Ice Age (Eiszeit) by Clara

Walkthrough: Jose Boo

N, S, E, W -> Cardinal points.
?MP -> Small medipack.
MP -> Large medipack.
CS -> Crawlspace.
RJ -> Running Jump.
MS -> Monkey swing.

STORY (in the author readme):
(American terrorists have stolen the DNA-crystal, which can be used to create new forms
of life out of genetic material. This small group of terrorists wants to develop the
perfect soldier in order to achieve world domination. So Lara is on her way through
the icy desert of the arctic to destroy these horrible intentions by recovering the
DNA-crystal. Searching for it she gets deeper and deeper in underground caves and technical high-security-areas and she is horrified to realize that the terrorists have already started their experiments.)



Slide down the ramp and go right outside, climb a little and find a hole in the NE corner where you can pick up "Nitrous Oxide Feeder". Go out and W over the hill to pick up a MP. Go to the SW area and climb jumping over the slopes and to the left, till you find an entrance in S wall; go in and crawl to discover SECRET#1: some shotgun shells, but beware! a small blue creature will attack you. Go back outside and kill two more creatures. Go back to the secret entrance but this time jump E passing it and along the S walls to get some flares at the end. Now go down and to the W where the door is; go down the hole to its right and push the lever to open the door up. Go there and enter walking for the left side to avoid the stalactites.


Go ahead and to the right, light a flare to discover a moveable half stone block, pull it and pick up the crowbar under it. Near the window there is a brown stone face: use the crowbar in the mouth to open the window. Go outside through this window.


Shoot the small blue crystals near the window to get shotgun ammo. Descend at the bottom of the pit (E wall is climbable) and dispatch the ameth.
Shoot the small blue crystals at the SW corner to get the "Tower Key". Now go to the other side of the pit and find the passage in the N wall. Light a flare and look right and up near the entrance: there's a high CS; go in to get SECRET#2: one MP and the uzis. Go up the ramp till the end avoiding the rolling balls, you can use the recesses in both sides of the passage, in one of them shoot a crystal to get ?MP. Once up, don't enter into the small room, brown tiles are deadly and only the tiles with snow are safe. Do a RJ to the right where the pedestal is and retrieve the "Star Piece" (a door opens somewhere). Go back to the pit and climb the E wall, shoot the dog and the soldier and use the snowmobile (the door is now open) to go to the other side of the pit. I didn't need to use the nitrous oxide, simply drive over the left or right sides of the pit. Once at the other side, don't dismount and kill the soldier with the vehicle. Find in the S wall the door you had open when you got the star piece.


Enter with the snowmobile and kill the dogs and the soldier with it. Now dismount (you don't need it anymore) and pick up the uzi clips the soldier drops. Shoot the white vase in the corner to get shotgun ammo and use the key in the E keyhole to open the grated door. Take the snowmobile and drive it into this new room (if you want)for later. Use the JS in the recess to raise a block in the SE corner, go over it and save your game (timed run). Pull the switch and go to the top of this room jumping over the ledges as fast as you can, once up use the left opening to enter the room with the timed door. Go from the left or right sides where the vases are (spikes at the front side) and take the second "Star Piece". Go out of this room and jump to the ledge where you came from and pick up now the MP you miss in the timed run. Use the ledges to go down and don't shoot the white vase, only contains a giant wasp . Mount on the snowmobile (if you put it there before) to kill the soldier who appears. Pick up the "Cave Key" he drops and use it to open the E door. Don't wait many time to enter, 'cause the door will close automatically after one minute and you would have to reload a savegame.


Beware with the stalactites, turn left, go up and pick up the flares. Use the MS or do a RJ without grab to get the other side. Combine the star pieces and use the "Southern Star" in the corner to open the door. Look down and to your left to spot a ledge with a torch; do a RJ over it. Now you have to follow the way with the torches around the N and E walls making RJs and standing jumps with grab. One of the RJs is difficult (camera view changes), this time you have to stand over the very right corner of the ledge and do a RJ with grab to the right side of the front ledge. Once near the last torch, another RJ over the stairs and enter through the green opening.


