The Door for the Paradise

Level by Rezaffiro

Walkthrough by Yoav

Note: I didn't mention all the mushroom (Medipacks) pickups, only a couple of them.

Begin by sliding down to snowy area with river from your right side. After the flyby showing you the complete area--the river with the three crocodiles, the closed blue door and the pool with both sides underwater closed door and grate gate--you finally start. Run forward on the main path between the trees, take care for crocodiles that get out from the river, look to your left side for the closed blue door that you open later when you have the crowbar. Proceed running, follow the path alongside the river then down the slope, you come to the pool. Don't jump yet to the pool, turn face to back over the high place, go over there and climb up onto the high place, look for hidden block in a wall. Light flare to see it better, push this block into the cave, then run over the opposite wall where you see the red/green color, jump pull the switch.

Back the pool the underwater doors are open now, the grate gate you open by yourself later. Jump into the pool but first swim over the waterfalls, climb onto the ledge there and get the Lasersight, jump back to pool and swim through the open door along the passage then up and climb into a cave. Go to the right side between the walls, then turn again right, keep going into a big room, turn right into the alcove, jump and pull the switch to open door at the other side of the cave. Head over there, climb up, go through the open door a few steps forward and drop into the pit, pick up the Revolver with ammo.

Swim back to the pool and from there over the grate gate, open it by yourself.
Swim into the canal, then climb into a big room, go to the opposite wall with the closed blue door between the statues lion, as you can see it has a lock. Combine the Revolver+Lasersight then shoot on the lock, climb into the room above, go forward a few steps then drop down to buttom of the next room, get the Crowbar. Climb up the ladder back to the room above, woman who looks like Lara will wait for you there, do what you need to do and back to the big room. Head over the west wall, shoot on the wooden barrier, then open the door but don't hurry to enter inside. This is a trap room, you cannot walk one step forward without getting burned, just leave it.

Make your way back to the main snowy path outside the pool, you'll see tiger running around, leave him to be free. Keep going to the place where you saw the closed blue door earlier at the snowy area, when you get over there pick up the mushroom. Use with the Crowbar to open the door and pass to a small garden, from your left side there's closed gate and in front of you another tiger running free. Cross the shallow water place over the double gate, from your left there's ramp and opening at the top, this will be your back to this place later. Head over the right wall and light flare, you see crawlspace, get on your knees, turn back and drop into the room below. Go and push the lever floor, then climb out from this room and cross the shallow water, back to the other side.

Go through the gate you opened, you find yourself in the castle area yard, kill the woman who's shooting from the corner. Look for the closed double gate, head forward, follow down the ramp, you'll come to garden. Take care for tiger attack from the right, as you can see there's eyepiece receptacles in front of you and a high opening that you can't reach from the right side, this will be your exit later. Go over the small place with the shallow water, as you can see there're three stones, if you look closer you might be able to see the lever floor hidden there. Draw the revolver and shoot on the right stone, the shooting will smash the stones and expose the lever floor, now push it and then back to the yard, the double gates there are open.

Go through the open gates, follow onto the ledge to the right side and get the mushroom from the end of the ledge, turn back and now go to the left side till you reach the end. You can see the switch right at top of the edge, drop and grab the switch and fall down onto the column below, the switch you pulled opens the gate to the lava room. Jump down to the square and stay close to the column, go toward the far bars and push it two steps forward over the column. The blue door in a west wall is open now, but first head over the lava room, from both sides of the room you can see short pole came out from the wall. Go to the right side and stand facing to the pole, run jump and grab the pole (for a moment you feel like Nadia Comanchi, gold medal later!!), rolling up and jump forward cross the lava over the other side. Go to the pedestal, it's a secret place get the Half Eye Piece#1, now cross back the lava from this side, run jump grab the pole, rolling forward and cross back to other side.

