Level by Oxy

Authorized walkthrough by Sutekh

CS = Crawlspace - MS = Monkey Swing - L = Left - R = Right - N, S, E, W = Cardinal Points - UW = Underwater

SJ = Standing Jump - SJ+G = Standing Jump + Grab - RJ = Running Jump - RJ+G = Running Jump + Grab

Enemies: Fire Wraiths, Tin Men, Bulls, Giant Bees
Items of note: Entrance Key, Revolver, Terrace Key, Waterskin, Golden Heart, Golden Dagger, LaserSight, Picture, Green, Blue and Red Crystals, Hippopotamus
Secrets: Silver Coins, Golden Apple, Bronze Coins, Golden Coins, Sun Spectacles. Bonus: Flask and Books
Traps - 2 Timed-Run

There You Are On The Road Again

Or so to speak. Welcome to Day Castle, a strange place where you'll meet bearded Scotsmen, happy angels and helpful ladies in yellow. A place of beauty, danger and laughters. Ready to visit? Please, follow the guide.

You start in a courtyard by a pool with a fountain (we'll call this place "the Fountain Courtyard"). Ahead (E), you can spot a big red ladybug in a bush. Don't be afraid, it's harmless. Run to it and turn L (N). In the far R corner (NE) a bearded man is sitting on a stairway. Behind him is a closed double-door and a keyhole. Before him lies a large medipack. Go pick it up.

Turn L (W) to spot another large medipack on an emerged block in the pool. Do a SJ from the edge and pick it up as well. Now that you're done with the starters, let's move on to the main meal.

Through Water and Fire to Find the Entrance Key

Dive in the water and swim to the SE corner to locate an opening. Surface for air then dive again and swim through it and along the UW tunnel until you reach an UW door. Position Lara so she faces the center of it (roughly) and press Action to open it. Swim through it and along the tunnel again to find another UW Door, open it the same way. There's one more task ahead, but you'll probably won't have enough air to perform it and make your way back, so do this just now and swim back to the pool for a good deep breath [It is possible to do it in one go, though]. Return in the tunnel. Once you've passed the second door, turn L and activate the UW lever. This will raise a block in the Fountain Courtyard.

Surface and turn around to pull up on the E edge of the pool. Turn L (N) to face the closed door. The newly raised block is there on its L. Climb the stairs a bit then jump, grab and pull up on the block then the roof ahead.

Turn L (S) and run toward the edge of the roof and the fence ahead. As you approach, 2 Fire Wraiths will come and greet you. Don't waste time to greet back, jump down from the roof to the courtyard then jump in the water. Smart as they are, they will follow you there and miserably extinguish. Climb back up on the roof and head to the fence again, stopping at the very edge of the roof, and do a SJ over the fence into the room ahead, holding Action so Lara doesn't hit the wall.

On your R (W) is a closed double door, and ahead of you three pedestals. Ignore them for now, they're for much later. Take a close look at the wall on your L (E), near the SE corner. The middle block is moveable. Pull it once then push it aside to open a way to the nearby room. Go to there a bit, then draw your pistols and hop back: there's a Tin Man coming at you. Those automatons strike hard but you can avoid to be hit by running back and forth while shooting, jumping over them if needed. You need to face them to hit them so keep running, rolling and shooting until they fall with a satisfying sound of shattering metal.

Go back to the opening: there are three swinging fire pots you need to avoid (a simple matter of timing), a closed door ahead (E) we'll ignore for now and a switch to your R (S). Make your way to the switch and turn around to spot a ladder topped by a closed trapdoor against the L (W) wall. Activate the switch to open the trapdoor.

Go to the R side of the ladder by running around the room to avoid the fire pots and climb to pull up in the room above. The trapdoor will close behind you. You can see a corridor ahead (W) with more swinging fire pots and a continuous darts emitter. If you turn around, you'll see another bearded man sitting in an armchair. Run toward the corridor: a fly-by shows you two men waving at you from a room above the opposite side of the courtyard, and a lady in yellow has joined our bearded friend.

