Catacombs of Alexander

Level by Daniel Sherwood (June, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Slide down a slope into water. Swim to the north-east corner and pull up. Run down the corridor and get a cut scene of the area. Pick up revolver ammo from a platform. Dive into the water to find crossbow explosive ammo, blue shotgun shells, two Uzi ammo and red shotgun shells. Ignore the mummy but do notice a receptacle on the south wall. The pole goes nowhere so go into the corridor in the north-east. The door ahead is closed so go east. Drop into the hole in the far corner and follow the crawl space to the end. Go to the right and enter a room. Move the tower to the obvious tile in an alcove at the west wall. Exit this room and the door ahead is open. Enter the room and go to the west end to use the floor lever. Go back to the east and enter another open door. Go to the pedestal at the end and pick up the Horseman's Gem. Also pick up the crowbar from the step in front of the pedestal. Go back to the water room and use the Horseman's Gem. Go back to the north-east corridor and the north door is open.

Enter the new corridor. Press the big button on the right wall and the door in the left wall opens. Enter and pick up the crossbow and crossbow explosive ammo. Use the floor lever to open the second door. Enter the next room and use the newly found crossbow to destroy three skeletons. Follow the passageway and destroy two skeletons and a mummy. Emerge onto a ledge overlooking a deep room. Pick up flares, large medipack and revolver ammo. Kill the mummy on the east ledge and use the east wall ladder to get down into the room. In the south-west corner there is a pedestal with a shotgun. In the middle of four pillars, pick up a trident from a pedestal. Go down the east corridor and about half way, pry the Golden Star from the left wall. Continue down the corridor, enter a room with water, and swim across to the next corridor. At the end, use the rope to swing across the deadly floor to a ledge. Get into a north passageway and follow it to a slope. Slide down and the level ends.