Level by Barry Matharoo

Walkthrough by Moonpooka

There are four secrets to find.

Waterfalls And Secrets

Lara arrives somewhere in the Tibetan mountains. Run ahead and jump up the slope and you will find a guard laying in the snow, drag him to one side and reveal some Uzi Ammo, then continue on to the river ahead.

Stand at the water's edge but be careful not to fall in or the current will sweep Lara away and you will have to make your way back up steam to this point again.

Look across the river and to your left, there’s a snowy ledge, so jump to it then face SE. You will see the Uzi weapon up on a ledge in the hillside, and below it is a barely visible set of ice collapse tiles. Jump to the collapse tiles, then quickly pull up to the ledge above, then nip left and collect 1st Secret – Uzi. Now jump back down to the water's edge and return to the snowy ledge.

Jump up one level onto the hillside, and then make your way north along the slippery hillside to get to the waterfall. This only entails a few jumps over snowy slopes and it shouldn’t be too tricky. When you arrive at the waterfall however, there is a tricky jump to do so save game. Your objective is to jump from the blue slope, and curve round to the left so that Lara lands on the rock in the cavern under the waterfall.
Once you have made it there, nip over to the button ahead and use it to open up a secret for later. Now jump to the ledge behind you and collect the 2nd Secret – Shotgun & Shotgun Ammo x 2.

Jump into the water and swim ahead, the current will take Lara on and then will lose its grip so you can gain control again. Here is where you must keep close to the right wall as a guard is waiting up on the ledge to your right, but you can pull up at the corner of the river bank and take him out before heading further down stream.

At the end of the river, collect the Shotgun Ammo from the river bed under the waterfall, and then swim to the SW corner under the tree. Pull up at the west bank and then nip up to the left of the tree.

Jumping Through Waterfalls

You will be facing another waterfall and can see a cavern inside. Taking a long running jump and using action, will glide Lara inside the cavern, and take her on a long swim through underwater passages. Lara will eventually arrive in a small central room where she has the choice of three routes to take. To the west, is the final room of this area where you will be placing the two Stone of Ice artefacts, so there’s no need to go there yet; then the north and south passages will get you an artefact in each area, and you can take either one it doesn’t matter.

North Passage – 1st Stone Of Ice Artifact

Make your way through the passage, and then pull up into the mirror room. There’s a burning pedestal ahead and it’s where you will light the torch in a little while. Ok, so where’s the torch? Stand at the lake edge but (don’t fall in as the water is lethal) and take a running jump to the alcove in the south wall. There on the first black and white tile is the torch; you may need to light a flare to see it; or in some cases players couldn’t see it at all, so stand in the middle of the tile and use action, and Lara will pick up the torch.

Now with torch in hand, jump back to the ledge with the burning pedestal and light the torch.

The next task is to take the burning torch to the other end of the lake by using the tiles you see in the mirror. The first one is at the north wall, but take care not to over run the tiles as the red surrounding floor is lethal. Once over the other side, you can light the pedestal and open the door nearby.

Draw guns before entering the new room as a guard is waiting inside. Once he’s seen to you can move the two monkey statues onto the textured tiles to raise a block nearby, and lower a rope. It’s simple enough now to jump to the block from the room’s doorway, then line up with the rope and save. Lara has to be positioned in the right place to catch the rope and this is done by standing on the corner of the block diagonally and facing the rope, now take one step back and do a standing jump to grab the rope. From here you need to swing and grab an invisible pole, though it’s not meant to be invisible, it’s just hard to see as it’s made of ice, so use the textured tiles on the pool floor and ceiling to the left of the obelisk to recognise where the pole is. Ok you are on the pole and can now back flip to the area behind the obelisk.

The next task is to shoot out the ice window nearby, and go through to collect the 1st Stone Of Ice, but watch out for the blade trap when you take it.

You can now leave, but as you exit you are being fired on by a guard below. Try to pick him off from up top, and then notice a new block has risen at the west wall. Jump to the block and leave the room, then simply make your way back over the lake using the mirror tiles again, and then return to the small central room.

