A custom level made by Vok

Walkthrough written by Selene and authorized by Vok

A BIG thanks to Vok for looking through my walkthrough and pointing out important key notes and also thanks to all who have helped me out whenever I got stuck.

Pickups: Small medipacks, bananas (large medipack), 2 Eye Pieces, 4 Beetles, Ankh, flares, Crowbar, Revolver + laser sight, Uzis, ammo, Key To Eternal Youth and Youth Potion + 2 Secret Skulls.

Lara is once more back in Egypt, this time in search for the mystical fountain of youth, said to have preserved the beauty and youth of one of the ancient world's most beautiful women: Queen Nefertiti.

It is possible to collect the 4 Black Beetles in any order you like, I have just written down my preferred way of doing it.

Also note that it is possible to shoot the lions head (like mentioned in paragraph *Lions Head Room - Getting The Revolver) and dive into the window to flood the room mentioned in paragraph **Spike Room - Finding the 3rd Black Beetle) IN THE SAME GO. You don't need to do it in two turns like I have described it below. That will save a bit of backtracking and if you choose to do them in one go you can just read those two paragraphs together as one.

Starting Room - The Eye Of Horus

Lara starts the level sliding into an underground chamber. Follow the hallway around and enter the next room. Lara shows that she's ready to start adventuring and so are we. First have a look around the room. Straight ahead on top of the ramp is a closed gate. To the right is another closed gate and a pool. In the pool is yet another closed gate and an underwater lever. To the right is also a double door with a scarab on it which leads into the Pyramid Chamber, but we'll get back there later. Ahead and on the left you will see one tall pillar and a ladder behind it and if you look up at the ceiling you might spot a monkey swing. To the right of the closed gate on top of the ramp is another tall pillar with a lever on top of it and to the immediate left is a small pedestal with a piece of the Eye Of Horus on it.

First go to the pedestal and as you do so you will hear a dramatic music sequence and the ground will start shaking as a boulder drops from the ceiling right by where you stood earlier. Pick up the First Eye Piece from the pedestal. Now go to the pool on the other side and go for a swim. Swim to the bottom and pick up the small medipack and then swim to the S/E corner and pull the lever there to open the underwater gate right behind you. Swim through there and open the underwater door to the right. Continue swimming through to a large chamber and around to the left and then right where you can climb out of the water. A large snake starts pursuing our heroine while she's swimming around (these guys move on land as well as in water) so get out of the water as quickly as possible, draw guns and take it out. Continue towards the golden treasures laying scattered along the E wall and turn left. Go towards the crawlspace and draw guns because you have caught the attention of another snake. Once it's dead go behind the pile of golden treasures and pick up the Second Eye Piece. On the other side of the crawlspace where the snake came from there is nothing but a switch that closes the gate you came through and we'll get back to this area later. So for now drop back into the water and swim out to the room you started in. Climb out of the water and go over to the ladder at the W wall. Climb approximately halfway up and then backflip off, roll in mid-air and grab the pillar behind. Pull up and look up at the ceiling to spot a nearly erased monkey swing. Stand on the right side of the pillar (when facing the pool), face the edge of the monkey swing and do a running jump up to grab it. Traverse straight ahead and to the left until the end where Lara can drop onto the pillar with the lever. Pull this to open the gate on top of the ramp. Now either drop down from the pillar or to entirely avoid health loss jump back up and grab the monkey swing, then traverse straight ahead until Lara is right above the pool and drop down into the water or simply do a running jump from the pillar to land directly in the pool. Either way go up the ramp and enter the large hall on top.

