Level by Lukasz Croft

Walkthrough by Yoav

The year is 2007... Lara must find The Hall of Amulet.

Begin with Lara standing in front of a closed door. Turn and go a few steps forward and drop down to the pit, you'll be under attack a by dog and mechanic with wrenches. Kill them both, then climb out and run up the tunnel, climb the stairs and later the wall, you find yourself at the large garage full of boxes one truck and a few treasure chests.

Group of dog, rats, mechanic and masked guy who not help you much will come out when you start exploring the garage, kill them except for the masked guy and take HK clips from the ground and then climb onto the box and take more clips.

Stay close to the west wall and head north, open the first treasure chest and get HK GUN. Then climb onto the next box and open the second treasure chest, get medipack.

Proceed a little further to the right and see the hole with closed yellow door.
Head east, kill the mechanic on your way, get his medipack. Left of the ramp shoot on those two tins and get the R16 rockets, follow the ramp, drop down and look for empty treasure chest. Proceed further, take the R16 rocket, climb the ramp and see the control wall from the left side and press on the off button.

Head south and shoot on the next two tins, pick up the HK clips, keep moving further beyond the boxes to left alcove find more HK clips. Proceed to next alcove from the right and press on the off button, the yellow door is open now.

Before you go over there, head toward the flame above the tin and look for more HK clips little further.

Make your way toward the open yellow door and drop down to short passage, take care of mechanic attacking, he will come from the cave. Then you drop down to this cave, this time the masked guy will help you and deal with another bad guy. Meantime look around and notice there're two caves, see the high opening in the west wall, you can reach with standing jump, but leave it a while.

Go toward the south wall and throw the two switches to open the gate nearby, then enter the passage. Go forward and climb onto the blocks, drop down to other side and see there closed grate from left. Now climb into the opening from the right and see the closed yellow door. Back to the cave and go toward the north wall, see the card slot there, you can pass to the second cave, shoot on the tin and find the first CARD. Back to the first cave and use the card at the slot.

Return back and find the second CARD lies on the ground. Back again and use the card in the slot on the wall with the switches. Honestly I really don't know what they're supposed to do.

Anyway, head toward the high opening and take standing jump, enter to next cave. Go to the left down over the wall and reach the SECRET PLACE, pick up R16 rocket. Turn and go north, drop through the opening down into the next cave, look for medipack on your way and stay away from the zombie.

Go further, turn right, get the HK clips and slide into a large room. Pick up the Card nearby the pillar, wish I knew where is the slot for this card... Take a look around, you'll see in the NE alcove a switch, don't touch this switch! It will close the gate you already opened. Just keep running around and get the flares, later pick up the two R16 rockets and press on the off button. Get the short flyby cut before he shows you the open grate.

Make your way back to the passage and draw your pistols, shoot on the mechanic attacking, then climb again onto the blocks. Drop down and climb up through the open grate into the dark passage. Go right and throw the first switch out of three which opens the yellow door. Turn back and see that you can climb onto the right wall and get the flares. Keep down the passage and climb onto the half wall in front of you, drop down and shoot the rat. Light flare to see better and get the HK gun, go around the column and throw the second switch. Climb out and head south, look for the crawlspace in the left side but keep forward over the dark place, light flare and see the third switch. Throw it and and you can be sure the yellow door is open now.

Back to the crawlspace and crawl to new cave, you'll be under attack of prehistoric bird. Go down and take care from the wire, get the HK clips from the right. Now turn to face left and look for high opening. Take standing jump over the wire and toward the climbable wall and climb up into the SECRET PLACE. Pick up the R16 GUN, drop down left from the wire and stay away from the zombie. Go forward and pick up more HK clips and R16 gun and prepare yourself as another prehistoric bird shows up.

Get out from this cave back toward the passage and climb up into the opening, see the yellow door you just opened. Go through it and look, there are two switches from left. Before you are think to touch on them, go through the right opening and drop down. Kill the mechanic with his dog, then climb into the left alcove and find the BINOCULARS. Go to the other side and climb there too into the alcove and get the R16 rocket.

Now climb back and throw only the right switch, it will open the door and masked man walks out. Enter into there and see The Hall of Amulet, as soon as you try to pick it up you finish the level.