The Door for the Paradise 2 - The Purgatory

Level by Rezaffiro (July, 2005)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

Just slide down the slope to the bottom and face three jump switches. Pull the left and right jump switches. The middle jump switch drops a ball on you head. Go around the switches to the east and find the door you opened. Inside go to the far right to get into a crawl space. Pick up a thistle (small medipack). Exit and go to the next opening and climb a block. Pull the jump switch on the wall. Get out and go north to find the door you opened. Slide down and fall into some water. There is some strange animation when you try to surface for air. Swim behind a column in the north-west for secret #1 although you cannot pick up the blue flower. There is nothing else to find so go to the south-east corner and pull up into a tunnel. Climb the east wall and when you get near a spider web, back flip to a wider tunnel. Go north and hop the pit on the right side. Avoid the ball and hop back into the pit to pull a switch. Get out and continue north. At the top watch out for another falling ball. The jump switch on the east wall is a falling ball trap. Enter the open door and get into the room.

Go to the north wall and jump over the flames at the skeleton to grab the wall. Climb up and release to grab the crevice. Shimmy to the right and pull up. The ceiling looks solid but it is not. Face north and pull up into a tunnel. Go north and take the first left branch to pick up a mushroom (large medipack) and revolver ammo. Continue and turn right to go north. At the next branch, turn right, go east a little and look up to find a hole. Climb the north wall and pull up into an outdoor area. Listen to the music while you climb the north wall of the tall structure in the middle. Look east to a ledge and a closed door. Look south-west on the structure and go there to pick up revolver ammo. Go west to the back of the area and get next to a statue. Jump to the rocks to the east and pick up the revolver. A harpy attacks from far away in the east. Go south to some rocks and get secret #2 by the blue flower. Back to the statue and go to the north-west corner for a mushroom. Pull a statue to the tile just east of there and the door on the ledge opens. There was no clue here; just trial and error and check after every statue move. Get back to the ledge and enter the open door.

Enter a large hallway accompanied by music. At the end, loop around to the left and pick up revolver ammo at the back.  Return and go south. Notice two closed doors at the south wall. Go to the south side of the fountain and pick up revolver ammo. Go up the ramp to the top section. The brown roof to the north is deadly. But you can grab it and shimmy to the right where it is safe to pick up the laser sight. Drop down and go up the ramp again. Go south and take the first left bridge. Go to the end and pick up revolver ammo. Kill a harpy towards the north. Go back and into the other bridge. Go to the end to pick up a thistle. The flares are a death trap. Get down and go back to the entrance area. Go east and Lara looks to a tower in the south-east. Go south to hop over a short wall for revolver ammo. Go to south-east corner to pick up a thistle. Notice the fountain and the fence for later. Turn around and go north to an area with closed tall doors on the left. Go to the east by a fountain to see two very still horses and pick up revolver ammo from the water. There is a trigger that makes the horses move but I did not notice where I did it. Turn south and see a closed door in a building on your right. Go more south and you pass a closed large circular door to your left. At the far end you can see another closed door. Go to the building to the right and notice at the corner something that could be a ladder on the wall.

Climb it but do not pull up, as the wall is deadly fire in this area. Drop, grab and shimmy left almost to the far end of the bridge before you pull up. Jump south-east to the roof and then go south-east to climb the ladder to the top of the wall. Go east along the wall to the building at the end. You get secret #3 near the blue flower. Return and follow the wall to the north. Look at the block surfaces. If they look rough the block is safe. If they look smooth divided into four squares the block is deadly. You pass a bridge that looks interesting but you will not survive the drop so continue along the wall. Eventually you go south and pass a tall tower. First continue to the end to get secret #4 at the blue flower. Go back to the tall tower. Run the off the wall to land on top of a short section to the left of that tall tower. The brown roof is deadly. Drop down the south side. You can go down the north ramp to climb a wall to a safe roof but there is nothing there. Go south and beside the wall fountain is a climbable wall. One time a big insect attacked but another time there was nothing. Climb to the roof and kill a harpy flying in from the north. Climb the structure to the east and drop on the other side to pull a jump switch. You get a flyby of a gate opening in the fence near the fountain.

Go south and then west to jump onto a ledge. Drop down to pick up revolver ammo in an alcove. Then go to the south side for secret #5 at the blue flower. Go to the east edge of the roof and face south-east. Use the revolver and laser sight combination to look up into the high right window of the building you are facing. You should see a lion's head. If not, adjust your position. Shoot the ball in the lion's mount and you get a cut scene of a door opening. Get down and go to that door in the south-west. Notice the Death figure to your right. Enter and pick up flares and revolver ammo from the south-west corner. Face north and shoot another ball in a lion's mouth that is hidden in an alcove in the north wall. Exit and go left, pass Death, and enter the next door. In the south-east corner with the bird, turn around and shoot in bronze ball that is high above your head. Go to the south-west corner and pick up a blue Eye Piece. Exit and go north to the tall doors that are now open.

Enter and go to the south-west corner for secret #6 with the blue flower on the pedestal. Look east to a wall and see a jump switch. Pull it and the door opens in the south wall. Go south and pick up a mushroom. When the skeleton comes down the stairs shoot his head off and he does not bother with you any more. Go up the stairs. At the top, notice a closed door to the right. Get into the room and go to the north-east corner for a shotgun. But be careful since some tiles around it are traps. Go back down the steps to where they turn the corner. Look north to the bed and the wall behind it. Jump up and grab a monkey swing. Swing north and when you fall you hear the sound for secret #7.  Go back to the step and grab the monkey swing again. Go two tiles north, one tile west, two tiles north, one tile east and north until you drop. Drop into the hole and go south to pull a jump switch. Climb out and go up the stairs to the door that is now open.

Kill a big insect that attacks you. Jump across to the other roof and pull up. Pick up the mushroom and revolver ammo. Go to the east side of the roof and drop into a hole. Climb down into the room. Go to the south-west corner and pick up the crowbar. Shoot the head of another skeleton. Pick up a thistle and climb back through the hole in the roof. Go over the bridge to pick up revolver ammo and shotgun shells. Drop down and finally go to the gate in the fence by the fountain. Use the crowbar to open the door. Inside go north to pick up the other blue Eye Piece. You also hear a nice variation of Lara's theme music. Turn around and decapitate a skeleton. Go south for a mushroom and revolver ammo. Light a flare and look for a dark wall tile to the left of the wall. Pull out the movable block. Go inside and face north and pull a jump switch. Exit and go north and then east to an open door. You enter a stable and you watch some horses escape. Go into the south-west stall and into the feed box. Pick up Cartouche Piece 1. It may be difficult but if you squat, it helps. Exit this room and go to the big circular door.

Combine the Eye Pieces and open the door. In the far right corner is a closed door. Go up the stairs and just walk through the panel of Jesus’ right hand. Inside the room there, use the floor switch. Exit, go down the stairs and the door is open. Go inside and more horses escape. Follow the tunnel and pass Death again. You emerge on a ledge over a deep pit and the camera view changes. Jump and grab the ledge to the south. Pull up, back flip, and jump to grab a higher ledge. Pull up and go up the pyramid to pick up Cartouche Piece 2. Kill three harpies and shoot the head of another skeleton. Look east and you can see the Cartouche receptacle and an exit door. Go there ands make the Ba Cartouche. Use and then go south to the open door. Enter the door and slide down as the level ends.