Level by Barbara Giesecke (BaGi)

Walkthrough by Yoav


Start the level after the flyby focuses on the New York Time Newspaper Page. Lara is standing in a passage, go forward and draw the pistols, as a tough guy is waiting for you on the stairs behind the corner. Kill him and pick up the Garden Key, proceed down and use it to open the gate to get out to the garden. After the flyby shows, go over to the snake head statue fountain and pick from the bottom the Pipe #1. Go back and shoot the glass door, follow the passage, kill the tough guy and you come to a small courtyard.

Go around the tree over the green wall and pull out the hidden movable block nearby the vase, enter into the passage, in front of you is a closed small gate, turn left, shoot the rat and pick up the Pipe #2. Shoot the glass door, pick up the Crowbar, the small gate will open, go back to the courtyard. Head over to the flowers, shoot on the lion's head to open the gate and go into the next passage.

You come to a pool; take care of dalmatian dog attacking from back, jump into the pool and swim over the opening, at the end of the underwater passage pick up the Pipe #3. Get out of the pool and head to the right side corner where you entered here, look for high green jumpswitch that merges with the wall. Around the pool there are four vases, shoot on the two smaller to clear way and push each of the big vases one step forward onto a different tile. Block raises up in the corner and now you can pull the green jumpswitch to open the gate.

Follow the passage to swimming pool, get rid of the dalmatian, look around the pool and notice for three closed gates and a red statue missing spearhead. Climb up to the top of springboard and pick up Small Medipack, then take headspring into the pool, swim over the opening underwater passage. Pull the lever wall, it opens one of the gates, swim to left opening and get out of the water.

In front of you is a closed gate, place the first Pipe to open the gate and enter to wine cellar. Pick up Flares and shoot the rat, now pull the wooden box back to clear your way to the next passage, place the second Pipe to open the gate and enter the next room. Place the last Pipe you have to open a secret room and pick up the Shotgun, make your back out of the pool.

Go through the open gate, shoot dalmatian and right after him behind the corner the thug guy, climb left and pick up Shotgun Ammo, get over the gate, use with Crowbar to open it and follow to small harbor. Before you drop to water shoot the dolphin, then swim over the ledge with a rat and pick up Revolver Ammo. Keep swimming over the ledge with the barrel, climb and jump to next pool, dive toward the coral and swim into the hidden opening, pick up the Key(spearhead).

Back to the statue at the swimming pool and place the spearhead, the gate nearby opens. Follow in a passage to the BAR, kill the two tough guys that come over to you. In the BAR pick up Flares, then pull the trapdoor and climb down to basement, go forward and shoot the rats. Pass the swinging small boxes and look for closed gate in front of you, head to right and climb onto the boxes and drop down, you'll find a secret place, pick up the Revolver. Light a flare, you see high opening, climb over there and drop down, shoot the rat, pick up Ammo and pull the lever floor. Back to the place with swinging small boxes, pass the open gate, go to the end of the passage and pull there the lever floor, it opens the last gate at the swimming pool.

Head to a kind of maze, turn left path, kill the dalmatian and go around, pick up Ammo, back to the beginning. Light a flare and go close to the green wall you'll see better the hidden block. Push it forward into the next room, go right over the small garden, it's a secret place, pick up the Lasersight. Go back to the path, proceed left, pick up Shotgun Ammo from alcove, light a flare and look for another block in the next wall, push it into the room and pick up the Backdoor Key. Back along the path and proceed further till the end, find Large Medipack, turn back head left to small place. From the left side there's closed door, go to right and push the block inside the room and once again to the right side. Go behind the block into the opening, use there with the Key to open the door.

Go down the stairs over the courtyard, kill the two tough guys, take care for another one later. Look for closed parking lot door, then head over the clothes-line, shoot the vase and pick up Shotgun Ammo, turn left to next place, take the flares. Climb onto the boxes and drop down, crawl into a crawlspace, when you get to the end pull the lever floor, it opens the parking lot door. Crawl out from there and go over to the parking lot with the JEEP to load the next level.


Go down the stairs and shoot on a grate, crawl inside and take Small Medipack, crawl out and shoot the wooden barrier from the right and then the grate. Crawl into the space, push the wooden box and pick up the Garage Key, go back and shoot the next wooden barrier and place the Garage Key in a receptacle to open the gate. Enter the room, turn to right and shoot on wooden barrier behind the corner, pick up Small Medipack, head to other side corner behind the red pipe, pull jumpswitch to open the next gate.

Enter to the Guest Parking and kill the dalmatian, look around, there're three cars, one of them is a JEEP that you can drive later. Head forward and look in a wall there's a place for a Gearwheel, proceed over the ladder and climb up into the room above. Pull the lever floor and go through the open gate to next room, take from a table Gearwheel. Back to the parking and place the Gearwheel, block lowers down in an corner behind the yellow car. Follow the passage, you will come to the garage.

Kill the two car mechanics, notice they will drop Handle and Car - Jack Body. Head to open room and kill another car mechanic, climb onto a window ledge, pick up Revolver Ammo, go the next ledge and pick up the Gearwheel. Head over the wall with the half brick wall, combine the Handle with Car - Jack Body, you'll get Car - Jack, place it onto a brick wall, it will open the gate.

