Level by Picasso.

(Unauthorized) Walk by Dutchy.

The level has its many dark spots and there are not too many flares, so light your way shooting pistols when needed, the flash will give you some light…

The level starts with a view of the Sewers under the town of…

Freiburg (Germany), June 2005.

Level 1: Dark Canalization

First Room.

There’s a crate at the E wall. Pull it from the wall and get into the CS behind it, follow around to an intersection, go straight first to get the Ammo in the end. Return to the intersection and go R now, stay low at the Drill and climb the ledge in the end, turn around and jump/grab up to the upper Duct, shoot the grating and follow through to a Control room with several crates.

Control Room.

Go straight E and shoot the grating to the L to climb up to the alcove, climb up again and follow to the intersection, go L and in the end (with a flare) you will spot the Jumpswitch on the wall ahead, jump/grab and a cage lowers at a lever.

Turn R from the lever and go down the hole in the floor, throw the lever to open a gate near the first room, so go back through the CS in the W wall and drop down at the Drill, go R at the intersection and follow back to the crate in first room. Now head into the NW passage, past a trapdoor over the ladder to the Sewers (needs a Key) and out the open gate in the end.

Crane Yard, Golden Key.

On the yard is a crane with a crate hanging from it, go up the ladder W and backflip to the crate, walk up to the N side and spot the Jumpswitch on the crane, jump/grab and a cage lowers somewhere. Again climb the crate and jump over to the E side, go R and into the passage SE, look up L and shoot the gratings covering the passage. Follow up to where the cage lowered and go out to the opening overlooking the Crane yard, runjump/grab straight to the crane and climb up. A bit to the R of where you climb up is the Golden Key.
Turn N and spot the ledge on the roof , runjump with a L curve around the high part of the crane and get Secret #1, Ammo. Drop/hang from the roof and shimmy L around the corner to safety drop to the balcony, go down to ground floor and head back into the NW passage.

Down to the Sewers.

Open the trapdoor with the Key and climb down to the canalization. Nothing to do up here for now, so just hop into the sewage channel and drop into a lower channel, swim down into the lower NW corner and find an UW lever that will open a trapdoor over a ladder near the upper Sewer channel. Climb up on the N ledges and stand at the wall, face up S and spot the Jumpswitch that will open a door on the S side. Head over to the S side, but first climb over a crate to the L (SE) corner and pull the next crate (N) out once, climb back over the crate to the W side and runjump to the ½ MP that was under the crate you pulled, jump back and go into the open door.

Upper Room.

Go up the ladder and backflip to the passage above, follow through the open gate to the upper room again, go E a bit and up the ladder there, along the dark passage to the ladder in the end, climb down into a store room. Get a MP from the work-bench W and go to the other side of the room, pull out a stack of 2 crates and push it into the SE corner, the cage on the crate near the ladder lowers and you can now get the next Golden Key. (Behind the pillar N is another trapdoor, for later)

Go back up the ladder and down into the Upper room, to the little fence W and lower it with the Key you have, Stand on the NW corner of the ledge, face N and take 2 sidesteps R, turn so you just see the corner of the opening W and shoot the gratings, then take a hop back and runjump with a L curve to grab the edge of the floor. Follow the passage to a lever, throw it and watch the flyby. The channel is dry now and you can NOT drop down into the lower room, but RUN out of this passage and land in the water below, swim E where the current was too strong before, go up in a room and shoot the crate N for some Ammo.

The Ducts for another Golden key.

Shoot the crate S to reach the CS behind it and shoot gratings in these ducts to proceed. At the intersection, drop/hang in backwards and shimmy R, pull up E and follow past a Steam-blower to more gratings, go to the opposite side of the pit and pull the switch to see a cage lowering at the Golden Key. Return over the pit, past the Steam-blower and to the first intersection, go over to the W side and go to the lowered cage in order to get the Golden Key.