Main Hall - Flooding the Torch Room

Now here you will see several closed gates and a large door. The closed gate to the S(you can barely get a glimpse of a skull-covered wall behind it) has an ankh stuck to the right of it. This is a key and we will find another one later so don't bother trying to pry that ankh of the wall, it's meant to be stuck there. Behind the gate to the right (W) you will see a pit and a gate with a blue hallway beyond. We will get back to these rooms later. For now turn right and go to the other end of the hall. If you look at the right wall as you go along you will see the gate you came through and another closed gate which we will be opening later. Go over to the huge closed door and combine the two eye pieces to make the Eye Of Horus. Put it in the lock to open the door and immediately draw weapons. Take out the gigantic crab lurking in the room beyond. Once it's out of the way re-enter the room it came from and over to the hole in the floor to the W. Never mind the switch on the wall, we'll get back to that later. Climb down the ladder there and drop into the room below. Lara is now standing in a semi-dark room with a sconce and some torches on the left wall, all unlit, a dark area ahead and to the right and some torches laying in a heap on the floor straight ahead. Head over to the S wall. You will barely see a white switch here to pull, so do so to light the sconce on the wall as well as some burners in a depression on the W wall. If you take a closer look at the depression you will see the Crowbar lying there, but don't worry, we'll get that later. Go to the opposite wall and light a flare to spot the moveable block in the N wall (this is the block exactly between the two unlit torches). Pull it out and you will see the torches become lit as well. Pick up one of the torches from the heap on the ground and use the fire from the lit torches to light it. Go over to the S/E corner and here you'll spot a tiny crack in the wall. First throw the lit torch into the room behind it. Go back to where you pulled the block out and follow the passage until you reach a waterfall with a switch. Pull this to flood the room with the torches. Swim straight up and into the small alcove above the waterfall with the switch to pick up the laser sight. Swim back down and out the passage until you reach the main room. Now you can swim into the small depression and pick up the Crowbar as the burners have been put out. Once you've got it swim back out and over to the small space where you threw in the torch. Go over to the ladder at the S wall where you can surface. Climb out of the water here. In this first room there's nothing but a closed gate so first jump and grab the ladder and climb up on the level above. Pull the switch here to drain all the water away from the room below. Again jump to grab the ladder and first climb up to the top level. Here you can pick up a small medipack. The switch will re-fill the rooms below with water again so don't do that yet. Instead go back down the ladder to the bottom chamber.

Note: If you make a mistake (such as not throwing the torch far enough into the room with the ladder) you can re-fill the chambers with water using the switch on the top level, swim through the narrow gate and up to the room where you killed the crab earlier. The switch on the wall in this room drains the rooms below.

*Lions Head Room - Getting The Revolver

Grab the torch you threw in through the narrow space earlier and light the torch on the wall with it. This opens the gate on the first level above. Throw away the torch and climb up first three levels and pull the switch to refill the room with water. Climb back down two levels and enter the room behind the gate you opened earlier.

A short fly-by will show you the room in its totality, which consists of tall pillars, ledges, switches and closed gates. Shoot away the urns in the S/E corner and pick up the Revolver laying behind them. Climb up the pillars in the right corner, shooting away any urns getting in your way. The final pillar is sloped so as soon as you pull up and start sliding jump forwards and grab the edge of the ledge ahead. Pull up and pick up the revolver ammo. Turn left and do a running jump to the ledge ahead. Stand on the left side of the ledge facing the large, glass-like window on the wall ahead and below. Do a standing jump and press Action in mid-air to make Lara land on the tall pillar with the blue surface below. Arm her with the revolver combined with the laser sight and aim towards the glass-like window. Through the scope you should see a lions head on the other side of the window, so aim and shoot its mouth. This opens a gate on a ledge high above and to the left. Drop to the ground and leave this room for now. Jump back in the water and swim through the room below and the narrow crack, then up along the ladder and climb out in the room where you killed the crab earlier. Go back to the hallway and see that the gate to the left is now open.....this is the same gate you opened by shooting the lion's mouth: yes, you're now on a ledge above the room with the tall pillars and glass window that you were in just a few minutes ago. Pull the switch next to the doorway to open two of the gates back in the main hall. Go back there and first go through the now open doorway on the left (next to the one you came from) and go back to the starting room.