Follow the passage into next large passage, pass the ladder and get to the end, you see there a closed gate. Back to the ladder and climb up, backflip and grab the edge opening, pull Lara into the passage. Shoot the wooden barrier in front of you, first turn left side of the passage and come to a room with closed gate. Shoot on the three wheels, it opens the gate, pick up the Jeep Key, now go to the other side of the passage into the next room. Pull the lever wall but notice it opens a timed gate you saw before, quickly drop down through the opening you came from, head left and run faster and enter into a room with Jeep. Pull the jumpswitch near by the closed gate, it will lower the block, now go and place the Gearwheel to open the gate nearby.

Take place in a RED JEEP, drive through the open gate onto the slope and stop the Jeep at the top of the first slope. Get out of the Jeep and look left to you, there's a high grate, shoot over there. Now go to right side and climb onto the block, jump grab the ceiling overhead, monkeyswing over the opening, it's a secret place, shoot the crate and pick up Shotgun Ammo.

Now drive the Jeep over the next slope, then park the Jeep and get off. Shoot the guard and enter the office, pull the jumpswitch, it opens the next gate. Draw the pistols and shoot the dalmatian, head out to the courtyard and take care for another dalmatian, go toward the crates at the right side, shoot them and also the grate. Crawl to the end of the passage, then shoot another grate and crawl to a large passage, turn left, go a few steps and load the next level.


Enter the LOBBY and go over the open rest room, get rid of a guard. Head to the library wall and turn the book, door opens at lobby. Get over there and enter to a dining room, kill the guard then go to right side and pull the trapdoor. Drop into the basement, pick up Shotgun Ammo from the left alcove, proceed toward the shallow water, it's a secret place, pick up more Ammo.

Back to the dining room and shoot the windows, get out to the garden, take care of a dalmatian running over to you from the right side. Now you go over there and behind the wall drop into the fish pool, open your eyes and pick up the Room Key (GEM) also notice for a closed gate. Get out of the pool and head to other side of the garden, shoot on dalmatian then proceed toward the wooden structure, shoot on a piece of furniture there and pick up the Floor Key.

Back to the lobby and use the Floor Key, go up stairs to second floor. Use the Room Key(GEM) in a receptacle, enter the bedroom, go over to the safety-deposit box and pull it, then pick up the Suite Key. Get out of the bedroom, turn to the right and use the Crowbar to enter the next bedroom, shoot on a piece of furniture and pick up Shotgun Ammo. Head to other side of the floor and use again with the crowbar, enter the room and shoot the guard. Go behind the flowerpot, pull the book, the gates in a fish pool are open now, get out of the room and go to the next room in front of you. Use the crowbar and enter into a bathroom, shoot on small spider then pick up Small Medipak from the shower stall.

Get back to the lobby and use the Suite key, follow up the stairs, shoot the guard, turn left into a alcove and pull the jumpswitch. Enter the room and shoot the guy, first pull the jumpswitch left from the bed, it opens the last door at the lobby. Go to the bathroom and pick up Small Medipack, back to the room, head over the safety-deposit box and pull/push it over the tile near the window. The next room is open now; actually it's a secret room, pick up Large Medipack then shoot the piece of furniture, as soon as you pick up the Revolver Ammo the door will open.

Don't go back to LOBBY yet, go to the left alcove, jump grab and pull the trapdoor. Pull Lara into the attic, go around the boxes then pull/push the safety-deposit box from where it was standing to clear some space. Now pull out the wooden box and get inside the opening, pick up the White Light of RA, screenshot will show you a lowering block. Go around the boxes over the place with the lever floor, pull it and screenshot will show double gate opening.

Now back to LOBBY, go again to fish pool, swim into the opening and pick up the Jeep - Key, once again back to the lobby and go through the door you opened before. Go downstairs, shoot the last time on two dalmatians, keep following the red path and shoot the guard. Take place in a green Jeep and start driving down the road through the gate and load the last level.


Begin at the museum. Soon as the level starts, hold the game and look into Lara's inventory. The White Light of RA has disappeared!?! But you not need to worry much as you can pick it up again from the treasury crate in front of you. Do it quickly, as the guide starts walking and if you want to see where he is going, run faster to end of the third room, pull/push the head statue display and wait for him. When the guide will come, follow after him downstairs in a hallway, but not for long as he will disappear into the wall. Keep going downstairs and come to an office, look for closed gate behind the cobwebs and a blue keyhole on the column.

Back to the museum and go over the second room, climb to the high place with a grave and shoot the vases there, pick up the Backdoor Key. Now back again to the office and use the Key to open the gate, go over there and place the White Light of RA in a receptacle and the level will get to the END.


Addendum by Josť: There is another secret at the end of the level "Search". After you get the first secret, drive the Jeep over the next slope, then park the Jeep and get off. Go to east side of the room and to the right of the "Reception" poster climb over the small ledge with the red pipe, light a flare and look for the jumpswitch to the right. Use it to rise the closest block, enter the passage and shoot the boxes to pick up shotgun ammo.