Diocletian Thermae

Level: Francesco Zecchinelli.

Walkthrough: Dutchy.

Story: Are there some tombs undiscovered in Rome?? Yes...Lara starts from the ruins of Diocletian Thermae and follows a path to find another entrance at the Lapis Niger...
The legend speaks about the Romolo's Tomb at the Roman Forum...but nobody is sure about this.. (Romolo is Rome's founder)
But somebody tells Lara the truth...
Maybe the tomb wasn't discovered at the Forum...they want to keep it a secret..why???

Lara, before starting to find the philosopher's stone, wants to take advantage of the situation to find and explore the (maybe) original tomb...

CS= crawlspace, MS= monkeyswing, UW= underwater, Jmp =jump. Have fun!


From the square you start, follow through the passage (L is a closed gate) to the next Square, shoot the fence and go in ands Lara’s attention is drawn by the Coin behind the L window, shoot the fence R and enter, get some Flares in the corner and push the SE block in, get the Shotgun from under it and follow the passage through a room down a slide and into a room with a closed gate (room 1).

The Coin Gate.

Go into the cellar R and follow over the block to the Coin gate room. Climb the green wall in the NW and backflip to the pillar, go on the ledge to get a ˝ MP and spot the Jmpswitch, jmp/grab to open a gate, slide and drop, turn around and in the SE is a fenced off passage which is no problem for Lara of course and go to a hall with 2 passages, take the S one and follow to a passage where you opened last gate, go around the pillar in next room and climb up to 1st floor, on the other side of the pillar you’ll find some Ammo, go into the next room, with a Jmpswitch behind a gate, down in the hole and follow to a pushblock in the end of the passage, get the Ammo in the hole R of the block and follow the passage to the end, push the L block once and notice the light grey Tile on the floor the block has to go there, go around and push it back once, get some Ammo in the back of the room and go pull the block on the Tile.

The Coin.

You’ll see the gate opening up and Skeletons wake up, go back to the room with that gate and if you have to, shoot the Skeletons with the Shotgun to gain some time to pull the Jmpswitch inside, or shoot them down the hole. Go down the ladder on the pillar and back through the Coin gate, over the block in the passage room to room 1, the gate on the steps is open.
Inside you can pick up some Ammo and the Coin on a pedestal at the window.
Go out and back to the Coin Gate to open it.

Pit Room.

The next room has a closed gate N (with another Coin on a pedestal) and a pit E, drop down in the pit and go into the E passage.

The Basements.

In the next room, go L and check out the CS’es for Ammo, keep a look out for an angry Croc and go on S when you see a MP on a Tile W in front of a pit, don’t take it, turn and look N for another Croc. Go down the steps and swim into the L tunnel, follow to a crossing in the end and go L, up behind the green gate and use the Jmpswitch to kill the Spikes at the MP, go down and swim E, get the MP and a ˝ MP in that room and return to the steps, go get the MP and hop over the pit, use the Jmpswitch and hop back, shoot the into the pit and go N, into the room where the Skeleton was lying, go up to the room above and use the Jmpswitch, go down, S and to the water, walk in on the R side, stand on the edge of the 1st step in the water, hop back (or do 4 steps back) and do a runjmp/grab up to the ledge over the water, go R and down for some Ammo, up and up the other side to a room, giving access to the outside area.

The Squares.

Go E and R, get a ˝ MP just behind the block in the narrow passage and R into the next square, R into the passage where you need another Coin, look up there and pull up into the upper passage, pick up the Flares and go R, get the Ammo in the dark room and do a runjmp/grab to a Jmpswitch on the ridge on the ceiling, the gate in the pit room opens. So make your way back through the basements. Jmp up from the block in the pit to the S ledge and get that Coin from the N gate. Return to the Square with the Coin gate. Open the gate and follow the passage to the basement under the square, you’ll find 4 pushblocks each one of them is under one of the pillars in the square, push them all once and the pillars upstairs will get unstable and collapse, go back out and find the gate at the ladder closed, go on a bit and climb the L wall in the end of the passage, backflip and you’re back up over the Coin gate, drop down and go out to the square, near the pillar in the SW you can jmp onto a block of rubble, jmp/grab the broken pillar and go over the wall to the N, along this wall, do a runjmp/grab to a ledge, standing L and hop to the passage up in NW corner. Slide backwards from the slope (hold Ctrl) and as soon as you land on a lower part of the slope, jmp to backflip over the Burner, slide to the bottom and climb up to the next room. Shoot 2 Skeletons in the pit you just came out of or just jmp onto the mount of rubble in the NE corner, from here you can jmp/grab the E wall (cracked) and climb up to the alcove over the mount, jmp to the S ledge and grab up to the edge of the roof, go shimmy R to the end and pull up/backflip to the W ledge, jmp to a ledge at the Coin gate NW. runjmp to the ledge in front of the N room and get some Flares and Ammo, notice the grey Tile in the back and look in the W room for a block on S wall, pull/push that one onto the Tile and the Coin gate opens. Go get the Coin and return to the room where you got the block from, 3 Crocs surprise you, go W and into the passage leading you outside, to the top of the first squares, walk the broken arch and jmp over, go R and open the gate.

3 Pits.

The next room has 3 Spike pits, when you jmp the first, a Skeleton wakes up behind you, better go back and shoot him into the pit, so he will not bother you anymore, go jmp to the other side of the room and use the Jmpswitch R, watch out for Skeleton #2 and jmp back to the centre pit, there’s a brick wall you can climb down from, jmp the Spike pit to get over to the open gate, go in and L and stand on the lowest step, grab the L wall and climb R to where you can drop between the flames to get Secret #1, the Crossbow. Climb back to the second step from the bottom and now you can use a MS ceiling, go to the end of the passage and drop in the end a, go up L into next room and find the ladder down to the cellars in the back.

The Cellars.

Turn around at the bottom of the ladder and pull up into the opposite alcove at the grated window, get the Ammo and drop back. Go W and onto the block on N wall, stand L in the corner of it and turn NW, do a runjmp with a L turn, bounce off the wall and grab the corner pillar. Use the MS above to go over to the SE and onto the mount, get into the passage and go up to a room with the Crowbar in the back, get a screenshot of the gate in the beginning of the level and go back down to your friend the Skeleton, runjmp to the ladder to climb up before it hacks you to pieces and return to the 3 pits, using the MS over the flames. Jmp the spikes and climb up, go N and open a Crowbar gate in the back, get Secret #2, Grenade gun and Ammo for it. Go back and jmp the pits, go back to the start squares, drop down to the ground floor and go W and R to the Crowbar gate.

Down in the room is a slide to the end of the level.

Missed a Secret.