Level by Eric Claire (eRIC).

Walkthrough by D&G productions.


According to a legend, Papazebigbos a wise man, and Andreas Kikiouras a warrior, and the scribe Ioulou Xoserious are heirs of the Macedonian that settled in Egypt after Alexander's conquest. They married Egyptian women and lived in peace for years.
However, these families and their friends did not want to worship the Egyptian gods as did the other Macedonians. They took refuge underground (was it a good idea?) to escape from Listentothetep, a charismatic guru who excited some evil people against them.
So the tribe settled underground; rearranging forgotten Egyptian temples and caves according to their own culture, they did not change everything though, because they had in mind the limitations of the level builder to come

22 centuries thereafter, Lara Croft has found the entrance; she hopes to find signs of an underground Macedonian civilization.

Level 1 Ė Signs

Go down to a slope and see an opening in the wall to the L, just before the end of the slope, slide and jmp with a L curve to land in that opening, get some Ammo in that room and go into the SW passage, drop down the hole in the end and go into the Spike room.

The Spike room.

Spikes everywhere and something on the pedestal you canít get yet. Go to the SE corner and shoot a vase on the ledge to get the Ammo from it, then go to the higher part of the floor along the S wall, from the block you can jmp/grab to the ledge up on S wall, a flyby shows the trigger tiles around the room and also the Crossbow on the top ledge, go E over the ledge and see the block L of the Spikes, do a runjmp wide around the spikes to grab the block and go up to get the Ammo.

Now you have to get onto that trigger tile, face S and stand on the R hand side of the block, run off as you expect the Spikes to go up (so youíll land on the spikes that are up) and sidejmp to the R immediately (spikes stopped on the NW corner ledge). Now drop from the ledge and go to the NW corner, there are Spikes on the floor in front of a sloped block, stand facing N and one square R of the block, sidejmp L onto the lowest point of the block and jmp/grab the ledge over the Spikes. Go E and hop over the Spike block to step on the trigger tile there (Spikes retract on the Tile in the NE corner ground floor).

Crossbow and Egyptian-Greek Translator.

Drop down the ledge and go to a switch on the tile in that NE corner, pull the switch and see the Spikes at the pedestal S are gone, go get the Egyptian-Greek Translator. Go back to that NE corner block to jmp to the N ledge again, go to the E side of the Spike-trap and stand against the N wall, facing W, walk to the corner of the Spikes and turn L a bit. Save and do a diagonal run over the Spike tile and jmp with a L curve to grab the ledge with the Crossbow, pull up on the trigger tile and the spikes are gone, get the Crossbow. Have a look to the E and see the 3 Tiles on the wall, Bird, Eye and Scarab. Keep that in mind and run off to the S.

Drop from the ledge and go out of the room, head N and notice the Golden door to the L in the cave, get the Flares a bit further and go through an opening to a room with some alcoves that have trigger tiles, go L (W) first and step on the Eye (last tile, gives screen of the door), look for the Ammo opposite that tile and some more to the R of it and go E to find the Bird tile there, step on that one and head up the ramp N. Look up S and grab up to the ledge above, shimmy L and pull up in the triangular hole, go in to fined the last tile, the Scarab (the door opens). Crawl back out and shimmy R a bit to where you can pull up, go W to a dark pedestal, grab the Ammo and backflip as Knives come out of the pedestal, go down the ramp and to that door W in the next cave.

The Lava Passage.

Runjmp up to the opening L and go around to the other side of the passage, a gate opens where you jmped in, so go back and notice the Ahmet (never liked the name) behind the door in the S. When you get back to the lava, you can see a gate opened in the opposite wall and L a bit, stand L and take one step back, now standjmp around the L corner and slidejmp into the N passage, go follow to a Tile with Flares, Ammo and the Shotgun. Notice the switch to the L, thatís for later.

Room with the Red Tiled Floor.

First go R and in the passage to a room with a red tiled floor, go into the R hand small room first and step on the trigger tile, a gate opens in the N room. Itís not a timed gate , but if you step on a wrong tile the gate closes notice the tiles on the wall at the trigger tile, a Bird and an Eye. Go to the N room and from the ledge at the entrance do a runjmp to the Eye on L wall, turn R and spot the Bird on the ceiling (never mind what it says on the floor). Donít go too close to the edge of the tile and standjmp to the Bird, one more standjmp to the Eye at the E wall, grab up to the bars on the wall and go climb L to the last set of bars, feet on the lower bar and backflip onto a sloped block, jmp into the alcove with a nasty Steam-blower turn SW and walk to the edge, but not too far. Standjmp to the Eye and get the Ĺ MP.


Turn N and jmp into the gate. Go down to a room with a pillar between Spike-traps, go runjmp over the lower part of the E slope to the vase on the ledge and shoot it, get Secret #1, Ammo and Ĺ MP then go N. On the pillar in the Spike traps is a ladder, jmp NE and from the slope you land on a jmp/grab to grab the ladder, go up to the ceiling, save and climb L around the corner, but not too far. Time the flame emitter and go down a little bit, backflip onto the N ledge. To the W is the Lasersight, then go E and hop over the block to the E ledge, get some Ammo and get down in the room, get out the Shotgun and go to the gate that will open, but a couple of Bugs will attack, so run into the room with the red floor and take them out there.

Head back S and to that switch next to the trigger tile, look W into the passage from the tile and spot the gate with the vase. The switch will open the gate and you have to shoot the vase, but as soon as you step on the tile, the gate will close so we have to find another way. Pull the switch and go L to the lava passage, grab the MS ceiling and go to the other side, into the wall and then hit ďShiftĒ and L arrow to climb L and then turn L. Go to the end of the MS. Past the Ahmet, thatís anxiously awaiting your arrival (his cage must have been opened).

Hang close to the wall and face NE, drop and slide jmp with a R curve to land in the N passage, follow to the trigger tile, but do NOT step on it, turn around and shoot that vase in the alcove up E, another gate opens in the room where the Ahmet came out. Go back to where you just jmped into the passage and runjmp out with a L curve to land at the beginning of this ordeal, runjmp into that S passage again and go to that door where you saw the Beast before, heís nowhere to be seen nowÖ

In the W side wall is a closed gate and a small cave with a vase that holds Flares, some Ammo is to be found in the back of that cave. Go out and into the crevice in the E wall, here is that green box you saw from the Spike room, step on the Tile thatís under the box and the gate in the S opens. Go to a deep pit and jmp to the ledge on the R hand (W) wall, face S and stand on the L side of the ledge, a runjmp with a little R curve in the end and land on a ledge behind the sloped one, a standjmp from the S most point will get you on the floor of the next cave, 2 Giant Scorps will come out, shoot them and notice the ďScarabĒ gate W. Go S and come to a room with multiple gates.

The Scarab Room.

Find the transparent Scarab tile in the floor N look S and see a block go up, run to the timed block, hop on and turn quickly to grab up to the ledge with the Flares. Turn S and see the opening over in the S, do a runjmp/grab to that dark green MS ceiling and go S (maybe you have to go sideways on the slanted part (Shift) go to the opening and Time your drop/grab and pull up to the floor, get a MP and throw the switch to open a gate that will lead to a Gem and Secret #2 (=the Gem) will sound as the flyby is over. I donít know what the best way to get out is, but I timed the spikes and run jmped out, suffering some health loss, thatís what the MP was for I think. Shoot 2 vases there and get Ĺ MP and Ammo

1st Macedonian Gem.

Go to the Scarab gate that opened in the E and walk up to the lava pit, look r and spot the sloped floor in the corner, do a runjmp to that floor and slide backflip into the parallel passage. Look E and see a Chain and a burning vase, but thatís not all thereís another burning vase to the L and a knife trap where you will land, so a long runjmp over the slanted floor, immediately hop back and slide/jmp to backflip over the lava, the knives are now deactivated, so runjmp over again and wait for the right moment to go past the chain, get the 1st Macedonian Gem. Get back past the Chain, run on the slanted floor and jmp over the lava, the gate will open on approach.

Get the timed block up again, run and hop on, grab up to the ledge above. Stand in the centre of the ledge and face that Spike ledge on E wall. Youíll face NE, do a runjmp, starting when you expect the spikes to pop up and a running jmp over the ledge to get to the switch on the N ledge, throw the switch to open the Scarab gate NW of here, drop down the N side and enter the gate that will close behind you.

Go to the N side of the room and shoot the Bug on your way, go through the Scarab window in E wall and roll when you stepped on the floor tile, run to the W side and roll when you stepped on the tile there, sprint out and run L into the open timed gate, step on the tile and pull the switch to get a pole up in the SW corner of this place, to re-open the gate you have to pull the switch again, go S and go up the pole.

The Torches.

