know. What I did was to sprint against the blades back to the right corner and from there run/jump to the next corner avoiding the blades as much as possible. When in the final corner, run/jump into the alcove on the right. Go back down the hallway, turn right and jump to the ladder. Climb back down and go to the toy room to find that there's now an open alcove in the E wall where you can enter to pick up the Key.

Room with tall structure, lava pools and three switches:

Unlock the double doors with the Tweety motive with the key you just picked up. Pick up the flares on the left hand side and enter the next room. Here you'll see a tall structure, lava pools below and there are three switches for Lara to pull in this room. If you walk onto the tall structure and jump to the right branch of it you will see a giant spider below (which for some reason seems to be stuck in the wall) right by one of the switches. I found it best to kill it from above before going on with the rest of the business.

Now go back to the doorway and look down on the left. You will see a lava pool with a block below one of the switches in the corner. Do a running jump from the left side of the doorway to land on the block. Lara will lose some health in the process. Pull the switch to open a door back up on the tall structure with a room containing a key. Before going to get it, let's take care of the two other switches. Turn right and do a running jump onto the red block with the two slopes ahead. Straight ahead is another lava pool flanked by red slopes and a block with a switch at the end. Stand on the right side of the block and do an angled standing jump to the slope on the right side of the lava. Keep pressing Jump and the left arrow key together and Lara will bounce sideways off the slopes until she reaches the block with the switch. Pull it and see another door opening on top of the tall structure. Turn around and stand on the left side of the block. Do an angled standing jump to the slope on the left and keep pressing Jump together with the right arrow key until Lara has bounced back to the flat red ledge between the slopes. Jump over the slope to the N and continue around to the other side where she can pull the third switch to open the last door on top of the structure which contains the Hand Of Orion. Go to the ladder to the left of the lava pool and climb up to the top. Pick up the Hand Of Orion on the right side and the Key on the left before going through the third doorway. Place the Hand of Orion in the receptacle on the right and use the key in the keyhole to the left.

Snowmobile Room- Finding The 1st Hand Of Orion:

Go through the next door and pick up a large medipack. Climb the ladder to find Lara on top of a pillar above a lava pool with a zip line ahead. SAVE your game here, the next part requires some serious timing. The fact that you lose control over the camera doesn't make it easier. And also: you must have FULL HEALTH in order to survive the high fall, so if you've lost some health use a medipack to fill the health bar. Grab the zip line and almost as soon as you start sliding let go to land on the block in the middle of the lava pool. The fall is as mentioned quite health consuming and it's quite hard to let go in time to land on the block. Once you've done it position Lara on the left side of the block (this will be the right side seen from your point of view) and do a running jump to the blue ledge ahead. Turn right and do another jump to the blue tile and from there another jump to the doorway. Go right and slide down the ramp to the next room. You'll get to a room with some ramps, a double door with two receptacles on each side, a floor above and a snowmobile. Before getting on the snowmobile go up the ramp and climb to the next floor. In a small depression to the N/E is another Hand of Orion. Turn to face the ramp where you came up and hop backwards to slide down the slope, grabbing the edge. Shimmy left and pull up and take the Hand Of Orion. Drop back down to the floor and climb up on the second level again. Go to the S/E corner to see a switch in the small depression to the left of the slope. Turn around to face the numbered slopes, hop backwards, slide down and grab the edge. Shimmy rightand pull up onto the ledge with the switch. Pull this to open a door somewhere else.

Finding The 2nd Hand Of Orion:

Drop down to the ground floor and get on the snowmobile. Drive up the ramp to the S. Turn right and drive up the long ramp (to the left is only the lava room you were in earlier....for some reason I found that Lara can safely drive across the lava without taking damage). Continue along the hallway until you reach a doorway leading out to the room with the ramps (where you found the snowmobile). Back up a bit for a run-up and drive through the opening to land on the floor above the room with the four receptacles. Drive up the ramp numbered 4 and turn left on top. Go down the ramp and continue over the jump and onto another long ramp, up to the top and down to land in a room with several ledges. Drive to the rightmost green door to the N, this will open automatically as you approach (but only if Lara is on the snowmobile). Go through to a room with strange electric currents. Leave the snowmobile and climb the ledge to the right. On the far opposite side there is another Hand Of Orion on a block. There are also coloured tiles with numbers and multiplication symbols on the floor. I found that jumping onto the red tiles with the blue X was safe, if Lara steps onto all other tiles she will catch fire. Also be cautious not to go too close to the floor or the other tiles when jumping from tile to tile (if you get too close when jumping she will light up like a bonfire). Continue until you can jump and grab the edge of the block with the Hand Of Orion on. Pull up on the block and pick it up. Take the same route back to the snowmobile and drive out the other green door which also opens automatically.