Back to the intersection and go shimmy R to the N side, just where you can stand again is a hole up in the ceiling, shoot the grating to the R and go over the block to get Ammo. Go back out and N, to follow back to the room with the water. Swim to the W and into the open gate in W wall. Swim past the closed tunnel R and at the intersection, go down and pull the UW lever in the end, swim back. Up at the intersection and R into another tunnel, pull the UW lever and swim back N and R at the intersection and L into that closed tunnel, that’s open now. (You can go get some air first if you need)

In the open tunnel is an UW lever and that will open the trapdoor in the store room where you pushed the crates (don’t go up for air here, you’ll get stuck).

So swim out again and climb up on the N ledge in the lower room, go to the ladder S and up to the Upper room, E a bit and up the ladder to get to the Store room. Go to the W side of the room and stand in the middle of the ledge and facing the hole the floor, save and run off the edge, almost immediately jump/grab to get to a Jumpswitch that will close the pit in front of you, so the Spikes will be covered. In the next water room is a CS to the R and a ladder up N, leading back to the upper room.

Use the Golden Key.

Dive into the water below and swim down the broken grating (I suggest saving before you swim in) and get the Ammo to the R and use the UW lever to the L, positioning Lara is a bit tricky here, best was a bit lower that the lever. The overhead trapdoors open, swim up and use another UW lever there, quickly swim into the tunnel R of the lever and follow up to a waterfall. Just swim out L and fall back in the pool. Swim to the E side and pull up on the sloped S side, backflip to an open gate.
Go inside and gate opens somewhere as you use the Key in the passage there.

Go out and runjump S from the gate to grab the crack in the wall behind the waterfall, shimmy all the way to the R and pull up in that CS, go to the ladder and up to the dry channel in the Upper room.

Go to the W and drop from the end of the channel into the pool of the Lower room, climb out N and head S, go to the crate R of the open door and pull it once, jump around the crate to the open door and enter the new passage, go L (S) and pick up the Ammo half way down the passage. You’ll come to that gate you opened a while back and enter the Pumping Station.

The Pumping Station.

Go over the pool to the S opening and just inside, you have to turn around and look up for a Jumpswitch, it will open the door at the bottom of the stairs behind you, go down and come to the Store Room Puzzle.

The Store Room Puzzle.


There are a whole lot of crates that are push able, but I found only the following ones to be relevant.

Go to the crate just L around the corner (A) and pull it out and aside, then pull the double stack behind it out once and go around to hop over a crate and get the Uzis where the double stack was, on the same side of the room is a single crate on top of a grey one, pull the crate aside to get Secret #2, Ammo and Flares from under it. go to the SW corner and hop over the top crates into a lower space, throw the lever (1) there to hear a trapdoor (1) closing go over the top again and to the S wall where single crate B waits to be pulled all the way to the N, against the wall, go to the switch (2) on the wall in the gap N and throw it to raise the cage (2) the crate is on. Hop onto the top of the wall and pull the crate to the marked Tile near the switch. Another trapdoor closes in the S (X), go down and to the SE corner, go over the grey crates carefully and sidestep to the lever (3) at the Drill and a cage (3) lowers at the S wall, go W and find the S path free to move the crates out of the SW corner and over to the lowered cage E. Now you can enter the space that was behind those crates and throw the switch to lower the cage to your L, go in and throw the last lever (4) that will open the door in the W wall.


Climb up E and go L over the top crates to come to the door you opened on ground floor, pick up the Crowbar inside and get a screenshot of the fence at the Pump Station pool. So head to the SE corner and go up the stairs to the Pump Station pool. Go to the L side part of the fence W and pry it open with the Crowbar. (I was able to runjump through from the side of the pool, even before I had the Crowbar.)

Dive down into the tunnel in the bottom of the next pool and follow to where Lara looks L, open the UW door and swim to level 2.

Secret count 2.

Level 2: The Tomb of Immortality

Dark Caves.