Block Puzzle - Finding Secret 1

Run down the ramp and over to the black gate next to the pool. Pry it open using the crowbar and enter the passage beyond. Follow it to the top of the stairs and turn to face the three blocks on the right side. These are all moveable and conceal Secret 1: A Golden Skull and a switch hidden behind a fourth block. To get to this in the easiest way possible please refer to the diagram here:

Click here for diagram

When there are no further blocks blocking the way between you and the stairs, you can leave this room and go back to the room where you opened the scarab doors. Enter this room and you'll see a pyramid with four beetle receptacles. You don't have any of these yet, so let's leave this room for now and go looking for them.

Getting The 1st Black Beetle

First of all dive into the pool and swim through the underwater gate. Now as you swim through the door to the next room go straight ahead to the dimly lit corner(under the ledge) and look up. There are some black marks on the underside of the ledge looking like some ancient symbols. One of them is actually an extremely concealed lever, so position Lara in the middle under the lever and facing S and press Action. She will pull the underwater lever and a door in the room will open. Now turn around and swim to where you climbed out of the water earlier(where you killed the snakes). Opposite of the ledge where you picked up the Second Eye Piece there's now an open door so go left as you get out of the water and enter the hallway beyond the open door. Follow the passageway up the stairs until you reach a door that you can open with the crowbar. Do so and follow the long passage until you reach a doorway above the same room. Do a running jump to the ledge ahead and a standing one to the next. Continue on with another running jump combined with grabbing the edge of the next pillar. Finally do another running jump and grab to the last pillar and pull the switch to open the red door opposite. Drop down from the pillar(you'll lose a little health in this process so if you don't want that you can jump back to the other pillars and go through the long hallway again). Either way go back to the narrow crawlspace to the S where one of the snakes crawled out earlier and squeeze through it. Never mind the switch here, as mentioned at the beginning it only closes the underwater gate you came through. Instead vault up on the ledge to the right(facing the black metal cage) and do a running jump to the other side, grabbing the edge at the last moment. Pull up and go to the rightmost black gate ahead (the one closest to the wall). Press Action and Lara will use the crowbar to pry off the 1st Black Beetle.

Tricky Jump- Getting Black Beetle #2

Go around to the left and pry open the black gate closest to the wall. Enter the treasure cage and pull up on the ledge above. Lara will say "Right, this is a really big one" and indeed it is!!!! You have to do an angled running jump into the opening beyond the red door. Stand on the tallest part of the ledge you're standing on and hop backwards once. Angle Lara slightly to the left towards the door and do a running jump(without pressing Action). Try aiming for the lower left part of the doorway and she should jump straight in. The door will close behind you so go straight ahead and pick up your well earned 2nd Black Beetle. Go around to the other side and look at the Skull mounted on the wall. Arm Lara with the revolver and use the laser sight to aim for and shoot at the nose of the skull. You will now find yourself high above the room with the lions head you shot earlier.

**Spike Room - Finding the 3rd Black Beetle

Jump to the ledge ahead and the door will close behind you. Turn left and jump down to the ledge with the switch. Now turn and run off the ledge while pressing Action and Lara will land on the pillar with the blue surface. Lara will lose a bit of health so if you're conserving it then you can jump and grab the ledge above, do a running jump to the ledge ahead with the open gate and retrace through the hall with the gates, down the ladder shaft and into the room with the open gate leading to the ground floor of the large room and then climb back up using the pillars on the right side of the room. Either ways, once you reach the blue pillar do a running jump into the "window" with the lions head. In the ceiling to the right of the head there's a lever. Pull this and the room will be flooded, enabling you to swim back up. Do so and climb out of the water on the ledge in the left corner. Pull the switch to raise the block you're standing on. Turn around and jump and grab the small ledge above. From there jump to the protruding ledge with the doorway. Be careful when proceeding into the next room. Go off the first step and turn to face the 3rd beetle. Align Lara CAREFULLY by the edge of the step to the right, hop backwards and do a running jump towards the beetle. This should just about clear the spikes. Pry the 3rd black beetle off the wall and turn to face the spikes again. Sprint straight ahead through them (I found this to be the least health consuming) and pick up the small medipack next to the steps. Dive back into the pool and swim to the ledge opposite with the open gate.