Backflip into the upper passage and walk out on the ledge, a burning ledge with a sloped pillar, look NW and see the sloped pillar on E wall. thatís where you have to runjmp/grab to. Shimmy to the L of centre, pull up and backflip to the sloped pillar behind, jmp again to land on the sloped block over the E pillar, then slide and jmp with a L curve and try to land on the grey surface of the roof N, get the Ammo and from the highest part of the roof a runjmp back onto that E pillar with a L curve, grab the edge on sliding off and hang L of centre again, pull up and backflip. Jmp and slidejmp from the upper block to grab the upper N ledge (over the roof) in the last moment. Go L and into the room with the 2 Torches on a ledge. You need one, the other is a spare, take both anyway and go to the ledge outside, throw the Torches down and look where they end up, so you can find them later.

Look S now and spot the MP on the ledge there, go stand in front of the room with the torches and stand with your back to the wall, standjmp and grab the sloped block over the burner ledge and shimmy L, pull up and jmp in the last moment, with a L curve so you can grab the ledge L of the higher part. Get the Ammo and MP and standjmp to the upper E block, slide and jmp L to land on the roof below, drop down from that and go get a Torch and head N. Go into the E Scarab window and step on the tile, roll and sprint to the W window as the wall torch ignited (timed). Quickly light your Torch and go to the SE, to the Urn near the exit of the room, set the Urn on fire and the exit opens and you get a screen of another Urn in the room with the Scarab gates.

Go out and R, taking the Torch with you and go onto that trigger tile for the block again. Now you have to runjmp onto the block, landing on the R hand side, turn L and runjmp E with a L curve to get up to the green ledge again. Look SE and see the ledge with the Urn, runjmp to that ledge and light the urn. The Scarab gate W opens, go down from the ledge to that open gate and leave the Torch outside this room.

Chain room for the Edge Key.

Go L inside to the S wall and jmp to the green ledge, stand on the NW tip, face NW exactly and hop back, now do a runjmp straight NW, when the Chain is in the L position. Land exactly on the corner of the burner tile and you will be safe, go to the pedestal and grab the Edge Key. Hop back at once and walk to the burner, a flyby will show gates opening up (one releases the Ahmet) and the way back to that lava passage where the Key can be used.

From the corner of the burner tile where you landed before you can do a runjmp when the Chain is R, back to the ledge on S wall, jmp to the E and shoot the Bug, go out and pick up the Torch, go N to the big pit. Shoot another Bug and go to the E side of the pit. See the sloped pillars there, stand where you have a clear jmp (low ceiling, stand on the R side of the first sloped floor part) and runjmp onto the 1st pillar, slide and jmp two more times, to land on the N ledge. Be careful, that Ahmet is wandering around here. Shoot it when you encounter it and go into that W gate he was in before, grab the Ĺ MP and Ammo and go on N, carrying the Torch, R out of the golden door and hop L onto the sloped side of the lava passage, slide and jmp into the N passage, follow to that tile and hear the gate where you shot the vase before close up again. Go L into the passage with the switch and look down R in the end, throw the Torch to that floor in front of the gate and runjmp with a R curve to get there yourself, open the gate with the Edge Key and get the Torch when you go in.

Final rooms.

Well it wasnít really necessary to carry the Torch in here, but it saves a lot of work which I will describe anyway later.

With the Torch:

Go R and a flyby will show gates and Spikes on ledges, in the NW corner is a wall torch you can light to open the N gate. Then head W and L in the next room, in the SE corner is another Urn in an alcove, light that one too and see a gate opening up to the next Secret. Go back to the E room and drop the Torch. Pick up the Ammo on the block in the S. Dive into the pool and use the UW lever on N side, swim into the UW gate that opened in the S wall, go R then L and to the far SW corner, up to get Secret #3, Ammo. Dive back in and swim to the pool N, get out N and enter the gate there, place that Egyptian-Greek translator in the receptacle to the R and the UW gate N opens in the pool, swim in and to a plant where you can pick up more Ammo, swim back a bit and up the hole, climb out to a passage, follow the passage N and around the L corner to where the level ends.

Without the Torch:

Get the Flyby and go to the s side of the room, get the Ammo on the block there and dive into the pool, use the UW lever N and swim into the S UW gate that opened. Go into the 2nd L and swim straight to the E wall, to the R in the alcove with the plant is some Ammo, then roll and swim up in the hole over the big plant. Go N over the ledge, shooting a Bug and from the end of the ledge a runjmp/grab to the NW ledge with the spikes. Go close to the Spikes and turn to the ledge in the centre of the room, hop back against the wall and save, now time the runjmp (when you expect the Spikes to be up when you land on it) to the ledge with that nasty vase and do a running jmp curved R to that ledge in front of the open SW gate.

The Skellie Room.

If you want to dispose of the Skellie at any point, just shoot it in the head with an arrow and he will be harmless.

Run in and go to the far SW corner, jmp on the blocks to shoot a vase to get some Ammo from it, look up E from there and spot a vase way up on a ledge, shoot that too, then go over to the NW and shoot the vase, look E again and shoot the next vase, do a long runjmp/grab lined up exactly E and get the Ammo, drop and sidejmp R. go to the E and R to behind the green vase opposite the exit, in the hole there is a switch that was protected by Spikes before, throw the switch to kill the Spikes on the NW ledge in the pool room, go out of the room now and you can take the safe route, down through the water and up to the E ledge, runjmp/grab NW again.

OR: standjmp onto the ledge with the vase when the Spikes go up and runjmp to the N ledge, crawl backwards into the hole and jmp/grab up to the MS there, go to the NW corner and drop/grab the pillar, go up and climb the ladder to a room. Go L and see a grated block in the crevice, shoot the vase you can see in the room behind it and a block lowers on the other side, get back down the ladder and to the pool E. Dive in, swim into the s gate, 2nd L and immediately R and up in an alcove with an UW lever that will raise another block in the W room. Swim back to the pool room and go to the E room, L and find that block in the corner. Climb up and face E.

A long runjmp and grab the low side of the pillar there. Climb up to the place where you shot the last vase, get the Torches up in the SW corner. (You need only one, but itís possible one drops in the pool below and then you would have to go up here again.) Go light them on the vase in the next room, throw them down one of the holes. Go after the Torch and grab it, throw it on dry land below and go down, go back into the E pool again and throw that UW lever again, to lower that block in the E room, go there and grab a torch, light the Urn in the SE alcove and see a gate opening up to the next Secret.

Itís through the water, so take your torch to the pool room and light a wall torch in the NW corner, a gate opens N. To get the Secret, dive in the pool, swim in S and R, then L and to the far SW corner, up to get Secret #3, Ammo. Dive back in and swim to the pool N, get out N and enter the gate there, place that Egyptian-Greek translator in the receptacle to the R and the UW gate N opens in the pool, swim in and to a plant where you can pick up more Ammo, swim back a bit and up the hole, climb out to a passage, follow the passage N and around the L corner to where the level ends.

Level 2 - The Edge

This walkthrough assumes youíve come here from level 1 and have the Crossbow and Lasersight in your possession; if not, you have to look for the places to get those first.

Thereís a slope and at the end of it are Spikes popping up, the gate over the spikes can be opened by shooting the Ball you can just see halfway down the sloped ceiling. In the R hand wall is another opening, but itís closed off by a gate (opens later), so time your slide and jmp over the Spikes before they pop up. A flyby will show the next area with lots of doors and gates.

The Big Square.

A bit onwards and to the R is a dark entrance, inside are some Flares. Notice the gate with the burning vase behind it, weíll be back here later. Go on to the N and shoot some white vases in the next alcove R, get the Ammo and go to a pillar W of here, climb the ledge with the green vase turn around and runjmp/grab the roof on the NE building, shimmy L and climb up the grey brick floor. Jmp onto the roof E and look for the Jmpswitch on the S side of the part you stand on, drop/grab to the switch and see a gate open up. A block lowered behind you, get the MP and from here you can standjmp/grab up to a ledge on the E wall, just above the window youíre in.

Go N and see the gate that opened in the corner there. Shoot the Harpy that comes for you and go into that passage. Get the Ammo to the L inside and get a glimpse of the Golden Star through a crack in the wall. Go out and stand W, in front of the hole with the jmpswitch, jmp up to the L (S) side roof and walk to the W side. Look straight W and spot the ledge on the R hand side of the pillar, runjmp/grab over and get Secret #1, a Ĺ MP, now runjmp to the grey ledge N, go L and past the door that needs a Guardian Key and go stand with your back in the next corner as a Harpy will come for you, just shoot it with pistols from standing in the corner.