Resume your way to the corridor, stop at the last white column and crouch to crawl under the fire pots and the darts emitter until you reach the end. The Entrance Key is waiting for you there so pick it up, opening a trapdoor nearby in the process. Crouch then drop down through it to land on a slope which lead you back to the Fountain Courtyard. Run to its NE corner and use the Entrance Key on the Keyhole there, then climb up the stairs to enter Day Castle.

A Tour of Day Castle and the Terrace Key

As you do so the doors close behind you. Immediately draw your pistols as 2 Tin Men will attack on sight. They'll leave a large medipack and a compass behind them, the latter you already have but just pick it up on general principle. There are many things of interest in this Hall: a closed glass door in the SE corner, stairways to the W, a CS up in the E wall on top of a high block, a woman head shaped receptacle near a closed door in the NW corner, a lady in yellow and a bearded man to the N and, last but not least, a revolver lying at his feet.

Go pick it up then climb the stairs. 2 more Tin Men will come after you so take them down the usual way, one of them will leave a large medipack behind. Enter the room L of the first flight of stairs, turn L (N) and go shoot the breakable chest in the NE corner to collect some revolver ammo.

Return to the stairway, turn L and climb the second flight of stairs to the N. Enter the room at the top and notice the closed floor trapdoor L of the entrance (SW corner). Now run to the switch in the far L corner (NW) and save, preparing yourself for your first (and easy) timed-run.

Activate the switch, opening the nearby trapdoor. Quickly turn L and sprint to fall through it just before it closes.

As you land, you can hear an organ playing the first notes of Bach's Fugue in D minor. You are in a small library next to a larger music room to the R (E). Run there to behold the source of the music to the L (N). In the far R corner (SE) is a closed door with a keyhole and to your R (S) a bookshelf half hidden by a moveable golden block. Pull it then push it aside to reveal a switch.

Activate it and return to the small room W. A bookshelf block has lowered there in the far R corner (NW), granting access to another small library. As you enter, the organ plays again and you can spot the Terrace Key to the L (S). Pick it up and return to the music room.

A lady in yellow has arrived meanwhile and she indeed seems fascinated by the organ. Maybe is there something special with it (apart from the fact that it plays on its own volition). Actually, the lady is showing you the way to the first Secret.

Jump on the organ then turn around to notice the bookshelf above the switch has disappeared, revealing Secret #1: Silver Coins. Jump up there to pick them up.

Now head for the closed door in the SE corner, but before opening it climb on the bookshelf block nearby to pick up some revolver ammo then go use the Entrance Key on the Keyhole to open the door.

Running Around The Terrace for the Golden Dagger

You find yourself in a White Hallway. There's a double closed door at the end with a receptacle on its L (N) but don't go there yet. First, notice the waving man behind the window to your L in a small fountain courtyard. You'll eventually get there but later. Of immediate interest are the swinging fire pot to your R (S), the opened door and the Terrace beyond.

Enter the Terrace, cautiously dealing with the fire pot on the way and go down the flight of stairs. You can explore a bit at this point, but stay close to the entrance side for now: there are two sleeping bulls here and you don't want to wake them up both at the same time (they will be eventually but the later, the better). Turn L (E) then R (S) after the horse statue to locate a large medipack. Pick it up, noticing the pool ahead and the two closed doors beyond.

Unfortunately, that's all you can do here without awaking any bull. Run back to the entrance and turn L (S) then run ahead toward the first bull. Run to the ladder on its L and quickly jump and grab it as the bull awakes. Climb to the top, pull up on the sloping roof and backflip to land on the small square roof behind.

Your going there has apparently disturbed 2 Fire Wraiths so you need to go to the pool now. Turn L (E) and SJ on the arch ahead, turn 45 R (SE) and run off the arch to fall in the Terrace below then quickly run and jump into to the pool, avoiding the bull on the way and staying R as to not awake its brother. While you're in there, go fetch the revolver ammo on the grate toward the S ledge then surface, exit the water and return on the small square roof via the ladder.

