Cambodia's Catacombs

Level by Piper

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a typical catacomb room. Head over to the statue and pull/push it over the gray tile to open a door somewhere. Now head to the sloped block, pull up and slide/jump forward to land on a block and do a simple jump into the alcove. Run and jump, grab the rope and swing over the ledge, jump above the vase and take one more jump to the next ledge to reach the open door. Shoot the vase and drop down into a room with a pool. Get rid of the ghost by standing next to the small statue. Jump west across the pool and climb into an alcove, press the face tile to open an underwater door in the pool. Jump into the pool and swim through the opening to the next pool and find the exit hole in the ceiling. Head east and get the Music Scroll from the pedestal. Go through the open door and place the music scroll to open the next door.

Drop down into a room with many ledges when few mummies take place and few ledges have fire. Cross the room and reach the south opening, enter the next room. Pull back the movable pillar and get a Gem. Keep pulling/pushing the pillar over the north/east alcove to raise a center block between the pillars. Climb over there and stand facing north, jump up and grab the wall.

Climb up and run to the end of the passage, place the gem and enter the next room. First head north-east and get the flares, then keep south and pick up a large medipack. Now push the statue forward and get theMusic Scroll. Keep pushing/pulling the statue around and place it where you picked up the medipack. Head west, get the small medipack and climb up the wall, move left through the door you opened. The west ledge has a spike trap, so climb the east ledge, turn around and jump to a room above.

Give Lara full health and jump into the pool. Each corner is spiked and you have to swim by those spikes to open an underwater door for a Secret. Get revolver with lasersight. Pull out of the water and go through the open door. Combine the revolver with lasersight and shoot on a bone, the next door opens. Place the music scroll, avoid the mummy and pass to the next room, head north for a large medipack (you'll definitely need it). Turn back and climb safe between the tile trap. Take a simple jump to the opening and then another one over the statue, push/pull it twice to turn off the fire in the exit opening and drop down onto a ledge.

Follow the ledge to the north-west and shoot the bone for a flare trick in the red lighting, nice indeed. Now go and stand in front of the rope and simply jump/grab it and fall down on the invisible block. Drop onto the invisible floor, get the Crowbar from the pedestal. Head north-east and pull the floor lever to open a door on the north wall. Go south-west and climb down the wall to the ground. Go around the wall and at the dark place use the crowbar and get the Golden Star. Climb back to the invisible floor, head north, climb the block and jump to the open door. In the room go west and shoot the bone in the dark. Tricks work here very good, as a star receptacle shows up on the north wall. Head over there, place the star, then go west through the door and slide down. Before you climb through the opening go north for another Secret. Climb the ledge and get flares, go back to the opening and climb inside, take a few steps forward and the level ends.