Go onto the lower ledge and look S, in the structure there is a closed door. Look on the walkway L of it and see the Crossbow, runjmp/grab over to get it and follow the walkways to where you can climb up R and runjmp over to the S balcony, go into the building and get some Ammo opposite the sarcophagus, look through the gap L of the gates and shoot the Brass ball, go back out to the balcony and see the gate to the L (SW) opened. Go in and shoot the Demigod, shoot the vase on W wall if that didnít break yet and throw the switch to open a gate nearby, in the pool to the N is some Ammo in a vase on the bottom. Go back to the entrance of the room(balcony) and R into that S room where you shot the ball before. Look L and see the opening where the gate was, climb up and grab up to the roof to the R (S), go get some Flares in the E and return to the SW corner.

Go L at that green vase, shoot the Harpy that comes out of the dark passage and enter, in the end you can drop into the room with the Brass ball (a screenshot will show that door you saw before in that white structure on Big Square). Thereís a switch to the R of the big gate that will open now, throwing the switch will open the door in the white structure, timed that is, so jmp out of the gate and sprint to the balcony N, go L and along the W wall balcony, R at the end, runjmp/grab to that walkway where the Crossbow was and sidejmp R onto the ledge in front of the door, run in, slide and jmp to the other side of the hole in the floor. Turn around and standjmp onto the thin ledge over the door, go onto the lower ledge L and look for the opening in the W wall to the NW of here.

Star of Pella.

From this lower ledge you can do a curved runjmp/grab to that opening to come out in the top of the room where the Demigod was. This time we go R, later to the L. Runjmp/grab to that brown roof NW and shimmy R to where you can pull up, look E with the Binocs and see the ledge with the Spikes with a CS behind it. Stand with your back against the wall. Standjmp/grab to the Spike ledge and pull up, immediately jmp and grab the CS, a gate opens below, drop into the alcove with the Star of Pella and go out to place it next to the big gate. Go in and get the Ammo, then look for the pushblock in the SE corner, pull/push it under the block in the NW corner and get a flyby of another gate opening up (to get to the Torches later).

Lasersight and Shotgun.

Go out and L, over the grey ledge to the roofs NE, jmp up and go to that grey ledge S again, follow to the next roof s and jmp into the room L of it. The gate will open for you, there are 2 Skellies inside, shoot them out or dodge them, then go to the S side of the room, behind the pillar with the ladder is the Lasersight on a pedestal.

Optional for a Secret:
Turn W from the pedestal and hop into the window sill. The gate will open, look to the R and see a ledge up there, standjmp/grab around the corner to go to the trop of the ledge for
Secret #2, Ammo and the Uzis. Go back inside by jmping to the S lower ledge and jmping into the window again.

Get up the ladder N and get a Shotgun. Head S and in the SW corner is an alcove, in the alcove is a pushblock, a Skellie will appear, shoot him down into the room. Push the block in till you can get into the room and push the block aside to the L, behind it is a switch that will lower Spikes at a Gem. Go W, jmp over the hole and get one of the Torches. A screenshot of the top of that structure on the Big Square, turn around and look down the hole, thereís a vase below with a nice flame to light your Torch and a gate opened to the R, you can go into the gate and follow the passage over the corners of the holes to where you see that vase below. Run in down and light the Torch.

Go W over Big Square and L to the gate at those Spikes you entered Big Square from. Look L and see that opening where the gate is open now, standjmp in and go up the E block, run over the corner to the L and come out to a ledge, turn L and runjmp to the W, hop on the block, you can go get that Ammo a bit later. Jmp around the L corner to the S walkway and here itís safe to drop the Torch to get the Ammo. Then get the Torch again and go to the W, along the W wall to the NW corner and see a grated block raised on the walkway there, hop on and runjmp to the lower ledge where you got the crossbow, then jmp up to the open door and slide jmp over the hole, turn around and stand on the edge. Standjmp up to that thin ledge and go up to the R.

1st Golden Seal and 2nd Macedonian Gem.

Go light that vase on the corner and a door opens W, just do a runjmp and youíll land in the opening, one more runjmp to get on the block with the vase and light it to open a door on Big Square in the E. throw the torch and go onto the W ledge, look S and see a ladder on the s wall, a curved runjmp/grab will get you there, go up and backflip/roll/grab the ledge with Secret #3, the 2nd Macedonian Gem. Get down to the ground floor and then make your way down to the E side of Big Square, in the building on E wall is that gate you just opened, go in to get your 1st Golden Seal. Head out and go straight to that pool W.

UW part.

Dive in and look at the E wall of the pool, 3 openings, swim into the R hand one and get a Ĺ MP, go out and to the R, to the last opening, the one covered by plants. Save and swim in, time the swim past the Rotating Knives and go L, straight and a bit R to find the UW lever in the NE corner. It will open a door opposite this tunnel in the pool. Swimming back out youíll find the Knives have stopped, look to the R in the next part of the tunnel and see some Ammo behind the gate, thatís a Secret for later as that gate will open on a timed lever.

Swim back to the pool and into that open UW door W, to a small cave with Spikes to the L, just go W and into the next pool, get out fast and shoot those Crocs, watch out for the Bull right now, donít want too much enemies at a time, do we? Looking into the room youíll see two big vases, go shoot them and then go to the Bull to wake him up, let him hit the 2 Bulls Eyes that were behind those vases and the Spikes in that UW cave will retract. There are 2 receptacles for Golden Seals in this room and behind the gate is the Edge Key.

Dive back in the water, swim R in that small cave and get the Shotgun and Ammo, near that UW door S, open the door and swim up in a room where a Trident is needed. Look for the switch in the NE corner of the room and use it to kill the flames in a CS on the Big Square, pick up the Ĺ MP at your feet. Dive back into the pool and swim into the hole at the S wall. Come to a large UW room, swim to the SW corner and find an air pocket behind the pillar, face N and swim to the next pillar hanging from the ceiling, use the UW lever on itís back and this will open the centre one of 3 UW doors down in the E wall.


Go in and swim straight, just R around the corner is a light colored trigger Tile, youíll get a screenshot of a cage lowering back in the large room, now swim back (get that MP around the corner later or the gate will close again when you swim underneath the 2nd trigger Tile), swim R in front of that first gate youíve entered from, then L and the gate there will open for you. Go get some air and get the Trident from the lowered cage in the S. Notice the gap in the pillar L of the Trident. Behind the structure where you got the Trident is some Ammo in a hole. Now repeat what youíve done before, throw the lever behind that W pillar, swim into the centre E gate and get that MP, swim straight out of the gate that will open for you. Go N and up into the Neptune room.

Climb out in the E, where the Trident can now be used on the statue. A door opens up W in this room. Swim back to the small cave N and out E to the pool in the Big Square. Go to the SW corner of the pool and climb out near that CS where you killed the flames before, climb in and follow to the top of the room with the Neptune statue.

Golden Key.

Go to the W door and safe before you go down. Thereís a Moving Pillar at the end of the slide, and a pole in a lava pool behind it, better jmp from the last part of the slope and grab the pole (worked best for me), turn L and go up a bit if youíre low, backflip and draw the Shotgun, hop back and turn R, run to the next wall (W), there you can safely deal with the 3 Ahmets on the wider floor. Find the Golden Key behind the sloped ledge in the SE corner and the door in the N opens, go to the SW corner and climb up to get Secret #4, Uzis and Ammo, get back down and enter that N door.

2nd Golden Seal.

Go into a room with a door (E) that was open before, leading to the Big Square. Now a gate opened in the N wall, go in and a Spirit will appear. Go up a ladder in the L (W) passage and throw the switch that will open a bunch of gates to the Big Square, go back down, and straight out the opening E, go R and look in one of those new open alcoves for the Bird statue in the pedestal to get rid of the Spirit. (I ducked behind the statue.)

Go back into that corridor you just came from and N, to the R of the gate is the keyhole for the Golden Key, the Spikes that were there are gone now, using the Key will open the gate, get the MP and head in. Get the 2nd Golden Seal in the SE, then the Crowbar in the NE. notice a block has to be raised behind the Crowbar pedestal in order to use the Jmpswitch there.

Now get back into the pool and into the W door into the small cave and W to the room with the Bull, Lure him into the alcoves to gain some time and place the 2 Seals to open the gate to the Edge Key. Grab it and get out of there. Swim back to the pool in Big Square or go for the Secret now.

Optional for the Secret: Timed swim.

Swim to that room S of the Neptune room and swim into that gap L of the Trident pedestal, throw the UW lever to open that gate forSecret #5 . Swim out quick, N and up into the room with the Neptune statue, N to the small cave, N and R to the pool in the Big Square, into that small opposite tunnel and into the open gate, if youíre out of air, return to the pool first as the gate will stay open once youíve been inside. Go get the Ammo and return to the room with the Neptune Statue. (Itís a tight swim and there are many obstacles.)