Back to the square, kill the woman that's running over to you, then head over the blue door you opened earlier, run into the passage down stairs, turn tight then left and push the block inside the room. Climb onto the block from left, head forward, climb on the ramp, notice there's rolling balls, proceed to the right where the skeletons are. Run jump over them into the room ahead and pull the jumpswitch, it opens the gate in the high ledge, you go over there soon. Jump back and go to other side room, again run jump over the skeletons and get the ammo there. Back to the square, then climb up the climbable column to the top, pick up the ammo, run jump forward to next column, get the mushroom. Turn face to the right, jump over the column, from there run jump the over the ledge and go through the gate you just opened.

Head right then left between the walls to the end, there pull the jumpswitch, it raises a block. Turn back and go over the passageway, there's closed gate from the right, turn left and climb onto the block you raised, go through the opening, drop down onto half block. Kill the woman then go toward the ooposite wall and pull the jumpswitch, back the passageway, the gate is open now. Turn left and get the ammo, shoot the high grate in front of you and climb up, drop down through the opening. Slide down over the room above, get more ammo, look in front of you for pole hanging between the two columns. You must use this pole, as the two ways from both sides of the column are fire traps. Run jump, grab the pole and here you go like Nadia Comanchi again, then you land on the floor.

Head over the short passage, look to ceiling, you'll see lion head, draw the revolver and shoot exactly into his mouth where he keeps the purple ball. The door nearby opens now, enter this room, it's secret place, get from the pedestal Half Eye Piece#2, pull the lever floor to open the gate at the passage outside the room. Head to this passage, turn right, run up the slope, rolling ball will start rolling but it will fall down into the hole. Jump over this hole, climb up onto the block, turn and crawl out, drop down, you're back to garden you've been to earlier.

Combine the two half Eye Pieces and put it in the receptacles. Run forward and get the flyby, it will show you large forest and a knight climbing up on his horse. Notice that you do not really need to deal with the knight, he won't give you anything, but it's up to you. Anyway, take running along the forest, cross the shallow water, then climb up the hill, head to the right, run forward and slide down to a small valley with a few high pillars. Kill the tigers and keep going forward, you'll see closed door, jump up toward the ramp and from there to the first pillar. Take the series jumping from pillar to next ahead till you get the last one, draw your revolver and shoot the mouth of a smiling lion head in front of you.

Get down from there, go through the door you opened, enter to a green room, as you can see there's closed door front of you. Climb up the block and start walking onto the pole, cross the gap over the next block, climb up through the hole into the room above. Kill the woman who's shooting at you, then crawl into the opening, when you reach the end turn and drop down into a room below. Before you get dizziness and you might be fainting from the black colors of the room lol, quickly turn left over the corner, jump and pull the switch, the doors at the green room are open now.

Go through the door you opened and jump into the canal, start swimming along the canal, then get out of the water. You are now in other small forest, in front there's high place. Head over the right behind the wall to get the ammo, proceed to the tile and get the mushroom. Now push/pull the movable block and place it onto the tile, it raises another block at the high place. Don't go over there yet, head toward the trees and throw the switch in the corner, it opens double gate in the garden you've already been. Back to the high place and climb onto the block you raised, then jump grab the opening and pull into it, slide down the ramp back to the garden.

Go through the open gate and slide down to last forest, as you can see the big structure covered a wide-scale part of the forest. You can take running around the structure and notice for closed gate at the right wall, not far from the beginning. Anyway, when back from the running follow the ramp, keep running forward, turn left along the the path and kill the woman. Keep running over the slope up to next level path, proceed forward over the next slope. Turn left, follow the long path till you get the next slope, kill every woman on your way up, from here you can see much better the electrical currents. Run few steps forward over the next slope, you get to the top of the level path. Turn left, go around the corner and light flare, you can see better the hidden block in a wall. Push the block inside the room, then pull the lever floor.

After the flyby showing you the gate is open down at the buttom, make your way back down over there, go through the gate you opened and sliding down will bring the level to the end.