SJ on the nearby arch again, turn L (N) and run to the ladder to climb on the higher roof in the NE corner. Turn R (E), notice the white block in the far L corner (NE) and run a bit toward it. A buzzing noise will soon resound. Draw your revolver and roll to turn around as 3 Giant Bees fly at you to sting you to death. Don't give them enough time and quickly shoot them down. Pick up the large medipack one of them left behind then run E and around the white block to locate a switch. Activate it to open the two doors on the other side of the pool.

Go back to the arch below and run S to its other end. Turn 45 L (SE) and do a SJ to the next arch to pick up the revolver ammo there. Run off the arch to the Terrace below to land in front of the pool.

Don't go in there yet, look at the second bull: it has a Waterskin between its legs and yes, you'll have to grab it now (that's where you wished Lara had some sneaky moves). So proceed, awaking it by doing so, then go into the pool where Lara is up to the waist in water and use the Waterskin there to fill it (if you stand at the edge, the bulls won't be able to reach you). Now flee through the rightmost door at the opposite side of the pool. The bulls will follow you there so don't dally (as a matter of fact, these affectionate animals will follow you in many places as only stairs and blocks seem to stop them).

Upon entering the white corridor there, turn R (W). A lady in yellow is here, looking intently at an alcove to the S. Go there to find a Golden Heart. A camera shows you the Castle Entrance Hall which is where you're going back now.

Go back to the Terrace, then on the small square roof via the ladder again. This time, turn R (W) to locate the CS in the wall ahead. Ready your revolver and walk to the edge, facing the CS. Very soon, you'll hear that buzzing noise as 2 Giant Bees appear in the CS. Quickly kill them before they can reach you. Walk to the edge of the roof and do a RJ+G to the CS then pull up. Collect the large medipack, then crawl to the opening ahead, soon finding yourself on the high block overlooking the Castle Entrance Hall. Drop down there.

A Picture in the Sitting Room

Run to the NW corner and use the Golden Heart on the Woman Head Shaped Receptacle to open the nearby door. Pass through it to pick up the Golden Dagger in the alcove. It's in fact a crowbar and you're going to use it right now.

Go to the opposite corner of the Entrance Hall (SE) and open the glass door there with your newly found dagger. Open the next one as well and enter a cosy Sitting Room with stairways ahead (E) and nice furnitures all around (as well as an equally nice bearded man lost in his thoughts on a sideboard). They aren't the only noticeable things here: R of the bearded man is a flight of stairs going down an a closed door at the bottom. You can see a jumpswitch to your R on the S wall and another next to you on the W wall, both being too high to be activated right now. There's another closed door behind the fireplace in the far L corner (NE) and if you turn around (W), you can see a Lion Head above the entrance. Which means you need something to be able to target the gem in its mouth.

Climb the first flight of stairs, crouch at the top to crawl under the continuous darts emitter and crawl to the second one. Run up to the bedroom above. Locate the bookshelf block L of the bed (E) and the protruding book. Go to it and use Action to raise a block below against the S wall. Make your way back down the Sitting Room. Go L toward the SE corner: there's some revolver ammo lying among books on a raised part of the floor. Pick it up. This will call 2 Tin Men, one next to you from the W and another from behind the stairs to the N. Dispatch them quickly and pick up the flares and the large medipack they leave behind.

Now go climb on that raised block in the SE corner and activate the jumpswitch, opening a door in the S side of the bedroom above. Go back up there (mind the darts) and to the other side of the bed. Crouch to crawl under another continuous darts emitter and climb into the alcove in the S wall to pick up revolver ammo and the LaserSight. Turn around, jump over the darts and go back down to the Sitting Room.

Combine your Revolver with the LaserSight and shoot the gem in the Lion Head mouth above the entrance door. Turn around (E) to notice a picture has raised at the top of the first flight of stairs to reveal an alcove and a switch. Climb in there, pick the large medipack and activate the switch: a fly-by shows you a block raising under the high jumpswitch near the entrance, then lowering after a short while. It's timed indeed, so save and get ready for your second timed-run.

Activate the switch, roll to turn around and slightly turn R to take a diagonal run up, so you do an angled RJ over the darts (the switch prevents you to have enough room for a straight one). Quickly run down the stairs, jump up on the newly raised block and quickly activate the jumpswitch before the block lowers.