Blue Maze and Mirror Room - Getting The Final Black Beetle

Now go through and to the open gate on the right. BE CAREFUL and don't rush straight ahead through the gate because there's a pit with spikes right beyond the gate. Do a running jump over this pit to land on the next ledge. Drop down on the opposite side of the block and a burner will be turned on behind and above you. Proceed towards this burner, but be careful as there is a trapdoor there which will open and send Lara plummeting to her death if she steps on it. Keep to the right side along the wall and stop when Lara reaches the highest point right before the trapdoor. Walk one step backwards and then do a backward hop. Do a running jump and while in air press Action and with some precision Lara should grab the edge below the burner. Press Duck together with the up arrow key and Lara will pull crouching up on the ledge to avoid catching fire. Crawl ahead and the gate will close behind you. You're standing in a blue hallway with a tile with a cats face on it straight ahead. The ceiling tile in front of it is a trapdoor, but we'll open that later. Shoot out the wall to the left and the next wall after that. Then clear out the next wall to the right and the next to the right. Go on and clear away the door at the end of the hallway. Continue around clearing out the breakable wall sections and pick up some flares. Continue along, shooting out the walls and whenever you encounter a skeleton use the revolver to shoot its head off. This way it will be running along headless and unable to harm Lara. There will be a total of two of them running around in the maze. Eventually you'll reach another cat tile with some revolver ammo in front of it. Grab the ammo and look up. The ceiling tile in front of the cat tile is a concealed trapdoor so shoot at it and it will open. There's nothing to do up there yet, so just keep this place in mind before heading back down the maze the way you came from, shooting any skeleton that might pop up if you havenít before. When you get back to the cat tile near the beginning and the closed gate clear away the breakable wall opposite of the hallway you come out of. Continue on shooting out walls like before and pick up the Uzis when you stumble over them. Pull the switch to open the gate out to the burner.

Go back out there and shoot out the trapdoor in the ceiling right in front of the cat tile in the main hallway. Climb up, turn right and shoot out the breakable wall and then pick up the torch. Go back down and towards the burner. Go as close as you can without Lara catching fire and turn towards the right side of it. Press Action and Lara will light the torch. Turn around and go back towards the cat tile and into the left hallway. Continue around, ignoring the headless skeletons, and go to the other open ceiling trapdoor. Jump up there and continue into a large room with a mirror and an ice pool. Use the torch to light the four black burners along the right wall. Now turn and look in the mirror. You will see some brown pieces on the ice which are not visible on your side of the mirror. These are actually torches that are frozen under the ice. By using the mirror to spot their locations, go around and use the torch to light all four of them. This will cause the ice to melt and you can actually swim under the mirror and into a room on the opposite side. To the E there's an open doorway. Climb in there and pry off the 4th and final Black Beetle. The water in the pool will turn to ice again, but no worries. You can actually walk through the mirror. Do so and go back towards the hallway where you entered. A light blue block ahead of you will lower so you can jump over there and go through directly to the gate where you entered the maze. To get past the burner and trapdoor simply press Action and run off the edge. Lara will land safe and sound past the trapdoor. Climb back out of this pit and run/jump over the spikes.

Pyramid Room - Obtaining The Ankh

Now that you have all 4 beetles you can go down the ramp to the starting room and enter the room with the pyramid. Place all the beetles in the pyramid receptacles and it will unfold and reveal an Ankh for you to bring with you. Leave this room as there's nothing more to do in here and go back up the ramp and to the still closed gate on the S wall. Stand on the left side of the gate where there seems to be a small black slot in a familiar shape and insert the ankh there. The final gate will thus open.

