The Crystal of Life

Builder and Walkthrough Author: Roli


On a beautiful afternoon, Lara finds a piece of paper slipped under the sleeve of Von Croy's notebook with the following writing on it:

"My one time, hero apprentice, Lara. For the end of the year 2005., the Crystal of Life will perish, that will cause whole
Africa to be desolated.

I know this sounds unbelievable, but this is the truth. In order to save the world, I want you to travel to
Africa finding the biggest stronghold that is hidden in Congo somewhere, and you have to bring the Crystal of Life away from there. If you have it, just drop it into water. Once in water, its powers will be lost.

But beware! There are many tigers, crocodiles and of course malevolant people. No man could enter the stronghold so far, because they were killed by either of the many traps or the enemy.

Good luck and take care of yourself!

Your once mentor,

Von Croy"


This level is like a combination of
India and Scotland. The enemies are tigers, gunmen and crocodiles. Well, you better spare your Revolver ammo for the final showdown. Traps, spikes and rolling stones try to make your way heavier. Sometimes you have to monkeyswing or jump via ropes. The textures are various, maybe a little bit more objects, trees, bushes, etc. could have been placed on the level. The added sounds are also good. This is the first level of the 15 years old author, so I can only congratulate for this adventure. (OBig)


Right away, go straight toward the gate and pick up the key. Now go and use it at the lock. The gate opens, so all you have to do is to go through it and to pick up everything, the Uzi, the Shotgun and the Revolver. You'll need them.

Go into the cave and kill some tigers. After getting out a gunman will attack. He leaves an Uzi clip. Take a look at the big tree in the couryard, then climb the part where the ladder is. At the top jump to the rope and swing across to the ladder at the rocky part.

Drop down and down, then slide down through the small entrance. Be careful, because 3 gunmen and a crocodile will attack from behind the crates. Spare your Revolver ammo rather for the final showdown. Run and climb up on one of the crates. Crouching there from time to time you can kill them all without losing much health. One of the guards drops a key you can use at a lock in this room. The door opens. You can see that the way is shut by hoardings. Shoot them out.

Climb up to the ledge and a rope will fall. Jump to it, then straight forward and another rope appeares. Catch it and swing to the coast where the motorbike is. (No matter if you can't grab the rope, because you can swim out of the bloody water.)

Take the motorbike and ride up on the slope. You reached the courtyard of the castle. You can see several closed doors, but what you need now is a key hidden at the upper parts of the castle. Do the followings. Take a better look at the walls. Behind a crate in a small yard find the iron-cald wall-part and climb it. When you reach the narrow ledge, turn around and jump to the other part of the castle and climb up. Stepping onto the iron floortile will lower a rope. Jump to it with a big jump. Swing across to the flat roof. Here you can find a pillar. Climb up, and another rope falls from the wooden bridge. Jump over to it and face the chapel-like ruins. Jump onto it, then immediately grab, because you will slide down. Shimmy until you find the green ladder. Climb up to the small part, then jump to the green ladder. Climb around the corner to get to the other part. Pick up the key from the top of the crate.

Drop down and find the lock that matches to its colour, then go through the gate. Head to the door on the right, at the beginning of the passage. Perform a big jump, because some rocks are rolling toward you. or you can jump backward into the room and go out to wait until the rocks stop.

There's a crate at the end of the room. Go there and pick up the key. Go out to the passage and open the second door too. Climb the ladder and at the bluish part perform a somersault with a twist (+END) and grab the ledge. At the top of the crate you can pick up a diamond. When ready, head back to the courtyard of the castle. Look for the proper lock and use your key there. The door beside you opens. Slide down and dive into the water. Find a key and climb out. Look for a ladder, climb up and into the crawlspace. Go to the end and climb up again. You got back to the courtyard. Find the lock to where your key is fitting and open the gate.

You are now in a labyrinth. Easy. It's not so difficult to find the way out: always take left turns. Meanwhile a gunman will attack. You better kill him, because he has an important key. After getting out of the labyrinth you arrive to a room with boiling water. Don't go too close or else you will burn. Climb up to the crate instead and monkeyswing around the room. Through a crawlspace you reach a wooden room. Pick up the flares and shoot the hoardings in front of you. Follow your way to the right and you will enter a blue-greenish coloured room. Use your key here, and a door will open behind you on the upper floor. One of the pillars is climbable. Climb up, perform a sommersault with a twist in the air (+END) and grab the other ladder. And so on with the other ladders. After climbing up the last climbable wall-part jump back with a twist so that you can jump on to the way ahead that is obstucted by the gates a little bit.

You reached a dark room where you can see Uzi ammo in yellow light. Pick it up. Notice the hole at the ceiling and climb up there. From the upper room a ladder goes up to the route to carry you on. There you can find many pickups again: medipacks and ammo. This foreshadows a big fight.

After picking up everything, climb down into the cave. A whole troop of guards attacks, but they can be killed easily, particularly if you saved your Revolver ammo. On the way ahead some tigers attack. Kill them all. In the next room some rocks will roll toward you. Jump back at the first and wait until it rolls away and stops. Now repeat this at the others and you will come off with a whole skin.

Follow your way to the yellow room where you have to take a long way down. Pick up the flares at the bottom and sprint because spikes are coming down from the ceiling. At the end of the room go to the right. Watch out, because rocks are falling from above. Go toward the vine where you reached the outdoor area. Take a left turn at the tree and you reach the water. Dive in and pick up the green key on your way. Be careful with the crocodile, because it's eager to meet you. Swimming ahead will take you to a small room with a lock. Use your key that you have just picked up there and the door opens.
You found The Crystal of Life.

Written by Roli