Back on Big square go to the roof in the NE again and go to that door in the N wall, open it with the Edge Key and go in to find a whole new area, go into a corner quick and take out the 2 Harpies. Dive into the water, get some Ammo on a block and swim into the NE structure to find another Star of Pella, swim NE and climb up to a ledge onto the W wall and go to where you can runjmp to the roof of the Temple, find a MS in the green plants on the ceiling and go with a L bend to the E area where you can see Spikes. Stay L on the MS and drop onto a slope wall below, jmp with a L curve to land on the block with the Ammo, go over to the S ledge and in the passage there you can get the Golden Star.

Go out and over the E ledge to the end, there a runjmp NW over a small fence to get into the N passage, go W and place the Star of Pella. That block raises at the Jmpswitch where you got the Crowbar before. Turn around and from the first opening S jmp to that pillar in front of it, turn W and runjmp (aiming R of that fence) over the grey sloped wall to land on the roof of the structure with the green vase. Thereís a hole in the roof, go down and shoot an Ahmet and a Harpy. Step on the Tile and get a screenshot of a gate opening up. In the window is Ammo, but if you want that you have to get back on the roof of the Temple and runjmp/grab the roof of this structure and shimmy over the window, drop/grab and get the Ammo. Swim to the ledge SE and go in and L, shoot the Skellie into the water and deal with another Ahmet.

From the ledge at the pool go L and R and find a room in the back where youíll find Secret#6, Ĺ MP and Ammo on a pedestal in the back (thereís more Ammo in the white vase on the centre block). Go back out and swim, to the W side of the pool, climb out and go into that open gate that leads into the room where the Crowbar was, climb the grated block and use the Jmpswitch (flyby of the CS over the pool and an open gate on the upper W side of the pool room). Go out and to the NW corner of the pool, climb up and onto the W ledge, go L and into an open gate to the R. in the far back of the room and to the R is Ammo, then return to the E and in the NE corner next to that vase is a low block you can push in all the way. A switch to the R is for the timed door up in the previous room.

Timed Run.

This is the route: Pull, backflip/roll and run out L, go SE and jmp on the ledge with the green vase, turning L and running through to jmp/grab the floor up S, pull up and go L, run with a L curve over the ledge in the E corner and jmp to the ledge on the pillar, a run through jmp and grab to the opening in front of the door and quickly get in, go R and pull the switch there to cause a small earthquake that will break that centre pillar in the room below, turn around and grab the ceiling, go over the door and get the Ammo from the vase, jmp back and drop to the ground floor. Go to the block in the NW corner and pull it all the way to that Tile the pillar was on before, the pool outside will now be drained. Go out and to the NW corner of the room, drop to that ledge below and jmp onto the pillar next to it. From there a standjmp/grab up to the CS, go in and place the Golden Star after you picked up the MP.

A Wraith will come so quickly roll while in the screenshot and run back for the CS, roll and get back out, safety drop down and hit a MP when needed, go under the Temple where a bit of water remained. Get rid of the Wraith there (You can also shoot at the Wraith so it will go away for a bit. Maybe just enough time to get through the CS unharmed, but itís possible the normal way if youíre fast). Go back to the N side of the dry pool and climb up to the pillar, jmp to the ground floor of the temple and go over to the NE ledge in front of that open gate, go in E and R, L in the end and there is that gate you opened with the Star, go in and the level ends.

Level 3 - Exile

Swim down and get Revolver and Flares, go on and come out in a room with 2 vases, shoot them to open the gate. A Giant Scorp will come and greet you, after dealing with him you can go around the next room to pick up some Flares and Ammo, then go to the NE corner and stand facing W, back to the wall and do a runjmp over 2 tiles to grab the yellow pillar. Go into the upper part of the N room to get the Ammo, return and jmp onto the central roof, in the hole is a Jmpswitch, use it and the E gate opens.

Go up to the next room and L into the room there, straight on is a pushblock and that has to go onto that Spike tile in the 2nd passage, work your way around the block by jmping over the Spike tile. A gate opens in the hall back there, go there, jmp into that W alcove to get a Ĺ MP and shoot the Lions head with pistols. Go follow E again to the Receptacle hall, receptacles for 2 Hands and closed gates, go L and get some Flares, the gate to the R opens, go into that nice Garden room.

Garden room, 1st Golden Star.

In the water hole are Ammo and a Crowbar, go to the SE corner of the room and find Ammo and the 1st Golden Star in that golden pillar to the R of it, a gate opens back in the passage where the Flares were. Go W and find a Ĺ MP and Flares to the L near a green vase.

2nd Golden Star.

Exit the room for now after you noticed the Star receptacles near the black gate N, go R to follow the passage and go on straight past that open gate to pick up a Shotgun in a room with a crack, looking out to the block puzzle room. Head back and now enter that gate that opened when you got the Star. In the lower part youíll find the Lasersight and Ammo. Then look for the Crossbow in a low tile and go into the pool, stand on the block with the Ammo and look up behind that pillar in the NE corner, shoot the Lions head and a pillar will go up where the Crossbow was. Climb the pillar to the ledge on N wall and go behind the pillar where the Lions head was, pry the [b]2nd Golden Star of the pillar and a gate in the passage below (the gate to level 4 opens too, but thatís for later). So get down and exit the room, go R and that open gate is to the L in the next corner. Get some Ammo in the alcove to the L in the next room and head on, youíll come to a Lava room.

The Lava Room jumps.

A Bug will come for you, so take that out first and do a runjmp onto that sloped ledge with the burner in the corner (when itís off of course), jmp and jmp/grab to hang on a sloped block. Notice the Spikes L, pull up and slide off the block into a lower passage, go R and step on that trigger tile that will retract those Spikes. Head N and turn around in the end, grab up to the ledge above and jmp to the ledge where the Spikes were, runjmp/grab to a ladder W and go R and just around the corner. Go down as far as possible and wait for the moment you expect the Flame emitter to go down, backflip/roll/grab and immediately go R around the corner, down and backflip to a ledge on the E wall.

Noticed that gate with the Gem did you? Itís a Secret. Runjmp/grab to the ledge you see NW and then runjmp/grab over to the E again, get the Ammo and climb off to a lower ledge in the N. Runjmp/grab W and back again to a trigger Tile over the ledge you were before, the gate opens at the Secret face SW and see that sloped ledge to the R of that ladder pillar, do a long runjmp to land on that ledge and jmp/grab the burning platform in front of the gate, shimmy R to the corner and pull up to get in quickly, grab Secret #1, the 3rd Macedonian Gem and stand facing N at the burner platform, sidestep onto it and standjmp over that sloped ledge to the flat ledge N, runjmp/grab to the E ledge again, go to the N and stand in front of the next challenging room NE.

Hopping the Boulders.

Draw the pistols and runjmp L onto the slanted side of the room, shooting the Bug while jmping to and fro, going R till you come to that opening you see in the wall in front of you, go on till you just hit the square next to it and a Boulder will be activated behind you. One more backflip to the S and slide to the lowest edge of the slope, jmp far and straight, then backflip over the Boulder thatís on itís way down from behind, keep going R and grab to land in the flatter passage in the end. Save quick, because an Ahmet will be waiting for you, you can jmp into an alcove to the R and shoot him or just take your chances in the passage, be careful he doesnít push you into the lava.

Silver Key.

Then jmp to the S and get the Silver Key after you dealt with the 2nd Ahmet. Go out and hop on the block to the R so you can jmp into the door that opened in the E of the lava pool, use the key to the L and a flyby will show the rooms beyond that closed E door. Go back to the N passage at the lava pool and into the opened gate in the back, follow the passage to some Flares and Ammo on the block near the face tile (remember this block).

Code Piece 2.

Head E and see the door up in the E wall, itís a double action door, the switch is in the S room, throw it to see the doors change position and run back W to jmp onto that block with the face tile, jmp/grab up to the N and pull up on the ledge where the torch was burning before, runjmp to the E and to the L is another switch that will change the position of the doors again, jmp to the next ledge E (just around the corner) and get the Uzis and Ammo, drop down and go to the S switch again, if you use it now both doors will open. Go there, hop in the opening and turn around facing in the room again, runjmp/grab to the upper ledge and look for a green plant in the next alcove to the L. Runjmp curved L and grab the plant, go up and L to get Code Piece 2.

Golden Key and Code Piece 1.