Lara will drop into the pool in a dark cave, climb up E and look to the R on the small waterfall for some Ammo. Then dive in again and go to the NW corner where you’ll find an UW lever in a hole in the bottom, near the gate. Go swim to the gate that opened in the SW corner of the pool and follow to the second opening up. Turn around and climb out, go L and climb up L, get the Ammo and go onto the ledge in the back to climb the ladder. In the passage up there you’ll see a closed gate down to the N, turn around and go up the next ladder and before you go up to the passage with the yellow wall. Backflip to a dark passage behind, go find the 2 buttons R and L (one opens a gate at the pool below and the other the gate at the yellow wall).

The Guardian Key.

Jump back to the yellow wall and go R, slide backwards from the sloped floor and grab to do a safety drop into the lower passage, face the Spike-traps, stand close and run as soon as the first Spikes are up. Then time the next horizontal Spikes and come to a waterfall blocking the passage, throw the switch to the R and see that N gate open up, halfway up the ladders to the yellow wall. Run into the waterfall and drop back in the pool. The gate E is a no-go for now, so swim back into that SE tunnel and climb out, go up that first ladder and walk to the slope N, save and slide backwards down, grab the edge and pull up, backflip into the opening and go get the Guardian Key, hold backflip while Lara takes it and return to the open gate, just hop down into the shaft to come back to the pool. Climb up E and go through the open gate, save and put the Guardian Key in it’s place over the trapdoor.

The Tomb Area.

Climb up to an area with Immortals running about. (They can’t be killed, the Dog is easy to deal with from the block with the Cross.) Run to the block with the Cross in the N and look NE, spot the ladders on the wall, do a runjump/grab to the ladder and go around the R corner to pull up in the CS on top, throw the switch to open a trapdoor near the Cross (for later). Climb back out and drop from the ladder, run to the pushblock N of the Cross and push it aside to reach the button on the Cross block, this will raise a cage in front of that church like structure S.

Go to the S and jump on that new cage there. Climb up to the roof L and turn around. Face W and runjump to the Jumpswitch this will lower a cage in the tunnel under the trapdoor.


Go back to the N and run straight to the open trapdoor, there’s some Ammo near the trapdoor, get it quick, run into the water, save and go easy here, turn L towards the Spikes. Time the swim through the first set and turn R or L in the space between the 2 sets so you won’t go too far. Now turn to the second set and swim through, pull the UW lever and roll, time the swims back and remember the “brake”-trick. Climb back out at the trapdoor and run for the now open gates in the E.

Room with the Coffins.

Run down the passage and come to a room with pools and waterfalls, go to the E pool and stand in the middle between the 2 Coffins, see the 2 UW levers on the E wall in the pool, dive in and do the L one first, turn R and do the second, roll and swim W (the strong current that was there is now gone) and go L into the SW pool. look for the triangular hole in the L wall and go in, do another UW lever and a gate opens up. Try to get your look back and swim out of the hole, to the NW pool, get some air by now and look for a small tunnel in the pool, inside is something you wanted for a while now, Flares! Swim out and go up to the walkways, jump onto the NW waterfall and walk through the falling water, follow the hidden passage to where the gate opened.

Go L into the first L (the second is closed off), and maybe use one of your new flares to find the CS up in the L wall a bit further, go in and follow to Secret #3, a ½ MP and hard to see Fire Ammo (Red Stone). Just hold “Ctrl” down after taking the ½ MP and Lara will pick that up too. Go back out to the passage and follow up W to a pit, jump to the L upper passage (a gate opens up) and you can go get the Flares and Ammo S first if you want (you’ll be in there later), this CS leads back to the Tomb Area.

The Ra Cartouche.

But you have to go N first, do a standjump/grab over the pit to the CS N, go through and drop on the other side, climb the ladder up to a pedestal with the Ra Cartouche. Climb the ladder L of the pedestal and go into a space with a Jumpswitch up on the wall and on the floor get the Stone Ammo (yellow crystal), look up S and use it to open up the gate at the burner E of the pedestal. Now you have to go back to the Tomb Area, climb back to the pedestal and go down the ladder on the E side of the ledge you’re on, stand close to the burner and shoulder against the wall, run though when the flame is down and slide back to the hidden passage, go S and out to the room with the Coffins. Run back to the W and to the NW corner of the Tomb Area. Grab up to the CS up in the wall and follow to the receptacle for the Cartouche.