Donkey Kong Room

Go through and follow the passageway with the skulls on the walls. Pick up the Banana(Large Medipack) at the end. Go through the gate and this will start a type of Donkey Kong sequence. You will see a lot of wooden ramps and a monkey and a ladder on top, the gate behind you closes and a fire is lit in front of it so there's no going back. Boulders will start rolling down the ramps and towards our heroine. The trick here is to only proceed far enough ahead to trigger one boulder at a time and before it reaches Lara do a standing jump straight up to jump over it. Be cautious not to set off too many boulders at one time, if you do they will come too close together for Lara to dodge them. Continue working your way up the ramps until you reach the top, dodging the boulders as they come. I counted 15 of them in all and the second time I played through it Lara reached the top after avoiding only nine of them. Thus the remaining six came rolling down straight after one another. If this should happen immediately run to the blue ladder and jump and grab it and instantly start climbing towards the top. That way the boulders should roll by below Lara. Either way climb the ladder to the top and when she can't go any further press Jump, Action and Up together to make her flip into the next room.

Here there is an inhabitant waiting for you in shape of a crab and he's not too happy about the unwanted visit. To avoid him the best possible way without losing health as soon as you land on the floor run forwards, stop by the ladder, turn left and jump/grab the ladder. Climb to the top and from here you can safely kill it from above. Once that's done jump to the ledge with the fire and pick up a small medipack. Then jump back to the ledge with the rope and jump to grab it. Start swinging towards the other side and jump, spikes will pop up below you, but hopefully you've already landed on the opposite ledge, avoiding the black toxic pool as well. Go through the gate which opens automatically.

*Note: There is a bug here that may occur when Lara is ropeswinging. If she's swinging slightly angled, when she jumps from the rope she will be standing frozen in mid-air and not be able to get anywhere. The only solution to solve this is to load a previous save-game and try again.*

Room with switches and columns

In the next room go to the far end and right and pull the switch in the alcove to the S to raise a block to the left of where you entered this room. Run back towards the entrance and climb up on either of the low blocks on each side of the entrance if you want to take out the snake that appears out of no where from a safe spot. If you prefer the direct approach feel free to take it out from the floor level. Either ways, once it's gone follow the grey stairs on the right side and light a flare to spot a high wall switch. Jump up and grab it to pull it down and this raises the second blue block to the right of the entrance. Go back there and climb the grey block, turn left and climb onto the blue one. Do a running jump ahead to the second blue block you just raised and grab the edge before pulling up. Turn left and jump to grab the grey pillar ahead. Now stand as far back and to the left as possible(facing the grey stairs) and run off the pillar to land on the stairs. Go to the top of them and when you reach the gate turn right. Hop backwards and press Action to grab the edge. Let go of Action and immediately press it again to grab the high wall switch and pull it down. This opens the gate on top of the stairs so retrace your steps back to climb the pillars and jump over to the stairs. On top go through the now open gate.

*Note: You can also do the section above WITHOUT pulling the first high wall switch to raise the second blue block. I managed to jump from the tall blue pillar to the left of the entrance directly to the grey stairs without losing health. It's harder, but enables you to get through this room in two go's instead of three. Once you've climbed the blue pillar to the left of the entrance, turn and do a running jump with grab to the stone pillar ahead. Here the trick is to stand in the position shown in this screenshot:

Click here for screenshot

From there do a regular running jump while pressing Action through the entire run and Lara will land directly on the lowest step, no health lost.;)

Check Mate

Here you will be met with a fly-by over the next area and a huge chess board with two statues of Horus on it and one of our very own heroine. First go into the alcove to the right and pick up a small medipack. If you look up you will see a crevice, but you can only reach it from the other side so that will have to wait. Go back to the board and get ready for a game of chess.