The 3rd Hand Of Orion:

Drive to the right and through the W door. Here is the same procedure, only the X tiles are not as safe as they once were. But this time there's a monkeyswing in the ceiling around the left corner ahead (opposite of the block with the gem you need). Climb the ledge, go around to the left and traverse across the monkey bars to the block where you can pick up the 3rd Hand Of Orion. Get back on the snowmobile and leave this room.

Getting The 4th and Final Hand Of Orion:

Now go around the ledge and jump with the snowmobile to the next. Go straight ahead and turn left and go through the door here. Park the snowmobile like before and climb the ledge. Here you'll see that the numbered tiles are slightly differently set up than before. To get across to the block in the corner with the final Hand Of Orion go to the left side of the ledge and jump to the tiles 5-8-6. From the tile with the number 6 on it jump to the block and collect the 4th Hand Of Orion. To get back drop onto tile 6 and then go to the tiles 8-5-9 in that order. Jump and grab the ledge ahead and go back to the snowmobile.

Ramp Jumps - Finding The Exit:

Drive around to the ramp leading out of the room. Give yourself a good run-up and speed it up the ramp, jump across to the next and jump again to reach the second level of the main room, veering a hard left to avoid going over the edge. Drive the snowmobile down the slope to the ground floor (you'll need it later), get off and place the four Hands of Orion in their receptacles to open the double doors. Get back on the snowmobile and drive it down the first ramp and up the second, taking care not to drop into the hole on the right. Gun it up the next ramp to make it across the gap, still being cautious not to drop into the pits on the side. Go along the ledge along the left wall, keeping the left arrow key pressed toavoid sliding off on the right side. Before the next ramp, position Lara and the snowmobile by the left wall all the way back. Gun it up the next ramp and jump across the gap. Go through and you'll find yourself back in the toy room. Go through the opening in the S wall and this time go left and drive up the ramp. Stop the snowmobile on top. Climb the block with the switch and pull it to open the door to the left of the switch. Go through here and slide down the slope to part 3.

Part3 - Return To The Museum

Lara slides down a slope and finds herself in the museum garden. There's a gate and a keyhole straight ahead on the left wall. First go to the fountain and pool on the right, jump in a pick up the Key laying in the pool on the W side of the fountain. Use this to open the gate in the W wall.

Go through the gate and stop. You're back in the garden from earlier, but now there are two guards standing in front of the exit and there are also two sentry guns there. You can take the guards out from where you stand using the crossbow and laser sight. Once that's done, go towards the pool on the right where you lit the fires in the first part. Go behind the block on the right by the wall, now you can pull it out. Do so to reveal a switch.

Short timed run0:

This switch opens a timed trapdoor, so pull it and quickly turn right and run towards the gate you came through earlier. Go up the stairs to the right and drop into the timed trapdoor. Pick up the flares ahead. There's a boulder up the ramp ahead, so light a flare to be able to see better what you do. When the boulder starts rolling, JUMP over it. Usually that doesn't work, but in this case it did. Don't try to run into the opening on the right, it will only end with Lara falling to her death. Go up where the boulder came from and pull the switch. You'll see another door opening somewhere else. Go back down and as you reach the opening on the left, turn so that Lara's back is towards the opening, hop backwards and grab the edge. Climb the ladder down to the bottom. Pull the switch here and go back up. Turn around and jump across towards the open door. Go through and continue up the stairs. At the end pull up on the right side. Continue to the top of thestairs. Here go to the left up the stairs. There is once more a large medipack in the room ahead to pick up. The door closes behind Lara and does not reopen, but go to the left corner of the yellow painting and pull that block out once. Go around it to the right and pull out once more. Enter the room behind the block.