The 1st Ba Cartouche. (Star)

The gates open behind you, Turn R from the receptacle and crawl into the dark CS W to get some Flower Poison Ammo, go back out to the opened gates and go in. Come to some closed gates, climb up L and go get the 1st Ba Cartouche (Star) from the yellow wall, in the NE corner of the cave is a ledge you can jump up to and get the Flower Poison Ammo. Getting out may require some hopping. As the ceiling is rather low, go back to where you got the Cartouche and down in the lower passage, the gates have opened up, go into the water and around to the back to find an UW tunnel to an UW lever, which will open a gate in the hidden passage.

Go back out and follow the lower passage to the S and through the CS L at the receptacle to drop back in the Tomb Area, go over to the NE corner. That’s R of that ladder you went up before and go up the green sloped floor, crawl into the CS and pick up the Flares and Ammo if you didn’t already. You will end up at that pit near where you got the Ra cartouche, this time follow to the W and come to the passage where the gate opened, grab the ceiling MS at the pit and go over to a crack in the R hand wall at the end of the MS, drop/grab and shimmy to the L to pull up at the other end. In the end of the passage you will find a button and pushing this button will start a flyby, the Spikes in the pit retract and the flyby ends at the pit in the hidden passage.

So go back to the Spike pit, drop down and climb up the other side, follow the passage E to the pit and slide down, the Spikes that were here before are now gone, stand at the red water and the current will take you down into a Red Pool.

The Red Pool.

Swim to the far SW corner and turn facing NE, look down a bit and spot the UW lever in a hole in the mound on the bottom. Go pull the lever and a double wooden trapdoor in the bottom of the pool opens SE.

The Silver Key.

Save at the surface and you could do this all in one breath, but it’s safer to go in and head back for air after you opened the UW door. Follow the tunnel E to the Pillar Room with a big closed gate in the end. Look to the L and open the UW door halfway down the N wall (maybe go back for air), swim in and down the shaft to get the MP. Then up a bit and into the W tunnel, follow to a pit, go down and get the Silver Key from the SW corner, go up through the opened doors and swim W, back up to the Red Pool surface.

Burner Alley.

There’s a passage in the NE corner E wall, climb up there and open the gate with the Key. Look all the way to the other side of this long tunnel like room and see a Lions Head on the wall, shoot that with Pistols till it breaks, then save and hop down, Immortals wake up. Flames start from both walls and floor, navigate your way through, going along the L or R side (sprint worked best for me). Don’t jump to, but just grab the yellow wall in the end, go up till you are over the Jumpswitch that appeared after shooting the Lions Head and drop/grab to activate it (the big gates in the UW Pillar Room open up). While still in the cutscene, you have to jump/grab up to the yellow wall again, so to climb up into the alcove, turn around and see the upper walkway. Jump/grab forward and get up there, get the Ammo and the Flower Poison Ammo and go to the end, safety drop down and roll, jump up into the exit and go back to the Red Pool. The island NW with an Immortal on it has some Ammo if you want.

Swim down through those trapdoors SE and go to the Pillar Room. Through the opened gates E and up to a room with a trapdoor in the floor, open it from facing E and go down. Follow up to the Crosses Room.

Room with the Burning Crosses.

Go W and to a raised cage in the passage of the SW building there. Turn R past the fence and go into a passage L behind the NW building, in the end of the passage is a Cross on a pushblock, pull the block to the marked Tile E. You can either go around or jump W over the block to push it the last square. The cage opened in the SW building, so go in and follow to a ladder up to the rooftops. You’ll find a button on the wall, just to the R when you come up there, pushing it will change the room dramatically. The Crosses start to burn and flame emitters make things worse. Your goal will be the cage lowering in the NE, on the ledge there.

