Level By: Paolo M

Walkthrough By: Anurag (and first posted at Lara's Home)

Thanks to eRIC for helping me when I was stuck.

The Slopes & Spike traps, Burners:

Hop back & take a running jump on the slope to avoid the popping spike trap ahead. Jump & grab the wall ahead, climb up the ladder & enter the high crawlspace for Secret #1; Uzis. Climb all the way down & slide down the slope avoiding another set of spikes. At the end you'll land on a safe block.

The block ahead is a breakable tile, so wait for the burner ahead to extinguish, then make a run, you'll clear 4 breakable tiles & reach a safe tile (remember this tile) before the last burner. A bat charges at you; kill it. When the burner extinguishes, go for the ladder ahead of another breakable tile. Climb all the way up. Pick up the Uzis from the pedestal; 2 gladiators attack, finish them. Pick up a Small-Medipack from the grass on left side of the pedestal.

Timed run to open the gate to crossbow ammo:

Now the next step is timed. Go to the Southeast corner of the room, there is a switch behind the urn. Flip the switch & immediately backflip with roll to come out of the corner & sprint towards the northwest corner; the spikes there are inactive for a very short time, so flip the switch there & sidejump on right side, you'll end on back side of an urn. (Both the urns have an on off fire, so you have to time it right, by avoiding the fire.) Then take another sidejump to the 2nd urn, then jump to the raised block & quickly jump up & activate the jumpswitch.

A cut-scene follows which shows a gate has raised. Go to the opening in West & pick up Crossbow Normal Ammo. Now for some serious work; with the movable block, which is in front of you.

Moving the block:

Pull the block all the way out, then get in between the urn & block & push the block in the whole way.
Pull it once from the right side. Then push it all the way in south direction, & take it to the double doors. There is a differently textured ceiling block to the left of the double doors, move the block here. The cage around the Crossbow gets lowered. Push/Pull the block all the way to the opening from where you took the crossbow ammo. Pull the block inside the opening & move it on top of the Sundial texture, this opens a door outside. Also pick up the Crossbow from the middle of this room. You can also see a lasersight on a pedestal behind a closed door, but don't worry, it's for later.

Back outside, go through the raised door & pick up the Silver key from the pedestal. The vases besides it are empty. Use the silver key on the keyhole beside the double doors. The double doors rise; pick up the Horseman's Gem from the pedestal. Shoot the chest & crawl in the crawlspace behind it. In the next area there are 2 exhausts & a bat, avoid the exhausts with correct timing & kill the bat. Slide down the slope on right of the second exhaust. Now the next scenario is very hectic so draw your guns out while on the slope itself.

Slopes & shooting lion heads:

As you slide down the screen begans to shake, slide till the end & jump on to next slope at the last moment (otherwise Lara will bump into the ceiling & not make it). There is lava on the ground, so you will die if you can't make the jump. Jump to another slope, then to a 3rd slope, while jumping to the fourth slope shoot the lion on East wall, & then jump to another slope & shoot the lion on wall beside this slope. Jump to another slope; from here jump to the slope ahead with a right curve, you'll land on the slope. Jump onto another slope, then to another slope. Jump to the next slope & shoot the lion. Jump to the next slope with a right curve. Then jump to the next slope, then to the next slope, then to another slope; from here shoot the 4th lion, this opens the door. Then jump to the next two slopes, pull in your guns, on the last slope slide a little & jump with action; you'll grab a ladder, climb up through the open gate.

4 Pad tiles room

Then climb another ladder upwards & get down on the right side. Jump into the water, swim all the way to end up in a room with 4 chests (all empty). Approach the gate & it opens. As you enter the gate closes behind you. Now you are in a room with 4 special differently textured tiles, but first time for a secret.