Situate Lara in the center of the corridor facing the blades, turn a bit left and do a RJ over the blades to enter into the left opening, you'll miss some health. Go into the CS, pick up the flares on your way and go down the stairs. At the end light a flare and look up: there's a ceiling trapdoor, open it and enter into the next room. Here there are 4 grey moveable blocks (fire, wind, water and earth) and 4 grey tiles on the floor (move the blocks to discover the tiles). Make your way to put each block over the tile with the same texture (it's not difficult) and the door opens. At the end of the corridor there is a hole with a pole rope. Go down using the pole is very difficult, so I situate Lara at the very left of the edge (facing the pole) turn 180 drop and grab the edge; then, when the point of the blade is in the S wall, drop down to the floor losing a bit health. Once down, draw your weapons and kill the soldier; pick up the revolver ammo he drops. Go down the ladder and before land over the bottom jump back to land in a dark opening in the S wall of the hole; light a flare and push the button at the end of this small corridor to open a nearby trapdoor down. Before going down look for a CS in the W wall of the hole, go in and crawl to get SECRET#3: revolver ammo and a MP. Go down now and through the trapdoor you've open to enter the labs.


Run to the NE corner of the room while the machine gun shoots you and climb the grey column right of the windows (use the "0" key if needed to replace your health); go around the corner to the left and drop down in the room behind the windows (the machine gun continue shooting you). Pick up the revolver ammo and open the E door. Open the glass cabinet with the yellow skull (one step back and Ctrl) to get a ?MP. Shoot the bin, pick up the revolver it contained and climb the ladder. Push the button to open the door, kill the dog and the soldier and pick up the "Laboratory Access" card he drops. Open the glass cabinet to get the lasersight, pick up the MP and push the button in the NW corner to open the door down, near the ladder. Go there and enter, at the top of the stairs light a flare and go left through the texture in front of the first jail with the small blue creature, shoot the bin and pick up SECRET#4: ?MP and uzi ammo. Run till the very end of the corridor, crawl and shoot the grate to enter again into the first room of the labs. From here you can shoot the machine gun with revolver+lasersight. Use the card to open the nearby door and look at the end of it near the jailed creatures for another glass cabinet; open it to get the "Deactivator Card". Go back to the main room and look in its N side for a small white PC; shoot it (facing N) to raise a block which allows you to go out of this labs. Climb it and climb the ladder where you got the third secret.


Go N and when you enter in the next room there is a computer-machine; use the "Deactivator card" in it to take off the burning floor in the next room. Go to the SW corner and through the CS with the steam blowers towards the next room. Push the button to open the doors and enter through the left door. Pick up the ?MP in the right recess and go left (E), left again (N) and follow the corridor. A door opens while you go, dispatch the monster. In the next junction go left (to the right you'll arrive to a button which opens a door but there's only a giant wasp behind it) and then always to the right till you find a button (another monster is liberated) which opens a nearby trapdoor. From the button, go always to the right till you find that trapdoor, go down through it grabbing the ladder.


Pick up the MP at the bottom of the ladder, climb the ladder a little and jump back into another opening. Kill the soldier who appears and pick up another "Deactivator Card" he drops; continue to a new room with lasers. Go down the ladder and straigh ahead to the W wall in the other side; once there roll and facing E use revolver+sight to shoot the lamp in the ceiling (in its lower part), a rope appears. Climb the ladder to the entrance of this room and use the rope to get the other side where the computer-machine is, use your card to deactivate the lasers and go there. Push the button to open the door, kill the baddy and get the grenade launcher in the glass cabinet near the door; in the small office shoot the white vase and pick up super ammo for the grenade gun, finally go in front of the pedestal and pick up the "DNA-Crystal", a flyby shows you a new open door in the cave with the aeroplanes and the way you must take in the bosses room to exit the level. Save your game now! When you approach the exit door (W) two wraiths attacks. Follow the corridor, do a RJ over the pit and in the room with the burning floor use the ledges to get into another opening in the E wall at the other side of the room. Follow the next corridor, down the ladder and use the lever to your right to open the door which give you access to the cave with the aeroplanes. Run left (W) and jump into the water of the new room to kill the wraiths.


Do you remember the flyby? That is the way you have to take. Go out of the water on a ledge in N wall. Go up using the climbable right wall and do a RJ to the central building where the two bosses are. Use your heaviest weapons to eliminate them. Then go to the NW of this structure and do a RJ (no grab) to a lower ledge in N wall. Now make your way (it's no difficult) around the cave using the ledges with RJs or standig jumps along the N, W and S walls (as you saw in the flyby) till you reach the lever at S wall. Pull it to open an underwater door just below (flyby shows). Go through that door and swim along the underwater tunnel till you find a very long swim up. Here, at half way you can find an opening in S side where you can take a little detour to get some air and pick up flares. Swim again and continue up till you arrive to an outside area. Go out of the water and run towards the chopper to finish this interesting level.