Go over the W ledge and close to the burning Cross, you can drop/hang from the side of the ledge, shimmy R past the Cross and pull up again, go to the N end of the ledge and drop/hang from the end, shimmy L to the next corner and pull up, time the flame emitter to do a diagonal run over the ledge and curve sharp L to jump to the roof E. Go over to the N wall and grab the crack to shimmy R to a ledge on E wall. Follow the ledge to the S end and runjump/grab to the ledge S, aiming a bit R of the pillar in front, go onto the ledge and all the way (crawling the last bit) to the closed gate W.

The 2nd Ba Cartouche.

When you go stand on the NE tip of the ledge and look down N, you’ll see the 2nd Ba Cartouche (Star) in the top of the NW building, take a step back from the corner and standjump down into the hole to get it off the wall (the gate opens up), climb back up the S side and immediately jump when Lara’s feet are on the top of the roof.

Go into the passage to another closed gate and climb the ladder to the L, be sure to pull up most L or R and stand on the corner of the burner, walk to the corner of the next when the 1st is down and the run to the room with the pedestal, don’t go onto that pedestal square yet, Spikes will pop up.

The Guardian Key and the Immortal Gun.

Climb one of the ladders in the alcoves and backflip to the upper room, burning Lion Heads, stand next to the Heads and shoot them from the side with Pistols while you jump up. After shooting all them, the burners stop. You can climb the central block up one more level. Grab the Guardian Key on top of that block and go down again. Now place the 2 Ba Cartouches next to the S gate and the gate opens. Careful! Do a runjump over the trapdoor and push a button in the end of the passage, now the Spikes are gone below. Turn and run through the trapdoor, slide and grab the Immortal Gun (Crossbow like).

The Labyrinth.


Go back N through the burners and into the lower passage where the gate opened up, follow to where a f****ed up flyby shows a labyrinth with Immortals. First load the Gun with Fire Ammo and then go into the NW passage L to obtain a MP from the booby-trapped pedestal, backflip while Lara picks it up. Those Immortals will have caught up with you by now, so blast them with the Gun and proceed S through the Labyrinth. Pick up the ½ MP in the first corner and have a look “up” there, a closed trapdoor… You will be coming down from that later in a Timed Run. First we go investigate and make some preparations.

From the trapdoor, go W and L/L into a passage with a switch in the end, throw the switch to see Burners go down. Go back, R and straight E at the crossing, this will be the route you have to do in the timed run later, go L at the next crossing and then R after you went around the corner, pick up some Ammo and go back out, R (W) and into the next R (straight W is a Spike-trap). I called this passage the Bypass, so be sure to take this one later. (Save here and keep the save separate, so you can go back to that save after you checked out the rest of the route.) Now you will come to the wider passage where you saw the burners go down earlier. But it’s still not quite safe as Spikes will pop up out of the floor and ceiling. But you CAN sprint through on the moment the Spikes are just up.

It will cost a bit of health, but you’re across before they pop up again, go R there and L into in the passage to the Timed gate. Just do a test run and find out, after you had a look around the corner where the gate is, you can go back to the earlier save. Return to the crossing to the passage with the trapdoor and head S, go R at the crossing to the Fire switch and L at the next crossing, follow to where the passage drops down to a Spike-pit and save there. Hop back and do a runjump starting on the moment you expect the Spikes to be up when you are airborne. Run to the pole and go up, backflip to an upper passage, go to the Timed switch in the end, that trapdoor is the one you’ll have to run into.

Timed Run for the 2nd Guardian Key.

Pull the switch, backflip/roll and run down into the trapdoor on the L side, run R a bit to cut the first corner R and go diagonally through the next passage, sharp L into the next passage and L around the corner, into the 2nd R and start sprint there. Go straight through the Spikes and they should be just right to get through them without much harm. Go R into the red passage and L into the passage with the open (hopefully) gate to the 2nd Guardian Key.