Shoot the 2nd black tile on the South wall & go in for Secret#2; a Small Medipack, a Large Medipack, Crossbow normal ammo & 2 X Uzi Ammo neatly kept on 4 pedestals. Then return back to the previous room; go to the different textured tile in front of the door. Stand on it. (Now in the next part you have to see that no part of Lara is outside the tile or the puzzle gets reset.) Jump on to the 2nd tile; from here take a diagonal running jump to the 3rd tile (it surely will take many tries before you actually do it) & then a diagonal jump to the 4th tile. As soon as you land on the 4th tile the screen shakes & half of the room gets blown away, exposing the lava underneath; this also opens another door beside Lara. (PS: If you havenít taken Secret #2 you can't access it now, as the ground below it gets blown.)

Terrace & fire wraith chase sequence

Go through the opened door & climb up the ladder & get down on right side; the door gets raised & 2 Bats attack you, kill them. Enter into an open area; you are on the topmost place. The gate closes behind you. There is a switch in between the 2 vases (which are empty); flip the switch; this opens a trapdoor below. As you flip the switch 2 fire wraiths attack; Immediately roll & stand near the flower pot (on left when facing the switch) walk to the edge & time your jump with the spikes on the ledge. Jump on the ledge when the spikes are down (inside) & then immediately fall off this ledge to the ground & jump into the water beyond the open trapdoor. Both the wraiths will extinguish.

Swim all the way to end up in the room with Lasersight; pick up the lasersight. A camera shows the view of the burners & broken tiles from the start of level; this also opens the gate ahead. You'll end up in the room from where you picked up the crossbow. Go down the ladder to the room with burners & broken tiles. There is a shootable wall under where the 2nd breakable tile was (from the ladder). Combine the crossbow & lasersight; & when the 2nd burner is down stand on top of it & quickly shoot the wall under the safe tile described in first paragraph. Jump into the opening before the burner lights again & flip the switch here; this lowers a block opposite to the ladder. Walk to the edge & then take a diagonal standing jump with action; you'll grab the edge of the 2nd burner shimmy to the safe tile.

Jumping to Opposite Balcony:

Once up, go to the ladder & climb about 1/4th of it & backflip onto a ledge.
Pick up the Golden Key from the pedestal, another door opens at your right. Shoot the vases here & pick up a Small Medipack & some Uzi Ammo. Then go through the opening, climb up higher on right; again climb up to a higher platform, then higher again. Then go inside the crawlspace, and then climb on the left side, then again on right. As you'll approach the gate it raises. A skeleton appears, equip the crossbow & press the look button to aim, press 1 to take out the pistols & aim at its head (Laser sight bug). You can spot the keyhole on the next balcony, runjump & grab the ledge with spikes, shimmy to the opposite side & when spikes go down climb up & backflip. Another skeleton appears shoot its head the same way. All other balconies on both sides are empty. Use the golden key on the keyhole; the gate raises. Go in to find yourself in a room with 2 sleeping skeletons (donít shoot at their heads, you need them later on) & a closed gate, also take note of a lowered raising block in Southeast corner.

Skeletons smash the Jar to open the gate

Now go on any one side either left or right; shoot the vase in front of you, this will trigger one of the skeletons in the main room. Go through the opening on the side & grab the monkeyswing above, swing till the end to the vase. The floor under the vase is a flame trap so donít leave the monkeyswing. The skeleton will follow you & smash the vase for you, climb out with the monkeyswing & then blow out the skeleton's head using the laser sight bug. (You can also complete the puzzle by activating one skeleton only.)

Do the same on the other side; once both the vases are shattered you get a camera view of a gate getting raised in the main room. Take care of the skeleton & go through the open gate. Now there are 2 crawlspaces, one each at left & right directions. First go to the left crawlspace, crawl on to differently textured tile; leave the Medipack here for later if you want Secret #3, crawl out immediately with a right curve & sprint to the main room, quickly climb on the raised block in Southeast corner.

Climb on it before it lowers & jump to grab the monkeyswing above, swing to the southwest corner & go into the crawlspace there for Secret # 3, a Large-Medipack. Drop down & collect the Small Medipack from the crawlspace & some Uzi Ammo from the opposite crawlspace. Now go straight, along the last bend the music will change. You can see the blue gem on a pedestal behind a closed gate. Approach it to end the level.


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