Drop down and go up into the open doors again and follow to the room behind that black gate in the S room, shoot the vase there and grab the Golden Key, open the gate with the Crowbar and go out, use the S switch next to it again to change the position of the double doors and go back through the Crowbar gate, through the passage to the double doors, in the end is a pushblock, pull it all the way to the wider passage, so you can go past it and find Code Piece 1 (gate opens near the S switch), in the CS beyond it is some Ammo. Go back to the S room and into that open S gate to a room with a pool, go L and find the receptacle for the Code Piece next to a door, combine both parts and place them to open the gate S. Inside this room is an Ahmet with engine trouble, go into the SE opening to the next big room.

The Temple Room.

First go get the Ammo in the vase NW and then into the pool, stand at that grated trapdoor facing N and open it, dive in and swim along the wall as there is a Dart-trap in the centre of the tunnel, go up in the NE corner of the next pool and the backside of the pillar there is climbable, backflip to a walkway and go W, get ready to rumble as a Harpy will attack, shoot a Skellie from the walkway and jmp to the brown ledge in front of the W passage, standjmp/grab the beam E from the ledge, go L and pull up over, to slide onto a ledge with Secret #2, Ammo.

Standjmp up on the N beam and jmp again to land back on the N walkway, go E and see a broken pillar with a Tile, next to the burner. Runjmp/grab to hang on the side near the pool and go L around the corner, pull up in the crack and the burner will be off, climb back out, shimmy around the corner and backflip from the ladder to the ledge behind, go S for some Ammo and return to the ladder pillar. Look W and see a ledge with a button on the central structure, runjmp over the fence onto the ledge to push the button and a gate opens in the W of the room. Now runjmp onto the beam S and jmp again to land on the S walkway, go W.

1st Star of Pella.

Now go into that W room at the brown ledge and get some Ammo next to a sleeping Skellie to the R and some Ammo from a vase in the opposite room, Go to the open gate W get some Ammo to the R and then runjmp to the roof of the temple to get the 1st Star of Pella, 2 Harpies will come, so I run jmped back to the balcony E and stood in a corner to deal with them, then you can safety drop from the balcony and land near the black gate.

Go N and a Bug will attack, shoot it and do a runjmp/grab up to that opening between the golden gates, pull up in and crawl backwards into the small garden, look for some Ammo NE and then go into the open gate SE. Shoot a Giant Scorp coming for you and get some Goodies in the L alcove, then hop onto that table in the back and climb up to get Secret #3, Ammo in the upper room. Drop back down and go N to the Spike and Blade room.

Spikes and Blade Room.

Just under the ledge is a sloped surface, run on and slide, from the 2nd slide an jmp/grab to the ladder on the Blade floor and hang on the top, wait for the right moment and pull up, just run over the centre of the floor and jmp into the alcove with the Vase, shoot the vase for the MP inside and look back out into the room, youíll spot a Jmpswitch up in the S and a MS going from L to R and past a flame emitter to the switch, now you have to runjmp back to the Blade floor, about a half block from the sloped side and a curve in mid air so you can turn and backflip to the sloped side quickly, then jmp/grab the MS and head over to the flame, go as close as possible and save, time the passing of the flame (there seems to be a short and long interval).

Drop/grab onto the Jmpswitch, land back on the sloped floor, slide onto the 2nd and immediately backflip/roll/grab the ladder again. Now get back on that MS and head E or W (it makes no difference), drop behind the sloped wall and push the button there, the Spikes on the S ledge will retract. Runjmp/grab to that ledge and see a gate opening up, itís the exit back to the Temple room. So go S and through the passage where you shot the Scorp. Up the block in the small garden to end up in the Temple room. Go to the broken pillar in the SE and use your Key in the lock there.

Room with the Chain.

The gate S of you opens, go in and a trapdoor will drop in the E of that room.
Behind the central pillar you can just see a burning vase, runjmp to that ledge and walk carefully around the corner, standjmp onto the slanted part of the pillar and jmp to land where the trapdoor was, quickly get up onto one of the blocks there to shoot the Ahmet and go get some Flares and Ammo in the back of that room, then climb the N block at the lava pool and jmp out to the corner ledge over the lava, runjmp/grab W and climb up, get Ammo in the alcove and then do a runjmp/grab to the ledge in the SW, behind the Chain (start the run as the Chain is L) Now you have to sidejmp onto that slanted grey ledge and jmp/grab the ladder over the burning vase. Backflip and hop back into the corner there, shoot the bug and runjmp to the ledge over the Chain to get the Ĺ MP.

Runjmp back and runjmp/grab to that ledge with the fence in the NE. go into the Tile in the alcove and the spikes will retract, runjmp/grab back S and go R, over the block and run down onto the lower ledge in the SW corner. Runjmp E over that slanted grey ledge to land in front of the opening in S wall, go in and get some Ammo then use the switch in the other side of the small room to kill the burner at the Jmpswitch. Climb back out and do a standjmp with a slight R curve in the end, then jmp and grab the switch, thank god for that trapdoorÖ Go in and L, L again and come out at the now open black gate.

Go to the S side of the Temple room, up the steps and into the passage, follow the passage past a blue door (fake) to where you can runjmp to the roof of the Temple, look back to see gates opened up in the passage in S wall. Runjmp/grab in to push the button and a flyby will show you where you have to go next. So get down to ground floor and head back out to the room with the Ahmet SW. An Ahmet will attack while the broken one stays put. Step on that trigger tile in the NE corner to re-open the N gate to the pool and go over the pool to the N, follow that room back N, go to the L and come to the lava pit with the Boulders. Run off to the ledge L and into the S passage where the gate opened. Dive in and pick up some Ammo while you follow the tunnel to the Garden room. Go out W and L into the passage to the Receptacle room. The gate to level 4 is in the S, weíll be back here after we got the Stone Artifacts. Enter the gate.

Level 4- Sleeping Stones

The Big Pit.

Follow the passage to the narrow opening where a flyby starts of the next rooms. Many doors and gates, and a Demigod on a balcony, you can take him out (Revolver + sight) before you crawl backwards into the room. Go to the W side of the dry pit and look L in an alcove for a trigger Tile, a door opens down in the pit. Make your way down into the pit, picking up some Goodies (Ammo on a pillar and Flares and Ammo on a balcony) and go down to the NE corner, climb over the block there to get into the passage that opened, push the button in the end (1st for black gate). Get back out, go to the SE corner, get some Ammo from a block there and hop on the block with the small green plant. Stand on the highest point, face N and jmp/grab up to the sloped top of the pillar, pull up and backflip/roll/grab to the ledge behind you.

Go climb back out of the pit in the NE and go up to a burning pool. Jmp around the L corner and go L for some Ammo first, then go past a closed gate (Secret later) to the other side for the Flares, just around the corner there is the gate that opened, behind the block in the centre is another button that will turn the pool safe, run out and jmp over the fence straight ahead, get some Ammo and a Ĺ MP on the bottom and climb out SE at the vase, jmp/grab to the ladder on S wall. On top go to the NW corner and from there and long runjmp with a L curve to land on a balcony at the green gate on N wall, get the Ammo and do a runjmp to the platform that went up E, standjmp to the balcony E and go to a gate that will open up there.

Go L into the dark NW corner and find the Jmpswitch on E wall, it will open a gate in the W wall, go in and climb the pole past the Hack saw, turn L till you face a thin fence and go up to above the ledge the fence is on, backflip and keep jmping over the corner slopes till you land at the ladder behind the fence.

Go up and get a MP to the L, follow the rest of the passage down to some Ammo to the R and a hole in the end, R of the hole is a trigger Tile that will open another gate. Go back the way you came and save at the end of the ladder, face the ladder and walk back, backflip to the centre ledge on N wall and slidejmp /grab the pole, if you miss, its no problem, youíll end up below anyway.

Silver Key.

Go E to where the gate opened and pull the switch, a door opens in the dry pit S, go into the pit to find that door and get behind the Globe by side stepping along the L side and jmp a bit to get behind it, hit Ctrl and Lara will squeeze behind it, push/ pull the Globe to a tile SW and notice a grating has opened through that narrow crack SE, go back to the switch in the E passage and use it again, water filled the pit, so now you can swim through the crack and get the Silver Key.

Swim back, climb out and head W, L down the steps and into the now open S gate there. At the crossing go R first and push the button in the end (door opens on that balcony NW youíve been on before), return to the crossing and see the gate E opened, go in and get the Goodies from the vases, then pull the Globe out and push it aside to use the switch behind it to raise a block behind the S gate at the crossing. Go out and to the N room, out W and hop on the platform to jmp to the W balcony. Enter the door, notice the passage to the R and get some Ammo to the L, then head W and climb down at the next door, shoot the Skellie into the N hole and open a hatch near the green vase E, go up and use your Silver Key there. A door opens in the other passage where you got the Ammo before.