Go back to the red passage and L to open the gate with the 2 Guardian Keys.

Demigod Battle.

In the next big room are 4 Demigods. You have to take them out before you do anything else, I went L and hopped on the higher ledge at the E wall and they won’t start shooting you there. Take the Immortal gun and aim in the middle between the first two demigods (that stand close together) and after a few shots fired they will drop, then do the other side and if you are out of Ammo, just fire with anything you have, but now aim straight at them, positioning Lara so you’ll hit them. It takes a while, but it saves on precious MP’s. The N and S Demigods on the lower ledges left two Keys, a Gold Key and a Silver Key.

Dragon Battle.

Collect the Keys and dive into the water, swim into the SW corner and find the UW lever on the pillar the Demigod was on, throw it to lower cages in the room. Climb back up to the room and go to one of the ladder on the side of the room, which ever you prefer, climb to the top, but don’t pull up. Release “Ctrl” for a millisecond to hang on the edge of the pillar and go around the corner past the burning Cross, pull up at the ledge and go to the E side, go to the middle and grab up to the bridge. Go W and hop over the L side fence to get some Flares on the ledge in the corner. Get back to the bridge and hop over the N side fence to runjump/grab to a red ledge NW, then runjump/grab E and get Secret #4, a single MP. Go back to the bridge and use the Keys to open the gates.

(There’s a little trick to save on MP’s while running with the Locust, try saving every time when they appear and then reload and move on Locust free. Only used a ½ MP in this whole Dragon bit…)

Pick up the ½ MP and save in front of the button, push it and a Dragon appears in the room below, a gate opens up in the water in the W side of the room. Locust will pester you on your way down again, hop over the R hand (S) fence just out of this alcove and run over the ledge where the Flares were and drop down onto the grated walkway below, drop from the E side of that walkway to land in the water below.

The Stone of Immortals.

Swim into the open gate E and sharp R as you come in the UW room, behind the block in the SW corner is an UW lever that will lower a cage, turn R from the lever and swim E a bit, then turn L and swim to the mound under the Dragon just to the R of those big trapdoors, in the side you’re swimming to is a lowered cage and it reveals the Stone of Immortals.

Making your Escape.

The big trapdoors open up, swim up and climb out on the W side, now run to the N or S side (doesn’t matter you have to do both sides anyway) of the room, go up the ladder again and from one block from the top a backflip/roll/grab to land on a ledge under the grated walkway, run to the NW/SW corner to push the 2 buttons (one in each corner of the room, drop into the pool below and swim over to the other side of the room to get to the second ladder) The gates W, over the pool will open up. Get into those gates and up the W ladder, go R where you met the crack and all the way up that side. Go through the next passage to another ladder, you’ll encounter Spikes on the way up, no remedy here just go past them as fast as possible and watch the health-bar. Go slow through the next passages (Spike-traps) and up the long ladders to come to a shaft down, just run in and land back in the Dark Cave at the start of the level, the UW gate N is now open, swim through the tunnel and end up in an outside area.

Outside, going in.

Drop down the lower channel and go to the other end, pick up the Ammo from the pool, go into the tunnel at the end and hop over the pit to the R side of the waterfall, use the Jumpswitch in the corner there to close a trapdoor under the waterfall, the whole channel will flood now, so swim out and go all the way S to where you came from, in an alcove that’s now visible is an UW lever, throw it to open a gate up in the other end of the channel, swim back a bit and climb up a flat ledge on the L hand (W) side, climb up W to the higher ground and go S a bit, find some Ammo and a MP on a lower ledge, climb back to the higher W part and go to the N, runjump to a grey pillar NE and then runjump/grab over to the one E, get the Fire Ammo and see the open gate up N. face NW and standjump onto the black sloped block in front of the gate and jump/grab from the sloped block to the opening, go drop backwards into the shaft…

Secret count 4.