South Passage – 2nd Stone Of Ice Artifact

Carefully enter this passage as an ice trap will fall stealing some health. Ahead is an ice collapse tile but nothing will happen if you fall through, just climb out of the water hole and go into the main room. There’s another lake to cross, and ice collapse tiles will be your path across, but you can also use the outer edges to help you over. The water has a current too, so don’t fall in or Lara will be swept away to a watery death.

Once over the lake, enter the cave passage and go right. Kill the lurking guard and head on to the end of the passage. Go left then left at the end of the passage, then take another left turn and see a button to use at the end of this passage; this opens a door to another button and there are three buttons in all.

After using the button, go east and then take a right turn, go right again and then right once more to find the second button.

After using the button, turn and head out to the left, then go right then right again and find the third button to use. A door is now open nearby, so turn and head out towards the left, go left again and at the end of the passage go right, and there’s the new open door in the south wall.

Go through and take the 2nd Stone Of Ice, then nip back to avoid the blade trap. Turn and draw guns as another guard attacks, and then make your way back to the lake. You can now jump into the water and swim to the central island, but keep central or to the left to avoid that still active current trap. Return to the small central room now, and enter the west passage.

West Passage - Placing The Two Stone Of Ice Artifacts

Go through into the new room, and notice a button on the west wall, you have to use that first before placing the Ice of Stone artifacts, or the statue will not turn. Use the button then place the two Ice of Stone artifacts in the receptacles nearby. The statues will turn and an ice door will open at the west wall revealing a pole, but before heading down, collect the Uzi Ammo x 2 from the pedestal, and then slide to the lower room via the pole.

There are four monkey statues here, and all four must be placed on the coloured tiles nearby, this will open a central hatch for you to go even lower underground, so slide down and then use the slope to slide into a large watery cavern below.

Take care in here as the lake is deadly. Nip over to the ledge ahead and look left for a wall lever to open the door on the other side of the lake, but before you head on to the central ledges with the rope, look into the SE corner for a pedestal and make your way over to it. Take 3rd Secret – Silver Skull from the pedestal and then simply make your way to the central block where you can pull up and jump to the rope. Swing to the north ledge and run through the new passage, then drop into the water at the end and swim through to an outside camp.

Camp Capers

The camp is littered with guards as you will soon find out. First head south and take out the five guards that show up, then go to the hut nearby. You can’t enter the hut but you can shoot the boxes close by it for some Grenade Ammo & SMP.

Now see over at the south wall there is a dead guard and go move his body, underneath him is the Detonating Key, so take it and head to the north side of the camp. Go round the small red building to the lake, and two more guards will attack, pick them off and use the key on the box lock by the red building. There’s an explosion and a hole is blown in the lake floor giving you access to an under water passage.

Dive in and swim through the underwater cavern and then up at the south wall. Swim on and you will arrive inside the small red building. Take the Stone of Fire from the blade trapped pedestal, then gather the LMP & Uzi Ammo and return to the lake. Before leaving the lake, swim to the central rock for some Shotgun Ammo, and then under the waterfall you will find some Revolver Ammo.

You can now leave the lake and go to the keyhole box by the red building. Climb on the box and use it to jump to the roof of the red building. Pull up, and on the roof top you will find 4th Secret – Silver Rose. Drop down from the roof and head into the west passage. Kill the waiting guard and then head on under the arch to a new room.

Move the guard to your left, who’s obstructing the plinth and then place Stone of Fire on the plinth and watch the cut scene. A hanging dish will tip and its hot contents will melt the ice in the small lake nearby giving you access to an underwater passage. Drop into the water and swim down into a lower chamber, and then swim on and up into a new room.

Final Encounter

Climb out and head into the next room, and you will awaken a Demi God. Killing this guy will end the level, but there’s one more thing to grab before you leave and that’s a SMP hidden under the dead guard to your right; the other corpse has nothing so don’t waste your time there. Now go gun down that big guy and finish the level.