Go up the S ladder and back E through the passage, go l and to that open door, slide and go over the trigger tile to open the door weíll get to later, jmp/grab up to the gap in the pillar and get the Revolver, crawl back till you can look back up the E slope and shoot the vase, save and climb out onto the platform that raised at the bottom of the slope, jmp to the R hand side of the platform in the NE corner and do a run through jmp/grab with a sharp L curve to get back on the ladder you came from, the corner platform is timed, so be quick about it. Climb L and backflip/roll/grab to the S ladder, go up and to the s ladder there, when you get on top youíll see the open door to the R.

Go out and get a flyby of a couple of Skellies waking up, drop backwards from the ledge and shimmy past the open door, from that part of the ledge you can do a runjmp with a sharp R curve and grab the crack in the W wall. Shimmy L and pull up on the block, hop down behind it and choose which you want to do first, shoot the Harpy or blast the Skellies off the floor. In the S is a little reward, some Ammo on the pedestal..

Drop from the edge of the floor onto a ledge, step on the two Tiles between the burning vases and they will stop burning. From this ledge a runjmp/grab to the ledge N and go into the passage, time the Flame emitter (the interval is very short, better face the W wall and sidejmp L when the flame is down then youíll land in the corner of the tile, go into the next part of the passage to push the button that will open a gate S in the big room. Get back out, jmp to the ledge with the vases, climb up to the W floor and go S, run over the corner into that open gate and pull the switch, go back to the W floor and look in that balcony E. A cage lowered there, jmp in and use the switch around the R hand corner, then climb down the E side and go N on that balcony, runjmp/grab to the next and go around the corner, pull the switch and see that gate in the SW opening up again.

Go all the way back to the SW corner over the balconies and use the switch in that passage again (a gate opens up in the SE of the room).

Out and onto the W floor, go to the NE corner of it and runjmp/grab to the rope and swing onto the upper E balcony, from the NE corner you can jmp over the fence to the ledge in front of the Golden gates and get the Goodies. Runjmp back and go runjmp to a trigger tile on the SE balcony, the grate lowers.

Go to the E side of the balcony and look SE to spot the open gate, runjmp with a grab in the end around the corner of the fence and land inside. Go in and use the switch to open big doors W on ground floor level of the big room. Runjmp back with a L curve to land back on the balcony, go to the NW corner.

Save while standing on the trigger tile and look down NE to spot a grey ledge with Spikes popping up. To the L of the Spikes is a safe ledge, do a long runjmp with a R curve and grab in the very last moment to land on that ledge, run around the NE corner and get Secret #1, Ammo and Ĺ MP. Hop back and drop down to the ledge around the big pit. Go W and enter those big gates.

Platform challenge.

Standing just inside youíll see a couple of platforms raised in the room, one of then has a Spike-trap go to the NE corner of the ledge and see the 1st platform go up in the SE corner of the room. save on the tile and run to the first platform on the end of the ledge, run with a R curve and jmp to the L side of the 2nd platform, run with a R curve and jmp again to land on the Spike platform, R hand side and a run through jmp to the far R hand side of the next, run with a sharp L curve to land on the last platform and then curve sharp L, jmp/grab the green wall and climb R and up a bit, an Ahmet is waiting for you, backflip/roll/grab the edge of the passage and pull up.

The Neptune Pools.

Jmp over the Ahmet and get into the R hand room quick, where you can take him out. Shoot a vase for some Ammo and climb over the wall at the Omega Tile, go W and grab some Flares, go L to a pool and get some Ammo, shoot a Skellie into the pool and go S, jmp over the corner to the next pool and shoot 2 Harpies in the far S is a Neptune statue that needs a trident, go back to the pool and stand between the 2 burning vases, look N and shoot the vase near that UW door, a Silver Key is revealed, but you canít get that yet because the current is too strong.

Golden Key.

Go into the E passage and get some Ammo from the vase in the room there, then go R and to the S side of the pool and get the Golden Key while facing the pool. Shoot the 2 Ahmets that will come into the room and go W in the direction of the Neptune pools, look L and find the open doors where the Ahmets came from, go in and save in front of the switch. This switch will open 2 timed gates N in the room with the pool where you got the Golden Key. Get there fast and only go into the R hand gate as the other is a trap. Step on the trigger tile and a gate opens in the NW corner of the pool near the Neptune statue. Go back W and to the pool, around that pool and hop on the block, go into that open gate, jmp into the NW corner and get the Goodies, then go S and along the w wall are 2 switches.


One on a block N and one S on the floor level. Both are timed and the one on the block opens the gate in E wall near the statue, the other one the gate in the S of this room so you can get there in time.
Pull the one on the block, roll sprint to the lower s switch and pull, hop back once with a turn R so you can hop onto that wall L of the switch, run of to the S and sprint to the hall there, go L and sprint straight to the e side to get into that gate before it closes, get the Trident and go place it on the statue, a screen of the Silver Key, go to the N along the pool and from the corner next to the block you can do a curved runjmp back onto the ledge between the pools.

Silver Key.

Dive into the N pool and go get that Silver Key. Now you can only swim into the S pool as the current is too strong, swim to one of the green vases S and over the sloped block you cab surface, climb up and go jmp N again to leave this place to the passage NE and open the door with the Key there. Follow the passage to another gate and look to the R behind the pillar for the 3rd Golden Star. The gate opens and a Wraith comes out, roll, run out and L, go along the N side of the pit and run to the pool in the NE corner to get rid of it.

Head to the S of the big pit and find an open gate. Thereís a Demigod on a balcony in the centre of the room and heís raising havoc, go R and behind a block with electric discharges is the lock for the Golden Key. 2 doors open, one S and leads to the place where the 4 Golden Stars can be placed later, and the other one is in the pool under the Demigod.

Flood the Big Pit.

Go get that MP S of the pool and dive in, swim through the tunnel to climb up in a room, climb up into the doorway W and runjmp to the SE ledge, from there a long runjmp with a slight L curve to grab the end of the sloped block NW, shimmy R till you are over the Jmpswitch and drop/grab to open the black gate with it. Go in and to the R in the next room is a colored Tile, a cage in front of another door, go up the cage and youíre in that passage youíve been in before, the cage was raised by the switch behind the Globe, go get that globe from the E black gate and move it on the cage behind the S gate, throw the switch in the E room again and pull/push the Globe onto the colored Tile, the big pit will be flooded. Then move the globe to the W, in the alcove next to the burning vase is a Tile on the ceiling, the gate with the Secret opens.

Go back to the W room with the Jmpswitch and climb into the doorway W, jmp over to the upper SE balcony and make your way down to the ground floor over the balconies, dive in the pit and swim to the SW corner, down into a tunnel where a cage lowered and up in another tunnel, go R (W) over the plant, R again swim underneath the Omega sign, swim to a pillar and onwards to a pillar blocking the tunnel, up in the corner there, is an air pocket.

Stone of Nostalgia and 4th Golden Star.

Swim over the pillar W and pull the UW lever on the R hand wall, go get some air again and now you have to swim back from where you came. Go L at the Omega tile. R at the plant and L into the small gap, straight into an alcove with the 2nd UW lever. Swim back for air and now swim L after the Omega tile, over the plant and all the way to the end where a door opened to a room where youíll find the Stone of Nostalgia on a table (a trapdoor opens). Swim back over the plant, under the Omega tile and then to the R into the small room there, the trapdoor is in the ceiling there, climb out and shoot a vase to get to the 4th Golden Star behind the pillar.

Dive into the water, swim L out of the small room, under the Omega tile, L and over the plant, down into the lower tunnel and out to the Big Pit, climb out in the N and head for that pool in the NE, jmp to the secret gate and collect Secret #2, the 4th Macedonian Gem. Go out, to the S of the Big Pit and enter that room with the Demigod again. Into the open room S and put the 4 Stars in the block, get some Ammo NW and head back to the room with the Demigod. Go to the SW corner and look up with Revolver and sight, shoot the Demigod (take a Ĺ MP while doing that, just to be sure). Then go to the SE.

Timed Pillars.

Stand with your back to the sloped SE block the electric rays come from and backflip onto it, immediately jmp with a R curve to go NW and runjmp over the corner of the pool, jmp onto the block in the NW with a R curve so when you jmp you go E, to run to the closest raised pillar in the NE. Jmp/grab up and climb on and do a runjmp with a R curve to land on the L side of the next pillar, a sharp R curve while running and a jmp/grab to get onto the balcony the Demigod was on.

Timed Gate.

See a gate in the W wall, the trigger tile on the SW corner of the balcony will open the timed gate, stand on the utmost SW tip of the floor, face straight S and hop back once, save and do a long runjmp to the sloped block on S wall, you should land facing up the slope, so you can immediately do a backflip upon landing, land on the tip of the SW pillar, hop back turning R once and run for the gate to get Secret #3, Uzis and Ammo.

