Level by Bjorn (Formel16)

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start the level with Lara sliding down into a typical catacomb room. You can see the closed stone door in front of you. Go left and climb up the ladder and backflip, you land onto the ledge with few jugs. Those jugs are empty and will not give you anything, just go forward and jump toward to the small ledge ahead, get the Shotgun with ammo and press on the tile face which opens the stone door below.

Go through the short passage and when you enter the room and pick up the Pharos Pillar, you have to deal with two skeletons. Wish I could figure out how to get the Grenade gun, as it's locked within the bridge. Hmm, I'd really love to see skeletons blowing up. Anyway, after you get rid of those skeletons, push the pillar one step forward onto the tile and get the short flyby showing you double stone door opening. Take simple jump behind the pillar and one more jump across the gap and enter the room you just opened.
Press on the two tile switches to open another stone door nearby the ladder at the beginning room as the screenshot shows you.

Short running in the passage you'll see from the left side there's an alcove. Turn to the right, you come to another passage with sloped columns to cross and reach the other side, where you can see the receptacles. Notice that you can use the monkeyswing which also can bring you over there. When you place the Pharos Pillar at the receptacle you see stone door opening in the alcove. Now you definitely need to use the monkeyswing back to the alcove, then follow the short passage till you get to the hole and drop down into the water.

Swim along the canal and climb into the room above, pick up the Revolver, Lasersight and ammo right under your feet. Move toward the face tile and make sure you step onto it and see the door in front of you opening. Just wait a moment and notice there's a spiked boulder at the top of the slope. Get the Large Medipack from the right corner and see some underwater door opening, then go and push the lever to release the boulder. Now run up the slope and later climb up the ladder and slide down directly into underwater passageway.

Notice you are nearby the underwater door you just opened when two ghosts found their time to attack you. Quickly swim into the alcove, there is a parrot statue you can use to get rid of those ghosts. Now take easy swimming along the underwater passageway, pass the gate and stone door will close behind you. When you get out of the water look for lever in the left side alcove, it will open the next stone door. Slide down to lava room with large bridge you can cross to other side, there's another stone door in front of you.

From your right you can crawl into the opening and get the flares, then start crawling till you reach the tile switch. (Take my advice and sleep while it's long crawling, lol). Anyway, press on the tile and crawl back. Go through the open door and pass the short passage, take simple jump forward and find yourself above the long water canal. Jump grab the ceiling and take monkeyswing, when angle camera give you a new nice looking way to cross to other side.

You are in a large empty room. Go forward to next room with three pillars, look for high opening in the north wall. Jump grab the ceiling and take monkeyswing toward the opening, you have to go around the pillar and the angle camera might not help you much. Reach the opening, then go through the short passage, you come to a lava room. Stand on the broken bridge and take jump to left side alcove where the you see the lever. Push the lever, it opens the stone door, then jump back to first bridge. Turn face to the next bridge, jump across the gap and pass the open door.

Follow the long passage till you reach the tunnel water, swim toward the opening and get out of the water. Go to the edge and drop down, you are in large catacomb room where two ghosts fly around. I guess you want to get rid of them, well there's a parrot statue in the NW corner. Now look around the room and see from both sides of the stairs stone walls. Climb up the stairs to the second floor, then go around the structure stone, the north wall should be open when you step nearby.

Wonderful, you finally found the four CRYSTALS. Pick up the first one and flyby will show you four receptacles, now pick up the other three and go back down to first floor. Go to left side around stairs, you'll see the wall with four receptacles. Place the Crystals to open the final door nearby to you, go a few steps up the slope and get the level to end.