Level 3: The City of Freiburg

You’ll slide into a caged off area, follow the passage E to a CS and crawl to the next Small room. There’s a gate to the L that gives way to a Square, but it has to be opened first. So head onwards to the Cages room and find a lever in the NE corner, go to the lower part of the room and dive into the water where a gate opened up, swim under the Drills (requires some navigation) and use the nice UW lever in the end, turn back and climb out, the gate to the city must have opened as a Dog and his Handler are waiting for you, pick up the Ammo dropped by the Dog-handler and go to the Small room N, R and to the open gate to the Square.

Opening up.

Don’t go out yet, look L first and see a light green floor part, run onto that floor and fall into the lower passage, go over to the end and throw the switch, a cage lowers in the Cages room. Dive into the tunnel at the switch and swim E, follow to the first crossing, go straight and the L/L and stay high at the first Drill, then go low under the last 3 and throw the UW lever to lower another cage in the Cages room. Swim back low under the drills and up over the last, go R/R and straight at the crossing to follow back to the cave, go out and up to the Square (a Fool is shooting you from above, but it’s possible to take him out, stand near the fence of the steps going down to the closed gate and hop up and down shooting) Go back inside to the Small room and to the Cages room S, climb up N and go to the block in the NW corner, grab the overhead MS and go around the room to the other side. There you can go R onto the MS leading to the middle of the room and then turn L to the W side and turn R to the Jumpswitch there, drop/grab the switch to open the trapdoor in the floor of the Small room, go out N and to the L (W) is the open trapdoor.

The Dumpster.

Drop or climb down and follow the duct to a grating up high and to the L, shoot it by jumping up and go through to an underground storage, a Dumpster has to be moved here, but first you have to get rid of that nasty fire on the floor E of the crates (and open some gates), climb over the crates N and follow the passage to a room full of empty crates, go L and first shoot the gratings across the channel (which is deadly by the way) and runjump with a grab to land on the ledge between the 2 channels, runjump over the second and go L into the passage. Follow to an office and push the button on the S wall, next to the file cabinets, the gates in the Dumpster room open up. Go back and over the channels, the crates and enter W, through the passage to a room NW and find a lever in the lower part of the room to kill the fire on that floor Tile in the Dumpster room. Now leave through the first E opening and squeeze between Dumpster and wall to push it in front of the W passage, move it through that passage to the NE and over the extinguished Tile to the trigger Tile in the NE corner. The trapdoor in the grated floor behind you opens up, drop into the water and wade to the deeper W part, swim into the tunnel W and throw the UW lever there, the E gate on the Square opens.

E Gate, a Shotgun[/b] and a Golden Key.

Go back up to the Dumpster room and out through the ducts NW, climb back to the Small room and go out E to the Square, enter the newly opened gate at the bottom of the steps and come to a room with a vide. Shoot the silver colored cover on the E side duct and crawl in, go down the ladder in the end and come to a pit, climb out and climb L around the corner to the ladder on the pillar, climb up to the crack and backflip/roll/grab the pillar behind you, shimmy to the L and pull up in the CS. Follow to where you can shoot the Guard from the CS and go get his Shotgun and some Ammo. Behind a grating in the N wall you can see the Key, so go back out to the pit, drop to the floor and climb the NW pillar. Runjump/grab S and shimmy L to the CS, go in to get the Golden Key. Then back out to drop into the pit, climb back up the ladder NE and get into the duct, go up the ladder to the top and crawl back into the room with the vide, go out to the Square and into the small room, S to the Cages room.

The Access Card.

Climb up S and go to the alcove in W wall, push the button there and the gate opens in the S wall. Go in there and follow to a drop down into a room with water and go to the W side to climb the ladder on the pillar, go to the top and climb L till you drop onto the walkway, go E and use the Key in the lock. A gate opens in the dark pit W, so head over there and climb down to the pillar under the opening, runjump/grab over to the open gate under the waterfall W and follow down a slope to a lever in the L corner, the current in the pool below is now gone. Jump down in the pool and find the UW lever in the lower W side, a platform raises in the top of the room. Swim into the NE corner and get the Flares, then climb out SE and go all the way back up to the upper passage and from the passage a runjump/grab to the raised platform where the waterfall was. Climb up to the black block W and get the Access Card.
Runjump/grab back to the E side and follow back to the Cages room, out N and into the square, on the S side of the Square is the Card reader where you can use the Access Card.

