Level by Michiel

Unauthorized 'Walkthrough' by Michael Prager

This is not really a level, more a showcase of the winning Lara outfits of a competition held at Michiel's site (trsearch.org).

After a quick look at the nice sky and Lara's outfit, turn left from the
start, walk around the corner and run into the west wall. Turn left and go
through a low crawlspace. Jump up the left wall and shimmy right and around the corner. Pull up and find Outfit #1.

Go back out and right across the water (use bridge or wade through). Keep right towards some darker rocks and left of them find another low
crawlspace. Go through, climb up two blocks and find Outfit #2.

Go back out and run towards the Jeep. Pick up the Keys next to it, get in
and make a U-turn. Go straight all the way, turn left at the end and again
go all the way until you reach the South East Corner of the map. In the east wall rocks find a little path in to a slope. Jump up that slope and another one to your right. Walk on a bit. Jump up another slope. Turn left and jump up to a shimmy crack. Go left and pull up to find Outfit #3.

Back down to your Jeep. Go North with it and turn left and stop right at the
first house on the left. Climb up a block there, shimmy around the corner
and pull up and then up to the roof to find Outfit #4.

That's it - you can now drive around a bit more with the Jeep if you wish
(as there is no finish trigger) and then call it a day and wait for the full
version of the level when Michiel releases it...