Firstly know that some tiles conceal traps while others are safe. There might be other safe routes to the other side, but this one I found nice and easy. First step onto tile number 2 from the left. Turn slightly to the right and do a running jump diagonally to the dark tile with one chess piece ahead and one to the left. From there run over to the tile to the right of where you stand and from there do a diagonal standing jump to the tile which is to the right of the one straight ahead of you. From there do another standing diagonal jump back to the tile in front of the white pawn piece. Push this piece once ahead and the opposite king will become check mate and go up in flames. To make this progress easier there is a screenshot that will make it easier to understand right here:

Congrats, you have now gotten safely through that and can now walk onto any tile without harm. No need to though, jump to the ledge with the sarcophagus and the Nefertiti bust and pick up the Key To Eternal Youth from the bust pedestal. NOTE: This key will ONLY appear if you "win" the chess game like described above. It's not really difficult to do, so it shouldn't be too hard to try.

Getting Secret 2

Before unlocking the gate next to the sarcophagus go to the right end and climb the ledge there. Turn to face the chess board, walk to the edge and do a standing jump to the brightly lit crevice ledge on the left side of the board. Shimmy around the corner to the left and drop down on the ledge. Here you can pick up Secret 2: A Golden Skull. Note that this time you will NOT hear the secret chime and it will not become a part of the statistics, so at the end you will still only see 1 secret found on the stats screen. Go straight ahead and pull up into the opening ahead. Crawl through and drop down on the other side where you started the chess game. Go back across the board and jump to the ledge with the sarcophagus.

Uncovering The Secret Of Youth - Youíve been framed

Use the key to unlock the gate and enter the next room. This large room is for most parts empty: there is a block in the S/W corner that Lara can climb, but she can't get anywhere from there. To the right of this block is a closed gate and opposite are two ledges high up with a pillar separating them and a switch on the wall on the left ledge(while facing the entrance to this room). In the ceiling you will see red-brownish monkey bars and there are some blocks in the right corner of the room that are too high up to climb onto. There is also a cobweb with a harmless spider to the right of the closed gate and another high ledge to the right of that again. Now what???

Now go over to the area right below the cobweb and look at it from every angle possible. You will be able to barely spot a shimmering thread which is visible from certain angles and invisible from others. This is in fact a brilliantly well hidden climbable pole so climb up and backflip onto the ledge to the right. Stand on the left side of the ledge (when facing the room) and jump up to grab the monkey bars. Traverse to the opposite side and drop down on the right ledge. Now comes the tricky part. What I did was to line Lara up with the edge approximately one step onto the third tile away from the pillar, then hop backwards once and do a running jump, angling Lara to the right while she's in mid-air and she should land straight onto the left ledge. Pull the switch here to open the gate below and drop down to the ground floor.

Go through the gate and into a wooden room with a sarcophagus in the far left corner, some urns in the far right corner and a couple of monkeys running around. Shoot away the urns (avoiding to hit the monkeys unless you want some extra enemies to deal with) and pick up the banana. Open the blue chest to find the Youth Potion: a box containing Nivea skin lotion. As you can hear Lara is not happy about wonder anyways. Travelling all the way to Egypt and going through all that trouble for a box of anti-wrinkle lotion would be of great frustration to most. So let's go and see if there's more unfinished business around here.

A light in the desert

Enter the next room and shoot the urns if you like, they contain nothing of interest. In the N/E corner there is a very well hidden trapdoor in the ceiling. Stand at the tallest part facing the E wall and jump up to grab the handle and pull the trapdoor down. Climb up and go over to the window. Well how convenient. There's a hang glider right there waiting for you. Grab onto it like you would a regular zip line and off we go into the darkness of the desert. When the hang glider stops and Lara drops off turn left and use the crowbar to pry open the metal gates. Continue straight ahead and jump over the sloped sand dunes until you reach the top and the sight of a small oasis with a palm tree and a waterhole reaches you. Go down to it, wade into the water and approach the fountain. Behold, something is happening!!! It seems our Lara did find the secret of eternal youth after all. Watch the beautiful cut scene that begins and you have successfully reached the end of yet another adventure.