Top of the City, Rope Square.

Run through the passage and on the next square are some guys shooting at you, better get up one level first, run E and climb up to the R hand walkway near the tree, take out the opposition on the walkways and roofs and go to the far NW corner to climb up a ladder and go over the walkway to the E, Lara will look to the R, at the next break in the fence, you can runjump/grab over to the roof S, shimmy L and pull up in the corner, hop onto the trapdoor in front S and climb up to the R (W) and onto the top of that roof. Face the window S and shoot it, climb in and come into a room with a button on the wall between the windows, push it to get a rope down from a crane. Stand at the NW window and face a couple of windows NW. shoot those and runjump/grab the rope, turn L and swing to jump/grab into the broken windows, go to a lever behind the pipe S and throw it to open a gate somewhere.

Runjump out of the broken windows to the walkway NE, go E a bit and climb up to the flat part of the roof to the L (notice the closed gate here). Go on to a spot NW, overlooking the Square. Look for the roof with the pipe-like Skylight and carefully run W over the roof or shimmy along the side of the higher roof. Climb up W and go to the N over the walkway, runjump down to a balcony E and get some Ammo, then stand on the W edge and take a step or two back before you standjump down to the lower balcony with the door.

Kick the door in and enter. Go L and up the stairs to where the gate opened and find a lever in the dark spot on the W wall (gate on the roof opens), go down the lower S side and get the Ammo before you go out to the Square again (this is the Ammo you might have spotted at the start of the level). Climb back up on the E blue wall and go L to the exit, down the stairs and straight is another closed gate, it’s a gate to a Secret for later). Go back out to the small balcony and hop down over the fence to the NW corner of the Square, now you can follow the route back up by going into the S passage again, climb the ladder and from the N walkway and climb up L again, to the R is that open gate. Inside is a switch to pull (opens the trapdoor on the small roof on the rope square, but also the gate to the Secret), go out again and to the small balcony on the Square, inside and to the R down the stars and get Secret #5, a ½ MP and Ammo.

Make your way back to the rope Square, by hopping down from the small balcony again and up the walkways on Rope Square to the one on the N side. Now runjump/grab to that small roof SE again and climb up on the L corner, hop forward and land inside the opened trapdoor. Crawl in and follow to a fenced off walkway, go on to the part of the fence you see in the R corner of your screen (almost to the end), to Lara’s L and pry it open with the Crowbar. Shoot the Guard and look for that gate in the N wall, just behind the gate you just opened, that’s where you’ll be running to in a bit. Go down into the hole in the floor and swim to the next room E, climb the ledge and go up the ladder, to the R is some Ammo. Have a look W for the route to the gate and go down into the pool again. Swim down into the NW corner and save in front of the Timed UW lever.

Timed Swim.

Pull/ roll and swim up a bit, sharp R and up to the ledge, jump/grab up the ladder and wait for Lara to get her feet up, backflip/roll/grab and pull up, run to the R over the walkway and past the Crowbar-gate you can run off to the L, down into the into the open gate N.

The Getaway?.

Follow the passage to a grating on a CS, shoot it and climb down into a room, go N and drop backwards into the water below, swim S and find the 2 UW levers on the pillar. One is on the back and one on the front side, swim N and into the open gate. Climb out in a room where you’ll encounter some resistance. Head N and up the stairs, in the next office is a silver grating on a W CS, shoot it and go in for Secret #6, a ½ MP. Climb back out and go down the stairs, into the open gate W and a flyby takes over, showing a Thug calling his Boss to tell he captured Lara??

Will probably be continued….

End of these levels.