Go back out and to the N, walk out to the E and do a runjmp/grab to the green stuff on the side of the bridge, go up and onto the trigger tile in the water, 2 doors open, E and W, shoot the vases and go S, into that tunnel and find the open trapdoor in the water. Save here.

Hazardous Swim for the 2nd Golden Key.

A door opens inside when you dive in, donít waste ant time as a Corkscrew will come down slowly at a Spike-trap you have to swim through, follow the tunnel (more Corkscrews), going along the R hand wall and come to a room where a Hacksaw goes round, in the back is an UW lever that will open a gate, swim L from the lever and follow the tunnel to a Ĺ MP. Go through the upper hole beyond that and through another Spike-trap. Swim up into a room with some air finally. Take the Golden key from the pedestal and the gate opens N, go out and youíre back at the start of the swim.

Go to the NE pillar at the pool on the bridge and use the Key there, a gate opens N behind the pillar, 2 Harpies come out to play, take care of them and go to the NE side of the bridge. Runjmp with a L curve to get in the open gate. Crawl into the L room, go straight W and climb into the CS there, go around the corner to the R to get Secret #4, Ammo. Crawl back to the room and go N.

Squishy Pillars.

To the L is a high block you can push twice and then immediately hop back. 2 Squishy Pillars started moving, turn around and jmp past the one S, go L and get behind it in the E side, there you can jmp past #2 and come to a tunnel. Look in the NW corner here and climb up in the CS, go get Secret #5, a Ĺ MP.

A Boulder-trap.

Stand on the L side of the R hand square and slide to the end of the slope, jmp with a L curve and keep on jmping to the L over the Boulders that dropped. Till you land on save ground, jmp on and go to the end of the tunnel. Slide down and end up back in level 3.

Level 3 Ė Exile part 2.

2nd Hand of Pella and Stone of Exile.

Run N and to the L at the closed gate is the 2nd Hand of Pella, a Wraith will be chasing you, run out the open gate and down from that stone bridge, go W and find that water hole in the Garden room. The Wraith will drown, go to that gate in the E and place the 2 Stars. Go in and pick up the Stone of Exile inside. Go out, W and out of the garden room, L into the passage to the Receptacle hall. Place the 2 Stones in the little niches and the gate E opens, go follow to a slide and slide down to the next level.

Level 5 Ė Reaching

Slide down into a room, to the R and L are 2 small rooms with receptacles for 2 Stars of Pella, go to the next alcove R and get some Ammo out of the vase, then head S and climb up to the green door, climb the wall to the l and runjmp to the N roof. Get some Goodies to the R and go on. Climb the CS up in N wall and go R, Beetle alert! Go fast and keep an eye on the health. Go L into the corner and use the switch to kill a burner somewhere, then go S and to a Boulder-trap, slide and jmp when you are near the bottom of the slope, run sharp around the R hand corner and just bump into the wall to wait out the 2 Boulders rolling everywhere. Go pick up the MP and look in the NW corner, a gate with a Star of Pella and behind the Boulder that should be there is a keyhole on the pillar. Go out of the S gate.

The Pool Cave.

Up W are a couple of Boulders waiting, S are big gates and we go into the pool. Swim into the tunnel L, a Croc comes for you, better lure it to the shore and shoot it first. Then go in again and find the UW lever on the back of the pillar, a trapdoor opens in a building over the pool. Climb back out of the pool W as you canít reach that trapdoor because of the low water level. Find some big doors opened. Go in and L, hop on the higher floor and then a runjmp L into that opening up in L wall.


A Boulder comes from the passage straight, but you should just make it here, go climb up the L opening to meet 2 Harpies, shoot them and go onto the roof of the structure. Go E and shoot another Harpy. Go get the Ammo in the ledges there.

Optional for a Secret: Jmp to a ledge N, run off to a flatter part beyond that and from the Palm tree and jmp onto the higher block L. Only one triangular part is flat enough to stand on, stand on the lowest point. Face N and runjmp along the Lower edge and curve R to grab the lowest most L side of the plant covered ledge withSecret #1, a MP, crawl to the Ammo R of there and now you have to make your way back up to the roof.

Back on the roof, youíll notice some Ammo to the W, but you have to trigger a Boulder first, stand on the NW corner of the roof and runjmp to the block, immediately run off to the L and slide-grab the edge, pull up and backflip to the roof, now go get that Ammo. Look N and do a runjmp onto the ledge high up on the slope, just under the Boulder, if you stand still on the corner the Boulder will just miss you. Then a runjmp to the N with a L curve so youíll land in the far corner and sliding back from the slope, grab and shimmy R into the opening, follow to a button, push it to release the 2 remaining boulders and they will drop into the pool too, all those boulders in the water raised the level of it.

Neptune hall.

So runjmp into the pool and swim up the trapdoor in the building. Go on to the hall with the Neptune statues, a cutscene will show the 1st trident, go to the last statue R and climb the ladder next to it, get Secret #2, Andreasí left Greave. Go down again and go into the N gate again, go R around the R hand pillar and climb it from the higher floor, jmp to the N ledge and get the Trident in the NW corner, go back jmp to the pillar R of the gate and get Shotgun and Ammo, drop to the floor and head for the Neptune hall. Place the trident on the last statue L and a black gate opens, dive back in the pool and swim E from the trapdoor. Climb out there and save in front of that gate.

Silver Key and the Stars of Pella.

Walk in slowly and trigger the first Blades when just standing on the higher floor, hop back once and sprint in along the L wall to avoid the Spike-pit. Pick up the Silver Key and go out, into the N gate again and L. remember the lock at that Boulder? Use the Key to open the door NW of where you stand, go in there to get the 1st Star of Pella. A door opens in the n wall. Go through to that 1st room and shoot a Demigod. Climb up to the roof again at the door you just came out of and jmp to the N side. Walk onto the ledge where you climbed into the CS before and runjmp to a sandy ledge W, from there a runjmp up into the opening in W wall where the fire went out now, get the 2nd Star of Pella. Go out the other side and jmp to the sloped R hand side to slide back to the ground, go E and use the Stars in those R and L rooms at the start slope. The Big doors W opened.

Go in and to the next set of doors that will open for you on approach, shoot the Harpy coming to welcome you.

The Pillar Room.


Go to the room S of where you come into the Pillar room and climb on the SE block in the corner and runjmp/grab to the W, go get a Ĺ MP from a pedestal and shoot the vases to reveal the 2 Torches. Throw one of them down the hole and notice where it fell, so you can find it again later.

Go back to the Pillar room and into the passage S that leads to the Neptune room. A flyby will show you around and ends with a screen of the Hades Ruby.

The Neptune Room.

Go SW and get some Flares to the R, go to the pool S but donít get in (death), runjmp into the opening in the R hand wall, shoot the Ahmet inside and go out the other end to runjmp to the ledge in the water, turn R and runjmp S. Go L at that Fountain and come to the gates that lead to the Ruby later. Find the switch behind the little tree L (N) and use it to open a door. Go back to the fountain and runjmp back to the N ledge in the water, through the Ahmet passage and back to the Neptune room. Go L where you picked up the Flares before and into the opened door L, could be Skellies come for you, then go back to the Neptune room and shoot them into one of the pools.

Enter the passage and keep going L, not into that first L, that door is fake. In the last corner you can turn and climb up the wall, follow the passage to a hole in the floor, runjmp with a R curve to get next to the block with the burning vase and a Skellie comes for you, take it along to the next room and shoot it down into the graveyard where it belongs, look for a CS in the N side wall. Follow to a vase, go R and keep going R to a dark corner with a switch that will open another door close by, go back and find that door NE. This will be the exit later, for now go crawl back to that room S where you shot the Skellie in the hole. Jmp to the E side and hop through the crack in the wall.

Top of the Neptune Room.

Walk out on the ledge and runjmp/grab to the E side, go R there and hang from the ledge to shimmy R past the low part, get up onto the balcony and to the centre of the structure on it, to the L is a fake door. Look up here to spot the Jmpswitch on the N side of the hole, use it to raise a cage over a burning vase W side of the Neptune room. Go SW and runjmp/grab over to the W side and go N, get some Ammo in an alcove to the L.

Go back to the E side by jmping over the water and shimmy along the crack back to the broken bridge through the room, runjmp/grab back to the W, from the balcony in front of the hole in the wall, you can runjmp and grab the ladder under the cage and go up. Head S and go to the Neptune statues, jmp/grab to the base of the statue and pull up on the L side. A runjmp/grab to the next statue and then jmp down to the roof E, go stand in a corner to shoot the Harpy thatís on itís way over and jmp over to the N roof. Jmp to the blue rocks and a standjmp around the low block to the brown roof. Slide and grab the edge, go R and pill up. now standjmp on the top of the roof. Get the MP and go on along the N wall.