Getting back to the block and button room - refilling the pools:

Push the Mona Lisa button on the wall ahead, then go around the wall to the left side and push another button here. Go back to where you pushed the first button and drop into the opening there. Take out two guards and you'll see that Lara now is back in the room with the paintings and letters. Go back down the hole in the floor and down the stairs. Pick up a large medipack and brace yourself for another maddening challenge. There are now sentry guns in the room with the blocks and buttons: one on top of the metal structure and another in front of the opening by the Mona Lisa painting. Unfortunately this is exactly where you need to go. I didnít bother picking up the large medipack at the ground floor below the metal structure, but you can do so if you like.
What worked for me (thanks to Bluery, Bene, Kristina and Vimmers and everyone else at M. Prager's forum for the help on this) was to go in front of the gun (not close enough to catch fire of course) from the RIGHT side so that the gun will be pointing in that direction. Once that is done run back the way you came from and around the entire room. When you reach the left side of the Mona Lisa painting (opposite of where the gun is pointing) crawl along the wall and next to it through the doorway. This way Lara should get into the room behind the painting without the gun firing at her. Push the button to re-fill the pool outside in the garden and also remember to go through the Mona Lisa wall and push the second button to fill the other pool (I didn't do that the first time and so I had to go all the way back). Kill the guard that appears out of nowhere. Go back outside the same way you came, crawl to the right opposite of where the gun is pointing and go to where you can climb the girder again. To get past the gun on top climb up so that Lara is holding her hands on the top of the metal structure. Shimmy to the left past the gun(Lara must be HANGING from the edge to do so, she can't have her feet pulled up). Pull up and turn left and do a standing jump to the doorway. If you're extremely lucky the gun will still be pointing in another direction and so you can do this without losing any health. Go back up the stairs and climb up to the floor above.

Opening the Madonna Doors (again):

Now you will have to run out past the two sentry guns outside and here Lara will catch fire no matter what you do. Use as many medipacks as she needs while running out to the pools to put out the fire. Pull both switches in the pools to re-open the second set of Madonna doors. Now go to the timed switch and pull it, then quickly run to the timed floor tile and drop into the hallway below. Jump over the boulder again and flip the switch at the end back up. Jump across the opening to the left and follow the stairs/hallway to the end. Go up the stairs on the left and back into the secret room with the yellow painting. Go through the opening there and once more drop through the hole in the floor to land in the gallery with the letter paintings. Go through the second set of Madonna doors and pick up the small medipack on the pedestal. This opens the door leading to the slope with the collapsible tiles above the electric floor. Once again slide down, turn right and jump to grab the tile. Pull up, run and jump left to the next and from there to thedoorway. Go through to the room where you can pass through the Mona Lisa painting and pull the switch again. But this time, instead of seeing the Codex you willsee a hole in the floor. Great!!!!!! Go down to the floor with the hole in it and drop down there.

Exit - Getting The Codex:

As you enter the next room you will hear a scary-sounding growling. Pick up the medipack and pull the switch on the right side. Enter the new doorway and pull another switch on the right. Run to the end of the hallway and take out the guard and the centaur in there (you can probably also pull the switch by the door on the left side to let them out into the larger room to get more space for killing them, I didn't try this myself). Once they're dead go through the opening and into another room. You can use the crossbow and laser sight to kill the guards ahead without them noticing Lara. Once they're both dead pick up the two Hands Of Orion on each side of the room. Place them in the receptacles by the gate ahead and go through to finally be able to pick up the Codex. Go through the door that opens on the right side and hang onto the zip line to slide down to the end of the level.

Addendum by Josť: In Part 1, in the room where you get the Hand of Orion, you can go to the very top of the room climbing from one of the higher blocks in middle level (two in te south side and two in the north side). The wooden texture is climbable. Go up and get a large medipack at the north side of the metal structure.

In Part 2, I didn't need the crossbow + lasersight to shoot the three black plates above the three closed doors (with motives of Sylvester on them). Simply stand on the tiles with the vases and shoot the plates with the pistols. So you don't need to climb two times to the same room.

At the end of Part 3, 'cause Lara only have pistols and crossbow without hard ammo, I used the switches behind the doors to get the centaur trapped in the square room, so I didn't need to kill him.