The door near the bearded man is now opened. Go through it to enter a small dark room and pick up the Picture on a raised floor to your R (S), opening the NE corner door in the process. Return to the Sitting Room and pass the newly opened door to find yourself back in the Terrace.

Three Crystals

Run ahead (N) and cross the Terrace to get back in the White Hallway (aren't you happy to see your bull friends again?). Turn R (E), run toward the closed doors then turn L (N) to put the Picture in its receptacle opening the nearby doors. Pick up the revolver ammo on the floor and pass the doors to enter the beautiful Crystals Room.

You're indeed here to collect three crystals, but first, we'll make a small detour for a Secret.

Turn L (N) and run toward the man in yellow then turn L (W) again. There's a closed golden door behind a moveable big vase on the R. Pull the vase once to reveal some flares. Light one if you want to notice the wall R (N) to where the vase was is a bit different: it's a moveable block. Push it twice and immediately draw your revolver: 2 Giant Bees and a Tin Man burst out from the new opening. Deal with them then pass the opening to enter a white courtyard.

Run NW then SW to a covered part of the courtyard. Turn L (S) to notice the breakable grey panels. Shoot them to break them, opening the way to the small courtyard with the fountain and the waving man we spotted a while ago. Dive in the water and swim R (W) and around the pillar to locate an UW switch on its W side. Activate it to open the golden door in the Crystals Room and make your way back there.

Run through the newly opened door to enter what looks like a living room. Notice the tall yellow dressed statue R of the TV: it's moveable. Pull it twice to get Secret #2: the Golden Apple. You're now done with Secret 2 and may go back to the Crystals Room.

Once there, turn around and look up above the golden door: there's a Lion Head there. Shoot the gem in its mouth to lower a glass case at the other end (S) of the room giving you access to two of the Crystals. Don't go there yet though.

Run toward the entrance of the room and turn L (E) to face an large alcove on top of a flight of stairs. Go there and turn L (N) upon entering. There's a Scale near the N wall. Go use your full Waterskin on its left pan (stand next to it, open your inventory, select the waterskin and choose USE). This opens a door nearby in the W wall, L of the entrance. Go there and climb in the alcove. Use the dagger to get the Green Crystal. Turn around, leave the alcove and turn R (S) to pick up the revolver ammo on the floor then return to the Crystals Room.

Turn L and run all the way to the S to locate the two other crystals, near the lady in yellow. As you get up on the low block before them, a Fire Wraith attacks. Quickly run across the room to the Secret #2 opening, through the white courtyard and dive in the small pool with the fountain to get rid of it before going back to the two remaining crystals. Pick up the revolver ammo on the floor then use your dagger to get the Blue and Red Crystals.

Opening the Way to Your Ultimate Goal

Turn L (E) and run toward the window. Turn L (N) again and look up to locate a jumpswitch. Activate it to open a door in the White Corridor beyond the pool in the Terrace. Make you way there via the White Hallway and the Terrace.

Upon entering the corridor, turn L (E). Ignore the alcove on your L for now and run through the newly opened door to enter another corridor. Turn R (S) and go pick up the flares at the end (mind the bulls, though), then turn around (N) and run to the opening at the opposite end of the corridor. Again a buzzing noise will greet you as 3 Giant Bees come flying after you, but your first priority is to take shelter from the bulls. So turn R (E) and R again (S) around the corner to quickly go on a slightly raised tile next to a Red Crystal Receptacle: the bulls won't bother you there. Draw your revolver and kill the bees.

Place the Crystals in their respective receptacles. This triggers a long and very nice fly-by where you can see a merry singing angel appearing next to you, a door opening in the Three Pedestals Room above the starting Fountain Courtyard and another one on the other side of the White Corridor, granting a short access there. When the fly-by's over, you can also notice a lady in yellow has just arrived.

She's turned to a balcony next to you up in the SW, and de facto pointing at another Secret.

Turn around to the SE to aim at a triangular grassy slope ahead and do a SJ to it. Turn L (S) and do another SJ to land between the trees ahead. Turn R (W), walk to the wall, pull up on the ledge ahead and shoot the breakable grey panel ahead. Enter the alcove and pick up Secret #3: the Bronze Coins.