Golden Key.

Standjmp/grab to the first grey rock and then you can use the rope or stand on the highest part of the sloped rock and turn L a bit, do a runjmp to go over the lower part of the next rock and slide, then jmp to the W rock ledge. With the rope you have to swing to the L sloped part, so you can do a slidejmp to that same rock ledge. Runjmp/grab into the opening W and get the Golden Key, a screen will show you where thatís supposed to go. Go back out and jmp to that rock ledge again, from the low E side a runjmp back over that sloped rock and jmp onto the small rock E again, notice the hole in the wall under the roof where you got the MP before, Stand on the R side of the small rock, facing E and hop back to land on a sloped ledge below, slide and jmp/grab to land in the alcove with the pushblock, push the block in and go R to get Secret #3, Crossbow and Ammo.

Go out to the ledge and drop down to the ground, go SE and follow the route through the Ahmet passage to get past that water. Notice the gate that needs the Key to the R of the fountain. Open the doors and go in. L and R to the water, shoot the 2 Crocs before diving in and go R (N) and then L (W). over the big plant NW and climb out on the dark W ledge, from the corner a runjmp NE and then a standjmp back into the NW corner passage. Follow the passage up to a room with Secret #4, Andreasí right Greave.

Go to the next room and get some Ammo. Go back down to that Croc pool and swim S a bit, climb onto the rock L and then jmp onto the higher one next to it. Face S and notice the thin ledge up there, jmp/grab up and go NW, then to a window sill in the NE corner, from here itís possible to do a runjmp/grab SW with a slight L curve and grab the lowest L corner of that arch in the pool. Jmp/grab up to the E and get Secret #5, Ammo there. Jmp back to the arch and to the window sill or one of the ledges there. Go to the pole NW and up the pole and to the S, jmp/roll over the Skellie and shoot it down at the pole, go to the button next to the door. It will open this door, where you can go in but itís better to go to the SE corner of this ledge. Drop down into the hole and land in a small pool, swim to the back SE corner and get up in a room to get Secret #6, Andreasí right Gauntlet. Swim back. Climb up the dark ledge and dive into the other pool.

1st Ruby of Hades.

Swim to the exit R and go out the black gates, look S into that fountain near the golden key lock and spot the Revolver in the gap. Jmp/grab and pull up to get it.
Crawl to the higher part L and hop down into the little pool, go to the other side and climb the passage R to where another door opened when pushing the button up in the Croc pool room. Runjmp over the entrance of the croc pool room and Get some Ammo on the grated floor. Look E and out over the yard below, thereís a cracked pillar to the R, just past the fountain below, line up just R of the centre of this opening, aim for the L side of the pillar and you can runjmp and in the last moment grab the crack. Shimmy L till you can get onto a balcony and get some Ammo around the pillar near that blue door. Go E to the end and look up L for a Jmpswitch that will open the gates below. Go back to where you picked up the Ammo and drop to the ground, go E into that black gate and shoot that Demigod in the R hand passage, turn around and get the 1st Ruby of Hades from the room where the gate opened now.

Go out and to the yard with the fountain, go back over the deadly pool, through the Ahmet passage and runjmp around the corner to the N. go to the NE corner of the fountain area and into a room with a Harp. Go into the E room for Ammo and a MP and then go S from the Harp room. Shoot some vases to get Ammo and then from the higher part of the floor a runjmp with a roll into the S Spike passage, immediately jmp/grab from the sloped block to grab the MS ceiling, turn around and go to the end of the passage, push the button after you saved and when you turn around, walk to the slopes and flyby will show a gate opened up in the Neptune room and a wall torch lit where you can light your Torch. A Wraith will come for you, you have to get back fast and the way I did it is: Hop back once to the button and standjmp onto the first sloped block, slide and jmp to the next, slide and jmp to safety. Run to the Harp room and go L to the fountain outside, dive into the water and when the Wraith is gone you can climb out and go back to the pillar room N.

The Torch.

You still remember where you left it? Go pick up that Torch and head back S to the Neptune room, notice the wall torches in the passage between the 2 rooms and go into that NW room where the lit wall torch is, light yours and go light the E wall torch, a gate opens somewhere. (You can light the second wall torch too, but I donít know if it does anything.) Take the Torch back to the Pillar room, L and L into a door youíve opened a while back, go up the steps hop onto the E ledge, go into the E open gate and light the Wall torch to the R, another door opens. Go back out and throw the Torch down into the room, now you can runjmp into a windowsill in N wall to get some Ammo and get down to the ground floor again.

Pick up the Torch and head out to the Pillar room and from the trapdoor in the centre to the W, shoot that statue in the passage and thereís the door that opened. Go in and burn the plant in the passage, a flyby will show the 2 receptacles for the Hades Rubies.

2nd Ruby of Hades.

The trapdoor opens in the Pillar room. Go back and dive into the open trapdoor. Notice the closed UW door in the W and swim into the NE narrow tunnel, follow to where you can swim up just before the end of the tunnel and go into the N side to use the UW lever, swim (L) N and up into the room there. Now you can climb out and go S to the trapdoor in the Pillar room again, drop in and notice the water level dropped and a passage opened up in the S, get in there and follow to a ladder on the R hand wall, go up and follow to a cave with an Ahmet, shoot it and go to the SW corner, climb over some rocks and go between the walls there to find a Croc coming from behind, roll and shoot it.

Then go get the Trident and Ammo on the pedestals. Head N and find the Neptune statue to the L, place the Trident and see the UW door under the trapdoor opened and reveals the Hades Ruby. Go to the sloped corner NW of the statue and face S, sidestep R and backflip. Jmp and curve sharp R to land on the roof over the statue, go to the E roof and get Secret #7, Andreasí left Gauntlet. Drop into the hole in the roof and get some Ammo there, then head back to the cave with the Ahmet and down the ladder to that pool under the trapdoor, go swim into the W door and get the 2nd Ruby of Hades.

Go out, climb in the passage where you came from before and hop on the block under the trapdoor, climb up to the Pillar room, go W through the passage where you burnt the plant and use the 2 Rubies in the room there. Thereís a screenshot of a door opening in the Pillar room. That door is up S and you can get there through that door you went in the last time with the Torch SW of Pillar room, then E to where you got the Torch (and lit a torch) and out the N door.

Spike jmps.

Check the layout first:
You have to runjmp (start when the Spikes are about to pop up) to the R hand side of the ledge E of the door and the run through with a L curve to jmp/grab (NE) to the pillar on the E wall, walk off just onto the arch behind it, stand facing W with your back to the wall and against the higher block L, standjmp when you expect the Spikes on the flat ledge to pop up and do a running/jmp (no grab) with a R curve to get to the ledge with the Ammo.

Lasersight, Golden Key.

Runjmp to the opening in W wall and get the Lasersight, look out over the fence into the W courtyard and see a Lions head NW, shoot it and go back to the E, jmp back to the ledge where the ammo was and see a door opened N of there, runjmp/grab in and go NE, the gate there will open on approach and close too. Notice the Pillar near the gate is out of place, pull it W under the block where it is supposed to stand and find the Golden Key that was under it, get that and go find a passage SW and follow to a corner with a Ĺ MP to the L, then go down the steps W and reach the ground floor of the room where you shot the Lions head. Look for the key hole W and open the doors. Save here and I run jmped down to one of the sloped sides, a bit high on the slope and kept jmping till the Boulder passed, then just slide down.

Demigod Fight.

Now save again and I did a runjmp over the sloped floor to the T shaped block in the lava pool, then just run on and jmp/grab to the W side where the Demigod is, while a Harpy attacks from the back, shoot the Demigod and Harpy and one more Demigod on a N ledge. Then look for a button in a NW hole. This will open another door up on a S ledge, one last Demigod shows up, shoot him and head for the water tunnel SW. Swim N and to the L is a closed door, go on fast and get a MP (or leave it for now as youíll return here) and get past the Croc, go R and up in a hole, you/re in the top of the Lava room now, look up L and spot the MS vegetation.

Papazebigboss Testimony.

Go over to the S side (thereís a nasty turn in the MS and the camera angle doesnít make it any easier) Get the Papazebigboss Testimony (whatís in a name) from the room and get out of there, run L over the ledge outside and jmp to land in that water hole, quickly grab the MP (if you didnít yet), roll and swim back and R into that open (W) door, go to the end of the pool and climb out. Go behind the pillar on the NW corner of the pool and place one of the Macedonian Gems, then go to the pillar S and place the remaining 3 Macedonian Gems, the door opens and inside is the final piece of Andreasí Armor, the Breastplate.

Well that was itÖ. Head to the end in the W and walk into the nightÖ.