Go back down to the garden by sliding down the slope and quickly make your way back to the White Corridor (R/W at the junction). Notice the lady in yellow staring at the N wall to your R and climb on the higher blocks there. Go get the flares in the nearby alcove then return to the blocks. Follow the lady in yellow's silent advice and go for your next Secret.

A new red light allows you to clearly locate the moveable block to your L (E). Pull it once then carefully go to its other side via the corridor. Enter the small dark room and climb on the higher blocks ahead to pick up some revolver ammo, disturbing a Giant Bee. Shoot it down, go down to the room and look closely at the R wall (W). There's another moveable block in the middle of it. Pull it back then aside and enter the now accessible alcove to pick up Secret #4: the Gold Coins.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas!

You now need to make your way back to the Three Pedestals Room and beyond. You could go there directly through the door that has just opened at the W end of the White Corridor, but the bulls would follow you there and could make your next task rather dangerous, so we're going to make a detour via the Castle Entrance Hall.

Return to the Terrace and go to the Castle Entrance Hall via the Sitting Room (door top of the stairs near the ladder). From there, go to the Fountain Courtyard and climb on the transparent block. Cross the roof and do a SJ holding Action to the Three Pedestals Room behind the fence. Now, before passing the door to your L (W) and if you want the Bonus "Secret", you need to go to the pedestals and use the coins on them. If you've been quick and lucky enough, the bulls aren't there yet and you can quietly do so. If not well... dodge, as usual.

Once you're done, quickly pass the door and go down the stairs. Theorically (that is: unless you absolutely need to go back), you don't have to worry about the bulls anymore. You find yourself in a dining room, with a big mirror covering the whole L wall (S). Also to your L, near the SE corner, is the door you just opened by using the Coins: this is the entrance to the Secret Bonus.

Go to the door and climb into the small room. A lady in yellow is facing an alcove to your R (S). Go to the moveable big vase next to it and push it once. Climb in the alcove, shoot the breakable shelves and pick up the Bonus Secret: Flask and Books [As stated in the readme, it won't be registered as a secret, though]. Go back to the Dining Room.

Go to the S wall and look in the mirror world. You can see a merry yellow dressed angel and right as his feet the Hippopotamus. Pick it up: the angel will appear in the real world as well. Turn around, go L (W) and up the leftmost flight of stairs. Turn L (S) again to spot the Hand and give it the Hippopotamus, opening a door nearby.

Flying Away

Turn around then run N and down the stairs to reach a large, beautiful room with a closed door to your L (NW) and a stairway ahead (N) on the other side. The tall yellow dressed statue faces the closed door meaning it's an important one, but before doing what's needed to open it, let's make another detour for the last Secret.

Turn R (E) upon entering the room and run to the window. Climb on the higher block there, immediately turn L (N) and look up to locate a CS up in the N wall. Climb up in it, crawl a bit then run through the rather dark corridor until you reach a ladder. Climb and pull up in the room above. It's long and lined with armchairs on which more bearded men are sitting. You can also meet the two waving men you spotted at the start of the level. Run ahead to the other side and pick up Secret #5: Sun Spectacles. Return to the Statue Room.

Locate the moveable chandelier on the floor near the stairs and push/pull it to pick up some flares. Now climb the stairs to the top to enter the Toilets.

Someone's already there but unless Lara really needs his sit at the moment that shouldn't be a problem. Go L (W) to the pool. Don't dive in it but turn 45 L (SW) at the edge to see the alcove with the switch on the wall. Do a SJ and activate the switch to open the door in the Statue Room and return there.

Go through the newly opened door to enter the garden. A giant version of your Hippo toy is there, as well as a merry angel and a bearded man and you may spot a plane waiting for you beyond the slope. Climb on the arch above the entrance and go to its N edge. Turn 45 L (NW) and do a running jump over the slope. Pick up the Scroll and read it if you haven't got all the secrets.

Now run to the plane, triggering a last fly-by to see what happens next and fly away from Day Castle.